Re-writing history: The financial support from Wall Street to the Fuhrer Adolph Hitler’s army.part 1

Re-write history by following the hypocrite  money trail

Henry Ford was awarded the Medal of the German Eagle, the highest honor granted to a foreigner.  Here we see the consul Karl Kapp, who gave him his decoration in 1938.
Henry Ford was awarded the Medal of the German Eagle, the highest honor granted to a foreigner.
Here we see the consul Karl Kapp, who gave him his decoration in 1938.

World War II , an American crusade for freedom and democracy ?

The winners write history, this is the version that is taught since 1945 on both sides of the Atlantic.

While we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the capitulation, it is important to reveal the myth of “liberation.”

In the United States , Hitler very long been considered an excellent business partner, but in a war that does not go as planned, then eventually alliances form against the ” worst enemies ” with “bad allies” …

The Normandy landings occurs only very late, June 6, 1944 , will nevertheless of the second world war a tremendous financial windfall for the United States.

Releasing a portion of the fascist Europe to “dominate” economically , all the conditions are met in 1945 to begin a long Cold War …

Also take the time to examine the major players in the financial involvement of American capitalists in the manufacture of the Second World War.

La fameuse médaille décernée à Henry Ford,en 1938 par le Consul allemand:la Médaille de l'Aigle Allemand.The famous medal awarded to Henry Ford in 1938 by the German Consul: the German Eagle Medal.
The famous medal awarded to Henry Ford in 1938 by the German Consul: the German Eagle Medal.

Misrepresentation of historical facts


Like any historical narrative, the official version of the Second World War has a partially fictional character. The work of the historian, who is perpetually revise history, nuance and complexity came the official version written by the victors.


The official version of the Second World War offers essentialized antagonism between two geopolitical blocs to completely independent reasons: on the one hand, good, defending democracy, and on the other, the wicked, supporters of the dictatorship. If the Communists, who have changed along the way, overall the exception was irreconcilable and never communicated other than in the conflict enemies blocks. However, evidence of collusion between officials multiple enemies come as soon as we look closely at the facts.

Preuve du soutient d'Henry Ford au mouvement nazi:ce petit livre très anti-sémite imprimé en allemand.Evidence supports the Henry Ford the Nazi movement: this little book very anti-Semitic printed in German.
Evidence supports the Henry Ford the Nazi movement: this little book very anti-Semitic printed in German.

The links between Nazism and transnational industrial capitalism , including American , are well documented ( General Motors Operation Paperclip , etc. . ) . However, less is known about the links between Nazism and financial capitalism , the famous ” cosmopolitan bankers ‘ against which the Nazis themselves yet cried so hard . The name of Warburg sometimes appears . But as shown by the research of Anthony Sutton , a Eustace Mullins or nickname Sydney Warburg, the relationship between the Third Reich and Wall Street or the City were even more intimate and intriquants . Even at the height of the war , Nazi Germany was never excluded from the international financial system of the time (transactions, speculation , etc. . ) .


The major international bank , whatever its religious origin, has never declared war on Hitler, except at the margins . On the contrary even , as to arrive at supreme power in Germany in the 1930s , moreover through legal channels , it was necessary , as now , the support of banks and media … But beyond even the obvious connivance from private actors , it seems there has been further complicity at the highest level between States officially at war against each other, namely between the German government, a hand, and the allied British and American governments on the other.

Henry Ford reçut aussi le "Certificat du Mérite Allemand"...durant la guerre.Henry Ford also received the "Certificate of Merit German" ... during the war.
Henry Ford also received the “Certificate of  German Merit” … during the war.

In support of this thesis, we propose the reader documents that may well contribute to undermine completely the history of the Second World War, and thus the history of the world . The Bibliothèque nationale de France offers online internet digital versions of some of its archives , including the underground press circulating in the mantle France during the German occupation. We reproduce below some excerpts and links to full articles, which can also be found in the catalog rating : RES -G- 1470 ( 402).


“The Truth”(La Vérité) , No. 55 , December 10, 1943 . …

“Why the Front does not move in the Mediterranean. “” The New Leader, member of the British Independent Labour Party , denounced the gold business of British capitalism in favor of the war. ” The longer it lasts , the better ” is the spirit of the Exchange. Banks establish branches behind not soldiers . (…) Dividends are up 88% ! After that we understand why , when Churchill spoke of “a terrible year in 1944 ,” shares rise, while the military commentator Lidell Hart is surprised that the British army could not advance in southern Italy ” at 5 German divisions ” . Germans trumpeting the exploits of their army when it is mostly organized passivity allied governments. “

“Those who shaved Nantes refuel gasoline in Germany ! ” ” Readers we shall send a recent ” Note from the governing bodies of the Secret Army in Allied Command ” . (…) ” IN NO EVENT ALLIED AVIATION HAS BOMBED BASIN BRIEY OR bauxite mines SOUTHEAST , big industry where the enemy gets most of its resources. ” The note continues: ” INFORMATION WE ABSOLUTELY SAFE ARRIVAL UNINTERRUPTED POST BY SPAIN TRAIN FULL TANK OF FUEL . ” (…) “


