An island in the ocean, the Earth in the universe

L'humain de la Terre face à l'Univers
Which position for the Human Being face to the Universe?

The great feature of an island is its geographical  isolation .View from  the sky, we see « cut off from the world. » Our maps or our terrestrial globe we show as a small dot in the blue ocean. For its inhabitants, this small point is equally fondamental.Important for people who dream to expand on its beaches.

Our land is extremely isolated in infinite cosmos.View from outside our solar system, we do not even see: more noticeable Saturn and Jupiter the Sun itself.The pictures taken from the moon we show all blue in space, away from all the other planets.

Vision touching this little blue planet carrier of life,is precious.De endearing and makes our days, we can easily go from one island to the other, even distant from one continent to another and vice versa.

Only a few people were able to travel (? … True or false!) In the space to the moon and back!

Interstellar travel is still imaginary, although short trips to the ISS have trivialized the information and that the « wonder » of my youth fades gradually! A mission to Mars would require some travel hundreds of millions of miles … It is not for tomorrow, the great adventure already so romanticized by Hollywood!

All the islands of the Earth are greatly threatened by the immediate consequences of global warming and the ultimate climat.It is insured  this will provocate a rapid rise in sea level and all oceans.Menaced, they are irremediably because their altitude is low.The  tourist beaches will be submerged, and places highly prized, will disapear forever in the eyes of  the futur humanity .The  inhabitants of some islands are already back on the farthest points or emigrate.

Continents of the world have their threatened coastline, each being a huge island … finally Similarly the Earth is a very small island, directly threatened by even the smallest of the big wave turbulence driven by the spatial motion of our galaxy: the Milky Way!

Une île dans l’océan,la Terre dans l’univers


L'humain de la Terre  face à l'Univers
Quelle position l’humain a-t-il dans l’univers?

La grande caractéristique d’une île est son isolement géographique.Vue du ciel,on la voit « coupée du monde ».Nos cartes géographiques ou notre globe-terrestre nous la montrent tel un petit point dans le bleu de l’océan.Pour ses habitants,ce petit point est fondamental.Important tout autant pour les gens qui rêvent  de s’étendre sur ses plages.

Notre terre est extrèmement isolée dans l’infinie du cosmos.Vue de l’extérieur de notre système solaire,on ne la voit même pas:on  remarque davantage Saturne et Jupiter que le Soleil lui-même.Les photos prises de la lune nous la montrent toute bleue dans l’espace,loin de toutes les autres planètes.

La vision touchante de cette petite planète bleue,porteuse de vie,nous la rend attachante et précieuse.De nos jours,nous pouvons facilement aller d’une île à l’autre,même lointaine ,d’un continent  à un autre et vice-versa.

Seulement quelques humains ont pu voyager (?…vrai ou faux!) dans l’espace jusqu’à la Lune et en retourner!

Les voyages intersidéraux sont encore très imaginaires,même si les courts voyages jusqu’à la station  ISS en ont banalisés l’information et que l' »émerveillement » de ma jeunesse s’estompe peu à peu!Une mission vers Mars nécessiterait de parcourir quelques centaines de millions de kilomètres…Ce n’est  donc pas pour demain,la grande aventure déjà si bien romancée par Hollywood!

Toutes les îles de la planète Terre sont grandement menacées par les conséquences  immédiates et ultimes du réchauffement global du climat.Ce qui ,on en est assuré,proquera une hausse rapide du niveau des mers et des océans.Menacées,elles le sont irrémédiablement,car leur altitude est faible.Les belles plages touristiques seront submergées,et des lieux fort prisés,disparaîteront à jamais aux yeux de l’humanité future.Les habitants de certaines îles doivent déjà se replier sur les points les plus éloignés ou s’expatrier.

Les continents de la planète voient leur littoral menacé,chacun n’étant finalement  qu’une immense île…De même la Terre n’est qu’une toute petite île,menacée directement par les moindres petits soubresauts de la grande  vague spatiale entraînée par le mouvement de notre galaxie:la Voie Lactée!


Re-write the history of the UFO incident at Malmstrom Air Force Base in 1967

Where is the origin of this  technology?






