Re-writing history: Define the Illuminati ( since the origin to present)

The illuminati pyramid
The illuminati pyramid


“A loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires”

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes”

“Give me control over a nation’s currency and I do not care who makes the laws”

What many people call “Conspiracy Theory” is no longer a theory for me for quite longtemps.Elle is clearly defined by the fact that much of our world is secretly governed by a small group of men actually operating behind the scenes. The Conspiracy theory has now become an accepted turn of phrase but sometimes one hears the expression, sometimes whispered rather than spoken: “The Illuminati”.


What does this mean? Who are the Illuminati? They are, in essence, a cartel of international bankers and industrialists based in Western Europe and North America. The names of certain families persist over long periods of time. Some of the most important names are Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Lazard, Warburg, Schroder and Schiff.

The pivotal family is probably the house of Rothschild, the descendants of Mayer Rothschild (1743 – 1812) of Frankfurt. The male descendants of this family, for at least two generations, generally married first cousins ​​or even nieces. The family established banking institutions in Vienna, London, Naples and Paris and Frankfurt. Since the Middle Ages, these families have built their power by lending money at interest rates monarchies and governments of Europe who were forever in debt, particularly in times of war. Sooner than tax the population to raise funds, always an unpopular measure, they usually preferred to borrow money from lenders. This was the birth of the concept of “national debt.” Countries around the world are still in debt, but where there is a debtor there is a creditor to whom this money is owed? It is due to this coterie international bankers.

In the nineteenth century, the power of the Rothschild family was immense. They increased their wealth with great cunning and skill, while keeping a low public profile. A notable example of their methods was their exploitation of the battle of Waterloo. The Rothschilds had spies watching and analyzed the course of the battle and when it became evident that Wellington had won, was a Rothschild agent traveled at maximum speed to London, arriving several hours before ” own “messenger of Wellington. Rothschild received the messenger and began conspicuously selling his shares. The overall stock market assumed that Wellington had lost and Napoleon had won so everybody started selling, at this point, other Rothschild agents had bought huge stocks at prices “give-away”. Thus, an already vast fortune was massively increased and raring to go.

The Rockefeller family may be equally important. The central figure of this family was John D Rockefeller, who made a fortune out of Standard Oil’s Esso in Ohio and Pennsylvania. He also controlled the railroads. When rival road transport systems were established he attempted to block the market, by parking his trains across the roads at crossings. His basic business technique was the elimination of competitors at all costs, followed by the creation of a monopoly and continued by profit taking. He quickly made a name on the basis of a huge wealth, secrecy and practice hard and dirty business. In his later years, he had a harsh and gaunt appearance, so to counter his bad “public image” John D had more or less invented the PR industry. He had been making short films of himself, calculated to charm the public, himself playing golf with a child enough for example. This film was shown on TV recently. It has a rather false air and amateur but very effective with the public of the day.

The Rockerfellers currently have majority stakes in Exxon (the largest oil company in the world) and the Chase Manhattan Bank, which turns over billions of dollars per week. With so many billions in their hands already … is that mean there more money? Obviously this means more power and more control over other human beings, but to what end and in whose name?

Who heads the financial power behind the scenes of the Illuminati?

Apparently the name of Lucifer, the fallen angel also known as the bringer of light, hence the name “Illuminati”, which means “the enlightened.” Lucifer is also known for the characteristics of pride, deception and impertinence. The Illuminati were apparently founded in Bavaria in 1770 by a Weisshaupt Adam, a student Mendelsohn, a Jewish philosopher, and supported by the Rothschild family. The company has always been based on the lodges of Freemasonry, which was taken at the highest level during the eighteenth century by agents of Illuminati.La Freemasonry is a very secretive institution, to the extent that members to a level not know what members are another level. Therefore, it is an organization that is full of legal acts, friendly, social and good for lower and middle levels, while its motives and deeds at the highest level saw to the dark side.

