English version of the petition for … January 2 becomes “The Jimmy Guieu Day ” in hommage of the Truthseekers and Truthtellers!

WHEREAS many researchers around the world spend enormous efforts to diffuse light on a number of unexplained phenomena,

WHEREAS made ​​to honor these men and women will have a positive impact on the diffusion of science, literature and the rapprochement of cultures in the world,

WHEREAS precursors such as Jimmy quieu, Aimee Michel, Guy Tarade, Frank Edwards, Erik von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin recently (who died in 2010) marked the interest of all humanity for all that is unexplained, the paranormal, futurology, new science which exopolitics and exobiology … not to mention nanotechnology and research on extrasolar planets

WHEREAS many things that were once considered part of science fiction have become reality, proving the link between thought and creation,

WHEREAS January 2 marks the anniversary of the death of Jimmy Guieu and it makes sense to remind the world that it was:

One of the masters of European science fiction, one of the “Pioneers” of ufology (the discipline that studies the UFO (unidentified flying objects)), parapsychologist, specializing in esoteric and secret societies, it was lecturer and radio personality, author of numerous videos, making him a diffuser global influence many generations of thinkers, researchers and writers in many cultures on Earth

We, the signatories of this petition, ask that on January 2 of each year is now considered:






Jimmy Guieu,the initiator of the french ufology!