Video important in english:Breaking! ANTIFA Terrorists Attack Patriot Rally in Portland

The patriots in Portland are claiming that once again the Portland police stood down and let the antifa attack them.

CBS reports that Portland revoked the patriots permit to gather as soon as the riot broke out. That’s not right. That’s giving the leftists a victory, which is probably what liberal Portland wanted anyway. The leftists started the violence, but the right got blamed by the lying Portland police.

Leftism is a mental disturbance. If it’s origins are genetic, those genes need to be removed from the gene pool by any means necessary.

This is a civil war. It’s started. And in Portland, the police are on the side of leftist tyranny.







Iraqi Forces Kill 79 Israeli ISIS Militants In Mosul Over Past 24 Hours: U.S. Helicopters Rescued ISIS Commanders In Mosul — Political Vel Craft

Iraqi servicemen killed at least 79 militants of the [U.S. Israeli Proxy Army ISIS] daesh terror group as part of the operation aimed at liberation of the western part of Mosul during the past 24 hours, Lt. Gen. Raid Shakir Jaudat of the Iraqi Federal Police said Sunday. BAGHDAD (Sputnik) – Jaudat also told reporters that […]

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Video:Georges Soros Funded Terrorist Group “Antifa” Plans to Make USUngovernable

George Soros Funded Terrorist Group “Antifa” Plans to Make US “Ungovernable” Feb 11, 2017 by MICHAEL DEPINTO Editor’s Note: Our friend Michael DePinto has produced a short video on the group known as “Antifa.” America is quickly being turned into hell, just like the Bible tells us because we have rejected God and His […]

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Israel Announces Plans for New Illegal Settler Units

Published on Feb 1, 2017 Israel has announced plans to build 3,000 new settler units in the West Bank as Tel Aviv pushes ahead with its settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Military Affairs Avigdor Lieberman have already given a go-ahead to the new settler units. The […]

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Spectacular photos of Al Qaeda banker in Turkey

This is actually the starting point for operations against the “Turk” government in recent days. Yassin Al -Qadi is strongly believed to help whiten some 100 billion Usd hijacked by the AKP. Recall that during a police raid effected , including the home of the son of three cabinet ministers , huge sums have been found sometimes in shoeboxes sometimes in safes . The son of the Minister of the Interior had no less than 6 safes .

With the following presentation is estimated that the amounts diverted to this day have been entrusted in suitcases Yassin Al -Qadi who simply would have expatriated aboard private jets. Simple as that . Except that Yassin Al -Qadi is Al Qaeda .

The photographs show that Yassin Al -Qadi was entering Turkish territory despite the arrest warrant he is struck . It entered Turkish territory ” illegally .” Most striking , but not surprising for those of you who have a fair reading of globalism is clear that Yassin Al -Qadi is under the protection of the men of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while is the stress once again actively sought by the police . Moreover, this is not the first time it is received so in this country.

Photo no 1 Aéroport  du secteur asiatique d'Istambul.
Photo no 1
Asiatic area of theIstambul airport.

Photo 1: This photo was taken June 14, 2012 at 17h05 . The red box represents the VIP lounge of the second airport in Istanbul on the Asian side of the city. The red arrow shows a private jet. This is the jet registered TC- ICH . This is a Turkish registration . We see the device more clearly on the images below . This device is positioned so as to make its passengers to disembark directly accessing the VIP lounge. This is the officer responsible for the protection of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ibrahim Yildiz receiving the treasurer of El Qaeda . All cameras are off for the occasion. No customs formalities are carried out on this occasion.

Yassin Al -Qadi was struck by a ban on Turkish territory taken by Order in Council of Ministers. And running until 11 October 2012. At the time when these pictures are taken , or June 14, 2012 , it is the fourth visit of the year . The first took place in February 2012.