Both Freemasonry and Judaism have strong roots in ancient Egyptian religious belief systems, and it is this very similarity which attracted the illuminati and their allies linked to Freemasonry, for most of them They were Jews and Zionists. It is a source of controversy today as to whether or not they are still predominantly Jewish and Zionist. There are no registered racist goals – they are or are not. Certainly there is much evidence to suggest that they are not, George Bush, for example, a prominent figure among the illuminati is obviously not Jewish, but a great ally of the Zionist cause.

La pyramide de Mort,le contrôle Illuminati
The  “‘all-seeing eye” of God.The influence of the  free-masons.


The  “‘all-seeing eye” on the dollar bill U.S.

United States of America is more or less a creation of Freemasonry. The symbol of Freemasonry was placed on the cornerstone of the White House, while meetings of lodges francs Mason stood up and watched the ceremony, by way of support. The famous “all-seeing eye” (All-Seeing Eye) in the pyramid appears on the dollar bill is one of the main symbols of Freemasonry. This bill also bears the Latin inscription, “1776, the year of the creation of a new world order.” If the dots formed by the stars of the original thirteen states are attached, you get a star of David … accurate.

The objective of IlIuminati is the total control of the world. The only nations that still stand against their power, are some Islamic countries and China (controlled by the Chinese Triads), but this resistance is limited because the Illuminati have crushing economic power.

There are certain methods of subjugation and control which are indispensable to this power. The first is, of course, complete control of all financial systems, borrowing and lending. All banks, all building societies, all insurance companies must be under their control. At the lowest level even the smallest bank will be forced to follow the line. At the highest level, the World Bank decides the fate of the country. This is an interesting and surprising that the Bank of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England are controlled by these Illuminati dynasties, despite the names of these banks actually suggesting that they operate in the public interest. It is said that two presidents (Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy) wanted to change this système.Ils were both murdered.

The second essential element is the control of the media. It is controlled through the business and its operation. If session of the meeting of the management of the business meeting of the Board or the training meeting suggests that facts should be presented in a certain way, it immediately chooses who will present it differently from the truth . There is an implied threat of force and his career. Few people would gladly face demotion, dismissal or unemployment and most people are so ambitious that they will do just about anything that is “reasonable, acceptable legal e” for their links in the system court and those of their superiors. Thus a company is controlled and the media become the most important part of the business because they control people’s minds. People are very suggestible and often lend more credibility to what they see on television that what is happening in their own street. The Illuminati know this and use this suggestibility factor to the full. The key media control measure Lenin during the Russian Revolution was the programming of radio stations.

The third factor in the control system are the universities, and through them the whole education system. A special effort is put into schools on courses in sociology, politics, economics and education, where education systems put in place by neoliberalism often degenerate and even become violent. Their men are inserted into the universities through the power of funding by big business (eg methods of Microsoft and Bill Gates Foundation). They then extended their influence down in the tertiary education sector, from their control of the primary and secondary sectors.

Le CFR ( Council of Foreign Relations),la puissance Illuminati à l'intérieur de la Maison Blanche
The  CFR ( Council of Foreign Relations),the Illuminati power at the White House.


The fourth factor is the enormous influence of two similar organizations, the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States (CFR) and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England. These institutions are schools for statesmen, statesmen controlled thereafter by the Illuminati and secret societies in their various influences. They are due to be “the vocation of politicians like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinksi and Lord Carrington. Both” think tanks “have a crucial influence on all U.S. and British governments, no matter which party is” in power . “The statesmen produced by these institutions can and must decide the fate of nations.Les tax-exempt foundations are also instruments of Illuminati power. Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation are two prominent examples of this type of institution “charitable.” They were heavily involved in supporting various communist powers when the cold war was at its comble.Ce against communism + capitalism arms race = more money and power for the Illuminati. So these are some of the structures through which establish the global power of the Illuminati, but what methods do they use?

