The classic movie of the week:Voyage of the prehistoric planet

Each two weeks,I will  choice a great  retro classic movie for you and will explain why I  made this choice!

This week,my eyes turn on  a great science fiction  movie of the  drive-in era:  Voyage to the prehistoric planet,a 1965 movie!

In 2020, after the colonization of the moon, the spaceships Vega, Sirius and Capella are launched from Lunar Station 7. They are to explore Venus under the command of Professor Hartman, but an asteroid collides and explodes Capella. The leader ship Vega stays orbiting and sends the astronauts Kern and Sherman with the robot John to the surface of Venus, but they have problems with communication with Dr. Marsha Evans in Vega. The Sirius lands in Venus and Commander Brendan Lockhart, Andre Ferneau and Hans Walter explore the planet and are attacked by prehistoric animals. They use a vehicle to seek Kern and Sherman while collecting samples from the planet. Meanwhile John helps the two cosmonauts to survive in the hostile land.


Cast: Basil Rathbone, Faith Domergue, John Bix




Why I take this movie?Because the action is  preview for…2020!

The next year!

Some  pictures from the movie:

A poster of this movie!


Very vintage board!


The exploration shuttle!


A pterosaurus attack!


The question is:where is the tons of plants this dinosaur need to eat for stand in life?



Moon Mystery Solved! Apollo Astronauts Caused Odd Lunar Warming — Brights –

Astronauts caused the mysterious warming detected by the Apollo moon missions in the 1970s, a new study suggests By Mike Wall | When astronauts walked or drove their moon rover near buried heat-flow probes, the activity disturbed and displaced surface soil, exposing the darker dirt below. This newly unearthed material absorbed more sunlight, causing […]

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The best “supermoon” photos from around the globe — Quartz

The moon just made its closest approach to our planet since 1948, lifting tides and spirits around the world as it did so. If you didn’t get outside, or had your view obscured by clouds, fear not: The next “supermoon” of this caliber is coming right up, in November 2034—less than a blip in celestial…

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Fantastic discovery of two bright spots on Ceres

Cérès le 25 février 2015.
Ceres,the february 25 ,2015.

« They look at us. » That is the impression that we could have two bright spots side by side on Ceres appeared on the photo taken at 46,000 miles away, on 19 February. The dwarf planet in only had in previous vigils. The tweet says it is a « variable » stain.

« Puzzling ‘bright spot’ on dwarf planet #Ceres has dimmer companion. Détails:


An « unexpected and mysterious » event


Chriss Russell, the charge of the Dawn mission, the spacecraft that took the photo, provided the following explanation: « The bright spot now has a companion of a lesser brightness, but apparently in the same crater. This may indicate a similar origin to volcanism, but it will be a better resolution before making such geological interpretations « >> Read:. A mysterious radio signal came from ailleursLe responsible for the shooting, Andreas Nathues adds that » the bright spot is too small for the camera, but despite its size, it is brighter than anything else on Ceres. This is really unexpected and it remains a mystery to us. « Dawn should take new pictures in March which may help to find answers to this.

Vidéo :Mysterious signals from space part 1 /D’étranges signaux venus de l’espace partie 1

5 mystérieux messages







Un vidéo à voir :il sera la première partie de nombreux articles que j’ai commencé à écrire sur le sujet…dont la formule de drake,les messages envoyés…et reçus de l’espace!

…À suivre mes ami(e)s!/

A video to see: it will be the first part of many articles that I started to write about … whose formula drake, messages sent and received … from space!

To be continued … my friends!

Les morceaux de la comète ISON se dirigeraient vers la Terre

« Coup de théâtre, à vérifier , plutôt à confirmer !! On rouvre le dossier !

La comète ISON,le 15 décembre 2013
La comète ISON,le 28 novembre 2013

Les astronomes amateurs les plus réputés et fiables , dont BP et 0077 , lancent l’alerte : ISON non seulement nest pas morte, mais elle est plus dangereuse que jamais à cause de la masse de débris et de son imprédictibilité !

Elle passerait toujours à proximité de la terre aux dates prévus et ce serait confirmé par la NASA qui dirait toujours la surveiller sur HUBBLE 

BP a retrouvé la comete ISON sur Hubble : elle serait encore en vie !!!

Déjà que ISON seule intacte posait un problème et une douche de météore était prévue, mais ISON en morceaux … Non!»


