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The New World Order is an ancient pyramid structure. This organization is closely linked to the racist philosophy of Nazism. The idea of ​​massive population reduction by war, famine, disease, AIDS (biogenetic weapon) … but with Eugenics, Sterilization, Euthanasia of patients with mental disorders … once practiced by psychiatrists as Kallman, Mengele … the Rockefeller-Rudin Institute during the Second World War. Far from over, nowadays, at the genetic science, major laboratories currently require easing « ethical rules » …
In addition to this link Nazism, the New World Order try to perform certain biblical prophecies: a single language on the Tower of Babel, the antichrist, the mark of the beast, Babylon … for world domination. But for the advent of a false « religion, » astro-theological type, but that would be really a Satanist ideology. This, added to a world government, a global law, global justice, global education, world police … Similarly, this configuration would aim to destroy all forms of spirituality and unity, which Islam could to be the symbol …

01-Jacob-Rothschild bbb

Thus, the New World Order is a « Americanization » of the world and a genuine transition of humanity. Towards globalization and economic deregulation, social, psychological, cultural … In this chaos, the United States would be the « New Atlantis » … Steeped in a utopia, which can be summarized by the phrase « e pluribus unum » of many nations Unity. In fact, this system would be the result of a « Conflict Dialectic » that opposes the « thesis » (capitalism of the United States) and « antithesis » (communism) which now add up to the  » synthesis « (New World Order).
Turning our eyes to reality with a multitude of masks, different covers that hide the same face, in reality, we would be faced with a multitude of conspiracy. Or people, a minority, entities, an elite manipulated occult groups (something beyond all of us) or not: illuminati, freemason, druid … plotting « something » in secret. That, for the New World Order, which would the planners. We often equate to a crime syndicate, an association of bankers who have planned the history of the world revolution, world war, fall of the Berlin Wall crisis … Those there, would claim the same as « Kings » or  » demigods « … We also criminalizes the secret services (CIA …), multinational, military lobbies, industrial …
In addition, since 1833, aristocratic families control well and truly Earth: Rockefeller (Standard Oil Corp. today Exxon), Harriman (railway), Weyerhaeuser, Sloane, Pillsbury, Davison, Payne, Gilman, Taft, Stimsom, Perkins, Whitney, Bundy, Lord, Heinz, Bush … In the brains of the New World Order, we find: CFR, the Ditchley Foundation, the Bilderberg group, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club, the Vatican and the order of Jesuits, PNAC, the Trilateral Commission, the UN and its military arm of NATO: world government established by the Rockefeller Foundation.
All these groups hold the press, information, education, banks, oil, weapons of mass destruction … So the current policy would only lies and demagoguery. With media day that minimize the true cause of conflict in speaking of ethnic war, religious, revolution … In this optical illusion, those who challenge official truths are considered conspiracy, anti-American, anti-Semitic … Compared the Vatican and the Jesuits: Founded in 1541 by Ignatius Loyola, we owe « the Inquisition » responsible for murder, torture, war, genocide of millions of innocent … for heresy. That would be the Jesuits, the true « spiritual controllers » NOM, in agreement with a future global conflict between America, the Middle East and Israel in case …
About the Bilderberg Group, since 1954, a secret meeting was held every year with about 200 people from around the world, the elite of the financial system, economy, industry, politics, media, scientific, academic … No information (subject matter …) is given to the public. This, again a week before the G8 meeting. Where is the democracy? Worldwide, the NAME would control the world and nations with money (currency, currency issue …) with private banks, leading to deprivation of property of persons by inflation and deflation.
Thus, the NAME planning: an imbalance, a rarity, a violence, a broken free … structurally (organized) as we live on a planet of abundance or common happiness is theoretically possible. Despite this, resources (mineral, hydrocarbon, gas …), wealth, men (central city) … are now captured for private interests. Geopolitically seen with the seizure of oil supplies (Caspian Sea …) in the United States.
Still on the NOM include its main pillars: work, neoliberalism, money, military, materialism, ultra safe … As to security, it is about creating a  » martial law « on the planet (surveillance, flicage …).
In the book 1984 by George Orwell, the author discusses the threat and the illusion of an endless war (war against terrorism), to justify increasing social control, as well as state repression. In this logic, there is also the NSA and its satellites (Mercury, Mentor, Trompet), which intercept and filter radio communications (radio, television, mobile phone, microwave …). This is even specialized in computer science and cryptology … with computers with Artificial Intelligence, spies satellites, planetary listening systems, the Echelon network … And soon microchips (micro chip) connected to a super computer.
Even in this idea of ​​social penalization, conversely, an economic decriminalization looming, and will greatly benefit the elite. Internationally, a sophisticated system of plunder has forced more than 90 countries to accept programs of « structural adjustment » (loans from the IMF) since the 1980s, has the effect of broadening the difference between rich and poor.
In addition, the « square » dominating the WTO (the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan), and the American triumvirate (World Bank, IMF and the US Treasury) hijack countries developing. For those, have unpayable debt that forces them to pay millions to Western every day.
The result is an elite controls 80% of global wealth.

Georgia_guidestonesFinally, the key to democracy would be in control of the currency (money) by the people, not by an elite, because in this case, we would all slaves.
Then that support the NAME? Well, it provides strategic support for Israel and Zionism, atheism, the derived religions of Christianity, multinational, official theses of September 11, 2001, nuclear, official organizations (associations subsidized) to rich and powerful, the police and the secret services, on television, in the press and mass media, competition and selection, the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, GMOs and Biotechnology, in individualism, professional sport, strength and action, the right of interference (Humanitarian), anti-terrorism laws.


