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Published on Nov 6, 2016 People trust the “unbiased” internet search giant Google so much it can actually influence up to 10 million undecided voters to choose Hillary Clinton for president, prominent US psychologist and author Robert Epstein told RT following years of research. – Google is NSA. Who is in charge of the Beast […]

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Albert Jacquard, the great geneticist and humanist died yesterday


What a surprise I just got by reading the news , just now : Albert Jacquard died yesterday .

Short biography :

The geneticist and leftist Albert Jacquard died Wednesday , September 11 at his home in Paris (sixth district) at the age of 87 years , according to his son . The polytechnic , born December 23, 1925 , which was to honor the association Right to Housing ( DAL ) President , was swept away by a form of leukemia , he said .


Coming from a family of good society Lyon , Albert Jacquard is received Polytechnique 20 years later in 1951 and between Seita ( national company that manufactures tobacco and matches ) to work on the establishment of an early computer systems. After a brief stint at the Ministry of Public Health , he joined the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED ) in 1962. But approaching forty and  » realize that we are not eternal and we do not want to spoil his life at ridiculous things. » Albert Jacquard then went to study population genetics in the prestigious American University of Stanford, then returns to the INED and spent two doctorates in genetics and human biology in stride. In addition to teaching and his expert to the World Health Organization (WHO) work , it will then cease to remove the supposedly scientific racist theories and arguments will witness even in 1987 at the trial of Nazi Klaus Barbie for crimes against humanity. His first books , such as  » Praise the difference : genetics and man  » (1978) meet a great success that will not fail , even when drift towards philosophy, popular science or anti- liberal humanism . His commitment Pr Jacquard dislikes liberalism and it will also parliamentary candidate in Paris in 1986, sustained by various movements of the alternative left , then in 1999 the environmentalist list list led by Daniel Cohn- Bendit ( in 84th position). In the 1990s , Albert Jacquard will put its media verve serving another cause : the inadequately housed and undocumented . Occupation of a Dragon Street building in 1994 , the Church of St. Bernard in 1996 … his face old Greek fauna quickly becomes as familiar as that of the Abbé Pierre , Gaillot or Emmanuelle Béart , his comrades . Age assisting, honorary president of the LAD had been more discreet while continuing to support the poor and pushing rants , as in his daily column on France Culture from 2001 to 2010.


He ‘s been a man of the left , it does not detract from the man he was throughout his valeur.C is a noble man who fought for noble causes.

I think his fight continues even after his death. Also , I will continue to inspire me with his ideas.

When I listen to his videos or when I read it, I feel more human, more open and compassionate to my fellow men .

Also, in memory of a great man, Albert Jacquard , here is an article published Oct. 7, 2009 :
Awareness of danger save humanity

He may have exceeded 80 years , the French intellectual Albert Jacquard does not continue unless wearing his call for a more just and sustainable society , the only way to avoid anything less than the end of the human adventure . Le Devoir has met while he was passing through Quebec .

Albert Jacquard message is clear : either humanity away from the race for eternal economic growth and continues to consider the planet’s resources as infinite , or it will face its own shipwreck in a future not so long ago .

And the deep recession that hit the world should serve him as a first step in thinking about how to avoid the worst .

The French intellectual refuses also to characterize global setbacks of the last year of « crisis. » « What we are going through , it’s not a crisis, it is a mutation . A crisis , it ends , as all the talking of the  » crisis . » But for me, there is no crisis in a human adventure with such serious consequences. There are changes , that is to say that there are opportunities to develop new ideas, especially in the economic sector.  »

Because it is urgent to rethink our relationship with what he calls the doctrine of « growth » seen as one way out of the doldrums and move on. « If growth means growth in consumption , it is a deception that can not last , he said during a meeting with Le Devoir. Those who preach the growth of consumption in countries where basic needs are already more than satisfied , are more harmful than spreading their drug dealers .  »

The best way to raise the issue would be the question of the availability of resources of the Earth, wasted without proper restraint , especially since the beginning of the industrial era. This is the case , for example, fish stocks in the world that should be exhausted within a few decades , according to the United Nations Program for the Environment . Yet billions of people depend largely for their daily food . What to do?  » We know we will not leave Earth to colonize another planet. The question we should be asking , for all resources is how they distribute .  »