Photo no 2
Photo no 2

Photo 2

Photo # 2: This is a picture substantially similar to the first. The box on the left refers to VIP lounges. The right one is the private jet. Finally, the box in the lower part shows a vehicle Mercedes. The registration could be found. The vehicle is registered in Ankara “06 DF 7988” and is engaged in the service of protection of the Prime Minister. This vehicle is assigned that day Deputy Commissioner Mevlüt Kama, this VIP lounge and responsible driving Yasin El Kadi.

The first stop of Yassin Al-Qadi will be the headquarters of the company retail BIM owned Latif TOPBAS. Very close to the Prime Minister and the “Turkish” president.

Photo no 3
Photo no 3

Photo 3: The private jet in question and its registration: TC-ICH. This photo was not taken on 14 June 2012. It was recovered on canvas. It confirms that a private jet answering this registration does exist.

Photo no 4
Photo no 4


Photo 4: This photo is taken once the escort arrived at its first destination. This is the outer court of the BIM. On the left side: The Assistant Commissioner Mevlüt Kama and Mercedes registered 06 DF 7988. On the right side, YASIN YASSIN AL-QADI trying to trace that vehicle to leave the premises of the BIM. He is accompanied by his son Muaz Kadi. It also shows Kadir TOPBAS.


Photo no 5
Photo no 5


Photo # 5: This is a Land Rover vehicle registered in Istanbul “34 BT 4979” and assigned to the use of Yassin Al-Qadi. It’s in the trunk very great indeed, in the case of a 4 × 4 with the vehicle with bags, suitcases and boxes were loaded. Today it is argued that the cargo contained huge amounts of money in cash. And this is more than a probability given the police operations from December 17 in the environment very close to the AKP government.

Photo no 6
Photo no 6



Photo # 6 : Upper left Square : The driver of El Kadi . Note that the plastic bags are loaded into the boot . ( Although the big caddy)

Upper square law : The son of El Kadi, Kadi Muaz .

Lower left square : Latif Topbas ; Yasin Yassin Al -Qadi , Assistant Commissioner Mevlüt Kama .

Lower square law: The courtyard of the headquarters of the BIM .

Among those who made a visit to Yasin Qadi Al- Yassin , Tayyip Erdogan, his son Bilal Erdogan, and many of their relatives, including the councilor of the Presidency Hasan Dogan .

According to information still confidential , Yassin Al- Qadi , with Bilal Erdogan ( the son of the Prime Minister) , equity interests in the secret society Cengiz Aktürk ; Laz company Bosphorus 360. This would have also been officially recorded by Usame ( Osama ) Kutup , the strong man of Yassin Al -Qadi in Turkey by a contract drafted by a lawyer .


The arrest of Yassin Al -Qadi and his son , his right arm in Turkey will never take place , although under the policy .



Photo 7
Photo 7


Photo # 7: Top Square: The plane used by the El Kadi.

    Lower square: Protection Service of the Prime Minister, Al-Qadi vehicle Yassin and his driver.


These photos prove beyond any doubt, the collaboration between Erdogan, the United States of America and Israel with Al Qaïda.La mercenaries Erdogan government corruption and the ease with which the Al Qaeda in Syria circulated supplies the border with Turkey, explain these encounters high levels with those sad characters.

The people of Turkey to make a revolution and I want to support them.

Sources: … Turkish newspaper free information.


Islamic terrorism: a steamroller

At the debate on the Charter of Values ​​Quebecers, no tolerance is permitted against the rise of Islamists. Take time to read this!

As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% in any country, they will be considered as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they can be described in articles and films as banal colored.”

