Terrorist Alert: Thousands of migrants missing in Europe


Every indication that Zionist terrorism strategy and Abu al-Baghdaddy Backar (aka Mikail Henry, former Mossad agent and currently caliph of the Islamic State) is on: sleeper cells are set up preparing to act Europe … A day will tour Quebec with pro-Islamist collaborators like Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard, the Canada-Saudi spy.

Migrants en Allemagne


Nobody knows where these people are gone, who they are or who their allies. Everyone cares. Or rather, the only people interested in this question are « Islamophobic » racist and sectarian.

Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch

« Thousands of ‘migrant’ Muslims’ mysteriously disappear » by Pamela Geller, October 29, 2015:

Earlier this week, I reported that in the refugee camps is increasingly noted the disappearance of Muslims – who left their shelters. No one knows their destination.

This situation becomes epidemic and spreads to other camps. 7,000 migrants left their shelters in Brandenburg. Where are they going? Which houses many of which have clandestine links with ISIS?

I see the future, brother, it is murder.

Reportage of Die Welt [reporting this.]

Thousands of refugees voluntarily leave their homes.

« They simply are not there » – every day many refugees disappear from their first home unannounced residence. This is a serious problem for the authorities.

Leaving the premises of their original residence, refugees are more and more from their own initiative to join relatives in Germany or elsewhere abroad. Several hundred people disappear every week since the beginning of September without reporting their departure, said Ingo Decker, spokesman of interior minister of Potsdam, in response to an inquiry. « Ultimately, these refugees are not simply there, » said the spokesman adding that sometimes they happened to come back or to be arrested by the police.


At least 7,000 people left without notice. For the single day of Wednesday, more than 600 people left homes that had been allocated to them on the first day of their arrival, says Susan Fischer, the Delegate spokesman. According to official government figures more than 17,000 newcomers arrived in the country since the beginning of September. Approximately 7800 were relocated to cities and towns, about 2,700 people are still in the initial reception buildings. This means that 7,000 people left on their own initiative.

Jihad  001


This is a serious problem for the authorities that several thousand people circulate unattended on federal territory Decker said. So he said, refugees can register several times since the registration is made on the basis of information provided by the applicant, who mostly arrived undocumented. « The same individual registered as Muhammad Ali by Ali Mohammed Eisenhüttenstadt can become a little later in Hamburg, » Decker said as an example. The states have to settle for this situation right now, because a file by that establishing proper border is not for tomorrow.


« When will I get my house and my car? « Ask the refugees in Germany

La nouvelle  du journal allemand que  la traduction vous est faite plus bas./ The article from the german newspaper we translate  in  this article.

The article from the german newspaper we translate in this article.

The new German newspaper that the translation is done you down.
The new German newspaper that the translation is done you down.

Asylum seekers are not short of requirements. They frequently complain about the food being served or comfort of the shelter in which they are housed them. In Carinthia, immigrants staged a hunger strike to obtain pocket money 2,000 euros per month!

The people in charge of hosting the « refugees » find that these immigrants usually arrive with misconceptions about the « Promised Land » that would be Austria or Germany.

An article in the Dachau Rundschau is particularly revealing. Isabell Sittner, coordinator of the asylum policy for Bayern, it explained:
« I realize that most of them come here with ideas and unrealistic expectations.

They often ask me, « When will I get my house and my car? « These misconceptions are maintained by the smugglers. « 

On the list of their claims is not the word WORK !! yours, as is weird?

For them, those who should not be present in Europe is us.

Of course, intruders is us Westerners.

We almost all have a car, a house so we gave them we like that of course.

When will our leaders will understand that these parasites are all going to gnaw.

… And demonstrations that began

Des manifestations spontanéess sont apparues partout en Allemagne,signe du début  de la rébellion./ Spontaneous demonstrations appeared throughout Germany, a sign of the beginning of the rebellion.

Spontaneous demonstrations appeared throughout Germany, a sign of the beginning of the rebellion.

Spontaneous demonstrations appeared throughout Germany, a sign of the beginning of the rebellion.

Last week in the city of Hannover in Germany alone, Muslim migrants who stopped claiming to be « refugees » took to the streets waving the flag of EI and declaring that the land [German] belongs to Allah. I do not know how many times we have to repeat it, but these are not refugees and they are not migrants. These are Islamic jihadists who act in droves to proclaim Europe in the name of Allah and Islam. They do not assimilate and do not assimilate into the culture of their host country. They require that you submit to the law of Sharia and guess what? This is exactly what is happening. In England, it is already the case. If you wondered what could be the reason for the fall of our western nations do not. This is what America wants to impose on Europe and Obama helps them accomplish their evil purpose.

Corrupt governments of the western world have thought that the influx of « future cheap labor » without immaginer the game they were playing the New World Order, that is to say the strategy of « government occult « which controls the US government is that of the Islamic State.

As we see, it was about creating a high flow of migrants to Europe and essamer mass throughout the West to implement formers dormant cells to attack the political regimes place.Pour this to succeed, it was necessary acquire the collaboration, if not the complicity of those governments without sizes.

In Quebec, with a puppet as collaborator Philippe Couillard, the leaders of the Islamist state should hilarious, he who had brainwashed (« brainwashé ») for years in Saudi Arabia.

In Canada, they finally controlling a fervent admirer of ideology and Islamic culture in Justin Trudeau, before long, we will see the unthinkable happen in the West, with control under Islamic countries.



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