 It is the story of the extraordinary events that took place in 1967 to the post of » Strategic Air Command Missile ‘officers fight pertaining to the operation of the Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile, an essential element of the strategic arsenal to deter U.S. nuclear during the Cold War.











In central Montana on Thursday morning, March 16, 1967, the team » E »-Flight Missile Combat was underground, according to the Echo-Flight Launch Control Center (LCC), underground secure place all tests. During the early morning hours, more than one report came from security patrols etdles maintenance crews that they had seen UFOs. A UFO was reported directly above one of the launch facilities E-Flight (LF) or silos missile. It turned out that at least one security officer was so frightened by this encounter that he no longer has never resumed his duties in the military security.







Shortly after, the deputy commander technicians (DMCCC), a lieutenant, briefing was the commander of the crew (CDM), and a captain on the flight status when the siren sounds. During the next half-minute, their ten missiles were in a condition of « No-Go » (… or launch blocked). One by one, over the control system, each missile had become unusable,







From there, as a former officer of the base described « hell broke loose! » Among the many calls to and from it (the E-Flight LCC) was assigned to the flight MCCC November, which connects to the story so dramatically that happened in another LCC in the morning same.







In this case, we stop » control » strategic nuclear missiles which coincides with UFO sightings over a silo missile launch! Controlling these missiles was no longer in hands of U.S. forces from nuclear deterrence.







The overview of the basic







The following section is told by Robert Salas was DMCCC responsible for flight that morning. I remember that, while serving as a crew commander deputy missile combat underground in the LCC, during the morning hours of March 16, 1967, I received a call from NCO ( NCO) in charge of the control function launch (Launch Control site) of the Communications Security.







He said that he and other guards had observed unidentified flying objects in the neighborhood who had flown the LCC a few times. He could distinguish only as « lights » at that time.




  Let’s talk Robert Salas:




I did not take this report seriously and ordered him to keep everything under observation and report if something more significant happened. I thought that first call was a joke.







A few minutes later, the security NCO called me again. He was very agitated and anxious s saying a UFO hovering just outside the front door, I realized something that he has to secure the area by fencing. As we talked, he had to go because one of the guards who had approached the UFO had been injured.







I immediately woke my commander and his rest period to report phone conversations. Immediately, our missiles started from the stop « warning » of the state to the » No-Go » in quick succession. None of the four or five missiles returned in default on the control line.  » » Some signals were sent to their » missiles » have passed the alert.







After reporting the incident command post, I phoned my security guard. He said that the man who had approached the UFO had not been seriously injured, but was evacuated by helicopter to the base. Once in front of my boss, I spoke directly with the security guard on UFOs.







He added that the UFO had a red glow and appeared to be saucer-shaped. He reiterated that he was just outside the door, hovering silently.







We sent a security patrol to check our PR after shutdown, and they reported sighting another UFO during that patrol. They also lost radio contact with our site immediately after reporting the UFO.







We were relieved by our scheduled replacement later this morning. The missiles had not yet been put online by the maintenance teams on site.







Again, UFOs were sighted by security personnel about the downtime Strategic Minuteman missiles.














A thorough investigation of the incident E-Flight has been undertaken. A full audit of the site and in the laboratory at the Boeing plant in Seattle have been conducted. Both documents declassified Strategic Missile Wing » » and interviews with Boeing engineers who conducted tests following the Incident Investigation confirmed E-Flight » no » real cause stoppages missiles n ‘ has never been found.







All we could do was to reproduce the effects by directly introducing a pulse of 10 volts on a data line. One conclusion is that the only way this could be done from outside the system was shielded by an electromagnetic pulse from an unknown source.














During the events of that morning in 1967, UFOs were sighted by security personnel at the LCC in November and a LF, and security personnel ECHO-Flight PR. These observations were reported separately for the crews of both capsules CAC or the Minuteman missiles (which at the same time) Strategic … common to both sites.







USAF has confirmed that all flights » Echo » missiles were blocked within seconds of each other and no cause of this phenomenon could be found. For many years, the Air Force has maintained that no incident reports related to UFO has never affected national security. It is an established fact that many members of the Air Force had reported UFO sightings at the time, many of our strategic missiles became operational » non- » (unlaunchable).