Finally, we can now address the most prominent symbols of this new vision of the world which is the NAME, we find: the owl of the Bohemian Club, the eye: taken from Egyptian mythology which represent the eye of Horus, which would be that of Lucifer, sometimes described as a reptilian eye of Satan. But as the eye of the Dajjal « the Antichrist » according to Hadith.
There was also the pyramid (at the forefront of enlightened elite and base made of identical brick, the people), the equilateral triangle, the figure 3, the 666, the American Eagle (which is actually the phoenix rising always from the ashes).
We must not underestimate the power of symbols (movie, TV …), because they can act as a real « coup » in the human unconscious



Warning to the Occident: our civilisation will collapse

Oui elle fait peur cette étude de la NASA , mais c’est mathématique, inévitable : on ne peux pas faire de croissance infinie dans un monde fini , je rappel ce principe fondamental , avec le dessin du futur : L’overshoot !/ Yes it scares the NASA study, but it is mathematically inevitable: we can not do infinite growth in a finite world, I recall this fundamental principle, with the design of the future: The overshoot!

Yes it scares the NASA study, but it is mathematically inevitable: we can not do infinite growth in a finite world, I recall this fundamental principle, with the design of the future: The overshoot!

You certainly have heard of the latest NASA study on the collapse of our civilization. In this study, we have at best a few decades before disappearing from the face of the Earth. Beyond alarmism also prominently displayed in this study that in its conclusions, the whole of humanity faces challenges of historic proportions. It seemed interesting to try to return to this study that unleashed numerous comments on social networks and in my email !! So let’s try to see more clearly, and analyze the subject away from panic and taking a step back.

What is the position taken by the study of NASA?

Clarification, please find attached the link to access the original you is to say, the full document, in English and 27 pages!

We can summarize by saying that the study points to the threat of depletion of natural resources and the distribution of resources.

The researchers used a mathematical model called Handy (Human Nature and Dynamical) and listed the reasons that led to the fall of other civilizations: the Mayans, the Mesopotamian empire, the Roman Empire, the Han Dynasty, etc. By studying the dynamics between man and nature, the study shows that there is a recurring cycle found throughout history and that causes a « sudden collapse » of civilizations.

Among the recurring collapse causes include:
Water, agriculture;

When it occurs, the convergence of these factors results in a civilizational collapse.

« For the authors, it would be wrong to believe that technological advances will solve these problems before it is too late, because they lead to higher consumption. One solution proposed by this study: the establishment of appropriate policies that would aim to reduce inequalities and resource consumption. « 

Clearly, this NASA study actually advocates the establishment of systematic policies of « decay » to save humanity.

The collapse of complex societies of Professor Tainter

This is an excellent book. I enclose an annex again the link to read or reread it in its entirety you. To summarize again, for this American professor who has studied carefully the collapses of companies in our history the factors that lead to the tragedy are:

1 / Human societies are organizations doing to solve problems.

2 / sociopolitical systems require energy to maintain itself.

3 / The increased complexity carries with it increased costs for residents.

4 / Investment in sociopolitical complexity as a response to the resolution of problems, often reached a point of diminishing returns.

5 / As the marginal return on investment in complexity declines, the company continues to invest more heavily in proportionally less profitable strategy. It is then necessary to deal with outbreaks of tension out of the current operating budget.

6 / diminishing marginal returns make complexity an overall strategy less attractive, so that parts of a society perceive a growing political separation or disintegration advantage. Logically, various segments of the population increase their active or passive resistance, or openly attempt to secede.

Compared to this reading, it is clear that a country like France gets almost faultlessly criteria of collapse. Like what we can be first somewhere and with ease. Tax exiles or our compatriots who are simply choosing and they are increasingly likely to try their luck abroad, are nothing else than « segments of the population that increase their active resistance » .

We finance our complexity by increasing taxes always more things like electronic cigarettes, drinks, and creativity of our elites is the matter without limit.
« Clash of simplification » launched by our president is an old snake Wed Everyone wants to simplify the complexity, or the complexity is packed, it escapes us, we run behind her. We suffer. Once launched, the shock of simplification was soon forgotten, and frankly, among you … who still remembers about it while he was the « one » of our media there less than a year.

The Club of Rome and Dennis Meadows

Dennis Meadows is one of the authors of the visionary study « The Limits to Growth » which, in 1972, warned about the risk of a crisis of collapse in the first half of the 21st century caused by the depletion of resources of the planet. That makes 40 years that some have already sounded the alarm about the unsustainability of our economic model based on the idea that « infinite growth of mass consumption in a finite world. »

Now it is no need for any mathematical model to understand what common sense allows a child to understand. The infinite growth in a finite world is an intellectual aberration in itself. But our system is currently on the absurd premise. To pass it, it would take us to such access to other planets and we can obviously exploit massively. This again is illusory as the costs and technologies to achieve this we are missing.

Let’s be realistic. This is not to send a team of brave modern adventurers to Mars for a few months and 4! This would colonize, to live, operate and repatriate resources on Earth. We should build cargo space instead of our container. We obviously are not and we risk, as there is the problem, never reach the point where we will be technically able to go easily exploit another planet and know our collapse before.

Dennis Meadows is not anyone since he was the director of MIT, a very famous university, and his 1972 study described several scenarios of possible developments in the economy, population and global resources, each scenario corresponding to different choices that humanity could collectively make from their 1972 screenplay « It is business as usual« , which roughly corresponds to what happened thereafter, predicted that the approach limits the planet would begin to exert a strong impact on growth from around 2010, which would then impact increasing, eventually lead by 2050 at the latest to collapse, that is to say, a precipitous decline in living standards and perhaps the world’s population in a state of exhaustion of resources and the natural environment.

For those who wish to explore this subject (and I recommend them), you will find the link to the latest interview given by Mr. Meadows and French in the text!

Now that we have seen through the work of three different people or groups that the idea of ​​a collapse was not nearly as unlikely, ask the question that really mad!

Western civilization is she now seriously threatened with extinction?

I would rather talk about a possible loss of civilization as we know it in the sense that the disintegration of Western structures does not mean they will be replaced by a new « dark age. » The current economic crisis can be considered as such in two ways: it could be an element directly trigger our potential fall or a precursor element through the tensions it can generate in the coming years, in this case it would mean in reality, the collapse has already begun.

The NASA report is also reflected, as we have seen in other studies, particularly those of the Club of Rome which had analyzed from an environmental angle of the farm commodity cycles. It was thus concluded that economic growth would eventually see a logical end facing the limits of available resources in a system of mass consumption, the basic idea can be summarized by « infinite growth in a finite world is definition impossible. « The other point of reference in this regard is that of the American Joseph Tainter (The collapse of complex societies) under a more political and historical analysis of the late great civilizations.