By comparing these policies on one side against the other forces, using a theory developed by Hegel, which is: Thesis against antithesis – synthesis.

Every force tends to have the opposite antagonist. The conflict between the two results in a new situation: the synthesis. The Illuminati have their business to be the synthesis. Therefore, no problem situation is ever “nipped in the bud” it is rather fostered and used, just as the Soviet Union was fostered and used.

The integration of immigrant populations in the country is a variant of this process of divide and conquer. Each group can be expected to play against each other.

“Double language (Double Talk)” and “doublethink”. George Orwell knew instinctively what was going on when he invented these two expressions:
I categorically deny = it will happen a little later.
Peace = war by other means.

Say one thing and do another is fundamental to Illuminati practice. They believe that the public will accept these lies through laziness and wishful thinking. Unfortunately, they are usually correct.

“Keep them busy, always busy, back on the farm with the other animals.” We were so busy with business (or agitation) or we do not participate in decisions and events that could fundamentally affect our future understand.

When a real power move is made, it is usually done secretly and suddenly often with the pretense that nothing has happened. It is a preparation for the opposition, but conflict is often not necessary as most people have been trained to be so passive (in front of their TV screen) they will probably not be able to create an effective opposition .

Use straw men in important positions. These leading men have the particularity to have a degree of “servile obedience”, probably because of a spot or spots on their character or in their roadmap they are anxious to control a man dissimuler.pour straw, it must at all costs have a lever on it. Most presidents of the United States fall into this category. The springs of the current situation in mind. Behind the opponent, creates a resistance to the man with real power, which has long been groomed for the position, and prepared to meet to keep control. Men like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Bush are in this category.

The assassination of opposing leaders as quietly and secretly as possible, so as to simulate a natural death. If this is not possible due to time constraints or other limited circumstances, surrogates are used and the lines of suspicion are covered by deception, false accusation and, if necessary, several assassinats.Des caused heart attacks, of road accidents and suicides under false appearances are also favored as proven assassination and control over the continuity of the “system” methods.



La surpopulation: le pire problkème engendré par la gouvernance Illuminati
Overpopulation: the worst problem created by the Illuminati governance.


Social engineering

An easily manipulated rabble is what is required. Mixed population groups with weak morals, weak traditions, low educational attainment and low power of the will of the group goal. Those who have special skills can be recruited and trained to serve the illuminati for technical reasons, safety is part of the propaganda machine. The middle class will become surplus in the control of power and will be reduced to relative poverty.

Teasing and presentation manners companies stupefied by the work to survive, showing no resistance. Control of the media, the fashion industries and the education systems are essential elements of this strategy. “Free love”, the cult of youth, challenging the Christian and Muslim faiths also fall into this category. “I do not give a rats in the ass Jesus Christ” is a masterpiece recent work of one of the biggest new Hollywood starts. It is probably not realize it said, which made him a “useful idiot.” A “useful idiot” is much more effective than a conscious supporter. By these means of subversion societies and nations are conquered enemies from within and without recourse to costly civil war.

The conduct of unrelenting economic warfare

This is the real war and continues even while the bombs fall and bullets fly. The important part is to control the economy of the enemy after the conflict. The recent economic crash in the Far East is actually an affirmation of the economic power of the Illuminati, an expression of economic dominance. The Illuminati now control 10-15% of the Japanese economy. It is well known, this is what was purchased at bargain prices. In reality, they probably control much more, without letting it see.

Control and exploitation of public health standards

The sale of prescription drugs is a proven method to generate mégaprofits for business. Operations and medical treatments can also be very beneficial to large corporations. These extreme treatments have their place, but are over-used for profit.

In fact, large companies, particularly large pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in the poor health of the population. These companies, which work by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration tried to suppress the health food industry. In this they have largely failed, but now the game is to own and control so that health foods can be advertised by the elite.

Argument through defamation. The factual debate is ignored while characters are defamed. This is usually a very effective that many human beings are very suggestible and seem reluctant to use their reasoning skills technique. Thus, a “smear campaign” can easily divert attention from the facts.