“The Truth” (La Vérité), No. 56 , January 15, 1944 . …

“A war of capitalist pirates … Roosevelt refueling Hitler …” ” In its latest issue , The Truth unveiled traffic gasoline and aircraft between” Allies ” and Germany. (…) Everywhere it is the conspiracy of silence. (…) Workers must ignore the financial dealings do not care about ” national borders ” and so-called ” ideological frontiers ” . (…) The Truth intends to break the public silence of the bourgeois press , as a pro – Nazi ally. Each worker must recognize the mask ripped off, the true face of imperialist belligerents nowhere Crusaders civilization and peace. But capitalist pirates who kill each people to share markets and that , even during the war, them continue their successful business . “

“The Truth” (La Vérité) , No. 58 , February 10, 1944 . …

“The trafficking of gasoline. Capitalist International is not dissolved . ” ” 1939. War is coming … and the traffic continued . In all countries , liars newspapers spoke of the blockade, but the Allied ships carrying ore and American equipment in Germany via Belgium . (…) Today , the Allied air forces destroy some industries in Germany in order to remove a competitor in the future. But that in the immediate future, the Reich can take the time it takes before the USSR ‘s allies ship every day two gasoline Hitler trains , a hundred cars passing each day in Port Bou . “

“The Truth” (La Vérité) , No. 59, February 17, 1944 . …

” After oil , minerals ! ” ” Comrades returning from Germany asked us : ” Why the big German chemical plants are not they bombed While 150,000 workers , women and children were charred Hamburg , why plants THE LEUNA by example, are they still standing ? ” We are now able to give the answer. Is that GERMAN CHEMICALS ARE REDEEMED minerals AMERICAN SPECIAL Reich whose needs for its war industry PRODUCTS . “

Important details:

You should know Henry Ford, as Prescott Bush , was part of the Board of BBH (Brown Brothers Harriman , which claimed to be the largest private investment bank in the world ) . Throughout the ’30s , there was nothing illegal in doing business with Thyssen and many American companies , among the best known , had invested heavily in the German economic recovery. However, everything changed after Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Even then , it could be argued that BBH was within its rights continuing business relations with Thyssen , until the end of 1941 , as the U.S. was still technically neutral , at least until the attack on Pearl Harbor.

For decades , rumors linking large American families (Bush , Ford, Kennedy, Rockefeller , etc …)

the Nazi war machine have circulated . There is little time , the British newspaper The Guardian gave the results of a very thorough about these ” very special ” relationships or American capitalists investigation blithely traded with the Nazis while young Americans were being killed in the name of freedom in Europe , while their government cynically trampled the application of the ” Trading with the enemy Act” ( the law prohibiting trade with the enemy ) .


A trial was held in 2001 in the USA, involving, among others, Ford and Bush families , The trial revolves around an execution order , passed January 22, 1944 and signed by President Franklin Roosevelt, who asked the Government to take all measures to save European Jews . The lawyers contend that the order was ignored because of pressure from a group of big American companies, including BBH , where Prescott Bush was a director … but some U.S. manufacturers continued to work with the same Reich after 1941 ……… ……….. or of the trial.


The relationship between Ford and the Nazis , historian Miriam Kleinman writes: ” When you think of Ford, you think of baseball or donuts You do not think the portrait of Henry Ford Hitler had hung in his office. “. In fact, the relationship between Henry Ford and the German dictator predate the seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933 . Among the anti- Semitic Henry Ford distinguished himself by publishing many slanders against the Jewish people in a journal that belonged to him . So in 1931 , Hitler said, in the Detroit News: ” I think Henry Ford as an inspiration . “


The admiration was apparently mutual. In July 1938 , Henry Ford accepted a medal from the German government, the highest award that could be given to a foreigner by the Nazis. A month later , James Mooney, a senior executive of GM , also received a medal from the German government “for the great services rendered to the Reich . ” The English writer Charles Higham Mooney quotes these words in 1940 : ” Hitler is right , and I will not do anything that might upset him . “


The arsenal of Nazism


At the end of the war, Henry Schneider , an investigator from the U.S. Army, described the German subsidiary of Ford of ” arsenal of Nazism , at least for military vehicles .” According to Schneider , this device had the approval of Ford executives , USA. Recognition of Nazis for Ford and GM was well founded : trucks “Blitz” , produced in a factory built by GM in Berlin , was a major component of ” Blitzkrieg ” , the German aggression against its neighboring countries : Poland, the USSR and France . Opel , the German subsidiary of GM , Ford and Germany were the first two truck manufacturers for the German military.


Without large capital investment by U.S. companies in the German economy , the army of the Reich in 1938 would never have been able to organize , or even think effectifs.L grow its invasion of Poland programmed with Russian communists would have remained as the dream state .

Without interventions Howard Bush , combined with those of the Harriman brothers and Rockefeller Zionist Wall Street bankers have left their hands in their pockets rather than going out hundreds of millions of dollars that the German economic machine needed to prowl its new weapons of war.

American capitalists chose to start a war to boost the economy bankrupt America … passing over the heads of the people itself!

The New World Order was planned and would bring big : U.S. unemployed will be recycled into soldiers …. mouths to feed food banks serve to flesh guns fatten the ” battlefield ” !

The past is the future, we should be wary of ” current American capitalists ” as well as the Zionist bankers who did not hesitate to lend vast sums to the Reich, they will not hesitate to initiate a Third World War in order to cash in quick profits , without regard for future consequences!

We are all self-defense !

Long Life to the  Second American People   Revolution  !

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