This leads us to wonder if indeed the system as we know, based on consumption and mass production can take forever resting on the full abundance of raw materials and energy, all of which should be available at a very low cost!

Like NASA and the Club of Rome, I am among those who think that such structures may not last, especially in a globalized world like ours. Once that is said, we should not say that our situation is hopeless so far: it’s not because our system can not make mass consumption its cornerstone that civilization itself is doomed to collapse. It should not be confused as such pure economic system (and its corollary politics) of a civilization as a whole: the recent fall of the Soviet system is there to remind the importance of such nuances. The end of an economic system is not the end of a culture much less the end of a civilization, however it can also be one!

The complexity weakens a company making sensitive to the slightest change

It is clear that the understanding and prediction of the environment is increasingly difficult. Tainter gives the impression, quite pragmatically from the rest, a company weakens gradually as it becomes more powerful, and more complex.

For example, there are not 20 years ago, it was possible for just about anyone to repair the headlight of his car, a simple bulb change is necessary to get there. Today, this problem asks to go to the dealership, to use special tools to disassemble half of the bumper, and buy a special bulb whose price is 10 times larger.

In the same vein, the proliferation of electronic equipment for our cars more sources of failures, and these failures are now impossible, almost, to repair for the average person. Less autonomous, we eventually depend on what we call « services-support » (water supply, energy, food, clothing by external services …). Moreover, these services are becoming popular more they weaken by definition an overall balance generalizing interdependence.

Thus, during the snowstorms of early 2013, the government had been forced to stop trailers at the entrance of the Ile-de-France, which had ended up creating shortages in several sectors after a few days. In a similar register, the impact of the tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011 on the Japanese companies had ended up creating supply problems around the globe. In other words, the more we develop specific systems, we are less able to adapt to unforeseen events.

The issue of complexity is also particularly worrying that it is so much more limited in space in the era of globalization. The problem is that it is impossible or almost « simplify » a system too complex, and the example of the « clash of simplification » desired by the Dutch government here is quite revealing as he indeed created new laws that added to the complexity of the french State. Finally, in a complex society, individuals are highly specialized and not by definition master the skills necessary for survival in a world more « natural. » Therefore a complex society makes people less resilient as dependent on others who have other skills. The complexity thus makes each of us more sensitive and delicate to the vagaries of the world.

One factor may lead to a collapse! Though!

Our companies are both complex and therefore fragile but up to a point this complexity and this « technicality » possible to find solutions and workarounds. A complex society is a certain adaptable way. This is why, apart from a totally extreme hazards, the collapse of a civilization is always multifactorial and it is the convergence of economic, social, political, or cultural energy.

So some people think that a major energy crisis would not be able to conduct our industrial societies to collapse. While this may seem logical if we assume that the falls of civilizations are multifactorial, it is nevertheless forget too quickly how our whole life now depends oil and its derivatives. We are at the end of the age of abundant and cheap oil and the problem is also not to know when to sink the last drop of oil the last well that how much will cost the barrels when they truly rare. Our medicines, our medicine, our clothing, our food, our fertilizer, our furniture, everything, absolutely everything now depends on the availability of fossil energy. No civilization in history has never been so dependent on energy fairy and most energy today is oil. We are unable at this time to conduct what is called the transition to clean energy or renewable energy.

So I think for the first time in our history, one factor, and we will consolidate all under the term « raw material » can lead to a collapse of societies as we know them so it essential to our economic system is missing blood . Now, and all the figures clearly show, they are running out.

To go a little further in the reasoning, the Roman Empire had no power source other than the arms of slaves. Its collapse was therefore actually multifactorial. The same phenomena are more or less repeated until the emergence of our civilization that we can call « Industrial ». Without energy we are doomed to a very short time and this is what explains, do not be naive, the need to intervene in Iraq, Libya, Syria, or Ukraine. All countries of the world are engaged in a « soft war » to raw materials. When really miss those « soft war » could become far more dangerous.

So obviously, you want still hope and that there always has solutions.

These mechanisms collapses are they irreversible and can we have some hope?

The best historical example to me is the history of humanity, the latter punctuated by major shocks and readjustments often surprising.

Contrary to popular belief, the fall of the Roman Empire did not mean the end of all civilization and all technique, although this obviously represented a « regression ». Nevertheless, the following civilizations always manage to overcome the technological and economic threshold for that preceded them. At least this is the case in the history of the West.

The problem is to ask what might replace the globalized society at a time when no consmodel exists to replace them, which in itself is something totally new historically.

A collapse of this system where everyone is interdependent will logically globally and nothing will come in place alternative.

When a system collapses once, he always had the ability to be absorbed by a more powerful neighbor (it was the case of Rome with the military power of the Germanic tribes and intellectual matrix of Christianity), which is actually unthinkable in the current state of things.

What could lead to a collapse of our social models? Should we go to fear a new Middle Ages?

As I said earlier, we can separate the end of a politico-economic system of the end of a civilization, to which we can add a third scenario, far more apocalyptic, namely the end of humanity.

Most disturbing is that this pattern, as spectacular as it is, is not entirely ruled out.

Beyond the globalized aspect of our system, further weakness is to consider today: our incredible potential for technological destruction.

When the Roman Empire collapsed, there was no laboratory P4 focusing masses of deadly viruses, or nuclear power plants, let alone nuclear arsenals capable of vitrified hundred times the entire planet.

Or one can legitimately wonder what would happen if ever these structures were no longer managed by competent staff. Moreover, this issue of potential technological destruction was a real problem during the collapse of the Soviet Union with a nuclear warhead obsession is found sold on the black market by military whose balances were not paid since several years !!

If we can always hope that the capitalist system, in its narrowest acceptance (respect for private means of production in the property) can rely on his incredible ability to adapt to find new life and new operating assumptions (like the circular economy for example), black scenarios are therefore clearly not be excluded. This brings us to the groundbreaking book by Nassim Taleb, The Black Swan, for which it shapes our history is not the « average normal events » … but the extreme and highly improbable events.

