Denver Airport.
Denver Airport.

Unknown to most Americans is a dark secret, and it’s right under ournoses. It’s the reality of the existence of DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARYBASES. These Underground bases get prominent play in dark rumorscirculating about captured extraterrestrials and alien technology. Thefringe culture rumors of underground alien-human shenanigans are inreality fed by leaks from questionable individuals, usually withintelligence connections. They are simply a ploy utility for the status quo.The whole captured-alien-hardware story is just a highly elaborate hoax todiscredit those exposing the reality of these bases. They are also a coverfor the wholesale looting of the federal treasury by the corrupt and cynicalsecret government. After Hurricane Katrina left the gulf coast regiontotally devastated, there were many witnesses coming forward withreports of UNMNTF and UNISF Troops working alongside the Army of the Republic of Mexico Soldiers in the New Orleans area. When the day of Martial Law comes in America, the UNISF and UNMNTF troops located inCentral America, in the US, and Canada will be deployed to help round upthe millions of Americans whose names appear on the CIA Red List andthe CIA Blue List. These troops are Chinese, Russian, German, Polish,Japanese, Ukrainian, Saudi Arabian, Pakistani, Mexican, Honduran,Salvadorean and Chilean, and many are stationed in the deep undergroundmilitary bases. When that day comes in America, do not expect the FoxNews Network, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, BBC News 24 or Reuters to give a fullor accurate account of the truth. Mass detentions in camps and theunderground bases, along with mass executions will occur, like they havein many other countries like Cambodia, Russia, China, Germany, Poland,Armenia, Georgia, Belorussia, Hungary and the Ukraine over the past 100years. The best option for many Americans will be to have a safe place in aremote area where you can hide.The America you and your forefathers knew is coming to an end thanks tothe Illuminati controlled secret government, and now they want Americato become a Third World Nation ruled by a Fascist Police State, undertheir dictatorial control. This obviously cannot be achieved if Americastays the way it is with many still being relatively well off, and stillpossessing firearms. Only the people of America can stop the comingAmerican Holocaust from occurring. In America alone there are over 120Deep Underground Military Bases situated under most major cities, USAFBs, US Navy Bases and US Army Bases, as well as underneath FEMAMilitary Training Camps and DHS control centers. There are also manyDeep Underground Military Bases under Canada. Almost all of these basesare over 2 miles underground and have diameters ranging from 10 milesup to 30 miles across! They have been building these bases day and night,unceasingly, since the 1940s. These bases are basically large citiesunderground connected by high-speed magneto-levity trains that havespeeds up to 1500 MPH. Several books have been written about thisactivity. Richard Souder, a Ph.D. architect, risked his life by talking aboutthis. He is the author of the book, ‘Underground Bases and Tunnels: Whatis the Government Trying to Hide’. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases. The averagedepth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically wholecities underground. They have nuclear powered laser drilling machinesthat can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. (Note: The September,1983 issue of Omni (Pg. 80) has a color drawing of ‘The Subterrene,’ theLos Alamos nuclear-powered tunnel machine that burrows through therock, deep underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters intomolten rock.) The Black Projects sidestep the authority of Congress,which as we know is illegal. There is much hard evidence out there. Manywill react with fear, terror and paranoia, but you must snap out of it and wake up from the brainwashing your media pumps into your heads all daylong. Are you going to be a rabbit in the headlights, or are you going tostand up and say enough is enough? The US Government through the NSA,DOD, CIA, DIA, ATF, ONI, US Army, US Marine Corp, FEMA and the DHShas spent in excess of 12 trillion dollars building the massive, covertinfrastructure for the coming One World Government and New WorldReligion over the past 40 years.There is the Deep Underground Military Base underneath DenverInternational Airport, which is over 22 miles in diameter and goes downover 8 levels. It’s no coincidence that the CIA relocated the