The incidents described above clearly show extreme national security implications. Previously classified in a message, from the command of the SAC (Strategic Air Command) described the incident E-Flight of the mani `re following the loss of strategic alert of all ten missiles within ten seconds for no apparent reason and a « … major cause for concern … (SAC at headquarters). « (Our emphasis)







There is a big difference and contradictions between the public position of the U.S. Air Force on UFOs and the National Security … on the facts of this event.




Just for 10 seconds in 1967, a large number of ballistic missiles Inter came under the control of an unknown power …!




This power did she give us a warning?







Everything that has been written above, comes from the investigation report of the event.







From where do these flying machines?




It is clear that these devices come with a power technology far in advance of our civilization » known » …!


If those machines are manufactured by a power earthly, we have a very serious proof that we live in a certain paradigm, not to say a » matrix » that keeps us in ignorance and slavery.


This is why I founded the Defenders of the Earth: spread the truth and show a path to the Freedom of Human … our Earth, our paradigm … without the Matrix!


Re-écrire l’histoire de l’incident ovni de la base aérienne de Malmstrom en 1967



D’ou vient cette technologie?

 C’est le récit des événements extraordinaires qui ont eu lieu en 1967 au poste du    » Air Strategic Missile Command’ des  officiers de combat, affectés à l’exploitation du missile balistique intercontinental Minuteman, un élément  essentiel   de l’arsenal stratégique de dissuasion nucléaire américaine lors de la Guerre froide  .  






Dans le centre de Montana, jeudi matin,le  16 Mars 1967, l’équipe » E-Flight  Missile » de Combat était sous terre,en fonction  dans l’Echo-Flight Launch Control Center (LCC) ,endroit souterrain  sécurisé à toutes épreuves. Pendant les premières heures du matin, plus d’un rapport est venu de patrouilles de sécurité etdles équipes d’entretien qu’ils avaient vu des ovni. Un OVNI a été signalé directement au-dessus de  l’une des installations de lancement E-Flight (LF) ou des silos de lancement de missiles. Il s’est avéré qu’au moins un policier de sécurité a été tellement effrayé par cette rencontre qu’il n’ a plus jamais repris ses fonctions dans la  sécurité militaire.




Peu de temps après, le commandant adjoint des techniciens (DMCCC), un lieutenant de biefing était le commandant de l’équipage (CDM),et  un capitaine, sur le statut de vol lorsque la sirène retentit. Au cours la  prochain demi-minute, leurs dix missiles étaient dans une condition  « No-Go » (…ou lancement bloqué). Un par un,par dessus le système de contrôle, chaque missile était devenu inutilisable,




A partir de là, comme un ex- officier de la base  le décrit: « l’enfer s’est déchaîné! » Parmi les nombreux appels vers et à partir de celui-ci (le  LCC E-Flight) était affecté  au vol du  MCCC  Novembre,ce  qui le relie à l’histoire aussi dramatiquement  de ce qui s’est passé dans un autre LCC le matin même.




Dans ce cas précis, nous avons un  arrêt  »du contrôle »  des missiles nucléaires stratégiques qui  coïncide  avec des  observations d’OVNIS  au-dessus d’ un silo de lancement de  missile!Le contrôle de  ces missiles n’était plus dans les mains des  forces américaines de dissuasion nucléaire.




Le survol  de la base




La section suivante est racontée par Robert Salas qui était le DMCCC ,responsable  de vol ce matin-là. Je me souviens que, pendant son service en tant que commandant d’équipage de missiles de combat adjoint en sous-sol dans la LCC, pendant les heures de la matinée du 16 Mars 1967, j’ai reçu un appel du  sous-officier (NCO) en charge de la fonction du contrôle de lancement( Launch Control site) du Centre de la sécurité .




Il a dit que lui et d’autres gardes avaient observé des objets volants non identifiés dans le voisinage qui avait survolé la LCC à quelques reprises. Il ne pouvait les distinguer que  comme des «lumières» à cette époque.


  Laissons parler Robert Salas:


Je n’ai pas pris ce rapport au sérieux et lui a ordonné de garder  le tout sous observation  et de rendre compte si quelque chose plus significatif se  produisait. Je croyais que ce premier appel était  une bonne  blague.