The collapse is inevitable, then,?

The answer will not like you because you do not like bad news, but yes, the collapse of civilization as we know it is only a matter of time and even if these subjects because they are particularly anxiety are not publicly detailed, all those who think it a bit seriously come to the same conclusion.

The growth of the world population is exponential, but our resources are not. The problem can be summed up fairly simply. Or we find more resources and I can guarantee you that it’s not on Earth as we find them, or we reduce our consumption of resources, or we reduce our population so demand.

So there are three parameters and not one more that you can play. There is this problem three variables and they are perfectly well known.

More resources.
Less consumption of resources
Less resource-intensive.

For more resources should be as in the discovery of America, and it was a considerable contribution in new wealth and resources to old Europe, we left this time not our continent to discover a new one, but we were going to operate on another planet. Must we do before we collapse which obviously looks very bad start.

We can drastically reduce our consumption and this is what happens with unemployed workers and « poor » are millions to be diminishing by necessity, not by choice. We can go back to a much simpler way of life, leave the cities and move closer to the earth. Cities are an aberration in terms of city resources since by definition must do everything to bring depends on all services and supports. He has no autonomy as possible. It can not grow or raise chickens or rabbits itself housed in a hutch overpriced. I hope we can adapt to that way because if we do not do that then there will only be the last variable.

Reduce the human population it can be done by disease, war or famine. Choose your end or your hunger but in any case this option is very unpleasant.

How to prepare?

Again I point you link an article I wrote about it recently, entitled « How to prepare for the economic collapse. »

Please note that access to raw materials problems, which we are already experiencing, are above all economic problems. Remember that before the subprime crisis in 2007, we were all glued to the price of oil eyes which exceeded $ 150 a barrel !! Why in your opinion? Just because there was enough oil to supply power to a world in economic growth.

This means that growth will not return CAN unlike anything we explain our goons leaders for the simple reason that if we had a future strong global economic growth, while the commodity prices flamberait and that brand, the very high prices of raw materials would « break » the economic growth and recovery would be strong. It is essential to understand this mechanism. Everyone has forgotten or obscured, but from 2005 to 2007 yet we‘ve all been there and we were able to measure the effect of resource scarcity. While the economy is in trouble around the world, the price of oil is now 10 times higher than during the first Gulf War !!!

So be aware that no matter what they tell you, there will be no return to strong and sustainable economic growth. We are already back in the era of scarcity and before the time of the collapse.

Then store which will come in handy, have tools and not « made ​​in china », have plenty to keep waiting for your first harvest, learn to grow, sewing, repairing, horseback riding, hunting, trapping, learn to cope and to become as independent as possible, and particularly if you can leave the cities because in case of collapse of civilization cities will offer no chance of survival in the long run and it is exactly that it is happening in Greece. In Greece, it is a true urban migration taking place. 60% of Greeks want to join cities the countryside, past boards hello to tackle urban poverty.

While some will say but it’s much too pessimistic as analysis or as an approach! Except that my dear friends, the crisis began in the summer of 2007! There are almost 7 years !! We are waiting for 7 full years the return to growth that we are promised to each presidential greeting season !!! 7 years waiting to come see nothing except more misery and more poverty, more damage to our way of life, more taxes and less wealth This movement is not just about our country. It is global.

So after 7 years of waiting, do not you think that the right question is not rather to ask and if the collapse had already begun? And if the collapse was not « brutal » as indicated by NASA, but just relatively slow? And in your opinion, how the Roman Empire was it collapsed? April 16, 3:23 p.m. at 376? In reality, NASA led us all astray in this case, the collapse of a civilization, because it has structures, rules, laws, official bodies, culture, technique, etc. because she always has a form of strength and resilience that explained its success and development never suddenly collapses. At first it is a slow decay, almost impalpable or is confused with temporary crisis terminal crisis and the events gradually accelerate, and finally the last stage, when reaching certain « threshold effects » that is to say, a sufficient accumulation of problems, so the end of the fall is brutal.

The collapse has already begun. It is economical, technological, environmental, social, political and moral course. This is not the end of the world but the end of a system, and one in which we all live today.

The complete 27 pages of the NASA study here


Re-writing history: The financial support from Wall Street to the Fuhrer Adolph Hitler’s army.part 1

Re-write history by following the hypocrite  money trail

Henry Ford was awarded the Medal of the German Eagle, the highest honor granted to a foreigner.  Here we see the consul Karl Kapp, who gave him his decoration in 1938.
Henry Ford was awarded the Medal of the German Eagle, the highest honor granted to a foreigner.
Here we see the consul Karl Kapp, who gave him his decoration in 1938.

World War II , an American crusade for freedom and democracy ?

The winners write history, this is the version that is taught since 1945 on both sides of the Atlantic.

While we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the capitulation, it is important to reveal the myth of « liberation. »

In the United States , Hitler very long been considered an excellent business partner, but in a war that does not go as planned, then eventually alliances form against the  » worst enemies  » with « bad allies » …

The Normandy landings occurs only very late, June 6, 1944 , will nevertheless of the second world war a tremendous financial windfall for the United States.

Releasing a portion of the fascist Europe to « dominate » economically , all the conditions are met in 1945 to begin a long Cold War …

Also take the time to examine the major players in the financial involvement of American capitalists in the manufacture of the Second World War.

La fameuse médaille décernée à Henry Ford,en 1938 par le Consul allemand:la Médaille de l'Aigle Allemand.The famous medal awarded to Henry Ford in 1938 by the German Consul: the German Eagle Medal.
The famous medal awarded to Henry Ford in 1938 by the German Consul: the German Eagle Medal.

Misrepresentation of historical facts


Like any historical narrative, the official version of the Second World War has a partially fictional character. The work of the historian, who is perpetually revise history, nuance and complexity came the official version written by the victors.