Alert: Life on Earth is threatened … the magnetic fields of the Earth weakens



The European Space Agency Friday launched three satellites, Ellel hopes to help understand why the magnetic field that makes human life possible on Earth, appears to be weakening . Satellites, including ESA Swarm project were launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia on a Rockot at 7:02 EST and were placed in near-polar orbit at an altitude of 490 kilometers ( 304 miles ) about 91 minutes later. Swarm data that is due to be collected for the next four years will improve the relatively vague understanding of scientific magnetic field that protects life on Earth from deadly solar radiation and helps the migration of certain animals. Scientists say that the magnetosphere is weakening and could completely disappear within 500 years as a precursor pole reversal and inversion of the magnetic field . All this has happened – the geological history suggests the magnetic field is reversed there 250,000 years , which means that , with the last event, there 800,000 years , the current situation , a reversal of fields magnetic . seems to be late. While the effects are difficult to predict , the consequences can be enormous. Satellites, among other essential communications, may be more exposed to the solar wind , and the oil industry uses readings from the magnetic field to guide exercises.  » Swarm is an essential task , not only for Europe but also for the world , » said the Director General of ESA Jean- Jacques Dordain Reuters after launch. « We can not live on planet Earth without the (magnetic) shield.  » The Swarm mission was developed and built by Astrium unit , European aerospace group EADS .

IN 2007 , I predicted :

In 2007, I wrote an article in my forum ( ) on the fragility of life and the inversion of pôles.Je then describing the discoveries of Themis -1 satellite reception gaps in the magnetic field of the Earth.

Le satellite Themis-1 ,en 2007.
The satellite Themis-1 ,in 2007.

Les brèches découvertes par Themis-1,en 2007.Le danger s'est agravé.

Breaches discovered by Themis-1 in 2007.The danger is growing.

Magnetic anomaly observed in the South Atlantic: a magnetic reversal taking place?

Anomalie  masgnétique

Article  » British Geological Survey »

The Earth’s magnetic field, generated deep within the planet, is a shield against particle radiation from space. In the South Atlantic this shield is much lower than anywhere else in the world and therefore the space radiation penetrates deeper into the atmosphere. This region is known as the  » South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA)  » and the influence of the SAA is a known hazard to satellites, spacecraft and aircraft at high altitude.

Monitoring changes in the magnetic field

The entrance to the radiation in the atmosphere depends on the magnetic activity of the sun and geometry (or shape ) of the magnetic field of the Earth . Thus, to understand the space environment , particularly during magnetic storms , is important. Equally important is the understanding of changes in the magnetic field over time , the surface of the Earth.

See also  » the long-term monitoring of the magnetic field of the Earth » :

During a magnetic reversal ?

The South Atlantic anomaly is known to be more extended and oriented to the west of South Africa, where the internal magnetic field rapidly weakens in this region. This may be the first signs of a change of direction coming into the internal magnetic field . We do not know in detail what exactly happens during inversions between the observed changes in the magnetic field and when the reversal is completed . However, these factors are important in knowing where the radiation risk may be increased and how the atmosphere might respond .

Earth’s magnetic field has had many ups , downs and reversals in the past. The last reversal back to 800,000 years. Therefore , the earth is known to be able to regenerate its magnetic field. Understand the development of the SAA may therefore be significant in understanding the reversal process and its impact on life and the natural environment.

An observatory on terrestrial magnetism , located in South Georgia , keeps track of the anomaly in the South Atlantic and notes the changes that occur in the center of the Earth.

Improve forecasts

New data will be used to build better mathematical models for the magnetic field. These models can be used to deduct the evolution of the liquid flow in the outer iron core of the Earth . This fluid flow supports the magnetic field of the Earth and allows us to make predictions about future changes .

Alarming NOAA data : acceleration of the pole shift


NOAA National Geophysical Data Center maintains a set of annual magnetic north pole coordinates going back to the year 1590 , based on measurements at the beginning of logs to modern techniques.

Noting that there have been many recent reports of pole shift , to the point where the phenomenon because of real problems people such as the temporary closure of airports, further investigation was required.

After transferring 420 years of data from different positions of the north pole of the Geo Data Center , NOAA , the configuration to fit in an Excel spreadsheet , adding a complicated formula to determine the exact distance between 2 calculations of latitude- longitude, apply the formula to each point of the data series, and then finally traced all in a visual graph, it is alarming to discover the great distance traveled only poles in the last 10-20 years .

Here is a very interesting fact …

Since 1860, the movement of the magnetic pole has more than doubled every 50 years. It’s pretty important.

Here is another very interesting fact …

Over the past 150 years, the pole shift has been in the same direction.

The following fact is even more amazing …

Over the past 10 years, the magnetic north pole has shifted nearly half of the total distance of the past 50 years ! In other words, the pole shift has apparently accelerated significantly .

The pole shift has more than doubled over the past 50 years.


The current rate of switching the magnetic north pole is about 55 kilometers per year. According to the data set, in 2000, the North Magnetic Pole has moved more than 70 km.