headquartersof its domestic division, which is responsible for operations in the UnitedStates, from the CIA’s Langley headquarters to Denver. Constructed in1995, the government and politicians were hell bent on building thisairport in spite of it ending up vastly overbudget. Charges of corruption,constant construction company changes, and mass firings of teams oncethey had built a section of their work was reported so that no « one » grouphad any idea what the blueprint of the airport was. Not only did locals notwant this airport built nor was it needed, but everything was done to makesure it was built despite that. Masonic symbols and bizarre artwork of deadbabies, burning cities and women in coffins comprise an extensive muralas well as a time capsule – none of which is featured in the airport’s website section detailing the unique artwork throughout the building. DIAserves as a cover for the vast underground facilities that were built there.There are reports of electronic/magnetic vibrations which make somepeople sick and cause headaches in others. There are acres of fenced-inareas which have barbed wire pointing into the area as if to keep thingsin, and small concrete stacks that resemble mini-cooling towers rise outof the acres of nowhere to apparently vent underground levels. Theunderground facility is 88.3 square miles deep. Basically this UndergroundBase is 8 cities on top of each other! The holding capacity of suchleviathanic bases is huge. These city-sized bases can hold millions andmillions of people, whether they are mind controlled, enslaved NWO WorldArmy Soldiers or innocent and enslaved surface dwellers from the townsand cities of America and Canada.There is Dulce Base, in New Mexico. Dulce is a small town in northern NewMexico, located above 7,000 feet on the Jicarilla Apache IndianReservation. There is only one major motel and a few stores. It’s not aresort town and it is not bustling with activity. But Dulce has a deep, darksecret. The secret is harbored deep below the brush of Archuleta Mesa.Function: Research of mind related functions, genetic experiments, mindcontrol training and reprograming. There are over 3000 real-time videocameras throughout the complex at high-security locations (entrances andexits). There are over 100 secret exits near and around Dulce. Many around Archuleta Mesa, others to the south around Dulce Lake and evenas far east as Lindrith. Deep sections of the complex connect into naturalcavern systems. Level 1 – garage for street maintenance. Level 2 – garagefor trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and disc maintenance. Level 3- everyone is weighed, in the nude, then given a jump suit uniform. Theweight of the person is put on a computer I.D. card each day. Change inover three dollars requires a physical exam and X-ray. Level 4 – Humanresearch in ‘paranormal’ areas – mental telepathy, mind control, hypnosis,remote viewing, astral traveling – etc. The technology is apparently hereto allow them to know how to manipulate the ‘Bioplasmic Body’Development of a laser weapon that can remotely cause burns anddiscomfort on it’s target. They can lower your heartbeat with Deep Sleep’Delta Waves,’ induce a static shock, then reprogram, Via a Brain-Computer link. Level 5 -security is severe. Armed guards patrolconstantly, and in addition to weight sensitive areas there (are) hand printand eye print stations. Here, is the device that powers the transfer of atoms. Level 6 – Level 6 is privately called ‘Nightmare Hall’. It holds thegenetic labs. Experiments done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that arevastly altered from their original forms.Then there is the Greenbrier Facility, in White Sulfer Springs, WestVirginia under the Greenbriar Resort. The Continuity of Governmentfacility intended since 1962 to house the United States Congress,code-named Casper, is located on the grounds of the prestigiousGreenbrier resort. The bunker is beneath the West Virginia wing, whichincludes a complete medical clinic. Construction of the facility, whichbegan in 1959, required 2.5 years and 50,000 tons of concrete. The steel-reinforced concrete walls of the bunker, which is 20 feet below ground, are2 feet thick. The facility includes separate chambers for the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as a larger room for joint sessions.These are located in the « Exhibit Hall » of the West Virginia Wing, whichincludes vehicular and pedestrian entrances which can be quickly sealedby blast doors. They don’t even hide this one, and it’s even a touristattraction. The Underground vault was built to meet the needs of