This is certainly not the case at present . « The way economists often neglect to take into account the finiteness of the Earth is significant of human behavior towards her , Albert Jacquard rightly notes in his most recent book, The countdown has begun? . In many areas , the alert level has been exceeded, particularly in the use of non-renewable resources, which is the case of energy , gas , coal and oil sources for example . The fastest possible stop the ongoing destruction is required with the aim to delay or even avoid burnout .  »

Generations to come

The thing is all the more essential that the polytechnic and geneticist 83 years insists that the riches which have taken millions of years to form also belong  » to generations yet unborn . » While the idea may seem like common place , its implementation would require nothing less than the establishment of a structure of « global governance , » says Jacquard . « You can not imagine that six billion people can get by without organizing powers and without establishing a global democracy. Or this is not possible, then it’s over , or it is possible and we have to try .  »

Wide program, especially when observing the sometimes Kafkaesque complexity of large structures such as the UN or when negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol . « There is a societal choice , says Jacquard . Can we admit that human life should be summarized in the fight against the other , so-called liberalism ? Or , during a lifetime, we can try to achieve certain ideals ,  » such as improving the health of all , the conservation of resources and protection of the environment?

And this will create a society that is both  » just and sustainable  » diverted « growth at all costs  » must be rooted in the educational system. « The events of the summer of 2008 seem to have made progress in several steps the countdown leading to economic disaster and the author notes in his latest book . Fortunately , awareness of the danger, too, has increased . It can help us to avoid the worst. The outcome depends on the clarity and the education system.  »

Provided , of course, it is not exploited as a tool for training the workforce « competitive » in a « market  » of knowledge . « The school is in the service of those who turn to it for it helps to be themselves , not in the service of society. It is not responsible to provide human ready it needs .  » He also denounced the tendency to introduce more and more the concept of » competition « in the vocabulary of education. « For me, this is a real scandal. The goal is not to give the means to fight against the other , but rather to meet the others. Therefore, it is necessary to an educational system that ignores the charts.  »

Despite the magnitude of the task that Albert Jacquard wants to see humanity tackle , he refuses the label  » catastrophic  » or  » utopian . » « Even if they are for some very revolutionary , these ideas settle in the name of a reality, » he believes. As proof, his lectures attracted many people from various backgrounds. « I do not have a solution , it is however unclear. My goal is not to build the society of tomorrow , is to show that it does not look like today . Because that is whether or not the danger is there ? Yes , the danger is there and it is a huge risk because it could be the end of humanity.  »



 »   or mankind away from the race for eternal economic growth or it will face its own shipwreck. »
 »    it is urgent to rethink our relationship with the dogma of the « growth ».
« You can not imagine that six billion people can get by without organizing powers and without establishing a global democracy.  »

Rest in peace big man , keep up the fight!

The destruction of food for the glory of neoliberalism

Pulvérisation cultures ColombieNo less than 77 million kilos of RICE have been deliberately destroyed in Colombia to comply with a trade treaty…. Millions of tons of COFFEE are dumped into the ocean every year to keep the prices high… And the WAR ON DRUGS? Well the picture shows pineapple crops being sprayed by planes funded by the USA… Aerial spraying of coca routinely destroys legitimate food crops in Colombia every day… Several Colombian NGOs including the association of female pineapple growers and the action board of community of Orocayo in Putumayo, Colombia, have denounced the destruction of legitimate food crops produced by the aerial spraying of coca. They underline that aerial fumigations are more of a sickness than a cure… They got that right. If you throw CHEMTRAILS into the equation, then the USA is the biggest user of Chemical Weapons and Aerial Spray Planes in the world. When you do your research, you will realise that defoliant chemicals which strip the leaves from healthy forests and crops such as MONSANTO’S ‘Agent Orange’ and the routine spraying and dumping and destruction of foreign crops are all part and parcel of the same masterplan driving us towards a total diet of GMO food-like substances.

