Nuclear Alert: a nuclear reactor on the edge of disaster

La centrale nucléaire en question...vue  de l'espace.
This  is the nuclear reactor  we talking in this article…view from space.


North Korea conducts the Yongbyon nuclear reactor , which is in a ” terrible state ” , a situation that may result in a ” catastrophe ” on the Korean peninsula , said a source quoted by Russian news agencies . ” It is clear that work is being carried out there a long time. There are signs that this is going to restart ,” said the diplomatic source. ” The reactor , which was built in the 1950s, is in a terrible state ,” said this source. Russia has expressed concern about the implications of this potential reboot for the region. ” This could have dire consequences for the Korean peninsula, cause a catastrophe ,” said the Russian source . ” We have no evidence that the reactor is restarted ” , however, stressed the Russian source .

A think tank American said Wednesday that North Korea appeared to have restarted a nuclear reactor at the Yongbyon plant , which produces plutonium , which should allow the plan to accelerate its weapons program. A satellite photo taken on August 31 shows steam escaping from a building adjacent to the reactor with a capacity of five megawatts on the Yongbyon nuclear complex , said the US- Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University .
” Rape of the UN resolutions ”

The photograph shows that North Korea ” seems to have restart the reactor ,” the researchers said Nick Hansen and Jeffrey Lewis on the blog of the Institute. The reactor ” is capable of producing 6 kg of plutonium per year that Pyongyang could be used to slowly increase the size of its nuclear arsenal ” , they said. North Korea announced in April the next restart of the nuclear reactor , arrested in 2007 as part of an international agreement supported by the United States . The revelations about the North Korean reactor intervene when the stormy international relations with the North Korean dictatorship experiencing a slight lull after a third nuclear test in February followed by threat of attack in the United States .

” If it turns out that this information is accurate and that North Korea has restarted its plutonium reactor with a capacity of 5 megawatts , it would be a very seriousproblem ,” he told the press the American envoy to North Korea , Glyn Davies, after meeting officials of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs . It would be ” a mistake on the part of North Korea , because it clearly violates the resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations,” he said . ” This contradicts own commitments and promises given by North Korea for years ,” noted the American diplomat , adding that the United States followed it ” very closely .”

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