Yellowstone Alert: substantial evidence of earthquakes

yellowstone geyser



** flash ** indications of severe earthquake / eruption at yellowstone national park

Sunday, 02 February 2014 05:06 

— (TRN) — A seismometer inside a borehole at Yellowstone National Park has begun reporting staggering underground activity near the southwest corner of Yellowstone Lake, possibly signaling the beginning of an eruption of the Super Volcano at the Yellowstone National Park. TRN has obtained the image of the Seismograph report and now YOU can see it for yourself! This could be very nasty. . .

Yellowstone lake is pretty much the center of what is the Yellowstone Caldera; the mouth of a massive Super Volcano, located beneath the park.

The activity began around 12:00 Noon, Mountain Standard Time (MST) on February 1, and was detected by a seismometer in Borehole B944 then continued, non-stop, all day yesterday getting worse and worse as the hours wore on. The activity is continuing right now at 6:06 EST AM as this news article is being produced.

The map below shows the location of Borehole B944 in relation to Yellowstone Lake and the rest of the park.

The readings being reported from seismometer inside Bore Hole #B944 are literally « off-the-scale. » Is an earthquake brewing, or is this the beginning of a catastrophic eruption of the Yellowstone « Super Volcano? »

Seismographic Printout from Yellowstone National Park, Bore Hole #B944, for February 1, 2014. The time stamp goes down the left edge. Look at what starts happening from 12:00 Noon for the rest of the day. By 3:00 PM MST, things get real dicey; by 5:00, it is clear there’s real trouble happening underground. By 7:00 PM, the seismographic gear is totally overwhelmed; with all readings going utterly off the scale. This could be a sign that a massive eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano has begun deep underground.


A second printout shows the activity continuing to this very moment, so severely that the seismometer printer is RUNNING OUT OF BLUE, BLACK AND GREEN INK!

Here is the activity from Midnight MST to 4:30 AM, MST (5:30 AM EST)



To help readers understand the implications of what is taking place, we first show the enormity of Yellowstone National «  »PARK » with stats from the US National Park Service:

•Yellowstone was the world’s first National Park
•A designated World Heritage Site and designated Biosphere Reserve
•3,472 square miles or 8,987 square km
•2,221,766 acres or 898,317 hectares
•63 air miles north to south (102 km)
•54 air miles east to west 87 km)
•96 % in Wyoming
•3 % in Montana
•1 % in Idaho
•Highest Point: 11,358 ft / 3,462 m (Eagle Peak)
•Lowest Point: 5,282 ft / 1,610 m (Reese Creek)
•Larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined
•About one-quarter the size of Switzerland and about 65% the size of Montenegro

•Approximately 5% of park is covered by water; 15% is grassland; and 80% is forest
•Precipitation ranges from 10 inches (26 cm) at the north boundary to 80 inches (205 cm) in the southwest corner
•Temperatures (average) at Mammoth: January: 9° F/-13 C in 
July: 80° F/27 C 
High: 99°F/37 C, 2002 (Mammoth)
Low Temp: -66° F/-54 C (West Entrance, Riverside Station 1933)
Here’s a map of Yellowstone:

Here is a Topographical map showing the mouth (« Caldera ») of the Super Volcano and the scarred, treacherous terrain, created by past eruptions. (Click Image to enlarge). The park boundaries are the thin Yellow line, the Caldera of the super volcano is shown by the thin Red line. Bear in mind that seismometer B944 is just next to the area labeled ‘West Thumb » on the map, showing the western edge of Yellowstone Lake. That puts this seismic activity right smack in the active zone of the actual caldera.

A recent program aired by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) *** THEORIZED *** what an eruption of Yellowstone would affect. Below is the *** THEORETICAL *** blast, damage and volcanic ash fallout area, which is shown in various shades of Orange.

(This image does NOT reflect an ongoing eruption — it is not real)

If this is the start of an eruption at Yellowstone, the entire northwest quadrant of the country could be affected by damage and disruption beyond human comprehension.

We will monitor this story closely.


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