The official version of the Second World War offers essentialized antagonism between two geopolitical blocs to completely independent reasons: on the one hand, good, defending democracy, and on the other, the wicked, supporters of the dictatorship. If the Communists, who have changed along the way, overall the exception was irreconcilable and never communicated other than in the conflict enemies blocks. However, evidence of collusion between officials multiple enemies come as soon as we look closely at the facts.

Preuve du soutient d'Henry Ford au mouvement nazi:ce petit livre très anti-sémite imprimé en allemand.Evidence supports the Henry Ford the Nazi movement: this little book very anti-Semitic printed in German.
Evidence supports the Henry Ford the Nazi movement: this little book very anti-Semitic printed in German.

The links between Nazism and transnational industrial capitalism , including American , are well documented ( General Motors Operation Paperclip , etc. . ) . However, less is known about the links between Nazism and financial capitalism , the famous  » cosmopolitan bankers ‘ against which the Nazis themselves yet cried so hard . The name of Warburg sometimes appears . But as shown by the research of Anthony Sutton , a Eustace Mullins or nickname Sydney Warburg, the relationship between the Third Reich and Wall Street or the City were even more intimate and intriquants . Even at the height of the war , Nazi Germany was never excluded from the international financial system of the time (transactions, speculation , etc. . ) .


The major international bank , whatever its religious origin, has never declared war on Hitler, except at the margins . On the contrary even , as to arrive at supreme power in Germany in the 1930s , moreover through legal channels , it was necessary , as now , the support of banks and media … But beyond even the obvious connivance from private actors , it seems there has been further complicity at the highest level between States officially at war against each other, namely between the German government, a hand, and the allied British and American governments on the other.

Henry Ford reçut aussi le "Certificat du Mérite Allemand"...durant la guerre.Henry Ford also received the "Certificate of Merit German" ... during the war.
Henry Ford also received the « Certificate of  German Merit » … during the war.

In support of this thesis, we propose the reader documents that may well contribute to undermine completely the history of the Second World War, and thus the history of the world . The Bibliothèque nationale de France offers online internet digital versions of some of its archives , including the underground press circulating in the mantle France during the German occupation. We reproduce below some excerpts and links to full articles, which can also be found in the catalog rating : RES -G- 1470 ( 402).


« The Truth »(La Vérité) , No. 55 , December 10, 1943 .

http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bp …

« Why the Front does not move in the Mediterranean. «  » The New Leader, member of the British Independent Labour Party , denounced the gold business of British capitalism in favor of the war.  » The longer it lasts , the better  » is the spirit of the Exchange. Banks establish branches behind not soldiers . (…) Dividends are up 88% ! After that we understand why , when Churchill spoke of « a terrible year in 1944 , » shares rise, while the military commentator Lidell Hart is surprised that the British army could not advance in southern Italy  » at 5 German divisions  » . Germans trumpeting the exploits of their army when it is mostly organized passivity allied governments. « 

« Those who shaved Nantes refuel gasoline in Germany !  »  » Readers we shall send a recent  » Note from the governing bodies of the Secret Army in Allied Command  » . (…)  » IN NO EVENT ALLIED AVIATION HAS BOMBED BASIN BRIEY OR bauxite mines SOUTHEAST , big industry where the enemy gets most of its resources.  » The note continues:  » INFORMATION WE ABSOLUTELY SAFE ARRIVAL UNINTERRUPTED POST BY SPAIN TRAIN FULL TANK OF FUEL .  » (…) « 


« The Truth » (La Vérité), No. 56 , January 15, 1944 .

http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bp …

« A war of capitalist pirates … Roosevelt refueling Hitler … »  » In its latest issue , The Truth unveiled traffic gasoline and aircraft between » Allies  » and Germany. (…) Everywhere it is the conspiracy of silence. (…) Workers must ignore the financial dealings do not care about  » national borders  » and so-called  » ideological frontiers  » . (…) The Truth intends to break the public silence of the bourgeois press , as a pro – Nazi ally. Each worker must recognize the mask ripped off, the true face of imperialist belligerents nowhere Crusaders civilization and peace. But capitalist pirates who kill each people to share markets and that , even during the war, them continue their successful business . « 

« The Truth » (La Vérité) , No. 58 , February 10, 1944 .

http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bp …

« The trafficking of gasoline. Capitalist International is not dissolved .  »  » 1939. War is coming … and the traffic continued . In all countries , liars newspapers spoke of the blockade, but the Allied ships carrying ore and American equipment in Germany via Belgium . (…) Today , the Allied air forces destroy some industries in Germany in order to remove a competitor in the future. But that in the immediate future, the Reich can take the time it takes before the USSR ‘s allies ship every day two gasoline Hitler trains , a hundred cars passing each day in Port Bou . « 

« The Truth » (La Vérité) , No. 59, February 17, 1944 .

http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bp …

 » After oil , minerals !  »  » Comrades returning from Germany asked us :  » Why the big German chemical plants are not they bombed While 150,000 workers , women and children were charred Hamburg , why plants THE LEUNA by example, are they still standing ?  » We are now able to give the answer. Is that GERMAN CHEMICALS ARE REDEEMED minerals AMERICAN SPECIAL Reich whose needs for its war industry PRODUCTS . « 

Important details:

You should know Henry Ford, as Prescott Bush , was part of the Board of BBH (Brown Brothers Harriman , which claimed to be the largest private investment bank in the world ) . Throughout the ’30s , there was nothing illegal in doing business with Thyssen and many American companies , among the best known , had invested heavily in the German economic recovery. However, everything changed after Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Even then , it could be argued that BBH was within its rights continuing business relations with Thyssen , until the end of 1941 , as the U.S. was still technically neutral , at least until the attack on Pearl Harbor.

For decades , rumors linking large American families (Bush , Ford, Kennedy, Rockefeller , etc …)

the Nazi war machine have circulated . There is little time , the British newspaper The Guardian gave the results of a very thorough about these  » very special  » relationships or American capitalists investigation blithely traded with the Nazis while young Americans were being killed in the name of freedom in Europe , while their government cynically trampled the application of the  » Trading with the enemy Act » ( the law prohibiting trade with the enemy ) .