United States – Muslim 1.0%
Australia Muslim 1.5%
Canada – Muslim 1.9%
China – Muslim 1% -2%
Italy – Muslim 1.5%
Norway – Muslim 1.8%

A 2% and 3% they begin to convert other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, with a major recruitment in prisons and among the neighborhood gangs:

Denmark Muslim 2%
Germany – Muslim 3.7%
United Kingdom – Muslim 2.7%
Spain Muslim 4%
Thailand – Muslim 4.6%

Entrainement des mercenaires d'Al Qaïda en Irak.C'est de cette école du meurtre que les assassins de l'Islam apprennent à tuer.Ils commencent par apprendre sur leurs frères d'Irak et les soldats américains ,avant d'être engagé en Syrie tout en étant armés par la France et les États-Unis d'Amériques.Quelle carte cachée joue actuellement Barack Hussein Obama ,le premier président islamiste des USA?
Training of Al Qaeda mercenaries Irak.C is this school murder the murderers of Islam tuer.Ils learn to begin to learn about their brothers in Iraq and American soldiers before being committed Syria while being armed by France and the United States of America. Which hidden currently plays Barack Hussein Obama, the first Islamist president of USA map?

From 5%, they exercise an inordinate influence, compared to their percentage in the population. They will push for the introduction of halal food (prepared according to the standards of Islam), thus ensuring that the tasks of preparing halal food are attributed to Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to find it on their shelves along with threats to the key, if they do not comply. (United States).

The France Muslim 8%
Philippines – Muslim 5%
Sweden – Muslim 5%
Switzerland – Muslim 4.3%
The Netherlands Muslim 5.5%
Trinidad and Tobago – Muslim 5.8%

Un contrôle spirituel et...financier digne du crime organisé.
A spiritual and financial control…like the Mafia.

At that time, they were to pursue to get the government in place to enable them to manage themselves under Sharia, under Islamic law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaining about their conditions (Paris car burning). Any action by a non-Muslim that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats (the cartoons in the Netherlands).

Guyana Muslim 10%
India Muslim 13.4%
Israel – Muslim 16%
Kenya Muslim 10%
Russia Muslim 10-15%

La paranoïa de vouloir contrôler le mode...come le Nouvel Ordre Mondial,d'ailleurs...comme les Triades Chinoises aussi.
The paranoia will control how … come the New World Order, by the way … as Chinese Triads too.

– After 20 % , expect to rioting for nothing , training militia jihad episodic massacres and burning of churches and synagogues :

Ethiopia – Muslim 32.8 %

– A 40% you will find frequent massacres, continuing terrorist attacks and ongoing militia warfare :

Bosnia – Muslim 40%
Chad – Muslim 53.1 %
Lebanon – Muslim 59.7%

– From 60 % you can expect the deliberate persecution of non -believers and other religions , sporadic ethnic cleansing in (genocide ) , use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya , the tax placed on infidels :

Albania – Muslim 70%
Malaysia – Muslim 60.4%
Qatar – Muslim 77.5%
Sudan – Muslim 70%

– Over 80% of the state is responsible for ethnic cleansing and genocide of non-Muslims :

Bangladesh – Muslim 83%
Egypt – Muslim 90%
Gaza – Muslim 98.7%
Indonesia – Muslim 86.1 %
Iran – Muslim 98%
Iraq – Muslim 97%
Jordan – Muslim 92%
Morocco – Muslim 98.7%
Pakistan – Muslim 97%
Palestine – Muslim 99%
Syria – Muslim 90%
Tajikistan – Muslim 90%
Turkey – Muslim 99.8 %
United Arab Emirates – Muslim 96%

– 100% trigger “peace of Dar -es- Salaam ” – the Islamic House of Peace – This is supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim :

Afghanistan – Muslim 100%
Saudi Arabia – Muslim 100%
Somalia – Muslim 100%
Yemen – Muslim 99.9%

Naturally, this is not the case . To satisfy their blood lust , Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.

” Before I was nine I learned the basic rule of Arab life . It was me against my brother, me and my brother against our father , my family against my cousins ​​and the clan, the clan against the tribe , and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel . “- Leon Uris ” The Haj ”

It is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France , the Muslim populations are concentrated in ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do not integrate into the community as a whole. Therefore, they exercise more power than their national average would seem to indicate.

