To bring down the New World Order replace neoliberalism


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In Quebec, as in France, the United States of America and throughout the Commonwealt Nations, many people have abandoned the motivation, taste change something and maintain a minimum of patriotism in you coeur.Je today gives excellent reasons to mobilize you to shoot the New libéralisme.C is the best way “politics” to defeat the New World Order, abolish wage slavery and protect life forms as well as ecosystems that still manage to survive.

“Why should I tire myself to understand when everything is organized to lose me!” Wrote Raoul Vaneigem.Il was true, but someone who sees a fellow, murder others without reacting is guilty of negligence in and tolerance, meurtre.Je tell you the truth that anyone who does not react against the programmed death of our democracy (or what remains of it) is threatened and condemned by this hypocritical system and lying murderer who has now the “neo-liberalism”.

The evolution

It was the summer of 1989. The Berlin Wall had not yet fallen that in an article soon became famous, “The end of history? “The American philosopher and political scientist Francis Fukuyama condensed what would soon be the spirit of the post-Soviet era, his philosophy. The “Western idea” had finally defeated: liberal democracy and free markets now constitute the ultimate horizon for all companies. This assertion was based on the observation that with the collapse of authoritarian states in the East and in Latin America or elsewhere, liberal democracy appeared as “the only coherent political aspiration” on a global scale. Furthermore, the dissemination of the principles of economic liberalism was, according to F. Fukuyama, causing levels of prosperity that resulted in the development and economic growth actuelle.Nous therefore live in “the era of triumphant capitalism.” I, for cons, I announce that we live recently in a New Era and that the system runs after his death, as if he wanted to.

On the other hand, the historian François Hartog analysis on the other hand the current “presentism.” With the Enlightenment and the Revolution of 1789, and even Marxism, he explains, is a true “posture futuristic” that was introduced, fueled by the belief in progress in democracy. For the historian, this futuristic posture clearly dominated for two hundred years, from 1789 to 1989, when the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Follows a present without a clear vision of what tomorrow will bring. Things of the past are now sent as traces of the past, not because of the message they are supposed to deliver, he says.


For fanatical followers of neo-liberalism, we will achieve a higher level of per capita wealth.

If you have a “balanced” population growth (which is still the case in the world), it must necessarily have an economic growth for the inhabitants wealth ratio / does not decrease. After that, even if population growth slows, economic growth should continue and is required for parts of the world who have not yet reached a sufficient ratio of wealth per capita is the case in developing countries, such countries of Sub-Saharan Africa!

For developed countries, as we have already some “comfort” material, according to them, it would just not increase our / capita wealth ratio, in other words, not to increase our consumption ratio / capita . So preach austerity while our corrupt elite taking it easy, but most importantly, do not moan …. and shut up!

Thinking about those who see negative thing:

(A) Depletion of resources

The golden rule is not to eat more than what our planet can offer us. To illustrate this rule, for example, must not cut forest faster than nature has time to regenerate, do not catch more fish than allowed fertility to replacement level.

We see very quickly the paradox: the growth of biomass is limited, which is not the case of economic growth, which can be infinite as our appetite material is not satisfied (I speak of “pseudo developers “and fanatics of consumption).

(B) Pollution

This is the same reasoning for the pollution. Infinite growth can generate an infinite pollution, or the ability to absorb and reprocessing our planet is limited. For illustrations should be such as not emit more CO2 than forest have time to retreat, do not bury more waste than the earth has time to break down etc..

The principles of decay, or growth arrest is to follow these rules of “balance” because even if it has room now, if the negative effects of our human activities outweigh positive repair our planet year year, so inevitably there will come a day when we will have consumed our beloved blue planet to the bone .. and that day, I believe is coming apace, as the Chinese Communists dream of producing and consuming more and better than américains.Pour allow Chinese to reach that level … with the rest of the world, we should add the resources of other planets Terre.C 4 ‘is the madness caused by a dangerous political fanaticism.

Small note:
Some optimists believe that growth can go hand in hand with solving environmental problems, the intuition of this idea is that technological progress will eventually open up new avenues for the treatment of waste and the use of renewable resources … it looks like a “blank check” that we would call a gambler with emotional dependency, to go play a good game of poker … by betting everything on a single bet!

I hesitate a lot and would not trust! You?