A trial was held in 2001 in the USA, involving, among others, Ford and Bush families , The trial revolves around an execution order , passed January 22, 1944 and signed by President Franklin Roosevelt, who asked the Government to take all measures to save European Jews . The lawyers contend that the order was ignored because of pressure from a group of big American companies, including BBH , where Prescott Bush was a director … but some U.S. manufacturers continued to work with the same Reich after 1941 ……… ……….. or of the trial.


The relationship between Ford and the Nazis , historian Miriam Kleinman writes:  » When you think of Ford, you think of baseball or donuts You do not think the portrait of Henry Ford Hitler had hung in his office. « . In fact, the relationship between Henry Ford and the German dictator predate the seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933 . Among the anti- Semitic Henry Ford distinguished himself by publishing many slanders against the Jewish people in a journal that belonged to him . So in 1931 , Hitler said, in the Detroit News:  » I think Henry Ford as an inspiration . « 


The admiration was apparently mutual. In July 1938 , Henry Ford accepted a medal from the German government, the highest award that could be given to a foreigner by the Nazis. A month later , James Mooney, a senior executive of GM , also received a medal from the German government « for the great services rendered to the Reich .  » The English writer Charles Higham Mooney quotes these words in 1940 :  » Hitler is right , and I will not do anything that might upset him . « 


The arsenal of Nazism


At the end of the war, Henry Schneider , an investigator from the U.S. Army, described the German subsidiary of Ford of  » arsenal of Nazism , at least for military vehicles . » According to Schneider , this device had the approval of Ford executives , USA. Recognition of Nazis for Ford and GM was well founded : trucks « Blitz » , produced in a factory built by GM in Berlin , was a major component of  » Blitzkrieg  » , the German aggression against its neighboring countries : Poland, the USSR and France . Opel , the German subsidiary of GM , Ford and Germany were the first two truck manufacturers for the German military.


Without large capital investment by U.S. companies in the German economy , the army of the Reich in 1938 would never have been able to organize , or even think effectifs.L grow its invasion of Poland programmed with Russian communists would have remained as the dream state .

Without interventions Howard Bush , combined with those of the Harriman brothers and Rockefeller Zionist Wall Street bankers have left their hands in their pockets rather than going out hundreds of millions of dollars that the German economic machine needed to prowl its new weapons of war.

American capitalists chose to start a war to boost the economy bankrupt America … passing over the heads of the people itself!

The New World Order was planned and would bring big : U.S. unemployed will be recycled into soldiers …. mouths to feed food banks serve to flesh guns fatten the  » battlefield  » !

The past is the future, we should be wary of  » current American capitalists  » as well as the Zionist bankers who did not hesitate to lend vast sums to the Reich, they will not hesitate to initiate a Third World War in order to cash in quick profits , without regard for future consequences!

We are all self-defense !

Long Life to the  Second American People   Revolution  !

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The U.S. economy … the heir of the Nazi economy

[This is quite a treatise. Anthony is one of the best researched alternative financial analysts I’ve read and always brings new information and challenging ideas to the table. The Hitler controversy within the alternative community often gets pretty black and white which I don’t care for, there are too many factors as work.

We do know at the least he was used to bring about the restructuring of the geopolitical map, the inception of occult influenced fascist science, the rise of the UN, the further centralized control of the banksters, and the securing of a safe haven for Zionism. We also know the fascist Reich never ended but continued on unchecked unto today with its true big brother and financier, the fascist United States. (By the way, notice the infamous “dark” left eye in the photo, a trademark of sociopaths.) – Zen

There is the widespread notion that Hitler was fighting the Money Power and that he was a problem for the Bankers because he created a Usury free economy. But there was no Usury free Third Reich economy. The German taxpayer continued to pay interest over the substantial national debt and commercial banking received interest for its fractional re

Adoph Hitler saluant la foule.
The Führer Adoph Hitler

serve banking based loans, which to a large extent financed the war.

“Our greatest social task is the abolition of interest slavery. This responsibility to abolish interest slavery towers above all other issues of the day. It is the only solution to the greatest problem of our time. The breaking of interest slavery is the most important moral imperative in social terms, it rises in its general significance far beyond all questions of the day, it is the solution of social questions, it is the only way out of the terrible confusion of the time. The abolition of interest slavery will deliver us from ultra-capitalist domination while avoiding both Communist destruction of the human spirit and Capitalist degradation of labour. The abolition of interest slavery opens the way to a truly social economy, by liberating us from the overwhelming domination of money. It opens the way to a state based on creative work and genuine accomplishment.” – Gottfried Feder 1919


Where does Hitler’s reputation for anti-Usury activism come from? It was more Nazi propaganda to get him to power than his actual policies after he did. It was not Hitler, but Gottfried Feder who was the anti-Usury man of the Nazi. Hitler in Mein Kampf: ” For the first time in my life I heard (through Feder, AM) a discussion which dealt with the principles of stock exchange capital and capital which was used for loan activities. After hearing the first lecture delivered by Feder, the idea immediately came into my head that I had found a way to one of the most essential prerequisites for the founding of a new party.
To my mind, Feder’s merit consisted in the ruthless and trenchant way in which he described the double character of the capital engaged in stock exchange and loan transactions, laying bare the fact that this capital is ever and always dependent on the payment of interest.”
“The struggle against international finance capital and loan capital has become one of the most important points in the program on which the German nation has based its fight for economic freedom and independence.”

Point 11 of the NSDAP 25 point program, a manifesto that officially (but not in practice) expressed Nazi policy:
“Abolition of unearned (work and labour) incomes. Breaking of debt (interest)-slavery.”

Hitler put it this way: “Our financial principle: Finance shall exist for the benefit of the state; the financial magnates shall not form a state within the state. Hence our aim to break the thralldom of interest.
Relief of the state, and hence of the nation, from its indebtedness to the great financial houses, which lend on interest.
Nationalization of the Reichsbank and the issuing houses, which lend on interest.”

But as we shall see, Hitler did not implement any serious monetary reform after he came to power. He did make finance completely subservient to the State and, more specifically, rearmament. But he did not nationalize any banks and the Reichsbank was already nationalized by the Weimar Republic by the time he came to power. He did not end interest payments to ‘the issuing houses’, who must have made an uncanny fortune throughout the war. He did nothing to decouple the Stock Exchange from the economy.