Now the problem is that since the pole shift amounted to a record high over the last 10-20 years in almost 400 years of data, the cumulative effect starts now be felt worldwide .

Does the effects affect us little or going to the wrong way ? I guess time will tell, but at current rates , there will probably direct effects on many systems in the coming years , many of them will be nuisance issues such as documentation changes while others are likely to be severe.

It is not known if the change will accelerate or slow down in the coming years . Some say that a pole shift is already late, and this phenomenon may be indicators of the beginning of this process.

Note that the Earth’s magnetic field is what protects us from radiation. Without him, we would not have survived. Is a reverse polarity cause between the two  » flip- flop  » a period of time without any magnetic fields so that we would be exposed to deadly radiation?

Déplacement des pôles

At the direction of the current , the magnetic north pole is heading directly towards Russia. The following image shows the dramatic acceleration while pointing out the last 50 years compared to the last 10 years of the movement .


The magnetic field variations and climate : the interweaving between the magnetic field of the Sun and the Earth: , the magnetic – field – , 118504.html

Magnetic and geographic north magnetic declination :

Very good site on the magnetic field :

The inclination Earth will cool us

Compasses do not end up losing the north :
North magnetic pole and earthquakes today

Pole et centre

The increase in the number of strong earthquakes today can be linked to the phenomenon of polar change and are both byproducts of the Earth core turbulent liquid iron and outdoor hot, raging around a solid iron inner core as hot as the Sun and rotate faster than the rotation of the planet itself .

The Earth mantle and crust are floating above an electrically conductive stormy sea which produces molten iron magnetic field of the planet called the dynamo effect . The magnetic north pole was located in 1831 and has been regularly followed up to the most recent measurement taken some time ago in 2001. Meanwhile , the division has proposed an amazing 1.100 kilometers . In fact, since 1970, the division was much faster , from 10 km to 40 km per year , an incredible four-fold increase .

We do not know why there was no mission to physically locate the magnetic North Pole since the last observed position in 2001 . There are only estimates of its current location.

As the speed of its movement has accelerated up by a factor of four in such a short time , it might be reasonable to ask whether his speed has continued to increase since 2001. Apparently the incentive is there to check .

Polar change is caused by substantial changes in the movement of the molten iron outer core .

Dr. Tony Phillips Science News – NASA has identified the following information … About 400 times polar shift took place during the last 330 million years, while the average interval between reversals in recent geological time was about 200,000 years . Reversal of the last field Earth occurred 780,000 years ago and we are apparently very late.

Most of the evidence gathered from the analysis of certain types of rocks indicates that a polar shift inversion process can take up to 1,000 or 8,000 years . However there have also been reports of the process itself completed much faster than that, the most famous story are measures of lava rock at Steens Mountain , Oregon , which indicate that the magnetic field has been moving up to 6 degrees per day for a particular position polar nearly 16 million years.

The process of polar change itself is of concern not only for its effects on the earth such as volcanoes and earthquakes , but if the behavior is such that the first field reduces to zero before reconstruct, Earth will be exposed without sufficient defense to solar radiation, which would be disastrous . In fact , the magnetic field is now rapidly weakening according to some scientists . There are several theories on how a reversal would take place , some still maintain protection against the sun while others do not.

We know that the current magnetic pole shift occurs quickly, and we know that this is the result of an outer core tumultuous evolution . We could conclude that this cause – effect could contribute to other changes observed on the surface of the planet such as the movement of tectonic plates resulting in more earthquakes today. So far in 2010 , we observed a significant increase in earthquakes, especially in the range of magnitude higher . Everything we see here on recent magnetic pole shift and today earthquakes can all be linked and can be reflections of changes occurring deep beneath our feet.


vitess10 (1)

Drift velocity of the position of the magnetic north pole since 1840, based on field measurements (blue curve) and three different geomagnetic models for three different time intervals.

This phenomenon of sudden acceleration is not yet fully explained. It could be related to an increase in the magnetic field flux in the polar region north of the Earth’s core. This would be caused by the expulsion of the magnetic field lines of the core, in a close to the origin of the appearance of sunspots mechanism.

Source :

Other article on the same subject:

Descubrimiento fantástico en Marte

Hole in mars


¿Qué creó este agujero inusual en Marte? El agujero fue descubierto por casualidad en las imágenes de las laderas polvorientas de volcán Pavonis Mons de Marte tomada por el instrumento HiRISE a bordo del Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter robótica actualmente rodeando Marte. El agujero parece ser una abertura a una caverna subterránea, en parte iluminada en la imagen de la derecha. El análisis de estos y el seguimiento de imágenes reveló la abertura que es alrededor de 35 metros de diámetro, mientras que el ángulo de sombra interior indica que la caverna subyacente es de aproximadamente 20 metros de profundidad. ¿Por qué hay un cráter circular que rodea el agujero sigue siendo un tema de especulación, así como la extensión de la caverna subyacente. Los agujeros de este tipo son de particular interés debido a que sus cuevas interiores están relativamente protegidos de la superficie dura de Marte, lo que los relativamente buenos candidatos para contener vida marciana. Estos pozos son por lo tanto los principales objetivos para posibles futuras naves espaciales, robots, y los exploradores interplanetarios siquiera humano.


