A new world social project

The latest disaster caused by fossil fuel industry, the oil and major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we did take advantage of the fragility of life on our beautiful blue planet and the total disinterest by capitalism “triumph” of our time, all that is life and that is not profitable, financially,

Now, the sides of the barrier are clearly identified: on one side, you have the rich and powerful investors in the pay of the Illuminati that are related to the industry’s fossil energy from oil, and the other side you the truth seekers, workers and workers of the Earth, the teachers and students, welfare recipients, disabled, sick, hungry, malnourished, visible minorities (blacks, Arabs, Chinese, etc.) and invisible (gay, lesbians, sépositifs, etc.) … The People, “The mass of people on the side of Truth, of Reality: Side of Life!

The industry associated with fossil fuels, is the industry of death! “Anything that humans derived from subsoil and seabed as energy, comes from a surplus of carbon dioxide stored in the earth … at a time or atmosphere was different and that human beings did not exist!

At the time of the dinosaurs in Jurassic and Cretaceous, in particular, a huge vegetation succeed, just keep filtering the air polluted by the growing body of Animals at the time and gas emissions in from the many volcanoes in eruption.

These masses of carbon and gas stored in the basement, we put them in circulation in the air, on the pretext that it is an ‘easy energy’ “!

The beginning of the industrial era is marked by the rapid increase in poverty, many chronic diseases associated with work in the coal mines, smog released into the air (England), the rapid growth of operating child labor, increasing the power of banks and their enrichment and the enslavement of many nations (imperialism, colonialism and totalitarianism)!

The Rothschild reach the summit of their power after the Napoleonic Wars (1815 approximately)! The Illuminati have established their system and they will do everything to support him! They then control 80% of the world’s wealth! They lent huge sums of money, both to the victors as vanquished! They indebted nations for centuries and no one is challenging!

They then divide the American nation par excellence, the United States of America, using their relationship bankers in England and Europe in order to trigger the American Civil War, under the false pretext for the abolition of slavery Southern black! They will make billions of dollars over the cannon fodder that will provide the Northeast and South, and the blood of blacks were pursued into the countryside, and return them to their masters (read: the box of Uncle Sam)!

They will assassinate Abraham Lincoln, by a man with them, as they will assassinate John F. Kennedy, because both men oppose the powers of secret societies and they want to fight for the freedom of the American people … and also the whole world!

There is no empathy or compassion or even a hint of respect for life, wanting to create wealth on debt and murder of millions of innocent people! It is true that crime has always favored the power secret societies controlled by the Illuminati Why they would do otherwise, they have managed to take control of the World … by dividing people against each other, races, groups of people, the choice of films, food, lifestyle, etc., etc., etc.

This way of living leads directly to a political impasse, social, economic, demographic and ecological!

Therefore, we, The Defenders of the Earth, will we work to propose a “New World Social Project!

Instead of disunity, we propose an alliance and convergence in order to propose a different idea to those of the Illuminati, International Monetary Fund, Council of Foreign Relations, the CIA, the Office of Global Trade, the arms industry and the pharmaceutical industry.


When you have a company controlled by such people, and called Monsanto, worse than killing, produces “bad life”, by genetically modifying the compounds of foods, plants and Animals, how to trust?

As Mexico is producing more corn to produce ethanol than direct it to the food. … And how many young Mexican children eat only one meal a day? … How can I trust?

When BP is facing almost a half million shares in the courts in the USA! … How can we trust in the justice?


We, the Defenders of the Earth, propose to change the order of things!

We propose to establish the foundations for a New Era of Universal Compassion for all living things!

I propose should be different choices of those who suppose that we should make a profit, that decide to start projects! In place, we propose to projects for the welfare of mankind and, of all life forms on Earth!

We propose to abolish war among nations, to outlaw the manufacture and possesss weapons by simple statements … and instead, we propose the creation of a world army to defend the Earth: an Army World Civil Defence, to rebuild green spaces and first aid in case of disasters on Earth (Meteorological history, geophysical, tectonic, plane crashes, alien invasion … … or assistance to other civilizations “An army that will reforest the earth, a army that will regenerate the earth!

These choices are to make! They are not about rationality, but the order of values! Rationality is downstream! … So let us beware of people too rationalists: they are always in agreement with the powers that be!

We must learn, and it is very important to make distinctions between “reasonable” and “ratrionnel! The first includes intuition and emotional. The second involves an unfolding process of the correct logic!

The logic of living space

It is estimated that 80% of arable land is currently used to feed some 6.8 billion people on Earth!

The United Nations provides that if the trend continues, world population will reach nine (9) billion in 2050!