Feder was made Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, but was from day one sabotaged by Reichsbank President Hjalmar Schacht and replaced by him in August 1934. It was Schacht who was to manage the Nazi economy, not Feder.

Schacht’s and Hitler’s policies allowed full control of the economy, which was used to maximize production for the sake of war. But it did absolutely nothing to limit in any way massive war profiteering by the financial and industrial classes that brought him to power.

The Reichsmark
The Reichsmark was created 1924 after its predecessor, the Papiermark, had been inflated into oblivion. 1 Reichsmark was 1 Trillion Papiermark. The Reichsmark lasted until 1948, when it was replaced by the Deutsche Mark. So Hitler simply used the monetary system that he inherited from the Weimar Republic. The Reichsmark, like any other banking unit, was lent into circulation. It was a Gold backed unit until 1931, when the depression forced the Reichsbank (the Central Bank) to implement exchange controls, which effectively took Germany off the Gold Standard. A Gold peg remained in place. There were 1, 2 and 5 Reichsmark silver coins.

Hitler inherited the official Weimar 4,5% maximum interest rate. He ruled by decree, but never changed this. In fact, after the Nazi economy began to boom due to heavy spending on rearmament, it seems interest rates were raised to combat inflation. I’ve been unable to find any data on real interest rates during the Nazi era.

Who was Hjalmar Schacht?
Schacht was born in 1934 as the son of an aristocratic family. He joined Dresdner Bank in 1903 and already in 1905 was meeting people like JP Morgan and Theodore Roosevelt. He studied Hebrew to advance his career. In 1908 he joined Freemasonry. He oversaw the financing of Belgian/German trade during WW1 and used his former employer Dresdner Bank for this. This blatant conflict of interest led to his dismissal, but the revolving door was not invented recently and he was taken back by Dresdner Bank after this.

In 1923 he joined the Reichsbank and played a key role in ending the hyperinflation of the day. A little later he was made President of the Reichsbank and remained in this post until 1930. Since at least 1923 he was actively resisting the war reparations that were destroying the German economy and called for resurrection of German power. In 1926 he became involved with the NSDAP and supported their rise to power, although he never became a member.

He oversaw the formation of I.G. Farben in the twenties.

Schacht was a member of the Keppler Circle, a small group of businessmen that were at the heart of the Nazi movement and which financed Hitler’s rise to power. Wall Street was very influential in this group and contrary to what many Hitler apologists claim, played a heavy role in both financing him and war profiteering.

Shortly after Hitler came to power he was reinstated as President of the Reichsbank and when he replaced Feder as Reichscommissar for the Economy, he basically gained full control over the economy. This lasted until he was fired in 1939, when the German economy was overheating and Schacht wanted to limit spending on rearmament and was accused of ‘mutiny’ by Hitler.

Banking in Nazi Germany before the war
After becoming President of the Reichsbank, Schacht immediately started implementing policies aiming at giving the State full control of financial markets. This was known as ‘the New Plan’:

“(1) restriction of the demand for such foreign exchange as would be used for purposes unrelated to the conspirators’ rearmament program; (2) increase of the supply of foreign exchange, as a means of paying for essential imports which could not otherwise be acquired; and (3) clearing agreements and other devices obviating the need for foreign exchange. Under the “New Plan”, economic transactions between Germany and the outside world were no longer governed by the autonomous price mechanism; they were determined by a number of Government agencies whose primary aim was to satisfy the needs of the Nazi’s military economy.”

Foreign exchange controls were implemented to manage shortages in foreign currencies. Rules for credit creation by the Reichsbank were cancelled, aimed at potentially limitless credit creation to provide the economy with the liquidity it needed to get back at full employment.

All policies were aimed at 1) making sure the Government was basically the only borrower at domestic capital markets and 2) to make sure there was always enough credit available.

Price and wage controls and indeed rising interest rates were used to combat rising prices that would have resulted from these inflating policies.

Between 31 December and 30 June 1938, the national debt of the Reich rose from 10.4 billion Marks to 19 billion Marks.

There was no nationalization of banks. In fact: some banks that the Weimar republic had nationalized during the early days of the depression, were again privatized. Private banks played a crucial role in financing the rearmament effort. They were put under close Reichsbank control to make sure their lending was what the State wanted, but nothing was done to limit their profitability.

The Stock Exchange
While railing against this typical exploitative instrument of finance during his rise to power, Hitler did nothing to limit the stock exchange’s scope and operations once he had the chance. The stock exchange system in the Reich was superficially reformed: a number of its outlets were merged and the number of exchanges declined from 25 to 9 as a result. But volume of trading was never threatened and during the early Hitler years it saw annual double digit rises until 1937, when the Reich’s economy started faltering and the stock exchange lost about 10% of its capitalization between 1937 and 1939. After the war broke out the stock market saw a massive boom, rising 50% between the falls 1939 and 1941.

In 1934 heavy taxes were levied on dividend payments of 6%, but the aim of this was not to limit profiteering, but to enhance self-financing of publicly traded corporations. They were expected to recycle more of their profits into their own operations, to make them independent of capital markets, which the State intended and managed to completely dominate for its own financing needs. There were loopholes to evade this measure and shareholders were not damaged because of these measures, as it implied deferment of dividend payments and not real limitations.

The Reich’s policies also made sure the common man did not enter the stock market, as they were expected to lend to the Government and not to speculate. But still, the amount of funds being diverted to the stock market were not invested in the war and “It was then (1942, AM) that the government stepped in and destroyed the last relatively free market in the economy. Loans for the purchase of stocks were prohibited. Shareholders had to file a declaration with the government of all shares purchased since the outbreak of war if their market value exceeded 100,000 Reichsmark. The government could, at any time, request that any of these shares be delivered to it for cash and that the proceeds be invested in securities to be specified by the government. (Nathan)”

While every effort was made to assure the State’s domination of capital markets, there was simply not enough liquidity in the economy to create full employment and unlock the German Folk’s full productive capacity for rearmament. This could have been solved by having the State go massively into debt, in typical Keynesian fashion. But this would have created both political and economic problems and, equally important, would have shown the full extent of rearmament to the Reich’s enemies.