Quelques minutes plus tard, le sous-officier de sécurité m’a  appelé de  nouveau. Il était  tr`s  agité et angoissé de  dire qu’un OVNI planait juste à l’extérieur de la porte d’entrée;chose que  J’ai réalisé pour qu’il ait  sécurisé  la zone  en la clôturant. Comme nous parlions, il a dû y aller parce que l’un des gardes qui  avait approché l’OVNI , avait été blessé.




J’ai tout de suite réveillé mon commandant de sa période de repos et  à rapporter les conversations téléphoniques. Immédiatement, nos missiles ont commencé à partir de l’arrêt «alerte» de  l’état à l’état  »No-Go »en succession rapide. Aucun des quatre ou cinq missiles  revenait en défaut sur la ligne de contrôle. Certains  »signaux » avaient été envoyé aux missiles qui » leurs » ont fait passer l’état d’alerte.




Après avoir signalé cet incident au poste de commandement, j’ai téléphoné à mon agent de sécurité. Il a dit que l’homme qui avait approché l’OVNI n’avait pas été blessé sérieusement, mais a été évacué par hélicoptère vers la base. Une fois en  face de mon  supérieur, j’ai parlé directement avec l’agent de sécurité sur les ovnis.




Il a ajouté que l’OVNI avait une lueur rouge et semblait être en forme de soucoupe. Il a répété qu’il  était juste à l’extérieur de la porte d’entrée, planant silencieusement.




Nous avons envoyé une patrouille de sécurité pour vérifier nos PR après l’arrêt, et ils rapporté apercevoir un autre OVNI pendant cette patrouille. Ils ont aussi perdu le contact radio avec notre site immédiatement après avoir rapporté l’OVNI.




Nous avons été soulagés par notre équipe de remplacement prévue plus tard ce matin. Les missiles n’avaient pas encore été mis en ligne par les équipes de maintenance sur site.




Encore une fois, les OVNIS ont été aperçus par le personnel de sécurité à peu près au temps d’arrêt  stratégique des missiles Minuteman.








Une enquête approfondie de l’incident E-Flight a été entreprise. Une  vérification  complète sur le  site et en laboratoire à l’usine Boeing de Seattle ont été menée. Les deux documents déclassifiés stratégiques » Wing missiles » et des entretiens avec les ingénieurs de Boeing qui ont effectué des tests après l’Enquête sur les incidents E-Vol confirmèrent  qu’aucune  »cause réelle » des arrêts de missiles n’a jamais été trouvée.




Tout ce qu’on pouvait faire était de reproduire les effets en introduisant directement une impulsion de 10 volts sur une ligne de données. Une des conclusions est que la seule façon cela pourrait se faire à partir de l’extérieur du système blindé était par une impulsion électromagnétique d’une source inconnue.








Lors des événements de ce matin-là, en 1967, les OVNIS ont été aperçus par le personnel de sécurité à la LCC Novembre l et à un  LF, et par le personnel de sûreté à ECHO-Flight PR. Ces observations ont été rapportées séparément pour les équipages des capsules à la fois au CAC ou sur les missiles Minuteman (qui dans un même temps) stratégique ,…commun aux deux sites.




USAF a confirmé que tous les vols  » Echo  missiles » furent bloqué  en quelques secondes les uns des autres et qu’aucune cause de ce phénomène pourrait être trouvée. Pendant de nombreuses années, la Force aérienne a maintenu qu’aucun incident rapporté lié aux  OVNI n’a jamais affecté la sécurité nationale. Il est un fait établi qu’un grand nombre des membres de la Force aérienne avaient  rapporté des  observations d’ovni  à l’époque, beaucoup de nos missiles stratégiques étaient  devenus   »non-opérationnels »( unlaunchable).




Les incidents décrits ci-dessus,montrent  clairement  des implications extrèmes  de sécurité nationale. Dans un message précédemment classé,venant du commandement de la  SAC (Strategic Air Command)  a décrit l’incident E-Flight de la mani`re suivante: la perte de l’alerte stratégique de l’ensemble des dix missiles dans les dix secondes,  sans raison apparente et une «… cause de préoccupation majeure … (au siège central du  SAC). » (C’est nous qui soulignons)




Il y a un grand écart et des contradictions flagrantes  entre la position publique de l’US  Air Force relatif aux ovnis et la sécurité nationale…sur  les faits établis de cet événement.


