Re-writing history: The making of the religious paradigm around Jesus Christ

All those who know me, can not ignore my deep journey in spiritualité.I personally believe that « Big Speaker » has altered the DNA of humans on Earth and that we are different from many forms of life which surround us on Earth.


Here are exposed historical study about Jesus Christ that makes us think about the very meaning of life, social control and the current oppression of the New World Order.

Jésus Christ et Krishna serait la même et unique personne.
Jésus Christ et Krishna  be the same and  only one person.


I believe that Jesus existed , BUT …


1-His father Joseph was a carpenter : This is a story copied to legend Krishna
2-His Father Joseph royal birth: The Bible completely contradicts this: this story was copied to the legends of Buddha and Horus / Osiris
3-His mother was the Virgin Mary : A History copied on the legends of Attis of Phrygia , Buddha, Horus / Osiris Krishna. Note that the appearance of the father and the      mother of Jesus is quite late : around the second century before Jesus  » appeared » on earth to 30 years which also explains the hole in his biography
4-Her mother saw the angel Gabriel out of the well : the well in question was built in the eleventh century by the Crusaders …
5-His birth was accompanied by the Magi : a copied to the legends of Buddha, Horus / Osiris , Krishna and Mithra history, the names given to the Magi date from the          Middle Ages.
6-His birth was announced by a star: a copied story about the legends of Buddha, Horus / Osiris Krishna
7-He was born in the year 0 or year I: Contradictions in the Bible about the date of birth of Jesus Christ are insoluble. His birth date has been fixed ….
8-He was born on December 25 : This date was chosen to absorb the ancient Christmas : the rebirth of the Sun.
9-He was born in a cave in Bethlehem : a story copied on the legend of King cereals : Tammuz , born in a cave in Bethlehem
10-He lived in Nazareth : The village of Nazareth did not exist at the time of Jesus . Jesus was a Nazarene according to the Bible , ie a believer. The editors have made            an inhabitant of Nazareth , which was created for the occasion much later ( in the wrong location because location is not at all correspond to the one described in            the Bible)
11-Massacre of the Innocents ( nobody, except the Bible, has never heard of) . He is a legend copied to the tyrant Kamsa , who , 1500 years BC has ordered the killing          of young children.
12-He made a trip to Egypt this story, which leads to contradictions in the Bible, was invented in response to the prophecy of the Old Testament :  » I called my son                Egypt « 
13-He taught in the temple at the age of 12 years: recopied on a legend story of Buddha and Horus / Osiris
14-He made Sermon on the Mount : copied from the legend of Osiris / Horus
15-He had 12 disciples a story copied Legends Of Horus / Osiris and Mithra : 12 was considered a number of  » magic »
16- » This bread is my body  » : a legend copied from Horus / Osiris and Dionysus / Bacchus
17-He raised Lazarus ( Lazarus in French ) : copied verbatim from the legend of Osiris (El Azar’us ) : here , the Bible writers did not even bother to change the name.
18-He walked on water : a copied story of the legend of Buddha’s disciples came into meditative trance to cross a river
19-He multiplied the loaves : copied on the legend of Buddha which has increased cupcakes.
20-He was sentenced by the Jewish Sanhedrin was out of the question that the Sanhedrin meets the eve of Easter night to deliver a killing ! Historically , the story is              ridiculous !
21-He died crucified : a legend copied to Attis of Phrygia , Dionysus / Bacchus , Krishna and Mithra : Crucifixion was restricted to Roman citizens for the most serious         cases. If Pontius Pilate had done ( or allowed to ) crucified Jesus, he was dismissed and replaced .
22-He died between two thieves : a legend copied on Horus / Osiris , Krishna
23-He died on the cross in Caesar’s time , convicted on a patibulum placed on two Crux ( forks) is attached , the condemned man was standing on the ground . The first         Christian cross dating from the fifth century.

But, in fact , Jesus Christ he really exist?

Le mythe a été repris au-début des années ' le sais,j'ai usé ce 33 tours et j'ai été revoir 3 fois le film "Jésus Christ Superstar".
Le The  myth was taken in the early ’70s…I know I see 3 times the movie   « Jésus Christ Superstar ».






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