aCongress-in-hiding – in fact the hotel is a replica of the White House. Theunderground area has a chamber for the Senate, a chamber for the Houseand a massive hall for joint sessions. Although the hotel says it gives toursof the 112,000 square area daily, the installation still stands at the ready,its operators still working under cover at the hotel. The secrecy that hassurrounded the site has shielded it both from public scrutiny and officialreassessment.Most Americans will not believe that an American Holocaust will happenuntil they see it happening with their own eyes. Till then, it is justanother strange conspiracy theory for them to laugh at. This is no laughing matter. When it happens, it will be to late to stop it. PresidentBush has already said he will « use foreign troops » on the streets of America if another Islamic terrorist attack occurs, because there may notbe enough US Military personnel to cope with the massive urban chaosand panic that will obviously ensue if it occurs. Also, the US Governmenthas been involved covertly in the creation of an army of loyal,brainwashed soldiers of the future. They will have cybernetic andmicrochip implants and will fight anywhere in the world, withoutquestion, with total loyalty and without hesitation or fear. These soldierswere created at Brookhaven National Laboratories BNL, the NationalOrdinance Laboratories NOL and the Massachussetts Institute of Technology MIT, and covertly transferred under DOD and NSA control andplanning. Many of these soldiers are stationed in the Deep UndergroundMilitary Bases like the one under Denver International Airport. All of thisinformation has been researched, and it has taken much effort to fit ittogether properly. There are many mag-lev subterraenean train networksthat stretch from the these complexes and go out to other undergroundbases. All soldiers working in these bases are microchipped and undertotal Psychotronic Mind Control.Of the missing « Milk Carton People » that the FBI used to post on milkcartons, some were taken to these underground bases for geneticexperimentation, microchipping, psychotronic mind control andcybernetic implantations for future use as brainwashed soldiers of theNWO. Every year in America hundreds of thousands of people go missing.The creation of a total Global Fascist Police State by the Illuminati willhappen if we do not all wake up and see what is happening. I find itamazing that so many Americans, Scandanavians and Western Europeansrefuse to believe that there are millions of UNISF and UNMNTF Troops inAmerica. Under the Partnerships For Peace Program PFPP set up byPresident Bill Clinton in early 1993, thousands of troops a month havebeen coming into America. These Fascist criminals parade as our friendsand leaders, while stripping away democratic rights that will be replacedwith a Corporatist and Fascist dictatorship, unless people, and especiallyAmericans, wake up now. Here are the locations of some DeepUnderground Military Bases in America:ALASKA 1. Brooks Range, Alaska 2. Delta Junction, Alaska 2a. FortGreeley, Alaska. In the same Delta Junction area.ARIZONA 1. Arizona (Mountains) (not on map) Function: Genetic work.Multiple levels 2. Fort Huachuca, Arizona (also reported detainment camp)Function: NSA Facility 2. Luke Air Force Base 3. Page, Arizona Tunnels to:Area 51, Nevada Dulce base, New Mexico 4. Sedona, Arizona (also reporteddetainment camp) Notes: Located under the Enchantment Resort in 

Boynton Canyon.
There have been many reports by people in recent yearsof « increased military presence and activity » in the area.5. Wikieup,Arizona Tunnels to: Area 51 6. Yucca (Mtns.), ArizonaCALIFORNIA 1: 29 Palms, California Tunnels to: Chocolate Mts., FortIrwin, California (possibly one more site due west a few miles) 2: Benicia,California 3. Catalina Island, California Tunnels to: I was told by someonewho worked at the Port Hueneme Naval Weapons Division Base in Oxnardthat they have heard and it is ‘common rumor’ that there is a tunnel fromthe base to this Island, and also to Edwards Air Force Base, possiblyutilizing old mines. . 