Tout simplement,pendant 10 secondes en 1967,un nombre élevé de missiles inter balistiques est passé sous le contrôle d’une puissance …inconnue!


Cette puissance voulait-elle nous faire un avertissement?




Tout ce qui a été écrit plus haut ,provient du rapport d’enquête de l’événement.




D’ou viennent ces engins volants?


Il est clair que ces engins  proviennent d’une puissance technologique  largement en avance sur notre »civilisation…connue »! 

Si jamais ces engins seraient fabriqués par une puissance terrestre,nous avons là une preuve très sérieuse que nous vivons dans un certain paradigme,pour ne pas dire une  »Matrice » qui nous maintient dans l’ignorance et l’esclavage.

C’est le pourquoi ,j’ai fondé les Défenseurs de la Terre: propager la Vérité et  montrer  un chemin vers la Liberté des Humains …de notre Terre,de notre Paradigme…sans la Matrice!


Base de Malmstrom en 2009

Nous sommes bien engagé dans la Sixième Extinction Massive

Cette actualisation de ce registre de référence comprend 65.518 espèces, dont près du tiers (20.219) est menacé d’extinction, avec 4.088 espèces en danger critique d’extinction, 5.919 en danger et 10.212 vulnérables. Plus de 400 végétaux et animaux ont rejoint la liste des espèces menacées depuis la dernière version, présentée en juin lors du sommet de Rio+20. Deux invertébrés, une blatte des Seychelles et une espèce d’escargot d’eau douce, ont intégré la catégorie des espèces considérées comme éteintes.

Forêt Madagascar

Une forêt à Madagascar (Source : AFP)


Les experts de l’UICN ont aussi insisté devant la presse sur la situation «terrifiante» des palmiers de Madagascar, l’un des sites les plus riches au monde en termes de biodiversité. L’île compte 192 espèces de palmiers uniques au monde dont plus de 80% sont menacés d’extinction alors que certaines populations parmi les plus pauvres en dépendent pour la nourriture et les matériaux de construction. Cette disparition est principalement due au défrichage des terres pour l’agriculture et à l’exploitation des forêts. Le Tahina, ou « palmier suicidaire », est ainsi classé en « danger critique d’extinction », le stade le plus élevé avant la disparition constatée : seuls trente représentants de cette espèce de palmiers géants pouvant atteindre 18 mètres de haut existeraient encore.

Une autre étude publiée lundi soulignait que les lémuriens de Madagascar figurent désormais parmi les primates les plus menacés de la planète, en raison de la destruction de leur habitat et du braconnage. « Madagascar est une région d’une absolue priorité » pour la biodiversité, a insisté Russell Mittermeier, spécialiste de l’île et président de l’ONG Conservation International.

Cette piqûre de rappel de l’UICN intervient alors que plus de 180 pays sont réunis à Hyderabad pour la conférence de l’ONU sur la biodiversité visant à tenter d’endiguer cette érosion toujours plus rapide des espèces. Les discussions, entamées le 8 octobre au niveau technique, se poursuivaient à partir de mercredi, pour les trois derniers jours de la conférence, au niveau gouvernemental avec plus de 70 ministres présents dans le sud de l’Inde. Les discussions achoppent principalement sur les engagements financiers qui pourraient être pris pour atteindre les 20 objectifs pour 2020 adoptés à Nagoya (Japon) en 2010, comme la lutte contre la surpêche ou le développement des aires protégées sur terre et en mer.

Des experts chargés de conseiller les négociateurs ont chiffré ces besoins entre 150 et 440 milliards de dollars (environ 115 à 340 milliards d’euros) par an, a rapporté mercredi l’économiste Pavan Sukhdev, auteur d’un rapport sur la valeur économique des services rendus par la nature. Les financements publics et de mécénat en faveur de la biodiversité sont actuellement estimés à quelque 10 milliards de dollars par an. « Le coût de l’inaction est quelque chose que les gens commencent seulement à évaluer », a souligné le directeur exécutif du Programme des Nations unies pour l’environnement (PNUE), Achim Steiner.