To conclude, it is increasingly evident that a world government is developing, and there are many who say that it is probably not a bad thing, but a few have asked for what purpose this “new world order” is created. They do not have to themselves asked what the consequences will be. These consequences (or some specific changes) are likely to include:

• Increased profits for big business, increasing poverty for the middle class (they despise). A rapid decline in moral standards and the promotion of social disintegration.

• Make all ephemeral. Jobs that do not last, neighborhoods built that do not last.

• Increasing levels of crime and violence.

• Decline and demise of public services, replacement by private enterprise – good service for the few who can afford it.

• ongoing health problems for most of the population because of stress, poor quality food, food additives, genetic engineering, pollution and drugs. There may be good health for those who can afford it – only the rich and well informed.

• The phasing out of national governments, which have more power as regional governments today.

• The formation of several towns copied the American model.

In time, a world leader will be announced by the media themselves, a true leader this time. Too bad it will be a lot of contempt and cynicism for most humans on Earth. Do we deserve such a leader? This great chief, leader of the Illuminati control the power of Satanism and Dark Power in Monde.On we present as a kind of savior, a gatherer Chief, a being of Power!

The Illuminati and the Black Nobility

The word means Illuminati itself. People claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject. All Illuminati groups claiming special religious enlightenment. Illmint Latin, pl. of illmintus, past participle of illminre to light. See the light. These definitions are taken from “The American Heritage Dictionary of the English language.”

These people are the best players in the international field, they are the elite essentially belonging to thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, and these are the men who really rule the world behind the scenes (yes, they are mostly men , with a few exceptions). They are the “Black Nobility”, policy makers, who are the rules for presidents and governments to follow, and they are often held from public scrutiny, as their action can not stand being examined. They are connected by bloodlines going back thousands and thousands of years in time, and they are very careful with the duty to maintain these lines as pure as possible from generation to generation. The only way to do this is by interbreeding. This is why you often see royalties marry between business families, for example. Their parents decide whom to marry, for business and family interests.

Their power lies in the occult, (magic) and in economy – money creates power. The Illuminati own all the International banks, the oil, the most powerful companies in the industry and trade, they infiltrate politics and they have financially most governments – or at least their control.

An example of this is the election to the American presidency. It is not a secret that the candidate who gets the most sponsorship in form of money wins the election, as this gives the power to “non-create” the opposed candidate and effectively promote the candidate who will follow plans of the Illuminati. More often than not, it is the candidate who has the most links with the “inbred” and who is the most corrupt and corruptible, will be the one chosen for the position. The Illuminati put in top positions people who they know have a dark past, so they can be easily controlled. If these people appointed, who are promised fame and fortune if they follow the rules, break the same rules, the masters of the world can easily get them back in line by threatening to put their dirty laundry out to dry in public. If this does not help, the person will be murdered, as John F. Kennedy for daring to tell the truth and put the people awake.

More often than not, the Master Illuminati, use both sides to have a game that will entertain the ignorant public. They decide who will be the next president, and they see that their man wins, even if they have to cheat like they did in Florida when President George W. Bush “won” over Al Gore. Most president campaigns are financed with drug money, which is understandable when you consider that the Illuminati operate the drug trade industry as well. Elections are not really necessary, but they let us vote so we can have a game, and we do, they pretend to follow the Constitution. It gives us an illusion of choice that we do not have.

But it is not the President running the game? Not in the least. The power is not with politicians, but with the Illuminati, whose top players, as much power as we can confirm, are mostly of a sectarian Jewish elite, who use Zionism as a tool to create a Jewish state Israel with Jerusalem as their Capitol. Zionists are not to be confused with the common Jews, who have nothing to do with this treason against humanity.