4. China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center 5.Chocolate Mountains, California Tunnels to: Fort Irwin, California 6. DeathValley,California Function: The entrance to the Death Valley Tunnel is inthe Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the range nearWingate Pass, in the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. The bottom of the shaft opens into an extensive tunnel system 7. Deep Springs,California Tunnels to: Death Valley, Mercury, NV, Salt Lake City 8.Edwards AFB, California Function: Aircraft Development – antigravityresearch and vehicle development Levels: Multiple Tunnels to: CatalinaIsland Fort Irwin, California Vandenburg AFB, California Notes: DeltaHanger – North Base, Edwards AFB, Ca. Haystack Buttte – Edwards, AFB,Ca. 9. Fort Irwin, California (also reported detainment camp) Tunnels to:29 Palms, California Area 51, Nevada Edwards AFB. California Mt. Shasta,California 10. Helendale, California Function: Special Aircraft FacilityHelendale has an extensive railway/shipping system through it from theUnion Pacific days which runs in from Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, LosAngeles and Chicago 11. Lancaster, California Function: New Aircraftdesign, anti-gravity engineering, Stealth craft and testing Levels: 42Tunnels To: Edwards A.F.B., Palmdale 12. Lawrence-LivermoreInternational Labs, California The lab has a Human Genome Mappingproject on chromosome #19 and a newly built $1.2 billion laser facility 13.Moreno Valley, California Function unknown 14. Mt. Lassen, CaliforniaTunnels to: Probably connects to the Mt. Shasta main tunnel. 15. Mt.Shasta. Function: Genetic experiments, magnetic advance, space andbeam weaponry. Levels: 5 Tunnels to: Ft. Irwin, California North 16. Napa,California Functions: Direct Satellite Communications, LaserCommunications. Continuation of Government site. Levels: Multi-levelTunnels to: Unknown Notes: Located on Oakville Grade, Napa County, Ca.87 Acres 17. Needles, California Function unknown 18. Palmdale,California Function: New Aircraft Design, anit-gravity research 19.Tehachapi Facility (Northrop, California – Tejon Ranch Function: Levels:42 Tunnels to: Edwards, Llona and other local areas Notes: 25 miles NW of Lancaster California, in the Tehachapi mountains. 20. Ukiah, CaliforniaFunction unknown
1. Near Boulder, Co. in the mountains Function unknown 2.Cheyenne Mountain -Norad -Colorado Springs, Colorado Function: EarlyWarning systems – missile defense systems – Space tracking Levels:Multiple Tunnels to: Colorado Springs, Function: Early warning systems,military strategy, satellite operations Levels: Multiple NORAD is a massiveself-sustaining ‘city’ built inside the mountain Tunnels to: Creede, Denver,Dulce Base, Kinsley. 3. Creede, Colorado Function unknown Tunnels to:Colorado Springs, Colorado – Delta, Colorado – Dulce Base, New Mexico 4.Delta, Colorado Function unknown Tunnels to: Creede Salt Lake, Utah 5.Denver International Airport (also a detainment camp) Function: Militaryresearch, construction, detainment camp facilities Levels: 7 reportedTunnels to: Denver proper, Colorado and Rocky Mountain « safehousing »,Colorado Springs, Colorado (Cheyenne Mtn.)6. Falcon Air Force Base, Falcon, Colorado Function: SDI, Satellite ControlLevels: Multiple Tunnels to: Colorado Springs, possibly more. 7. FortCollins, Colorado Function: Suspect high precision equipmentmanufacturing for space. 8. Grand Mesa, Colorado Function unknown 9.Gore Range Near Lake, west of Denver, Co. Function: Library and CentralData Bank 10. San Juan Valley, Colorado Hidden beneath and in anoperating Buffalo Ranch Function unknown 11. Telluride, ColoradoFunction unknown 12. University of Denver, Co (Boulder area) Function:Genetics, geology/mining as related to tunneling and undergroundconstruction. 13. Warden Valley West of Fort Collins, CO FunctionUnknown Tunnels to: MontanaGEORGIA Dobbins Air Force Base, Marrietta GA Function: test site forplasma and antigravity air craft, experimental crafts and weaponsINDIANA Kokomo, Indiana Function Unknown Notes: for years people inthat area have reported a « hum » that has been so constant that some havebeen forced to move and it has made many others sick. It seems to comefrom underground, and « research » has turned up nothing although it wassuggested by someone that massive underground tunneling andexcavating is going on, using naturally occurring caverns, to make anunderground containment and storage facility.KANSAS 1. Hutchinson, Kansas Function unknown Tunnels to: Kinsley,Nebraska 2. Kansas City, Kansas Function unknown Notes: Entrance nearWorlds of Fun 3. Kinsley, Kansas Function unknown Tunnels to: ColoradoSprings, Colorado; Hutchinson, Kansas; Tulsa Kokoweef Peak, SWCalifornia Notes: Gold stored in huge cavern, blasted shut. Known as the »midway city » because it’s located halfway between New York and SanFrancisco.MARYLAND Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland (from Don) Martins AFB, Aberdeen ,Proving Ground, MarylandMASSACHUSETTS Maynard MA, FEMA regional center. Wackenhut is heretoo.MONTANA Bozeman, Mont. Function: GeneticsNEVADA Area 51 – Groom Lake – Dreamland – Nellis