In the spirit to save the « Planet Earth »

Boudha en communion avec le dieu Nâga : la médiation sur le sens de la Vie.Le conseil entre le monde des humains et celui des Dieux.
Buddha in communion with the god Naga: mediation on the meaning of life.The board between the world of humans and the gods.


Environmental degradation poses a major threat to humanity, yet most people seem oblivious to the urgent need to tackle the problem. It remains to be seen whether efforts to create « global awareness » will succeed. Perhaps humans will just wait until the crisis deepens. As the saying goes, « A tear is not shed until a coffin is seen. » The environment is being destroyed for four main reasons:
_ Too many people still believe humans are its masters and can do whatever they want with its natural resources. They deal with it antagonistically, as an underling.

_ The industrial revolution ended the simple agrarian approach that met basic needs at a slow rate and gave nature a chance to heal. It no longer gets the time to regain equilibrium. We cannot now turn back the clock, but if we show concern for the environment and adopt appropriate rates of production and consumption, we can ease the degradation.

_ Humans in the age of capitalism are motivated to consume more and more. They are led to believe that consumption creates happiness. The accepted « wisdom » is that more consumption leads to economic expansion, but this overlooks the fact that more consumption means quicker depletion of natural resources.

In his book « The World without Us », environmentalist Alan Wesiman notes that millions of apes once inhabited the Amazon forests and humans honoured them as their ancestors. The population is now in the hundreds of thousands because people began killing the apes for food, simply because they had nothing else to eat.

When humans start to eat their revered ancestors, is it not the writing on the wall, warning of tragedy for humanity as a whole? What will happen if, one day, no apes are left to hunt? Will the environmental crisis begin hunting down humans?

_The world’s human population is simply too big to conserve natural resources. Considering large-scale food production, this should not add to the problem, but, as Mahatma Gandhi said, « There is sufficiency in the world for man’s need, but not for man’s greed. »

Our problem is that, today, people the world over are devoted to globalisation, capitalism and the kind of marketing that drives greed. Greed now dominates everything, even democracy, once hailed as the politics of the ordinary man – by the people, for the people.

Those who know how to consume with awareness need not consume a lot, but they are far outnumbered by those who consume senselessly and become dreadful hunters and destroyers of natural resources. The US population is a fraction of the world’s tally, but its citizens consume significantly more than those of any other country.

Consumption in response to real need is not a problem. What creates problems is consumption in response to « artificial needs ».

The environmental crisis originates from the crisis in people’s minds. Therefore, the main methods to solve it should start with a revolution of the human mind:

_ The misconception that humans are masters of the environment must be replaced with the understanding that we are merely a part of the environment. Destroying it destroys us.

_ Large-scale manufacturing to feed vast markets should be scaled down so that nature can heal itself enough to accommodate future generations.

_ Consumption in response to greed should be replaced by consumption in response to need. Real need does not derive from advertising or social trends that emphasise glamour. Garments should be used until they are worn out, and food never wasted. We should return to basics and appreciate the true value of everything we consume.

_ Humanity must awaken to the danger of globalisation, this uncontrolled domination through capitalism and senseless consumption. If not, the passenger bus called humanity will inevitably head towards a deep abyss.

The environmental crisis has its origins in human beings’ error-prone minds. « With our thoughts we make the world, » the Lord Buddha said. Our false conceptions have led us to a world of peril. If we begin correcting our course with the « belief » and the « attitude » of humanity, it should lead to real fundamental changes.

V.Vajiramedhi en méditation.
V.Vajiramedhi in meditation.


(Source : Many texts of V. Vajiramedhi ,a great boudhist preacher living in Taïland  give me the inspiration  for  this vision ,today)




Earth in danger-the danger from space: Apophis and killers of planets


Today February 15, 2013, an asteroid weighing 135,000 tonnes and measuring 45 meters in diameter pass close to our planet to the incredible speed of 28,000 km / h. However, we can breathe. NASA ensures that it will not collide with the Earth.

Note that the meteor that hit the Urals region, north-western Russia this morning, has more than 1,000 wounded (including 200 children) according to the Russian authorities, but this natural phenomenon is not bound to the asteroid that will pass close to Earth tonight.

