Video in english:Mysterious objects are circling our planet

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Video in english:Playground ,image of a peacefull city

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English video: »The Deepest Place On Earth » Amazing Full Documentary

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Video:Mysterious city appears in the sky above China

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What do you think about this video?


Video:Some original videos from Operation Highjump

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In 1947,the US government launch the Operation Highjump for,…the exploration of Antartica (the official explanation)…but in fact ,for eliminate the last  soldiers of the Third Reich…in Neue Schwabenland!

Video in english:important update on the mysterious Georgia Guidestone:2014

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Mysterious Georgia Guidestone get a new update :2014

Video:Don’t cops have better things to do?

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These guys are getting more and more abusive every day – and there is no sign that the trend is slowing.

By tolerating drug laws – originated by criminals like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and expanded by coke heads like Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr – we’ve also allowed the building of a police state where police can pretty much anything they want in pursuit of the « War on Drugs. »

The profit in arresting and harassing law-abiding people is huge.

Cops who engage in this – and the judges that enable it – are thugs pure and simple.

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