Fuentes: , ,

How the U.S. government removed the first civilian industry developping a civilian spacecraft in the world …

In 1955, Otis T. Carr, a protégé of Nikola Tesla began a highly visible public effort to develop a civilian spacecraft, a prototype that could be mass produced in the form of kits to assemble, and sold to the public. If successful, Carr would have developed the first civilian spacecraft in the world and have revolutionized the aviation industry.

The vehicle must be powered by an electric generator drawing electrical energy from the environment, and have produced an anti-gravity effect for propulsion. Carr said he was taught everything he knew about the principles of electromagnetic energy and anti-gravity by the famous Yugoslav inventor Nikola Tesla. He had resided in a New York hotel where Carr worked part-time while pursuing his studies.

Tesla had publicly stated in 1915 that he knew how to build a flying vehicle operating on the principle of antigravity:

« My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You can see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet she will be able to move at will through the air in all directions with perfect security.  » [2]

The flying car Tesla is powered by electrical energy consumed from the earth’s atmosphere and stored in special coils. Frustrated by the lack of industry support, Tesla revealed his radical ideas to the young Carr over a period of three years.

Tesla taught Carr, how electromagnetic energy can be freely operated from the abundant electrical energy in the atmosphere. The possibility that electrical energy can be freely acquired without the need for expensive power plants, son drivers, relay stations, telephone poles and the significant loss of power, which challenged the conventional utilities.

Tesla said that his radical ideas would not be funded from JP Morgan and other industries would not be able to assay the free electrical energy that could be easily pulled from the atmosphere.

In fact, Tesla’s ideas have challenged the foundations of the global economy and the monetary system … so the New World Order.

Inspired by the aging Tesla, Carr began to test the principles of Tesla in 1937 when he began to create spacecraft on its model. [3] Carr finally became convinced that he could develop a civilian ship that could travel in the upper atmosphere, and travel up to the moon and even reach the speed of light.

All this could be achieved by following the advice of Tesla are tapping into electrical energy in the atmosphere to power the spacecraft, storing this energy in a « coil regenerative » special for interplanetary flights.

Otis Carr attempts to build the first civilian spacecraft World

Carr founded a company, OTC Enterprises Inc in 1955 in Maryland, and began to raise funds and find qualified personnel for the construction of its models. These could be tested to validate a large-scale prototype. These models vary in size and included a version of six feet to be tested to prove the feasibility of their ideas for a prototype spaceship 45 foot wingspan, provided cemoment there.

In November 1959, Carr has successfully patented his design of a civilian spacecraft scale he called OTC-X1. [4] He had a circular design that made him look like a flying saucer.

Otis carr 002

To obtain a patent for his design of a European Patent Office skeptical, he said that the OTC-X1 was an entertainment device.

OTC-X1  002

The introduction of its claims:

« This invention generally relates to tools entertainment devices, and more particularly to an improved entertainment device type where passengers will feel to ride in an interplanetary spacecraft. »

In a radio interview in 1959 Carr describes the different tests to develop its civilian spacecraft, its prototype:

« We plan to build a prototype demonstration device. Now I want to say that some models were built and tested by me. Everyone took to the air. One was completely lost in space. We had a system of control and it did not work. This has already been done.  » [5]

The OTC-X1 will be powered by a number of capacitor as objects that Carr called « Utrons. » In a previous interview in 1957, Carr describes Utrons that

« A cell storage of electrical energy. During operation, it generates electricity at the same time it uses its electromotive force. This is the central supply system for our vehicle space. » [ 6]

The Utrons provide a series of rotating magnets against energy they need to overcome the gravitational field of the Earth.

Carr describes the details of this process as follows:

« We capacitor plates and electro-magnets in this system. Yet it is counter-rotating, the electromagnets turn in one direction with the battery, turn the battery in the other. Plates of capacitor run in conjunction with the battery so that we have a schedule and a timetable anti. Now the third system that keeps the cabin crew safety.

Cockpit does not rotate because it is fixed that the two bodies are rotationally clockwise and counterclockwise. Therefore, the system causes the vehicle to escape the pull of gravity. The machine itself, because this system has always internal gravity because it still has the same weight he had in the beginning.

