it's illegal to use a legal name

It’s Illegal To Use A Legal Name


It is a legal fact that it’s illegal to use a legal name.

Only those with express permission to use a legal name, B.A.R members, can do so without committing fraud (though before becoming B.A.R members they were committing fraud too) and where there is no statute of limitations on the crime of fraud, and where fraud vitiates all it touches, rendering all contracts based within/where a fraud has been revealed instantly NULL & VOID, Ab Initio, Nunc Pro Tunc, Ad infinitum, where the situation now is this:

everyone has been using a legal name illegally, even B.A.R members, so there is no honour, no clean hands and no exceptions to this simple state of affairs – albeit a state of affairs which brings with it life-changing ramifications.

The legal system has been exposed as fraudulent at the core.

Fraud is a crime.

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