Source : 20 Minutes

Earth in Danger-awakening of Yellowstone

Yes my friendsThe Yellowstone caldeira...view from the webcam on  the top of the  mount Washburn, all of our North American civilization, even our Western civilization is not only threatened, but will perish with certainty.


I did a lot of personal research on the famous giant volcano Yellowstone and I can not help but reflect on the sudden changes observed recently by scientists from the University of Utah. The news is alarming and we are simply reconsider the meaning of our life, our daily habits and our relationship with nature and … the entire cosmos.

Currently, all humans living in North America is too busy with work, capitalist greed and equipment and their daily routine to really worry about the dangers that threaten us all …!

Numerous studies have established links between solar activity and earthquakes on Earth … or similar eruptions volcaniques.Si the solar maximum of 2012 surprises us by his power, if a major solar storm shakes us with a very very intensive, we will be in trouble. Solar activity when intense, increasing the number and intensity of earthquakes on the planet, eventually producing plates and rearrangements in the evolution of the crust towards the core of the Earth. It is a chain reaction that will undoubtedly awaken many sleeping giants.

But what if there is a super volcano, which is already showing signs of activity?

The super volcano near Yellowstone National Park in the western United States shows signs of activity « explosive » that could eliminate up to two thirds of the United States.

The ground is inflated by 20 centimeters over the past three years (since 2009), a record.Une supervolcano eruption once activated, two-thirds of the U.S. could become uninhabitable.

During the last two weeks (since the beginning of October 2012), more than 100 small earthquakes of moderate intensity per day, on average, have shaken the region of Yellowstone National Park, putting scientists who monitor the park’s geology state of alert.

If the volcano erupt …

A force a thousand times more powerful than the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980, a deadly cloud of ash, erase all living things by creating a layer of 3 meters within 1500 miles.

Limitation of the great caldeira of Yellowstone supervolcano.

Two thirds of the U.S. could become uninhabitable by simply sweeping winds toxic air, and millions of people were forced to leave their homes.

The caldera of Yellowstone National Park erupted three times in the last 2.1 million years. A trend in recent years has alerted the experts who closely follow the evolution of the volcano.

The super-volcano underneath the Wyoming park has increased its activity at a record rate since 2004. Its soil inflated at a rate of 7.5 centimeters per year over the past three years, the fastest pace since records began in 1923.

In the absence of other data, scientists are reluctant to give a warning and set a date for a hypothetical eruption.

An eruption of this volcano would far exceed the effect of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, which erupted in April last year, causing travel chaos around the world.

The expert in Yellowstone volcanism and professor of geophysics at the University of Utah, Robert Bob Smith, told National Geographic:

« This is an extraordinary scientific development because it covers a vast area and research costs are so high, that at the beginning we were concerned that this could lead to an eruption. »

In 2004, Rob Smith wrote:

« When we saw the magma was at a depth of ten kilometers, we feel more relieved. If it had been at depths of two or three kilometers, then the story would be different. »

In 2012, with more efficient equipment and budgets, the great reservoir of magma was spotted six kilometers from the surface … and the thickness of the crust is very thin below Yelklowstone Park.

We are therefore faced with a sort of countdown to the whims of the cosmos itself.

Here’s why:

The consequences of the eruption of a supervolcano on Earth Humans

Toba, 74,000 years ago


The super-eruption of Toba (Indonesia today) occurred 74,000 years here gave birth to a lake in the caldera measuring 100 km long and 60 km wide. In short, it was a colossal explosion whose ashes were scattered over thousands of miles away.

Scientists are only beginning to understand the effects of the release of much volcanic ash in the atmosphere of the planet.

If we analyze geological samples found around the world on the ocean floor, and now carefully preserved at the American University of Columbia, you can find out what happened to the days when Toba erupted.

Professor Michael Rampino of New York University and studied the samples concludes
today that the size of the eruption of Toba was huge. We are talking about 3000 km3 of material that was ejected from the volcano. This represents approximately 10,000 times the size of the eruption of St. Helens in 1980 is considered one of the largest eruptions to this day.

The energy released by the great Toba eruption was equivalent to 1 GT of TNT, or about 67,000 times the Hiroshima bomb. This is a VEI August 10 times more intense than the minimum, producing effects similar to that of an asteroid at least 800 m in diameter on a granitic soil.