Carr would design a new gravitational field inside the machine. This effectively creates an environment of zero mass inside the vehicle, it would mean that the normal laws of inertia do not would work. This environment massless allow the spacecraft to reach the speed of light. It should also allow occupants to withstand acceleration and huge changes in opposite directions without being sprayed with huge g-forces, inside the craft directions.

Carr detailed description of the complex electromagnetic drive his spaceship in his patent in 1959 (see chart above). Carr said that the power supply is removed from the atmosphere and would be stored in sufficient quantity in the « bobbins » regenerative power to the machine during interplanetary travel:

« We are able here for the first time to our knowledge, the use of air power as a charging system. This is done as a main part of the operation of the machine ». [7]

Carr showed a small model in an interview as described in the « Fate Magazine »

Otis T. Carr, president of OTC OT Enterprises, Inc., detailing its claims in an interview and demonstration of a crude model of a machine with a circular movement which he said is the principle of « free energy circular » d a spacecraft that can build, if someone puts there money.

He said the machine can be adapted to any size device to produce absolutely free DC dissipation. Immediate application, Carr said, it would be in a spaceship – that would be able to fly among the planets in controlled flight. It could land or take off at will on earth, the moon or any planet in the solar system, from the ground, he said. [8]

Plan de l'OTC X-1
Design of the OTC X-1

Carr had planned to test his model of six feet in April 1959, before an audience of about 400 people in Oklahoma City. Technical difficulties and sudden illness contracted by Carr led to the cancellation of the event.

OTC X-1 004

An article published in the « Fate Magazine » described how the test failed as follows:

Serious field of UFOs and flying saucer research suffered a setback in Oklahoma City in late April when a highly publicized attempt by OTC Companies Baltimore, Maryland launch, resulted in a failure. Hundreds of people were invited to Oklahoma City by Otis T. Carr to watch « launch a model OTC X-1, a prototype of six feet, a spaceship that works on energy » UTRON. « Those who were there came away disappointed. The flying saucer did not fly. [ 9]

All that was shown to the public were three dimensional illustrations of its design. Carr was found. Long John Nebel, a famous radio host in New York, saw Carr at Mercy Hospital, near where he had been admitted for eight days due to pulmonary hemorrhage. Mysteriously, Carr fell ill on the eve of what would have been a major publicity coup for him. The proposed spacecraft Carr was increasingly shrouded in mystery and controversy, from there.

Those present were unhappy and some have complained that they were not even able to see the test sample:

« I do not know what happens, but I think they never had the intention to try and run the model. I could not see the plans in order for the model and, in fact, I understand that Mr. Maywood Jones presented only what he called the « three-dimensional illustrations » ideas Carr [10].  »

Many people have publicly criticized that Carr had planned to promote his OTC-X1 to create interest in the project carousel park Frontier City in Oklahoma City.

It is also in Oklahoma City, a television journalist expressed the general feeling of the inhabitants of the city: « This thing will never be able to leave the ground. And I think they give a lot of noise on this unit is linked to the project manèege at Frontier City. I tried constantly to get to see the model saucer, but they kept hidden.  » [11]

With increasingly hostile public opinion against him, Oklahoma, Carr decided to move his center of operations in Apple Valley, California at the end of 1959. To avoid further public outbursts, he decided not to announce test flights in advance. With the new funding and a large plant, Osbrink, at its disposal, Carr has made plans to develop and test the spacecraft. Major Wayne Aho, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, intelligence officer during World War II, and chief pilot Carr, proclaimed that he would « fly to the moon in a flying saucer December 7, 1959 « . [12]

Gradually, it was then efforts and many plans to test its prototype in flight, before the eyes of Carr. No public reports exist for all subsequent tests.

Increasing revenues from its program spacecraft, Carr was having increasing difficulties with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States had placed an injunction against Carr, ordering him to stop selling Shares Not Deposited « . [13]

California, June 2, 1960, Carr told an audience of 300 that was

« They were treacherous misstatement of fact to say or infer that we [OTC Enterprises] are coming to California to raise money in stock sales ». [14]


In January 1961, the Attorney General of New York, Louis J. Lefkowitz, according to Carr had swindled $ 50,000. He was charged with « the crime of selling securities without registering the same. » Carr was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 14 years. Meanwhile, True Magazine labeled Carr a mystifying and effectively ending all public sympathy left for him. After serving part of his mandate, Carr was released from prison, and disappeared from the public eye.

Suffering from poor health and cut supporters, he lived in the dark. He died in Gardnerville, Nevada, in 2005. Apparently, the development of a bold industry civilian spacecraft had shamefully failed. Its pioneer, protected the great Nikola Tesla, was publicly disgraced as criminal elements who apparently faked the public with wild tales of building civilian spacecraft while in fact promoting an amusement park amusement.