Instead, Hitler, right after coming to power, fired Reichsbank President Hans Luther and reinstated Hjalmar Schacht, who was willing to build on Luther’s Oeffa’s: Government promissory notes aimed at creating employment that would create the extra liquidity needed to finance Hitler’s plans.

Schacht created a special purpose vehicle (SPV, a dummy corporation) called MEtallurgische FOrschungsgesellschaft (MEFO), which was used to accept bills of exchange drawn by German weapons manufacturers and received by all German banks for possible re-discounting by the Reichsbank. The bills were guaranteed by the Reich for five years and were thus (indirectly) convertible to Reichsmark.

MEFO bills of exchange were a pure bookkeeping operation and there were no actual paper certificates. They circulated between MEFO, the Reichsbank, commercial banks and manufacturers, not in the wider economy. At its peak there were about 12 billion worth in circulation. Key was that they were kept off the Reich’s books as all transactions were logged at the MEFO SPV. Because of this, nobody really knew the extent of spending on weaponry.

While they solved the depression and allowed for the Nazi war machine, they also created fairly serious inflationary pressures. And while this kind of construct may sound ‘innovative’ to the uninitiated, they would have been a no brainer for an experienced banker like Schacht. As said, they were based on certificates (called Oeffa) that the Weimar Republic was already circulating and national treasuries had been circulating their own certificates routinely, when pressing political issues forced them to increase their financial clout. The US Treasury had its Treasury notes before the Civil War. The UK printed ‘Bradbury Pounds’ (debt free notes) to finance WW1. The Canadian Treasury printed its own debt free money as of 1935 and during the twenties and thirties advanced monetary reform programs were widely discussed throughout the West.

Hitler was heavily indebted to Feder’s anti-Usury stance in coming to power. But early on during his reign he got rid of Feder and relied on Schacht for the financing of his war plans. Unlike Schacht, Feder was not heavily involved with the top bankers and industrialists of the age. The German economy was directed completely to rearmament. Consumption levels were kept low through taxation and wage controls. Imports and production of luxuries were severely restricted.

Schacht made sure the financial industry was focused solely on war preparation and in effect allowed only the State to borrow on the domestic capital markets. International trade was primarily reliant on (scarce) foreign currencies and while there was some international bartering, it was far from dominant. The Reich’s financial industry did not decouple entirely from international finance, although foreign exchange controls were strict. For instance: the Bank of International Settlements continued dealings with the Reich.

There was no usury free economy. The common man or small business actually would have next to no access to credit at all. Even manufacturers were forced to become self financing, so the State could monopolize borrowing on the capital markets. The stock market boomed like never before.

Instead, all policies were directed at securing sufficient funds for rearmament, not at minimizing financial exploitation by the parasitical class that Hitler so vehemently attacked with his rhetoric. Finance was a matter of volume, not cost. Schacht’s MEFO bills have been wrongly jumped upon to claim Hitler was an anti banker man, while Schacht himself has the typical bio of a high level Money Power operative. He was a life long friend of BoE chief Montague Norman and was acquitted at Neurenberg, where the Soviets wanted a conviction while the British made sure he was released.

The myth of Nazi anti-Usury activism is damaging, not only because of its mythological character, but because it allows the Money Power to defame anti-Usury activism through ‘guilt by association’. In fact, many Austrians and Mainstreamers, call usury-free monetary reform programs ‘fascist’. Fascism itself is being rehabilitated because of its supposed stance against finance capitalism. But as we have learned from Bolton’s ‘The Banking Swindle’, the twenties and thirties saw many monetary reform programs throughout the West, far from all associated with fascism. After the war they were relegated to a memory hole because of this false association with fascism.

War profiteering by the industrial and financial class was in no way restricted. As a result, they profited immensely from the war. This was indeed the main reason for them to enable Hitler’s rise to power and their loyal support of his policies during the rearmament and the war. Even today, the main culprits like the Thyssen family, Krupp and the Goebbels step-children owning BMW are among the richest people in Germany. The same banks that financed the Reich’s war are now among the biggest in the world.

(with special thanks to Niels Verduijn and Ad Broere)

Afterthought 1
Let me be the first to admit I, until recently, believed much of what was said about Hitler’s ‘usury-free’ economy and have inadvertently contributed to the harnessing of this meme.

Afterthought 2
I agree with much of revisionist history. Post war historiography is just wartime propaganda. The Holocaust needs serious revaluation. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill were psychopaths who committed horrible crimes, against the Japanese, their own people, the people the colonized and against the Germans.

I do feel that at this point many in the Alternative Media go overboard, making Hitler a hero. This is unwarranted. The current article shows, in spite of what many believe, he was far from a renegade in a financial sense. There is also the Hunger Plan: Hitler and the Wehrmacht High Command intended to have the Wehrmacht live of the Russian land they were to occupy by robbing the farmers of their harvests. They cynically calculated this would starve 30 million Russians. Thankfully they never had the chance to fully implement this, but still millions of Russians starved because of the Wehrmacht taking their supplies.

The fact is that Hitler always wanted to invade Russia and his explanation that it was to save the world of Marxism, which he well analyzed to be a Jewish front, is irreconcilable with his take that Britain was a nation of Aryan brothers and the British Empire ‘necessary’ and a great civilizing force in the world: even at that time it was well known that the British Aristocracy had merged with Jewish Money and that the City of London was the Money Power’s capital.

Hitler was an imperialist who wanted to conquer Russia for the third Reich and intended to kill untold millions of Russians to take their land. His rise and fall gave the Money Power everything it wanted, including the war itself, the Zionist Entity in Palestine, the EU, Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, the destruction of the British Empire, the UN and the Cold War.

We will probably never know whether he was a useful idiot or willing stooge, but while he may have been no worse than his antagonists, he certainly also was no better.

(Sources:Hitler and the Bankster ,Ingrid Rimland,personnal researches)