A 2500 km from Toba retouve on the ocean floor in a layer of ash 35 cm thick which was deposited immediately after the eruption. It reveals that Toba caused a super volcanic event of a power far greater than all other volcanoes known until today.

The ash analysis revealed that the eruption was rich in sulfur and have released a huge amount of sulfur dioxide and other gases into the stratosphere, where they are fallen aerosol acid compounds sulfuric affecting the Earth’s climate over the years.

June 12, 1991, eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines caused a decrease to 0 .5 degree Celsius global scale.

june 12,1991,the eruption of the mount Pinatubo,in Philippinas.

Following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, we know that the ashes transported to the stratosphere, over 18 km altitude at that latitude, have obscured the sunlight and caused a cooling of the climate scale World. The year after the eruption, we indeed witnessed a drop in average global temperature of 0.5 ° C.

By comparing the amount of material ejected by Pinatubo but also St.Helens (IEV 5), Krakatoa (IEV 6) and Tambora (IEV 7), Rampino assessed the temperature drop caused by Toba at 5 ° C. .

On the scale of global climate, a drop of 5 ° C is a global winter. High latitudes (50-70 °) this is a cool 15 ° C during the summer months: Europe supporting 30 ° C as 40 ° C in summer would fall snow in July, there would be a volcanic winter. Effects on agriculture, the growth of plants and ocean life would be catastrophic. This winter time when England, Scandinavia and Canada will experience a polar climate is expected to continue for years with a fatal blow to many living beings, animals and plants.

But what would be the impact on humans? The answer is unfortunately not in the rocks. We can get an idea if we go back to the time when Neanderthal man had to face the coldest 75,000 years ago, during the Würm glaciation that lasted more than 20,000 years. But these are indirect evidence (rock shelters, animal skins and some other utensils coarse).

You can learn more if we stay in Canada, the Scandinavian countries and Central Asia in winter is about the climate of Western Europe would have to bear during a volcanic winter, but with much smaller resources and knowing that these climatic and economic conditions harsh last throughout the year. When I spoke in a cold sweat, this time it is much more concrete …

Mitochondria help anthropologists

Having learned that ecological disruption, two professors specializing in human genetics at the University of Utah, Lynn Jorde, a geneticist at the School of Medicine and Henry Harpending, an anthropologist, has linked this event to the issue of genetic evolution Mitochondria , one of the oldest organizations today and fully integrated human biology.

By analyzing the mutation rate of mitochondrial DNA in ages, Harpending and Jorde noticed a strange phenomenon emerged from their results. It is expected to observe a relatively constant population size, with local peaks of growth and periods of stagnation or even decline, including mixtures of population. But they observed that the human population had decreased to frankly some time.

This observation confirmed that other geneticists thought already. It has long wondered why humanity today presented a genetic variant containing so little when he was so rich to begin with? Phenomenon which might well have been the cause of this trend down? There is indeed all human societies today, whether they live in Africa, Europe, Asia and America have virtually the same genetic heritage so that within a hundred thousand years we should get genetic diversity is much more abundant genetic combinations. What could be the cause?

The answer is that there was a dramatic decrease in population somewhere in the past. Scientists event there are less than 100,000 years: a bottleneck occurred for reasons that remain to be discovered.

The human DNA is so similar across populations today that scientists have concluded that there was certainly a catastrophic reduction in population in the past. How imagine it?

Harpending take the example of the current population is about 6 billion people. The event happened corresponds to almost total extinction where only a few thousand survived. In fact our species was on the verge of extinction.

But a corollary it speaks also to our evolution. In an extraordinary diversity prior to the eruption, our ancestors would have gone through a bottleneck which would explain the poverty of our genetic heritage today and fragility. Concretely, this means that we all descend from the same family.

According to Lynn Jorde, mitochondrial mutations are carried out with great regularity and the number of mutations can serve as a genetic clock to date the major events. In the case of our throttling Harpending and Jorde felt that occurred here 70 or 80 thousand years.

Remains to be seen how this event has caused major mortality which left on Earth that 5 or 10 thousand survivors?

