The US government is paralyzed from midnight





An hour after the House of Representatives, the US Senate also adjourned Friday night without being able to reach an agreement to avoid the partial paralysis of the federal government at midnight.

Senators gave themselves rendezvous at noon on Saturday to resume negotiations.

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The main representatives of Mr. Trump tried to negotiate a last-minute compromise with Democrats and some Republican lawmakers. However, despite the presence of the vice president Mike Pence, the Acting Chief of Staff of the White House Mick Mulvaney and close adviser to President Jared Kushner, no agreement has been concluded.

President Donald Trump insists on a budget of five billion dollars for the construction of a wall on the US-Mexico border. A request that the Democratic Party strongly rejects.

Without an agreement on the budget, financing about 25 percent of the US federal government activities end at midnight.

Nine departments and dozens of agencies are affected including homeland security, transportation, agriculture and justice. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees will find themselves on leave or are forced to work without pay few days before Christmas.

At the signing of a bill to the White House, Donald Trump said the government was “fully prepared for a very long paralysis”, although almost no one expects such a thing.

The president has tried to blame the Democrats, although he argued last week that it would be “proud” to claim responsibility paralysis of the government in its struggle for the construction of the wall. Campaigning it two years ago, Mr. Trump declared that the wall would erect “so fast you’ll headaches.” He also promised that Mexico would pay the price, what Mexico said he never will.

“This is our only chance (…) to have excellent security at the border,” said Donald Trump Friday at the White House. Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives in January and will oppose the massive financing of the construction of a wall.

There is just one week, Mr. Trump insisted in a televised meeting that was held in the White House to take responsibility for a partial suspension of the activities of government in order to get the Wall its border. “It is I who shut up,” he said.

But with hours elapsing before the deadline of midnight, he sought to redefine the debate and blame Democrats deadlock that threatens hundreds of thousands of federal employees during the holiday season.

The White House said that Mr. Trump would not go to Florida on Friday as planned for the Christmas holidays if the government was closing.