An island in the ocean, the Earth in the universe

L'humain de la Terre face à l'Univers
Which position for the Human Being face to the Universe?

The great feature of an island is its geographical  isolation .View from  the sky, we see “cut off from the world.” Our maps or our terrestrial globe we show as a small dot in the blue ocean. For its inhabitants, this small point is equally fondamental.Important for people who dream to expand on its beaches.

Our land is extremely isolated in infinite cosmos.View from outside our solar system, we do not even see: more noticeable Saturn and Jupiter the Sun itself.The pictures taken from the moon we show all blue in space, away from all the other planets.

Vision touching this little blue planet carrier of life,is precious.De endearing and makes our days, we can easily go from one island to the other, even distant from one continent to another and vice versa.

Only a few people were able to travel (? … True or false!) In the space to the moon and back!

Interstellar travel is still imaginary, although short trips to the ISS have trivialized the information and that the “wonder” of my youth fades gradually! A mission to Mars would require some travel hundreds of millions of miles … It is not for tomorrow, the great adventure already so romanticized by Hollywood!

All the islands of the Earth are greatly threatened by the immediate consequences of global warming and the ultimate climat.It is insured  this will provocate a rapid rise in sea level and all oceans.Menaced, they are irremediably because their altitude is low.The  tourist beaches will be submerged, and places highly prized, will disapear forever in the eyes of  the futur humanity .The  inhabitants of some islands are already back on the farthest points or emigrate.

Continents of the world have their threatened coastline, each being a huge island … finally Similarly the Earth is a very small island, directly threatened by even the smallest of the big wave turbulence driven by the spatial motion of our galaxy: the Milky Way!

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