Love story in pictures:Carla and Natalia

A special collaboration of Juan Alejandro Jimenez, photographer and artist.

A few days ago, with Carla and Natalia, we had a very personal and intimate session, which had been going on for quite some time.

It’s all in the head. Thanks to them, a warm, gentle and confident climate has been created.
In my images, it is essential to build bonds with the couple and that both parties go “home” because I like it.

The goal is to capture moments naturally and unexpectedly.

The photos I leave in this post are a small part of all the ones we made between laughing and having fun.










“Yellow Vests”: Mariannes naked… well mysterious (article and video)


marianes dénudées 001

On the sidelines of the demonstration of “yellow vests”, naked women wearing a red hooded sweatshirt open on their chest were standing silently facing a dozen gendarmes avenue des Champs-Elysees. They had the body covered with silver paint.






During the demonstration of Vests yellow, which are found on December 15 in Paris, women dressed in Marianne have engaged in a peaceful face-to-face with the police.

Fun British national cockade, on Phrygian caps! The cockade of the French Republic has identical colors, but inverted, blue in the center.

marianes dénudées 002



marianes dénudées 003


marianes dénudées 004
View from the back!


marianes dénudées 006



(This article is  a translation from the original article in french from Michel Duchaine) for  check the original  article in french with video press here