The Universe Has a Lot More Huge Stars Than Scientists Thought

A surprisingly large number of massive stars have been spotted in regions across the universe, shedding new light on how galaxies near and far evolve, a new study shows. By Samantha Mathewson | In the study, astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile investigated intense bouts of star formation in four […]

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Fantastic discovery of two bright spots on Ceres

Cérès le 25 février 2015.
Ceres,the february 25 ,2015.

They look at us.” That is the impression that we could have two bright spots side by side on Ceres appeared on the photo taken at 46,000 miles away, on 19 February. The dwarf planet in only had in previous vigils. The tweet says it is a “variable” stain.

Puzzling ‘bright spot’ on dwarf planet #Ceres has dimmer companion. Détails:


An “unexpected and mysterious” event


Chriss Russell, the charge of the Dawn mission, the spacecraft that took the photo, provided the following explanation: “The bright spot now has a companion of a lesser brightness, but apparently in the same crater. This may indicate a similar origin to volcanism, but it will be a better resolution before making such geological interpretations “>> Read:. A mysterious radio signal came from ailleursLe responsible for the shooting, Andreas Nathues adds that” the bright spot is too small for the camera, but despite its size, it is brighter than anything else on Ceres. This is really unexpected and it remains a mystery to us. “Dawn should take new pictures in March which may help to find answers to this.

تحية لإخواني وأخواتي في جميع أنحاء الشرق الأوسط.

L'humain de la Terre face à l'Univers
Which position for the Human Being face to the Universe?

تحية لاخوتي في منطقة الشرق الأوسط بأكملها

شكرا لكم على قبول لي في مجموعت.
أريد أن أكتب لك اهتمامي في ثقافتك وشجاعتكم.
سأبذل قصارى جهدي لترجمة مقالات لاطلاعكم على السياسة، والبحث عن الحقيقة حول تاريخ البشرية لفتح الطريق الى الحرية.
التي هي رؤيتي والمحيط الهادئ.
وأعتقد أننا نعيش في مؤامرة كبيرة، وأن جميع الحكومات، مع استثناءات قليلة فاسدة والحفاظ على جزء كبير من البشرية في عبودية.
كثير من الرجال مثلي يعتقدون أن هذه هي الجمعيات السرية التي هي مصدر متاعب كثيرة على هذه الأرض.
ونحن نعتقد أيضا أننا نشهد نشوء دكتاتورية شمولية في العالم، وهنا في الغرب، ونحن أعطاها اسم النظام العالمي الجديد.
وظيفتي هي أن تسعى بكل تواضع بديل لهذا النظام الشيطاني وهذا البديل، أعطيته اسم “عصر جديد“!
أدعوكم لقراءة البيانات ومناقشة مواضيع مختلفة على موقعي الرئيسي.

Era New -logo bbb

أنا ستعمل على تطوير مجموعة من العناصر انتباهكم إلى لأنني أعتبر بعض القضايا ذات الأهمية القصوى.
عصر جديد يريد إلغاء الحرب والآن الولايات المتحدة تستعد عالم.
ونحن نعتقد أننا يجب أن نفعل كل ما هو ممكن لضمان انتصار السلام والأمن لجميع أشكال الحياة على الأرض.
ونحن نعتقد أن القيم الروحية يجب أن تفوق القيم المادية من سلطة المال.
أيضا، ونحن نريد صداقة والصريح والصادق بين شعوبنا لبناء عهد جديد أننا نتقاسم معكم.
السلام والصداقة بيننا!
تحية لجميع الناس ذوي الإرادة الطيبة!


Michel Duchaine


الباحث وبالم الحقائق قارئ

English version of the petition for … January 2 becomes “The Jimmy Guieu Day ” in hommage of the Truthseekers and Truthtellers!

