A U.S. Man Who Sold Bank Accounts to Russians Was Just Sentenced to Prison

(WASHINGTON) — A California man on Wednesday was sentenced to six months in prison for unwittingly helping the Russian effort to disrupt the 2016 U.S. presidential election. U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich sentenced Richard Pinedo to six months imprisonment followed by six months of home detention for selling bank account numbers to Russian operatives.…

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Video important in english:Breaking! ANTIFA Terrorists Attack Patriot Rally in Portland

The patriots in Portland are claiming that once again the Portland police stood down and let the antifa attack them.

CBS reports that Portland revoked the patriots permit to gather as soon as the riot broke out. That’s not right. That’s giving the leftists a victory, which is probably what liberal Portland wanted anyway. The leftists started the violence, but the right got blamed by the lying Portland police.

Leftism is a mental disturbance. If it’s origins are genetic, those genes need to be removed from the gene pool by any means necessary.

This is a civil war. It’s started. And in Portland, the police are on the side of leftist tyranny.







American and European taxpayers have provided $ 80 million to support Islamic terrorism – Think Tank



CC0 A report from the Middle East Forum (MEF) says that one of the largest Islamic charities, indirectly funded by US taxpayers from America and Europe, is linked to terrorist groups around the world. Islamic Relief (IR), one of the largest Islamic charities in the world, is entangled in […]

Islamic Relief (IR), one of the world’s largest Islamic charities, is entangled in terrorist ties, according to a report by the Middle East Forum (MEF), an American think-tank the Daily Caller.

The report states that IR accepts and provides money to terrorist organizations.

IR claims to accept donations from the Charitable Society for Social Welfare, founded by Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, that the MEF – a group that has set itself the task of looking for examples of extreme Islamism in the West – is a terrorist. Al Qaeda and « Loyalist of Bin Laden. « 

The non-profit organization IR is providing funding to the Hamas movement in Gaza, considered by Israel as a terrorist group and would also have close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood,

According to the MEF’s report, American and European taxpayers have provided huge amounts of funding to IR over the years. In the last ten years, said the MEF, taxpayers in Western countries have provided at least $ 80 million to Islamic Relief.

« IRW [Islamic Relief West] claims to have received grants from the United States of America […] Government of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and USAID ». read in the report.

« In 2012, IR-Canada received 1.5 million Canadian dollars ($ 1.9 million) from the government. In 2017, an additional $ 4.5 million ($ 5.7 million) in grants to Islamic Relief was posted on Canadian government websites.

The list includes funds from sources in the United Kingdom, the United Nations, Spain and Sweden.

« In total, from the available data, over the last ten years, we can find at least $ 80 million that the Islamic Relief franchise has received from Western governments, the European Union and the United Nations, » he said. The report.

Islamic Relief denies allegations of support for terrorism, accusing the MEF of « building conspiracies » from one-off individual events.

« Islamic Relief operates as a leading humanitarian organization for 25 years working to provide relief and development in a non-discriminatory and dignified way to vulnerable people in more than 40 countries around the world, » said Sharif Aly, CEO of Islamic Relief USA. . (IRUSA), in a statement to The Daily Caller.

« IRUSA upholds strict standards of neutrality and impartiality in fulfilling its global humanitarian mission, » said Aly.

The non-profit organization stresses that it only works with legitimate, accredited charities and government organizations, including FEMA, USDA, Red Cross, and HIAS – a charity for the community. resettlement of Jewish refugees – the paper said.

« [IR] has received more than $ 700,000 from [American] taxpayers’ money during the Obama administration, » said Sam Westrop, author of the MEF report. « And now, under the Trump administration, civil servants continue to talk about its events and legitimize their status as a charitable institution, but officials of this institution continue to promote non-charitable ideas: hatred of Jews, support for ideologies extremists and praise of terror. « 

According to the MEF, Islamic Relief officials « dined at the White House » and served as advisers to the US State Department. However, government funding and support is not the only or the biggest source of revenue. Corporate foundations and individual donors have provided the non-profit organization over $ 4.3 million over the last 17 years, said the MEF report, with the largest donation of 1, $ 4 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, Westrop noted that the UAE and Israel have banned Islamic aid, and the EU has launched several investigations into accusations that the group is promoting extremist imams who advocate violence and hatred.

« Now is the time for US politicians and law enforcement to consider these reasons, to stop funding the work of Islamic Relief and to begin to challenge the pernicious extremism spread by this franchise. International and its Islamist militants in the United States of America « .


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China Sentences Former Political Star Sun Zhengcai to Life in Prison on Corruption Charges

(BEIJING) — A Chinese court sentenced former political high-flyer Sun Zhengcai to life in prison Tuesday for taking more than $26 million in bribes, making him one of the biggest names to fall in President Xi Jinping’s campaign against corruption and disloyalty. Sun’s sentence handed down by the intermediate court in the northern port city…

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US Airstrikes in Syria Aimed at Backing ISIS-Daesh: Analyst by http://www.presstv.ir/ Recent US-led airstrikes in eastern Syria have killed over 100 civilians, mostly women and children, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says. – A former US army psychological warfare officer says this report is “another indication of US hypocrisy,” adding that it proves Washington’s support […]

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Video:Georges Soros Funded Terrorist Group « Antifa » Plans to Make USUngovernable

George Soros Funded Terrorist Group “Antifa” Plans to Make US “Ungovernable” Feb 11, 2017 by MICHAEL DEPINTO Editor’s Note: Our friend Michael DePinto has produced a short video on the group known as “Antifa.” America is quickly being turned into hell, just like the Bible tells us because we have rejected God and His […]

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