Air Force Base Area 51was said to exist only in our imaginations until Russian satellite photoswere leaked to US sources and it’s amazing how you can get photos allover of it now, even posters. They’ve been busy little bees building thisbase up. Function: Stealth and cloaking Aircraft research & development.’Dreamland (Data Repository Establishment and Maintenance Land) Elmint(Electromagnetic Intelligence), Biological weapons research and geneticmanipulation/warfare storage, Cold Empire, EVA, Program HIS (HybridIntelligence System),BW/CW; IRIS (Infrared Intruder Systems), Security:Above ground cameras, underground pressure sensors, ground and airpatrol 2. Blue Diamond, Nevada Function unknown 3. Fallon Air ForceBase area (the flats, near Reno) « American City » restricted military sitessouthwest of Fallon 4. Mercury, Nevada Function unknown 5. Tonopah,Nevada Function unknown 69: San Gabriel (mountains) On Western side of Mojave Desert Function unknown Notes: Heavy vibrations coming fromunder the forest floor which sounds like geared machinery. Thesevibrations and sounds are the same as heard in Kokomo, Indiana and aresuspected underground building/tunneling operations.NEW MEXICO 1. Albuquerque, New Mexico (AFB) Function unknownLevels: Multiple Tunnels to: Carlsbad, New Mexico Los Alamos, New MexicoPossible connections to Datil, and other points. 2. Carlsbad, New MexicoFunctions: Underground Nuclear Testing Tunnels to: Fort Stockton, Texas.Roswell 3. Cordova, New Mexico Function unknown 4. Datil, New MexicoFunction unknown Tunnels to: Dulce Base5: Dulce Base, New Mexico. Tunnels to: Colorado Springs, Colorado Creed,Colorado Datil, N.M. Los Alamos. Page, Arizona Sandia Base Taos, NM6. Los Alamos, New Mexico Functions: Psychotronic Research,Psychotronic Weapons Levels: Multiple Tunnels to: ALB AFB, New MexicoDulce, New Mexico Connections to Datil,Taos 7. Sandia Base, New MexicoFunctions: Research in Electrical/magnetic Phenomena Levels: MultipleTunnels to: Dulce Base Notes: Related Projects are studied at Sandia Baseby ‘The Jason Group’ (of 55 Scientists). They have secretly harnessed the’Dark Side of Technology’ and hidden the beneficial technology from thepublic. 8. Sunspot, NM Function unknown 9. Taos, New Mexico Functionunknown Tunnels to: Dulce, New Mexico; Cog, Colorado Notes: Severalother sidelines to area where Uranium is mined or processed. 10. White Sands, NM Function: Missile testing/design Levels: Seven knownNEW HAMPSHIRE There may be as many as three undergroundinstallations in New Hampshire’s hills, according to reports.NEW YORK New York, New York Function unknown Tunnels to: CapitolBuilding, D.C.OHIO Wright-Patterson Air Force Base – Dayton, Ohio Function: Air ForceRepository. Rumored to house stealth technology and prototype craftOREGON 1. Cave Junction, Oregon Function: Suspected Underground UFOBase Levels: At least one Notes: Suspected location is in or near HopeMountain. Near Applegate Lake, Oregon, just over into California. Multipleshafts, access areas to over 1500 feet depth. Built using abandoned minewith over 36 known miles of tunnels, shafts. 2. Crater Lake, OregonTunnels: possible to Cave Junction 3. Klamath Falls, Oregon 4. Wimer,Oregon (Ashland Mt. area) Function: Underground Chemical StorageLevels: At least onePENNSYLVANIA Raven Rock, Pa (near Ligonier) Function: working back upunderground Pentagon – sister site of Mt. Weather Notes: 650′ belowsummit, 4 entrances.TEXAS 1. Calvert, Texas Function unknown 2. Fort Hood, Texas (alsoreported detainment camp) Levels: Multiple 3. Fort Stockton, TexasFunction: Unknown Tunnels to: Carlsbad, New Mexico UTAH 1. Dugway,Utah Function: Chemical Storage, Radiation storage. 2. Salt Lake CityMormon Caverns Function: Religions archives storage. Levels: MultipleTunnels to: Delta, Colorado & Riverton, WyomingVIRGINIA Mount Poney – Near Culpepper, Virginia Function unknownWASHINGTON 1. Mt. Rainier, Washington Function unknown. Levels:Multiple Tunnels to: Unknown Yakima Indian Reservation Functionunknown Notes: Southeast of Tacoma Washington, on the Reservation, inan area 40 by 70 miles. Unusual sounds from underground (ToppenishRidge). Low flying Silver Cigar shaped craft seen to disappear into theMiddle fork area of Toppenish creek.Washington DC: The Function: Part of a massive underground relocationsystem to house select government and military personnel in the event of cataclysmic event. Tunnels to: New York City; Mt. Weather.WEST VIRGINIA: Greenbrier Facility, White Sulfer Springs, West Virginiaunder the Greenbriar Resort.
 Source:special sending from a friend.

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