The best way for fanatical supporters of neo-liberalism to continue infinitely in time is to close our eyes to the truth with us this façade, this statement to divide us, we the citizens:

“Economic growth is necessary to ensure social security, economic and political country.We need rich and the power of money to ensure social cohesion by creating jobs. This would generate wealth that will benefit all. The profit is a sacred right and all those who stand against “the established system” is sacrilegious enemies of the state and potential terrorists who must be denounced in public … Especially conservationists and environmentalists because they question the “good business.”

Anyone who defends the statement, if not “the liberal holy prayer” that I just wrote, should be charged with crimes against humanity and against all forms of life on Earth and immediately condemned “to death” for we are now in a situation of self-defense, as living beings with logical thinking!



“Liberalism is more choice and better prices for consumers”

FALSE: According to the liberal dogma itself, liberalism can only work if there is sufficient competition in supply. But in fact, liberal capitalism tends towards concentration and the formation of monopolies that eliminate competition, reduce consumer choice and drive up prices (or lower quality).

In the area of ​​public services such as water supply, post, or railways, privatization has always resulted in increased costs for the user, a reduction in service, and a reduction in investment in maintenance of infrastructure. One example among many: in the 90s, the IMF and the World Bank forced the Philipines to privatize water management. Initially, prices fell 20%, down by liberal propaganda used to demonstrate the utility privatization. But 10 years later, the price of water has been multiplied by 5.

As for private pension systems (pension funds), they are to deprive the employee of any security by delivering the uncertainties of the management of financial institutions. In case of bankruptcy of the latter, employees are left without retirement despite years of contribution. This is what happened in the United States in 2002 with the collapse of Enron.

“Liberalism is the free play of market forces”

FALSE: According to the liberal dogma, the free play of the market requires market transparency and information.
In fact, because of the opacity and inequality in access to information practices, consumers can make informed choices.

“Growth creates jobs”

FALSE: The growth creates jobs at first, but it is mainly used to finance the “restructuring” and relocation. Ultimately, it destroys more jobs than it creates.

“Only the market is able to determine the fair price of commodities, currencies, and companies”

FALSE: The markets are essentially driven by speculation and the profit in the short term. The fluctuations are often irrational, excessive and subject to manipulation. These excessive oscillations courses are destructive, causing ruin and bankruptcies in the real economy. But at the same time, these oscillations are also generating profit for speculators. Again the principle of communicating vessels …!

“The company creates wealth. It is the source of the prosperity of countries and their inhabitants”

FALSE: Most often, companies do not create wealth, because the value created is below the actual cost of resources used or destroyed, if we take into account the environmental and human cost and the real cost of non-commodity renewable.

The “profit” of big business is actually taken from nature, sacked by exploitation, urbanization and pollution, or “sucked” on other economic actors:

– The employees that will be laid off to save costs or “increase productivity”, or that we will have reduced compensation or social protection.

– The consumers who have to pay more for a quality or a lesser amount.

– On suppliers (particularly producers of mineral and agricultural commodities)

– On other companies to whom there bankrupted by unfair practices, or are redeemed before being butchered, sold in pieces, and with whose employees are transformed into unemployed.

– The populations of the Third World who were dispossessed of their lands and resources, and have been enslaved, forced to work in mines or “sweatshops” of transnational corporations, or worse, forced to be guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry, or sell their organs (usually a kidney or eye) which will then be transplanted to patients fortunate. (The price paid for the removal of a kidney is 20,000 euros in Turkey, just 800 euros in India)

“The globalization work for all”

FALSE: Between 1992 and 2002, per capita income fell in 81 countries. In the Third World, the number of “extremely poor” has increased by nearly 100 million.

The pay gap also widened in a fantastic way. For example, a worker in an Asian subcontractor Disney manufactures clothes in effigy Mickey for Western consumers. This woman works in a “sweat shop”, 14 hours a day, 7 days out of 7, with no social protection, without the right to strike, all for an hourly wage of $ 0.28. At the same time, the hourly wage of the CEO of Disney is $ 2800, or 10,000 times.

The 225 richest people in the world have a combined total assets of 1,000 billion, equivalent to the annual income of 3 billion of the poorest people on the planet, 47% of the world population. The added fortune of the 84 richest people exceeds the gross domestic product of China with its 1.2 billion people.