After the meteor that hit Russia in Friday morning another celestial body came to visit us in the vicinity of our planet. Asteroid 2012 DA14 passed very close to Earth at 14 h 24 (EDT), only 27 700 miles from sol.plus near the geostationary satellites. This celestial body not yet represent any danger.

There would be no link between the two events, according to scientists.

2012 DA14 is about 50 m long and has a mass estimated at 130 000 tonnes (equivalent to 3 carriers). The asteroid was found upright in Indonesia and 8,000 km below the ring formed by the artificial satellite orbit above the equator. Some of them are at 36 000 km, but the risk of collision remained almost nonexistent.

The object reaches the speed of 28 000 km / hour.

Observation impossible with the naked eye

Even if passed very close to Earth, 2012 DA14 was not visible because of its – relative – small. In fact, it is moved to a distance of 14 times closer than the Moon as our planet. In addition, it does not reflect much sunlight. Thus, its brightness has remained lower than any star discernible without instruments.

Amateur astronomers equipped with binoculars, goggles or telescopes have been able to see him in a favorable environment, away from city lights. He appeared as a moving dot as an artificial satellite.

Did you know? 2012 DA14 is known for less than a year. Its discovery, La Sagra Observatory in Andalusia, Spain, dates back to February 22, 2012, during his visit to 2.6 million kilometers away.


In the event that an asteroid struck the Earth size, it would create a crater of a kilometer in diameter and destroy all life in a radius of 20 kilometers.

2012 DA14 loop current its revolution around the sun with a period of 366 days. It belongs to the group of near-Earth asteroids that cross Apollos regular trajectory of the Earth and may thus represent a potential threat of collision.

In June 2004, Apophis, an asteroid of about 325 m (± 15 m) in diameter and a mass of more than 45 million tons has been discovered by astronomers. In its race around the sun, asteroid directly threatens our planet a cataclysmic collision.

For the first time, a NEO [1], so named in 2004 MNA was ranked second degree on the Torino Scale [2] explained Donald Yeomans, a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in 2004.

The NEO threat was discovered by R. A. Tucker, D. J. Tholen and F. Bernardi via Observatory Kitt Peak, Arizona, southwest of the United States. NASA immediately alerted its network of ground detection.

Initial estimates indicated when the asteroid that crosses Earth’s orbit twice during its revolution, could meet the Earth’s orbit in April 2029, with a collision unlikely, but not impossible.

Other calculations, dated 31 October 2005, extended the maturity of a cross with the Earth in April 2036 with an assessed risk then one of 5560! This corresponds to level 1 (10) of the Torino Scale. 2004 MNA was then renamed 99942 Apophis [3], the name of an Egyptian deity of evil and darkness (Apep).

New calculations dated May 6, 2008 dismissed a little more risk of collision. The NEO then had a « chance » to 45000 to collide with Earth April 13, 2036: the level of risk on the Torino Scale pondered 0.

Finally, the latest calculations by NASA October 7, 2009 indicated that the risk of Apophis collision with Earth is no more than 1 in 233,000 for Sunday, April 13, 2036. If we consider all the dates where Apophis would cross the Earth’s orbit, the probability of impact is 1 in 135,000, ie, there is 99.99926% chance that the asteroid not touch the Earth …

Apophis is expected to come close to Earth April 13, 2029

Russian astronomers have confirmed this likelihood, Ria Novosti reported. According to Leonid Sokolov, professor at the Faculty of celestial mechanics at the University of St. Petersburg, « April 13, 2029, Apophis will approach Earth at a distance of about 37,000 or 38,000 miles. There may be a collision with the Earth April 13, 2036.  »

In fact, in April 2029 seems more worrisome because Apophis should pass only 30,000 km from the Earth! For comparison, the Moon is distant about 385,000 km from Earth. The NEO frôlerait so the Earth at a distance less than our communication satellites which are in geostationary orbit 36,000 km above the Earth. The object should be visible in the sky is cause a few scares.

Fortunately, for the moment, other researchers, including experts from the Institute of Applied Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences, view this as unlikely collision.

These estimates are bound to be refined in the coming years because the trajectory of the asteroid is subject to uncertainty [4] which may well prove or disprove the likelihood of impact.