The real story of what happened with Carr and his effort to develop an industry of vital spacecraft remain secret for almost 50 years. It’s only public appearance of one of the technicians Carr confidence that the truth would eventually be told what had happened with the first effort of the civilian spacecraft in the world.

Ralph Ring emerged again to reveal the successful development of prototype Carr, the OTC-X1

In March 2006, a largely unknown individual came to reveal that he was one of three drivers of successful testing of the prototype scale Carr’s OTC-XI [15]. Ralph alerted a technician who was recruited into the team Carr trying to build a 45 foot prototype vessel after Carr had moved to California in 1959.

Ring at the time was a talented inventor who had grown frustrated with the lack of interest of the business sector in the innovative principles of electromagnetic energy. He had previously helped the French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed the famous scuba, and then worked in a research organization funded by the Government called Kinetics.

In a series of interviews and public presentations, Ring described the initial conditions Advanced Kinetics. He claims to have solved two complex engineering problems involving electromagnetism.

Confident of a job promotion, Ring was instead told by the manager that they were government funded organization and « we are paid to look for answers, but not to find them! » [16] In frustration, ring left and Carr met at the end of 1959 and was quickly impressed by his ideas, including a plan to build a civilian spacecraft.

In his first public interview, Ring Carr described as follows:

He was an undisputed genius. Tesla had recognized its quality immediately and taught him everything he knew. He was inspired, and – like Tesla – seemed to know exactly what to do to make something work. He was a private man and was also very metaphysical in his thinking. I think the fact that he was not formally trained in physics helped. It was not hampered by preconceived ideas. As crazy as it may seem today, he was determined to go to the moon and really believed it could be done. I thought. We’ve all done it. [17]

Ring had directly participated in the test of the smallest models of the OTC-XI developed by Carr. He described how they had been tested and had unique features with success in achieving certain speeds:

« … The metal turned to Jell-o. You can push your finger right into it. It has ceased to be solid. It turned into another form of matter, which looked as if it was not entirely here in this reality. This is the only way I can try to describe it. It was strange, one of the strangest sensations I’ve ever felt.  » [18]

More importantly, the ring demands that the foot 45 OTC-XI prototype developed by Carr was completed and successfully tested back in 1959. Ring said he was one of three drivers on the machine that flew 10 miles instantly. Ring described how Carr was able to maintain communications with the team of three men driving the OTC-X1 who were asked to complete a series of tasks before returning to the launch site.

When asked if the OTC-XI had flown to its destination, Ring said:

Flying is not the right word. He closed the distance. It seemed to take some time. I was with two other engineers when we piloted the 45 ‘craft about ten miles. I thought it had not moved – I thought it had failed. I was completely surprised when we realized that we had returned with samples of rocks and plants from our destination. It was a spectacular success. It was more like a kind of teleportation. [19]

Ring describes how the test flight had been able to change the course of time:

« Moreover, the time has been distorted in some way. We felt we were in about the trade fifteen or twenty seconds. We were told later that we had been carefully timed as having been in the business are only three or four minutes. I still have no complete idea how it worked. [20]

The most remarkable part of the testimony of the ring for unique navigation system used by pilots to control the movements of the OTC-XI. According to Ring, the navigation system used for conscious drivers rather than conventional technology.

The Utron was the key to everything. Carr said it accumulated energy because of its shape, and worn, and also responded to our conscious intentions. When we operated the machine, we have not worked out of control. We went into a kind of meditative state and all three of us focus our intentions on the effect we wanted to achieve. It sounds ridiculous, I know.

But that’s what we did, and that’s what worked. Carr had tapped into a principle that is not understood, in which consciousness merges with engineering to create an effect. You can not write that in the equations. I have no idea how he knew it would work. But he did. [21]

Successful first test of full scale OTC-XI meant that planning flights in outer space and the moon was now over for good. Ring said that Carr and his crew worked tirelessly to complete the test program before announcing the results to the public.

The most spectacular part of the testimony concerns Ring what happened two weeks after the successful test of the OTC-X1. He said the operation Carr was closed by the FBI and other government agencies in a secret raid involving seven or eight trucks of armed government personnel. The FBI told Carr that his project was closed « because of your threat to overthrow the monetary system of the United States of America ». [22]

Indeed, the successful testing of Carr civilian spacecraft, he was allowed to go ahead, have revolutionized the energy industry and the aerospace industry. Industry conventional energy using fossil fuels to produce electricity and the aviation industry would become redundant overnight. Interests of U.S. companies in the energy sector have lost their substantial investment. Lack of corporate profits would throw countless jobs number in the thousands.

The financial impact of the industry civilian spacecraft using electrical energy from the atmosphere for power would indeed put enormous pressure on the U.S. monetary system may cause its collapse.