WHEREAS many researchers around the world spend enormous efforts to diffuse light on a number of unexplained phenomena,

WHEREAS made ​​to honor these men and women will have a positive impact on the diffusion of science, literature and the rapprochement of cultures in the world,

WHEREAS precursors such as Jimmy quieu, Aimee Michel, Guy Tarade, Frank Edwards, Erik von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin recently (who died in 2010) marked the interest of all humanity for all that is unexplained, the paranormal, futurology, new science which exopolitics and exobiology … not to mention nanotechnology and research on extrasolar planets

WHEREAS many things that were once considered part of science fiction have become reality, proving the link between thought and creation,

WHEREAS January 2 marks the anniversary of the death of Jimmy Guieu and it makes sense to remind the world that it was:

One of the masters of European science fiction, one of the “Pioneers” of ufology (the discipline that studies the UFO (unidentified flying objects)), parapsychologist, specializing in esoteric and secret societies, it was lecturer and radio personality, author of numerous videos, making him a diffuser global influence many generations of thinkers, researchers and writers in many cultures on Earth

We, the signatories of this petition, ask that on January 2 of each year is now considered:






Jimmy Guieu,the initiator of the french ufology!

An island in the ocean, the Earth in the universe

L'humain de la Terre face à l'Univers
Which position for the Human Being face to the Universe?

The great feature of an island is its geographical  isolation .View from  the sky, we see “cut off from the world.” Our maps or our terrestrial globe we show as a small dot in the blue ocean. For its inhabitants, this small point is equally fondamental.Important for people who dream to expand on its beaches.

Our land is extremely isolated in infinite cosmos.View from outside our solar system, we do not even see: more noticeable Saturn and Jupiter the Sun itself.The pictures taken from the moon we show all blue in space, away from all the other planets.

Vision touching this little blue planet carrier of life,is precious.De endearing and makes our days, we can easily go from one island to the other, even distant from one continent to another and vice versa.

Only a few people were able to travel (? … True or false!) In the space to the moon and back!

Interstellar travel is still imaginary, although short trips to the ISS have trivialized the information and that the “wonder” of my youth fades gradually! A mission to Mars would require some travel hundreds of millions of miles … It is not for tomorrow, the great adventure already so romanticized by Hollywood!

All the islands of the Earth are greatly threatened by the immediate consequences of global warming and the ultimate climat.It is insured  this will provocate a rapid rise in sea level and all oceans.Menaced, they are irremediably because their altitude is low.The  tourist beaches will be submerged, and places highly prized, will disapear forever in the eyes of  the futur humanity .The  inhabitants of some islands are already back on the farthest points or emigrate.

Continents of the world have their threatened coastline, each being a huge island … finally Similarly the Earth is a very small island, directly threatened by even the smallest of the big wave turbulence driven by the spatial motion of our galaxy: the Milky Way!

First Observational Evidence Other Universes?

In the realm of far out ideas in science, the notion of a multiverse is one of the stranger ones. Astronomers and physicists have considered the possibility that our universe may be one of many. The implications of this are somewhat more fuzzy. Nothing in physics prevents the possibilities of outside universes, but neither has it helped to constrain them, leaving scientists free to talk of branes and bubbles. Many of these ideas have been considered untestable, but a paper uploaded to arXiv last month considers the effects of two universes colliding and searches for fingerprints of such a collision of our own universe. Surprisingly, the team reports that they may have detected not one, but four collisional imprints.

The team, led by Stephen Feeney at the University College London, considered a collision between bubble universes. They conducted a simulation based on a formulation of Einstein’s field equation, known as de Sitter space. This solution to Einstein’s equations is essentially a description of how space itself behaves. From interactions between such spaces, they determined a set of observable effects visible in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). Among them, they required that signals have azimuthal symmetry or are mirrored on both sides of the sky. Secondly, the signals should be circular in shape.

Searching the WMAP archives, the team found numerous possible signals, but eventually narrowed it town to four strong candidates.

The authors of the paper are quick to caution that these results are only consistent with the predictions of bubble universes but do not rule out other causes, or even simple blind luck from a large enough data set. To rule out other scenarios, astronomers will need to rely on instruments with higher sensitivity, such as the Planck satellite, launched in 2009, which working on completing a second scan of the entire sky with three times the sensitivity of WMAP.

If these results are confirmed, it would be support for a variation of cosmology known as “eternal inflation”. The title is somewhat misleading as the hypothesis doesn’t describe a single instance of inflation that continues eternally, but rather an eternal time period in which events of inflation, triggered by bubble collisions, can take place. Such collisions cause the rapid expansion of spaces forming universes like our own. Conversely, if a bubble is not found, “the conclusive non-detection of a bubble collision can be used to place constraints on theories giving rise to eternal inflation; however, if a bubble collision is verified by future data, then we will gain an insight not only into our own universe but a multiverse beyond.”

(Source:University College of London)