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The New World Order is an ancient pyramid structure. This organization is closely linked to the racist philosophy of Nazism. The idea of ​​massive population reduction by war, famine, disease, AIDS (biogenetic weapon) … but with Eugenics, Sterilization, Euthanasia of patients with mental disorders … once practiced by psychiatrists as Kallman, Mengele … the Rockefeller-Rudin Institute during the Second World War. Far from over, nowadays, at the genetic science, major laboratories currently require easing “ethical rules” …
In addition to this link Nazism, the New World Order try to perform certain biblical prophecies: a single language on the Tower of Babel, the antichrist, the mark of the beast, Babylon … for world domination. But for the advent of a false “religion,” astro-theological type, but that would be really a Satanist ideology. This, added to a world government, a global law, global justice, global education, world police … Similarly, this configuration would aim to destroy all forms of spirituality and unity, which Islam could to be the symbol …

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Thus, the New World Order is a “Americanization” of the world and a genuine transition of humanity. Towards globalization and economic deregulation, social, psychological, cultural … In this chaos, the United States would be the “New Atlantis” … Steeped in a utopia, which can be summarized by the phrase “e pluribus unum” of many nations Unity. In fact, this system would be the result of a “Conflict Dialectic” that opposes the “thesis” (capitalism of the United States) and “antithesis” (communism) which now add up to the ” synthesis “(New World Order).
Turning our eyes to reality with a multitude of masks, different covers that hide the same face, in reality, we would be faced with a multitude of conspiracy. Or people, a minority, entities, an elite manipulated occult groups (something beyond all of us) or not: illuminati, freemason, druid … plotting “something” in secret. That, for the New World Order, which would the planners. We often equate to a crime syndicate, an association of bankers who have planned the history of the world revolution, world war, fall of the Berlin Wall crisis … Those there, would claim the same as “Kings” or ” demigods “… We also criminalizes the secret services (CIA …), multinational, military lobbies, industrial …
In addition, since 1833, aristocratic families control well and truly Earth: Rockefeller (Standard Oil Corp. today Exxon), Harriman (railway), Weyerhaeuser, Sloane, Pillsbury, Davison, Payne, Gilman, Taft, Stimsom, Perkins, Whitney, Bundy, Lord, Heinz, Bush … In the brains of the New World Order, we find: CFR, the Ditchley Foundation, the Bilderberg group, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club, the Vatican and the order of Jesuits, PNAC, the Trilateral Commission, the UN and its military arm of NATO: world government established by the Rockefeller Foundation.
All these groups hold the press, information, education, banks, oil, weapons of mass destruction … So the current policy would only lies and demagoguery. With media day that minimize the true cause of conflict in speaking of ethnic war, religious, revolution … In this optical illusion, those who challenge official truths are considered conspiracy, anti-American, anti-Semitic … Compared the Vatican and the Jesuits: Founded in 1541 by Ignatius Loyola, we owe “the Inquisition” responsible for murder, torture, war, genocide of millions of innocent … for heresy. That would be the Jesuits, the true “spiritual controllers” NOM, in agreement with a future global conflict between America, the Middle East and Israel in case …
About the Bilderberg Group, since 1954, a secret meeting was held every year with about 200 people from around the world, the elite of the financial system, economy, industry, politics, media, scientific, academic … No information (subject matter …) is given to the public. This, again a week before the G8 meeting. Where is the democracy? Worldwide, the NAME would control the world and nations with money (currency, currency issue …) with private banks, leading to deprivation of property of persons by inflation and deflation.
Thus, the NAME planning: an imbalance, a rarity, a violence, a broken free … structurally (organized) as we live on a planet of abundance or common happiness is theoretically possible. Despite this, resources (mineral, hydrocarbon, gas …), wealth, men (central city) … are now captured for private interests. Geopolitically seen with the seizure of oil supplies (Caspian Sea …) in the United States.
Still on the NOM include its main pillars: work, neoliberalism, money, military, materialism, ultra safe … As to security, it is about creating a ” martial law “on the planet (surveillance, flicage …).
In the book 1984 by George Orwell, the author discusses the threat and the illusion of an endless war (war against terrorism), to justify increasing social control, as well as state repression. In this logic, there is also the NSA and its satellites (Mercury, Mentor, Trompet), which intercept and filter radio communications (radio, television, mobile phone, microwave …). This is even specialized in computer science and cryptology … with computers with Artificial Intelligence, spies satellites, planetary listening systems, the Echelon network … And soon microchips (micro chip) connected to a super computer.
Even in this idea of ​​social penalization, conversely, an economic decriminalization looming, and will greatly benefit the elite. Internationally, a sophisticated system of plunder has forced more than 90 countries to accept programs of “structural adjustment” (loans from the IMF) since the 1980s, has the effect of broadening the difference between rich and poor.
In addition, the “square” dominating the WTO (the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan), and the American triumvirate (World Bank, IMF and the US Treasury) hijack countries developing. For those, have unpayable debt that forces them to pay millions to Western every day.
The result is an elite controls 80% of global wealth.

Georgia_guidestonesFinally, the key to democracy would be in control of the currency (money) by the people, not by an elite, because in this case, we would all slaves.
Then that support the NAME? Well, it provides strategic support for Israel and Zionism, atheism, the derived religions of Christianity, multinational, official theses of September 11, 2001, nuclear, official organizations (associations subsidized) to rich and powerful, the police and the secret services, on television, in the press and mass media, competition and selection, the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, GMOs and Biotechnology, in individualism, professional sport, strength and action, the right of interference (Humanitarian), anti-terrorism laws.


Finally, we can now address the most prominent symbols of this new vision of the world which is the NAME, we find: the owl of the Bohemian Club, the eye: taken from Egyptian mythology which represent the eye of Horus, which would be that of Lucifer, sometimes described as a reptilian eye of Satan. But as the eye of the Dajjal the Antichrist” according to Hadith.
There was also the pyramid (at the forefront of enlightened elite and base made of identical brick, the people), the equilateral triangle, the figure 3, the 666, the American Eagle (which is actually the phoenix rising always from the ashes).
We must not underestimate the power of symbols (movie, TV …), because they can act as a real “coup” in the human unconscious



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