Until now, geneticists had no idea what could have caused this accident. Henry Harpending began a lecture series in American universities to discuss this « bottleneck ». It was on this occasion he was invited by prof. Stanley Ambrose, a paleoanthropologist at the University of Illinois to give a lecture to his students.

It is by reading the history of the human population bottlenecks and asking that she might be the cause Ambrose found the explanation. He communicated his idea to immediately Harpending who read his message a week later. Ambrose spoke of the great eruption of a volcano called Toba in Sumatra …

As we have said, the research team went on the assumption that the strangulation occurred between 70 and 80 thousand years, although this date is still widely debated. The super volcano Toba erupted 74,000 years here, right in the middle of this period. The super-eruption of Toba would have led to the extinction of most human beings.

Remember that at this time the man had already conquered most of submerged lands in Africa, Europe, America and Asia, and this year 500,000 people were already several million people. Before the explosion is believed that hundreds of species of hominids branched and more or less affiliated lived on Earth. After the explosion a single species would have survived, which led to Homo sapiens.

If the two events are connected vraiments, this has implications on the future terrifying eruption of Yellowstone. Its eruption could be of the same magnitude as that of Toba and have a devastating effect, not only on the surrounding region, but all over the Earth.

Scenario Yellowstone super eruption

Michael Rampino, the Yellowstone super eruption was between 1000 and 2500 times more powerful than Mount St. Helens, a power that Yellowstone has implemented in the past.

Imagine over 1000 volcanoes like Pinatubo or St.Helens erupted simultaneously entering … The explosion release into the atmosphere between 1000 and 2500 km3 of ash and volcanic material. Incandescent magma blocks of several cubic meters fall on the ground at supersonic speed. In a few minutes hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will die in the United States instantly incinerated, pulverized. Large fertile plains are covered with ash.

If this happens in winter ashes mingle with the snow to form streams of mud, even more devastating lahars because of their high density and their higher inertia. In a few days the ash cloud will reach the Gulf of Mexico.

The transport of the blast in the upper atmosphere billions of billions of tons of ash, dust and sulfur dioxide which gradually darken the sunlight.

On the las eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano,the 2/3 of the United States land was recover by  a high amount of ashes (some places had  2 meters).

Extension of the two previous eruptions of Yellowstone. 2/3 of the United State are affected. This could he reproduce? Scientists think. Prepared by Dan Brennan and Mary Diman / UW-Madison News Graphics, translated and adapted by the author. All rights reserved.

The climate will be altered on a global scale in the space of a few months. We will undergo continuous volcanic winter will last several years. Crops will be destroyed for several seasons even for several years, and especially wheat reserves of the United States who are now the breadbasket of the entire planet.

The economic crisis is catastrophic and it will probably a generation or two to see life reborn, half a century during which deprivation of life will be extremely painful for everyone!

The pessimists predict that this event will be fatal for humanity because there will be no resources available with all the excesses that this social cause. If this theory seems to be confirmed by the events of the past, some scientists oppose this conclusion deemed too Ardie. For our survival, hope they are right.

If this theory is correct, and it seems subsequently confirmed by several separate events, we can better understand why scientists had cold sweats when they learned that was not only a Yellowstone super volcano, but he was ready to wake up … A story that could lead to the 6th extinction, that of humanity … and a very high percentage of other forms of life on Earth.

Given the state of the planet after the disaster, it might be better if we disappeared in the eruption, because I’d rather keep the memory of green grass and blue sky punctuated here and there, cumulus beautiful time rather than see dry grass, dead trees gnawed by sulfuric acid, a gray sky out of sight and have to live the rest of my life in the cold and artificial lights! … But let us hope, the earth has already experienced such disasters and man has always maintained its survival instinct.

Also, as Defender of the Earth, I propose ways to ensure a minimum of people can continue the extraordinary adventure of Humanity … on Earth or in outer space!

By joining together in abolishing war, trying to change the vision of humans on Earth, we will succeed in the future, despite the disasters that threaten us, to realize that we have failed in the past or live united in the harmony of all our communion with ecosystems

all life forms who share our beautiful blue planet … Earth … Gaia!


by Michel Duchaine ,

founder of the Defenders of the Earth

Truthseeker and Truthteller


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