Sooner or later , he will have to choose between self-defense or collective suicide ! … In Quebec , as elsewhere !

Adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond book : Slavery , Terrorism and Islam : The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat .

( Sources: Various including WordPress, personal research )

WikiLeaks cable reveals how a Brazilian ‘terrorist’ got a US visa last year

WikiLeaks on Tuesday released a secret cable that reveals how a Brazilian ‘terrorist’ got a US visa last year. But the question remains: Did the move amount to a policy change by the Obama administration?

US President Barack Obama seen after accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo City Hall Dec. 10, 2009. Some speculated that the Obama administration had relaxed US policy by issuing a visa to a Brazilian who, while a member of a student radical group, had held former US Ambassador Charles Burke Elbrick hostage for four days in 1969. The visa issuing occurred at the same time the media was talking about the Nobel Prize awarded to President Obama.

Santiago, ChileA Brazilian who helped kidnap the US ambassador to his country in 1969 should never have receive a tourist visa from the State Department last year, according to a US diplomatic cable posted yesterday by Wikileaks.

After the US consulate pasted the precious visa into former student radical Paulo de Tarso Venceslau’s passport, but before it returned the passport to him, officials realized what had happened. A top diplomat wrote to Washington asking whether it would be best to let him slide “in light of the distance from the crime, the circumstances under which it took place, and our desire for a forward-looking relationship.”

The US had long considered Mr. Venceslau a terrorist for holding former US Ambassador Charles Burke Elbrick hostage for four days in 1969 along with a group of radical students that included current Brazilian congressman Fernando Gabeira and Franklin Martins (a minister for President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva). The group, known as Revolutionary Movement 8th October (MR-8), demanded the release of 15 political prisoners held by the Brazilian military dictatorship. It worked.

The newly released WikiLeaks cable is the first indication of why Venceslau was approved for a visa last year after having been turned down three times previously for having terrorist affiliations.

Did Obama really change policy?

Once approved, Venceslau went to the press and suggested that President Obama – who had recently won the Nobel Peace Prize – had made a policy change.

“Will these be new times? Did Obama really change things?” he said to newspaper O Globo.

Venceslau wasn’t the only one to speculate that Obama’s administration had relaxed US policy by issuing the visa. Opponents of the US leader took to the Internet to denounce the administration for being soft on terror.

On the website, some readers called the move “revolting,” the result of dependence on Brazilian oil exports, and an example of Obama’s communism.

Initial visa approval not a policy change

If the WikiLeaks cable is both genuine and complete, the initial visa approval wasn’t a policy change at all.

According to the cable, Venceslau didn’t mention any past arrests or convictions on his visa application, and he told the consul general in São Paulo that Brazilian law doesn’t require people to include political crimes when declaring their criminal record. The consulate checked his name and it came up clean, according to the cable.

Once Venceslau went to the press after he got the visa, Charge d’ Affaires Lisa Kubiske wrote: “Cancellation of the visa, which would be the standard course of action, will likely lead to significant and negative reaction in the Brazilian media at a time when both official Brazilians and the public are considering new possibilities for US-Brazil relations.”

But Ms. Kubiske didn’t blithely advocate for Venceslau, either.

“Issuance of a visa … might have implications for broader US policy and messaging on terrorism.”

She said the minimum the US would accept in return for the visa would be “a public repudiation of the crime and of kidnapping as a tactic.”

A spokeswoman at the US consulate in São Paulo wasn’t immediately available to comment.

While the initial visa acceptance may have been an error, the follow-up shows that diplomats wanted to take advantage of Obama’s popularity after he won the Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, the effort to foment good will may have been for naught.

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who leaves office this weekend, said this week he has been disappointed by how much Obama’s policies in Latin America resemble those of earlier US presidents.

“Relations have changed little” between the US and Latin America, Lula said this week. “The reality is they didn’t change at all. That makes me sad.”