Proclamation of the New Era

* The Proclamation of the New Era is not a finished article … it will continue by writing day by jour.Il is a Life Coaching to Awaken the Spirit.

The goal is to bring the world revolution !

All People of Good Will may participate in the development of this Written Launched at the Face of the Third Millennium by offering me suggestions.

Thank you to all and all to support me!

Your servant Michel Duchaine .

This article will be translated into all languages ​​and followed many videos.



Every man is as God , being first born of energy. So there on Earth 7000000000 energies.
If we are ” positive energy between us , humans ,” then why we support a system oppressive and destructive , named New World Order ?
If you want to live in the New Era is started, you have to change and take into account the vital and essential information for living in harmony and symbiosis with the environment , nature and the Earth , if not , too bad for you … already dead!

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“Two pigs in pigpen discuss
  Tell me, ‘said the first, you know that our peasant feeds us because it will kill us soon! …
Nonsense, says the other, you ausi ​​you believe in conspiracy theories?? (The two pigs were slaughtered in the meantime). “

Youth from eight to fourteen years are full of Ritalin by their own parents. Adolescents take heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, hashish and LSD
Adults take Prozac, some cocaine or they get lost in the alcohol vapors … Meanwhile, the secret elite destroyed the Earth, the world and the future of our children! … This is possible because you human, you do not care Do not be surprised when they bring you soon also to the slaughter


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One who holds the power and the power of his life bears a great responsibility partage.C is the teaching that I would like to offer you, if you do not know !

I’m a man who likes to share ! May you support me by sharing our common vision with friends and continue the fight for the liberation of humans from Earth … when one day I ‘ll no longer with you .

It would be a fantastic legacy to bequeath a tool for the liberation of Earth humans !

Get connected : we have an extensive Global Civil Disobedience Movement Building … if everyone brings his little pebbles, one day, a huge supported by all mankind brick wall plunging in the New World Order !


We learn that the bad blood and that members are dissatisfied with the current situation in Freemasonry . There has been turmoil in depth to a civil war , although currents and different views have always existed. The pressure of the base is currently very strong and opinions that do not align most often go by the wayside . This democratic process is foreign to Masonic thinking … The mob has never held the wisdom and knowledge , as demonstrated by the history. It has always been the privilege of a minority , as he wished , could make the people enjoy . There are many ” brothers” who , from the heart , live and share an ideal of absolute love of neighbor. It is very commendable ! But illusory ! And does not lead to the desired goal. Who wants to act and change the course of things must be grounded in reality . “If Freemasonry loses its strength and leadership opportunism must make corrections. It is not enough to cover its weaknesses under the cloak of altruism. As Freemasons , we are also true Christians in the sense of love of neighbor , but each is a Freemason for himself . When a freemason is a lofty goal , it must be ready to be a Freemason , even against himself. This is something other than his own vanity . Freemasonry is connected to a global thought. ” There is a great deal of upheaval , even in Freemasonry ! A great movement rises to burst the boundaries. Freemasonry states unienne is very powerful and dominant. Fortunately, the boxes are becoming more independent and not subject to the dictates more .

” The filtering of knowledge ”

Far science is impartial? It always respects its own principles ? Namely, consider the facts. Historically, science has a tendency to attach more importance to their own theories as to the facts themselves. Theories are fought on facts yet to determine a reality. But in this process, certain facts are hidden and set aside . These developments can evolve theories but are usually ignored because they are classified as anomalies, that to say , facts that no frames with dominant theories.

Over the past 150 years, scientists have hidden all facts they have uncovered , this is called ” filtering knowledge is a fundamental characteristic of science and even human nature. The man accustomed to put aside the facts that do not fit , and even totally eliminate them. ‘s non- dominant theories are seldom discussed , rarely mentioned , and those with some scientific studies agree in generally spoken , though fortunately are less known.


The New World Order was born in the spirit of the first globalists , the Masters of the Roman Empire by the Allies following the early Zionists ( before the name), in the refusal to accept Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior of Humanity.

This hypocritical way of acting comes from the conspiracy organized by the high priests of Amun , Egypt , following the decision of Amenhotep IV changed his name to Ahhénaton.Il currently as a genetic conspiracy in those seeking Masters of Jesus Christ as Monde.Tout , Akhenaten was not trying to create a religion that would dominate the world, but trying to guide humanity towards the vision of the Great Being Sprituel.La Pharaoh was to show the path to Oneness , to Life.

The Sun is the center of life in the Universe Instant notes , and the Great Pharaoh had made its living symbol .

Jews and the Roman Empire then had condemned Jesus Christ on the same principle as the priests of Amon had revolted against Akhenaten : the refusal of the Son of Man to dominate the physical world, the world of politics . Jesus Christ as Akhenaten , wanted only to proclaim the truth and show the way to freedom.

The Jewish people then did this paranoia emerged , this diversion of truth, through its elite has invested ” Role of Messiah.” From there , we can easily explain the evolution of the globalist conspiracy up ‘ our New World Order … current ! Zionist elites are self-proclaimed “Messiah” instead of Christ, while perpetuating the Messianic Dream Amended who will form slowly under the false pretext invented in 1,200 years, the Great Exodus.

Great Conspiracy Globalist will already be announced during the French Revolution of 1789, then passed under the idea of a Great Republic Universelle.L idea of ​​expensive global governance, Nicolas Sarkozy rises here.We are talking about a major element history of mankind, is seeking to unite the domination of all peoples !

All this was set up from the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, whose message of unity will be recovered by the Roman Empire first, by Islamists ensuite.L radical Islam will grow as a mercenary phalanx serving the Zionist Jews … from the départ.Le ultimate goal of Catholicism and weaken the power of the West.

other parables

Socialism : You have two cows, you give one to your neighbor. Communism : You have two cows, the government takes you and distributes milk. Fascism : You have two cows , the government steals and sells you the milk. Nazism : You have two cows , the government seizes and removes you . Bureaucracy : You have two cows, the government takes , kills one line and the other throws the milk. Capitalism : You have two cows , you sell one to buy a bull. Freedom : you give your two cows, not meat eat and drink water. Humanity : you kiss your two cows , take your ID card through the window and tell the truth about you . Systems unscrupulous eventually collapse themselves .


Push out the politicians  of the stewardship of mankind









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