In 2002, 20% of the world’s population consumes 80% of the wealth, with over 80% of cars on the road and consumes 60% of the energy, while the poorest billion people share 1% of global income .

“Free market forces created by himself the conditions of equilibrium”

FALSE: The free market forces produces only average balance over a long period. In reality, it varies continuously around equilibrium, and these oscillations are brutal and destructive. A liberal economy causes an unstable economic environment that deprives individuals of any security, causing them to constantly adapt to the vagaries of the economy and “economic restructuring”.

But like all biological life, the human being needs a minimum of stability in the environment. Liberalism is therefore contrary to the rights and life in general, liberalism has also resulted in the uncontrolled exploitation of nature and the widespread pollution of the ecosystem.

“Liberalism is the only choice, otherwise isolate themselves from the world”

FALSE: While the country during a risk of increased corporate relocation if it is not going in the direction of their desires. Because of globalization, Western workers are now competing with workers from India or China, including skilled in the tertiary or technological sector jobs. While there is any profit to be made by outsourcing, companies will go to the highest bidder, in the country where they are the least restrictive social and environmental laws.

But if this is so, it is because our governments have agreed to create these conditions by applying simultaneously in all countries deregulation advocated by liberal ideology. They realized globalization only in a favorable business sense, without consideration of globalization in the laws of social and environmental protection. The neo-liberal globalization is strongly asymmetric.

On the other hand, this apparent lack of choice is in fact a dictatorship firms. Accept this dictatorship is to renounce the sovereign power of the states and the elected representatives of the people. So abandon democracy and accept a general term slavery.


According to the trend of the New World Order advocates of economic liberalism and the positive correlation between growth and pollution tends to break when companies have enriched both the means and the desire to protect the environment. If you think the current poor societies will also reach the level of wealth in the industrialized countries during this century, they should achieve significantly improve the environmental situation on the planet, according eux.C is this kind of brainwashing that tend to convey the slave owners of the large multinationals that we brazenly publicisent their “humanitarian foundations.” We know perfectly well everywhere in the West, when we raised a Saint Profit Capitalist in his pockets that blessed companies System Neo-Liberal, totally forget … and the environment, wildlife and more, future generations of citizens who will avec.Sauf that private companies are favored by this corrupt system that save with profits and that it is our descendants who will inherited losses and costs to pay to try (if it’s even possible) to restore the environment.

For “pessimistic”, the previous message is defending a headlong rush. The majority of the world’s population now living in developing countries, their accession to the consumption patterns of rich countries can only lead to massive environmental degradation, so important and irreversible deterioration that even if they decide tomorrow protect the environment, there would be little left to protect, and they would be quite impossible to “recreate” a quality natural environment.

So if we understood, economic liberalism and its successor, neo-liberalism, they privatize profits and socialize the costs and losses.


The possibility and the need to make sense of history, human life has never been so relevant. Voltaire wrote in 1734 in his treatise on metaphysics: “I’ll try, studying the man to put me first out of her sphere and outside interests (…). Suppose, for example, born with the ability to think and feel that I have now, and not having the human form, I get off the globe of Mars or Jupiter. I can wear a quick view of all ages, all countries, and hence all the follies of this small world. “A historiographical program? The issue of renewal of a reflection on history is indeed perhaps in the renewal of scales of analysis.

We recently live in a New Era and we have the responsibility to improve our environnement.Si we see that we are wrong in establishing the current world order based on false and artificial material values, I will repeat a step back and leave the global social structure on solid spiritual foundations of altruism, compassion, sharing, taking into account collective discipline to face the threat of death suggests that the fanatics of the New World Order.

Understand that we are on the wrong road with capitalism triumphant, is not a condemnation nor a sin As you can see we are in error, coming up the sleeves, we spit in their hands and on … again!

It is simply a matter of will and courage to do so, because it is through fear (especially the psychological terrorism) that our governments will try to stop to think, and dare to hope.

You just have confidence in yourself!

I am an enemy of the state, … pardon an enemy of all the corrupt state of the Earth, I know they know this and yet I sleep very well with it, as I assume, as a defender of the Terre.Je am very proud of what I am … and I want everyone who wants to change something, the … are also proud of themselves!

I agree with Voltaire: currently we observed and that sooner or later we will be held accountable … because “we are not owners of the land, but merely … tenant and a tenant has a right of limited use!

Michel Duchaine

Truthseeker  and Truthteller