In a series of interviews and public presentations, Ring claims FBI agents confiscated all the equipment, including the prototype OTC-XI. They debriefing all employees Carr warned them to keep quiet about what had happened, and made to sign non-disclosure agreements Carr. The testimony of Ring, if it is true, reveals what happened dramatically with the draft Civil spacecraft Otis Carr d. Rather than seeing the project Carr as a fraud who deceived a number of investors to finance his new ideas for the park, the project Carr had been a success.

Its success directly threaten entrenched interests in the energy sector, which is why its operation was stopped with the full approval and knowledge of a number of government agencies concerned with the financial impact on the U.S. monetary system. Carr himself had to endure false accusations to discredit him and end his bold attempt to develop an industry vital spacecraft.

How credible was the testimony of Ralph Ring?

Is there any evidence to corroborate the testimony of Ring? Ring is a very nice and sincere person who has impressed audiences with his authenticity and honesty. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, founders of Project Camelot, a website with video interviews with whistleblowers, were the first to interview Ring, in March 2006. [23]

After a series of interviews, they conclude:

« There is no doubt in our minds that Ralph Ring is 100% authentic and honest. Everyone who met him and heard his story in person strongly agree ». [24]

This is something that I can personally verify that since I am able to hear Ring present his ideas to International UFO Congress in 2007 and I was able to speak with him personally. I agree with Ryan Cassidy and the personal qualities of the Ring make it very credible. It seems to be motivated by the simple desire to tell the truth about the events that occurred there nearly 50 years and have revolutionized life on the planet.

Ring has provided a number of photographs of the OTC-XI developed by Carr. These photographs have not been published previously. The photos show that Carr had indeed managed to build a number of models, including a machine 45 feet (see photo below) prototype. Photos dispel the idea that Carr had failed to develop a spacecraft large-scale prototype. Photos of Ring are physical evidence that he actually worked with Carr on the OTC-X1, as he claims.

Photo de l'OTC X-1 au sol.
Photo of the spaceship ‘OTC X-1 on the ground

Perhaps the most important is what happened shortly after his entrance before revealing his experiences with Otis Carr in March 2006. Bill Ryan describes what happened:

Shortly afterwards, Ralph went to the hospital for an examination (and treatment) for routine his knee. He accidentally received the wrong treatment, and almost died three times. In July 2006, he emerged with a less intensive health care – but he is determined to tell his story. Before that, he had enjoyed perfect health for 71 years. [25]

In his presentation at the International Congress « UFO 2007 » Ring described how he was taken by ambulance to a hospital 25 miles away, without going through an adjacent hospital where he was. Ring passed dangerously close to death as a result of « abuse » and the long ambulance ride. The « accidental » application of the medication to another patient, and the « circumvention » of nearest hospitals would they part of a secret assassination attempt on the life of Ring?

The circumstances are suspicious and certainly do not indicate a serious effort to silence Ring. This series of events « accidental » that almost took the life of Ring shortly after his public appearance provides circumstantial evidence to support his claims.

The exopolitiques Implications

We can now bring together the various elements on the OTC-XI Otis Carr project and the testimony of Ralph Ring. Development managed by Carr, a fully operational civilian spacecraft using radical electromagnetic propulsion and navigation systems has led to a backlash from the U.S. federal government agencies. Agents sent by the FBI raided the plant construction Carr, equipment confiscated, employees intimidépour they were silent, and they publicly discredited Carr through false accusations orchestrated by the « American stock exchange « and the Securities Commission.

The public testimony Ring and photographic evidence he provided of the existence of the OTC-X1 Carr suggests that elements within the U.S. government suppressed an industry full of Civil spacecraft. Several reasons for this deletion appear now in the open.

The first and main reason for withdrawal by the government was to protect the interests of American capitalist industrial sector energy that would have been threatened by the knowledge of how to draw free electricity from the atmosphere. U.S. companies dominate the energy sector around the world, and the emergence of technologies taking « free energy » could wreak havoc on their market value. This would have a negative impact on the overall U.S. economy.

A second related reason for this suppression is the impact of free energy « technologies » of the U.S. monetary system -. Explanation given by FBI agents to raid the plant Carr Developing energy technologies Free render unnecessary the conventional energy sector held by U.S. companies eventually leading to a collapse of the U.S. dollar.