Indeed, « the precise determination of the orbit of Apophis is particularly difficult due to the ignorance of the » Yarkovsky effect « , named after the Russian engineer who discovered in the early twentieth century phenomenon: when a celestial body by rotation approaches the sun, it is heated on one side before cooling when turned on itself. This cooling occurs by emitting infrared radiation which creates a thrust infinitesimal but Continuing on the asteroid and thus alters the path « specifies the CNES.

The Apophis asteroid came close to Earth Jan. 9, 2013 about 14,460,000 miles. An opportunity for astronomers to study its orbit and to better assess the risk of collision with the Earth.

Apophis will remain observable with telescopes until February-March 2013 and will again be out of reach until 2021.

Consequences of a collision still unlikely

Scientists, however, indicate that « in the unlikely event where it would crash well, » the meteor that is heated to over 1600 ° C entering the atmosphere, with consequential cataclysmic tsunami (tidal- tide) if he plunges into the ocean, [5] or massive damage on land and populated areas.

Impact with Earth would release more energy of 506 megatons. It is about 34 000 times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6 1945 which had then reached a power of about 15 kilotons.

Fear that such an event is raised Apophis is already nicknamed the « destroyer of worlds. »

How to avoid the worst?

If the risk of collision with the Earth fell sharply after the new details about the trajectory of 99942 Apophis, he susbiste doubt about its precise trajectory when it passes near Earth. Thus, Patrick Michel, an astrophysicist at the Observatory of Côte d’Azur showed [6] that only 600 meters, Apophis could crash into Earth or continue its course in space during its passage 32000 km from the Earth in 2036. This gap will depend on the Earth gravitational perturbations it is, for the moment, not possible to determine.

This is why scientists have insisted that discussions be engaged on ways to avoid disaster or regional warming. Thus, a working group of experts from several countries prepared a draft international treaty to be submitted to the UN in 2009.

Already, examines CNES space mission designed to determine the internal structure of the asteroid and allow to change the trajectory of the NEO, if it should become really threatening.

Several more or less risky ways to deflect Apophis is already considered: explosion, deviation, gravity tractor, satellite parasol …

Some asteroids like Apophis, regularly pass near the Earth. And so the chances of one of them hitting our planet are almost nil, scientists think actively ways to neutralize these cars space and avoid disaster.

Consider ways to deflect the trajectory of the NEO is not in vain because odds are that others will be discovered asteroids threatening the meantime.


Asteroid moving close to Earth
The Torino Scale which comprises 10 degrees assesses the impact probability of asteroid or comet with Earth
Also known as Apep the Destroyer, Apophis is the Egyptian god of evil and destruction who lived in eternal darkness.
Apophis can see its trajectory altered by gravitational perturbations caused by other solar system bodies.
Oceans cover 77% of the surface of the Earth
The Earth-Moon distance is about 384 403 km on average.

Re-write the history of the UFO incident at Malmstrom Air Force Base in 1967

Where is the origin of this  technology?






 It is the story of the extraordinary events that took place in 1967 to the post of » Strategic Air Command Missile ‘officers fight pertaining to the operation of the Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile, an essential element of the strategic arsenal to deter U.S. nuclear during the Cold War.











In central Montana on Thursday morning, March 16, 1967, the team » E »-Flight Missile Combat was underground, according to the Echo-Flight Launch Control Center (LCC), underground secure place all tests. During the early morning hours, more than one report came from security patrols etdles maintenance crews that they had seen UFOs. A UFO was reported directly above one of the launch facilities E-Flight (LF) or silos missile. It turned out that at least one security officer was so frightened by this encounter that he no longer has never resumed his duties in the military security.







Shortly after, the deputy commander technicians (DMCCC), a lieutenant, briefing was the commander of the crew (CDM), and a captain on the flight status when the siren sounds. During the next half-minute, their ten missiles were in a condition of « No-Go » (… or launch blocked). One by one, over the control system, each missile had become unusable,







From there, as a former officer of the base described « hell broke loose! » Among the many calls to and from it (the E-Flight LCC) was assigned to the flight MCCC November, which connects to the story so dramatically that happened in another LCC in the morning same.