The main presidential candidates are carefully chosen from the occult bloodlines of the thirteen Illuminati families, and if we seek all the presidents of the United States from the beginning until the present time, we find that almost all of them are of the same royal bloodline, and they are all related to the “family”, reported by ancestry and family trees of the family.

So what are the true goals of the Illuminati? The main objective is to create a world government and a new world order, with the ongoing goal to rule the world into slavery and maintain their totalitarian dictatorship. This is a very old goal is theirs, and to understand it fully, one must realize that this goal is not of a type that is supposed to be obtained in a single life, it was a goal that is being achieved over a long period of time. However, they have done more in this direction in recent decades than they have done in hundreds of years, due to industrialization and the era of information technology. Their immediate task is to lower the standard of living in developed countries like the United States and Europe at a fairly low level, so that the government can more easily control us (you can see what happens) . The standard of living in the third world countries will then increase to a level as low as expected for developed countries, so it all evens out. To be able to accomplish a New World Order, the standard of living should be similar all over the world – they want a uniform world to be able to conquer it easily. We can see this was achieved slowly before our eyes. The following article shows it clearly: Africa and Asia and call for New World “Order.

This goal has been planned very far from the prying eyes of the public, in secret in secret societies. All secret societies whose secret notes of initiation are owned and controlled by the Illuminati and Freemasonry are perhaps those most famous of all. The powers that control the societies and the Illuminati are occultists and black magicians. Their God is Lucifer, “The Light Bearer”, etc’est by occult practices they manipulate and influence the masses. It does not matter if you and I believe in it or not, as “they do.” And they take it very seriously.

It is breathtaking to think that this planet, as a matter of fact, is controlled and managed by means of Black Magic – a planet where magic is not supposed to exist at all in any shape status and, except in the movies and books, and if someone tells you there is, he / she will certainly be ridiculed (e). After people have watched movies like “Lord of the Rings” they wish there was more magic in their lives, little do they know …

From the occult, mind control and Intelligence have developed. Returning to the film industry, record labels, and their control of the Fine Arts, they know how to influence the teenagers to dance on air and wanted to accept their kind of reality. This is useful if you look at what kind of “entertainment” or we are forced to enjoy.

The music that teenagers listen to is often totally without quality and lead many of them in a kind of “robotism”, apathy, violence and drugs. It is also used for mind control, as we shall see later. The real quality music is rejected by the majors for those who lack talent. Since Black Sabbath in the early 70s, and the Rolling Stones before them, occultism and Satanism has been promoted by the music industry. Many groups have followed the same path and have always been the top sales and strongly promoted and distributed.

It is the same with Hollywood, which is also controlled and managed by the Illuminati and the Mafia (same Masters). The science fiction movies, films “End of the World” and disaster films are aligned in order to influence us to some directions, as we shall see later in this article. Occult movies have also been made popular. All to prepare for days to come … to follow and suffer their judgment!

I told you above that the men who control the Illuminati are members of thirteen wealthy families. What they are and have always been a well hidden secret, and the direction of man to man passed through generations. Nevertheless, no secrecy is kept forever, and sooner or later there will be leaks, so also now, in this particular case. Few people know who these families are exactly, but quite recently, this is what has been revealed, thanks to members of the Illuminati people who have left the Order and began to reveal the most remarkable data. Here are the names of the 13 families – the Secret Government:

1. Astor
2. Bundy
3. Collins
4. DuPont
5. Freeman
6. Kennedy
7. Li (China)
8. Onassis
9. Rockefeller
10. Rothschild
11. Russell
12. Van Duyn
13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)

The families are also interconnected with those below:

1. Reynolds
2. Disney
3. Krupp
4. McDonald


Obama,une lignée moins pure!
Obama, less inbred!

Also, in addition to these four families there that are more remotely connected to the main lines 13 blood” Illuminati hundreds. Although significant, are not mentioned here, they are considered less powerful and less “pure” (As the family of Barack Hussein Obama, for example), the 13 bloodlines Elite, the Royal Bloodlines.










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