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  • MH370: Suitcase Reportedly Found on Reunion Island, Close to Where Plane Debris Recovered
    by Kate Aubusson,  
    Remnants of a badly damaged suitcase have reportedly been found close to where plane debris, suspected to be part of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, has been recovered on Reunion Island.

    Journalist Julien Delarue, who works for local paper Journal de L’île de la Réunion, reported on Twitter that what appears to be a suitcase has been found on the Indian Ocean island, less than a day after islanders discovered a two-metre long piece of debris.

    The report included photographs of a man holding a badly damaged object that appeared to be a « suitcase on wheels ».
    The French language news site said the man, a gardener, had found the bag near where the debris was discovered less than a day earlier. The photographs show the object has two rusted zippers, netting, and frayed cloth…

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