In this case, we stop » control » strategic nuclear missiles which coincides with UFO sightings over a silo missile launch! Controlling these missiles was no longer in hands of U.S. forces from nuclear deterrence.







The overview of the basic







The following section is told by Robert Salas was DMCCC responsible for flight that morning. I remember that, while serving as a crew commander deputy missile combat underground in the LCC, during the morning hours of March 16, 1967, I received a call from NCO ( NCO) in charge of the control function launch (Launch Control site) of the Communications Security.







He said that he and other guards had observed unidentified flying objects in the neighborhood who had flown the LCC a few times. He could distinguish only as « lights » at that time.




  Let’s talk Robert Salas:




I did not take this report seriously and ordered him to keep everything under observation and report if something more significant happened. I thought that first call was a joke.







A few minutes later, the security NCO called me again. He was very agitated and anxious s saying a UFO hovering just outside the front door, I realized something that he has to secure the area by fencing. As we talked, he had to go because one of the guards who had approached the UFO had been injured.







I immediately woke my commander and his rest period to report phone conversations. Immediately, our missiles started from the stop « warning » of the state to the » No-Go » in quick succession. None of the four or five missiles returned in default on the control line.  » » Some signals were sent to their » missiles » have passed the alert.







After reporting the incident command post, I phoned my security guard. He said that the man who had approached the UFO had not been seriously injured, but was evacuated by helicopter to the base. Once in front of my boss, I spoke directly with the security guard on UFOs.







He added that the UFO had a red glow and appeared to be saucer-shaped. He reiterated that he was just outside the door, hovering silently.







We sent a security patrol to check our PR after shutdown, and they reported sighting another UFO during that patrol. They also lost radio contact with our site immediately after reporting the UFO.







We were relieved by our scheduled replacement later this morning. The missiles had not yet been put online by the maintenance teams on site.







Again, UFOs were sighted by security personnel about the downtime Strategic Minuteman missiles.














A thorough investigation of the incident E-Flight has been undertaken. A full audit of the site and in the laboratory at the Boeing plant in Seattle have been conducted. Both documents declassified Strategic Missile Wing » » and interviews with Boeing engineers who conducted tests following the Incident Investigation confirmed E-Flight » no » real cause stoppages missiles n ‘ has never been found.







All we could do was to reproduce the effects by directly introducing a pulse of 10 volts on a data line. One conclusion is that the only way this could be done from outside the system was shielded by an electromagnetic pulse from an unknown source.














During the events of that morning in 1967, UFOs were sighted by security personnel at the LCC in November and a LF, and security personnel ECHO-Flight PR. These observations were reported separately for the crews of both capsules CAC or the Minuteman missiles (which at the same time) Strategic … common to both sites.







USAF has confirmed that all flights » Echo » missiles were blocked within seconds of each other and no cause of this phenomenon could be found. For many years, the Air Force has maintained that no incident reports related to UFO has never affected national security. It is an established fact that many members of the Air Force had reported UFO sightings at the time, many of our strategic missiles became operational » non- » (unlaunchable).







The incidents described above clearly show extreme national security implications. Previously classified in a message, from the command of the SAC (Strategic Air Command) described the incident E-Flight of the mani `re following the loss of strategic alert of all ten missiles within ten seconds for no apparent reason and a « … major cause for concern … (SAC at headquarters). « (Our emphasis)







There is a big difference and contradictions between the public position of the U.S. Air Force on UFOs and the National Security … on the facts of this event.




Just for 10 seconds in 1967, a large number of ballistic missiles Inter came under the control of an unknown power …!




This power did she give us a warning?







Everything that has been written above, comes from the investigation report of the event.







From where do these flying machines?




It is clear that these devices come with a power technology far in advance of our civilization » known » …!


If those machines are manufactured by a power earthly, we have a very serious proof that we live in a certain paradigm, not to say a » matrix » that keeps us in ignorance and slavery.


This is why I founded the Defenders of the Earth: spread the truth and show a path to the Freedom of Human … our Earth, our paradigm … without the Matrix!