Quote of the month on the New World Order (May 2013)

I chose you to inaugurate this new monthly column, from the book by Jean Ziegler:

The new masters of the world” which I hope you will think about the future of our planet and the consequences to tolerate wage slavery of the New World Order.

John Ziegler

John Ziegler

At the heart of the global market, the predator. Banker, senior transnational company, operator of the world trade. It accumulates money, destroyed the state, devastating nature and human beings, corruption rots from the officers it provides services to people within it dominates.

For strong, but also for the weak who dream to join the happiness now is the solitary enjoyment of wealth gained by crushing others, by market manipulation, by merging ever more gigantic enterprises and accelerated accumulation of capital gains the most diverse backgrounds. Last date of invention in society greed patent life.

Market rationality havoc consciences, it alienates man and hijacks the host of a destiny freely debated democratically chosen. The logic of the commodity irreducible stifles freedom, unpredictable, ever enigmatic individual. The human being is reduced to pure market functionality.


Un grand livre !
A great book :’the new masters of the world “(in english)