A third possible reason is to prevent the development of an industry vital spacecraft that could travel in outer space and on other planets with minimal or no government regulation. This industry civilian spacecraft can easily get to nearby planets and possibly confirm whether intelligent life forms have ever lived or continue to live on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere in our solar system (lyrics Ring). There is evidence that intelligent extraterrestrial life has been discovered on the Moon and other planets, but it is suppressed by the major governments of the Earth. [2]

Many analyzes of NASA photographs of the Moon and Mars show artificial structures and abnormal phenomenon under intelligent control. Despite widespread public interest in them, NASA refuses to seriously investigate this evidence and many have concluded a cover up is ongoing. [27]

A fourth reason to delete the project OTC-XI Carr was to keep secret technology already under development projects classified. Carr’s work was not considered important enough to be classified so that he and his technicians were able to continue to work on developing his ideas of a spaceship that could go to the moon at the speed of light . His project has been closed, Carr discredited and intimidated in order to silence technicians. There is an obvious explanation for this response by government authorities.

ufo 0010

The reason for this treatment was given to Carr and technicians was that the government did not need Carr ideas on how to develop a spacecraft capable of speed of light, which could tap into the power available in the atmosphere of the Earth. Government authorities do not have either the need for unique navigation system developed by Carr’s OTC-XI interface that uses new technology, creating a link between pilot and spacecraft.

This is not because government authorities were not interested in these ideas. More likely, the authorities already had a classified for an anti-gravity capable of near light speed and powered by electrical energy from the natural craft project. [28] The principles of space flight to the « speed of light were probably so well known (by the U.S. military) and civilian efforts inventors have simply not necessary in civil projects using antigravity.

The conclusion is that in the 1950s, the U.S. government has had a number of operational spacecraft that were able to reach a speed close to the light, and could draw electrical energy from the atmosphere Earth and could be stored for space travel.

The question a million: where did this technology? (…)

A last possible reason for the closure of the program spacecraft Carr is an exclusive group of quasi-governmental or « shadow government » with close ties to secret societies, would not go to the regular military forces and / or governmental authorities of the existence of such a technological breakthrough.

Dr. Steven Greer describes an interview a former Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell had with Vice Admiral Tom Wilson in 1997, when Wilson J-2, Chief Intelligence Division (Chiefs of Staff). When advised of some special access programs involving possible extraterrestrial technology, Wilson denied access to it because it does not have a « need to know ». [29]

This unprecedented action, restricting an intelligence chief (Chiefs of Staff), shows a group of authorities, « the shadow government » maintains technology from of government and regular military. L existence of such a « shadow government » was proposed earlier by Jimmy Guieu and a number of leading U.S. politicians including Senator Daniel K. Inouye:

« There is an invisible government with its own air force, its own Navy, its own funding mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and freed the law itself.  » [30]

The program stop civilian spacecraft Carr deny regular military and government officials of knowledge and access to this technology. That would put the regular army to the great disadvantage to monitor what is happening in the deep black projects involving advanced technology controlled by government agencies in the shade outside the regular chain of command.

Mysterious disease Carr before the public test of his six-foot model in 1959, and the near death of Ralph Ring in 2006, after his arrival, before revealing his testimony suggest covert government operations to prevent public demonstrations and knowledge of technologies. The government security agencies (NSA and CIA) have been observed historically targeting inventors and researchers working on advanced technologies. [31]

Discredit, while silencing or terminate the action of inventors and / or whistleblowers continues now with what we saw against Manning and Snowden in 2013.


In 1959/1960, Otis Carr and his team had succeeded in developing the first civilian satellite in the world. This remarkable achievement was brutally suppressed, and Carr was jailed on false charges in 1961. The collusion of certain elements of the U.S. government by removing the emergence of an industry of civil spacecraft appears as an essential historical fact. U.S. companies in the energy sector, aware of the ambitious Carr, was probably a key factor in this suppression.

The implications of the testimony of witnesses and achievements Carr are memorable for humanity. Rather than a criminal who fooled the public with radical ideas civilian spacecraft, Carr was a heroic inventor who succeeded despite enormous difficulties in the construction of the first civilian spacecraft in the world. Carr and his team of collaborators should be recognized and honored for their pioneering efforts.

Congressional investigators should be immediately launched to full light on what happened to Carr. The FBI and other government agencies involved in the raids facilities Carr and confiscated equipment, must reveal what happened. The precise role of U.S. corporations complicit in these enforcement actions should also be scrutinized.

Appropriate legislation should be developed to prevent future instances of pioneering inventors who are targeted by government agencies acting at the behest of interest groups.

The technological revolution that will come to a thorough investigation on the achievements of Carr should be adopted rather than hidden in the general public. Government agencies and secret societies operating in the shadows, are responsible for the removal of the public emergence of this technology, even to the point of denying regular military forces, must be identified and held accountable.

Mankind is on the threshold of a remarkable achievement, the development of an industry of inexpensive civilian spacecraft that can afford to take trips to the planets of our solar system and beyond starsThese acquired financial interests to fossil fuels, the forces of neoliberalism and para-governmental groups such as corporations related to space technology can no longer be allowed to keep secret, this remarkable achievement.

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