By using conventional agricultural practices, it would take a billion acres of land for additional reach to feed these people! This milliared acres, we did not and we do not grow on the Moon, of course . We must find new solutions!

It is impossible to keep our planet alive, crushing all other ecosystems, eliminating all other forms of life to fill his stomach with human!

Therefore, the Defenders of the Earth are they talking about the Sixth, and final, Great Mass Extinction!

We believe with the logic that God has given us, it is possible to defeat this ultimate catastrophe! We believe and hope in the eyes of the Almighty, together, awaken and mobilize enough groups, movements, parties polititions, social movements and economic as well as wise men and women, to come together around a major global social project.

For this to have a chance to be born, grow and be successful, we will appeal to everyone! We will need the support of all people of good will! People devoid of materialistic appetite and dedicated to the survival of life … Earth!

From that day, we talk about: Alliance and convergence for a New Era of Brotherhood!

We will fight for Freedom of the Earth! For the Right to Life More!

We will fight to spread the common wealth, not only between humans, hands between all forms of life on Earth!

Each species has its right to living space, its rights, its food, its habitat and humble respect!

A new vision of the meaning of life … in the sense of life!

Give respect to life

Beyond our human vision, beyond our prejudices, it yal’infini of space and time!

The years to come, we will enter into “formal relations with other alien civilizations! Already, we watched … and we know!

All indications are that this is only a matter time before other civilizations that we do not come in contact with us because we reported our position in the galaxy, long time! In Indeed, military communication systems, laser beam allows for over 35 years of radiation up to 5,000 light-years … and every day more than 1,000 solar systems receive our communications! This, without regard to visitors who already know us !

How we will respect life forms from other planets, if we do not respect us, ourselves? … If we exterminate all other life forms to satisfy our ego? … To satisfy the “death of capitalism enslaves us?

Respect us, respect the smallest form of life … and we will be respected a hundredfold: for how to assess the fragility of life of these life forms so small, facing the roll destroyer of life of our chemical, petroleum, nuclear and others!

The survival of humanity

Let’s listen to nature, and this in turn will listen! Rediscover our roots of living beings, both feet firmly on the soil of our beloved planet, Earth! Let him! Let him words of love … and we embrace it!

If you listen to the scientists from the universities ‘rationalists’, Stephen Hawking, for example, it would be too late and I quote: “The survival of mankind depends on its ability to find new land in the Universe! “This kind of discourse, shows us the science of defeatism Illuminati.Ils have sullied the earth! They destroyed! They polluted excessively to squeeze a few bucks and now, before the wall that stands in front them they want to build a new generation of business as the deindustrialization of pollution and ecology, but at our expense!

They want, as the leaders of BP, make money by repairing their blunders! … But what are we, the workers who will pay the bill!

The new philosophy of the Illuminati is to make us feel guilty that we endorse their failures … at our expense! This philosophy needs people like Obama or Sarkozy, … to give a new face to the system! Make the poor pay, to avoid bankruptcy of the wealthy Illuminati! … Skip the collapse of the system, the brain washing of the working masses of the world!

Their headlong rush will surely be marked by the holding of a new form of global holocaust, because the only way for them to retain, is to eliminate any price about 50% of world population, … if possible, keeping alive the most docile of us: those who have the culture of the slave well established, for example!

So this is not “tolerant” this corrupt system and damaging than we save anything … instead, the stakes are too high … for all species alive on this planet!

We promise them, ourselves

Consider several facts:

1-We plundering non-renewable resources of the Earth.

                                                         2-We exterminate thousands of species that have gone before in the history of the living world of Earth

                                                    and depriving us of them

                                                  we threaten them. ourselves!

All things considering, we can change the world without leaving even imagine ours!

Just start all alone on his field near his house in his neighborhood or in their city!

Thanks to the efforts of each of us, we can change everything! Every time someone tries to minimize car travel alone! Whenever someone finds another solution than to burn wood to heat its support, each time you plant a tree over, we help make the atmosphere less sensitive to the greenhouse effect and global warming! Grâsce those who sort and recycle at maximum, we are no longer crumble tons of waste! Thanks to those who conserve water, those who renounce pesticides, those who choose solar panels, those who choose electric cars or hybrids, which insulate their homes better … all those who change themselves … by choice, the world … finally starting to change … … … irresistibly for the better!

The sooner we change, the faster the planet will be different.

And, without exaggeration, it could be cured forthe or five billion years the Sun will still exist, before becoming a white dwarf.

Life here on our beautiful blue planet, Earth, might last nearly as much! … (Because intelligent life forms remain aware and empowered!)

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