A New Alliance for a New Era on Earth

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It is with pleasure that I announce a new development in my research to develop our new  World  Civil Disobedience Movement.

After much discussion , we agreed that the Koran, the Holy Qur’an , written by pious men of faith in the Middle East book, this book is not responsible for the use made of dangerous criminals and politicos to pay interest strictly matérialistes.Ces liars and distorters of truth using the holy words of the Koran , as many extremist preachers do in the West, with the Bible and the Torah Zionists .

There is nothing worse than pretending to have the Absolute Truth until the end of time … because time will eventually catch up to the Prophet himself ! Mankind will not have time to live long enough to know one percent ( 1%) of all knowledge of our immediate environment … so in terms of the whole universe, it is a shameful prétention.Seul , Grand Lecturer , God … and the gods of past eventually we learn, if they want it!


These dangerous mercenaries sold treachery New World Order since the dawn of time , make wars, light fires and then present themselves as liberators of peoples and firefighters have already destroyed since September 11, 2001 , the people U.S. itself , dividing , Afghanistan , Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria , Libya , Egypt, Syria, Mali , the Republic of Congo , the Central African Republic and j … ‘ fast .

I salute very low, President Assad of Syria and the Syrian people themselves have so manipulated and have for the first time since 2001, managed to reduce the New World Order , Zionism and the Wahhabis Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Israhell that finance and refuel .

I want to give my full supports the Turkish people who took to the streets to express his contempt of a corrupt totalitarian political system that violates the basic rights of all humanity and claiming the defender of those rights.

Over time, we can see that men considered dictators by NATO and by many countries under neoliberalism decadent , hate imperialism claiming free destroying , well these men after death have proven their great sense righteousness and objectivity.

Even if they were part of powerful secret societies , including the Illuminati among others, Mouhamar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein proved that want to pass over the heads of the governments of the United States of America and Europe to improve the condition of the peoples of the Middle East and Africa , that we become enemies of a ruthless globalist system , broken materialism and pillage of energy and vital resources of our planet to maintain control over their own the rest of the other peoples of the earth , without regard to the consequences for ecosystems and the global environment of the entire planet .

The only interest motivating supporters of NWO manipulated by various secret societies , various corporations, lobbyists and globalist organizations close to organized crime and high finance is the capitalist profit and maintain a standard of living , no matter deaths , broken dreams , extermination of animal or vegetable races, battlefields and love propre.Ces false prophets , these worshipers of materialistic power of money , these destroyers of national cultures , law Truth, the Knowledge , Freedom are now servants of the beast and the true ” Axis of Evil ” .

Recent political developments in France , we clearly show that the Zionists will not hesitate to destroy what remains of democracy in a country , in order to maintain power, while crossbreeding and destroying social cohesion and unit peuple.Au a minimum risk of destroying the existing social peace in France , they will not hesitate to start a civil war , to show off as defenders of order and justice after having been saboteurs.Les I know real Jews are not all Zionists arrogant and aggressive as the Minister Manuel Valls we montre.Les real Jews are happy to respect different opinions, love peace, accustomed to live in inner harmony with all religious beliefs and respect themselves without seeking to impose crushing their peers.

There are no more oppressed countries qu’Irahell he même.Ce country on land stolen palestiniennes.Israhell is an artificial production from the insertion of profiteers and excluded from all over the world, then that the Palestinians have been exiled … first by the British imperialists in the suggestions Zionist bankers who controlled the Bank of England. Führer Adolph Hitler himself was trying to solve the Jewish problem in Germany, promoting this ” Jewish State in Palestine ” by proposing a program accepted by Zionist leaders after discussion.Ce the Zionists themselves had declared war on the German Reich , just after the seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933 by the voice of British newspapers .

The leaders of the Third Reich were the main proponents of the Zionist state Israhell before the declaration of war on the Zionist point of Führer.En as leader ” of bright state , he simply sought to enforce , despite conspiracy he saw coming .

The United States of America and the United Kingdom have simply persisted in this idea, using the pretext of a perfidious lie publicized and staged at the end of the Second World War which was given the name of Shoa.Comme we see it is the victors who write the history books and we have a responsibility to bring out the truth of the heap of filth and lies conveyed by the Zionist France, the United States of America, Canada , Quebec … across the Commonwealth and around the world.

These bastards will not hesitate to kill to save their cause with their Islamist allies and neoliberals .

Believe that we can overthrow , defeat and judge before condemning the Justice of the Peoples of the World , but they remain peaceful and respectful of the democratic right would be dreaming in color because they are all murderers who have our eyes like victimes.Ils will not hesitate to order free without paying attention to side effects murders , because for them , innocent victims are collateral effects , because they give all rights to the world whole .

They always take for Masters World while in Communist China , the Triads who control the Chinese Communist Party and organized crime , prepare to replace them permanently.

This war of political power may throw humanity and many forms of animal and plant life in a certain Apocalypse .



There has to look at the many extreme weather events are increasing for several years ( tsunamis, hurricanes, forest fires , acceleration extensions deserts, melting glaciers and polar ice caps , droughts in some parts of the world and major rain in others, not to mention the unexpected chills near hot regions) that are all connected ensemble.La willingness of Chinese communist leaders to overcome the unfinished dreams, illusions and lies ” the American Way of Life” which is based on consumption and production and infinite unchecked, will worsen the climate and environmental conditions and consume a serious part of the world’s population in a short time again.

We operate as a locomotive going full steam ahead toward a concrete wall and whose driver would know the existence but would hide ( the existence ) to passengers under the pretext that promised them to arrive safely and that they pay their tickets.

Political leaders and billionaires , European, Zionist and Saudi know the disaster that moves the world in which you live all , but they keep you in the paradigm , lies and false hope that all is well that all is under contrôle.Ils tell you , forcing you to believe that you can trust them … but you all know it’s faux.Pendant many people exclaim sitting in front of their TV sets , on the many disasters s ‘ down on the surface of the world, themselves, they are already built safety shelters and prepare the aftermath of the end of the civilization they know close in temps.Ils leave you to die slowly while approaching disaster even greater that eventually a disaster hécatombe.Si expected too soon , they cause one to destroy at least 40 % of the world population.


Accordingly, for the purpose of unity and gathering , I reached out to my brothers in the Middle East , removing the petition launched for a number of months to unite all people of good will around the fantastic project but resolved and real offer real and essential human , sincere alternative to all mankind NWO and totalitarianism currently expanding in the world.

I hope to show you the example of trying to overthrow the corrupt regime that governs us , here in Quebec and make my small contribution in building a serious liberation movement in Quebec, my only homeland.

In Quebec , as in your country , we will have to defeat a powerful built on the basis of organized crime and corruption with collusion as allié.Nous system , the sovereign people of Quebec, ask you to respect the values ​​inherited from our ancestors and First Nations who occupied the ground to let us live in peace , without involving you in our federalist enemies and Zionists who will not hesitate to betray you and stab you in the back, the day we ended up dying in as a people, so unfortunately, it would happen .

We , the sovereign people of Quebec, believe that we have the right to establish a free and democratic country in the hope that this country is free of weapons and we can rebuild our destroyed by hundreds of years of bad environment gérances.Surtout , bad management contracts last fifty years under the tutelage of neoliberalism and colonialism lies decadent we are trying to keep us .

We , the inhabitants of the last surviving colony of the British Empire which both kill and slaughter for the sun never sets under their domination , we hope that you will consider our dream to live we, the day of our birth, our home our national independence.

You will say that we dream a lot with our debt of $ 261 billion, which we are only 8 million people , but we believe we will believe until we die .

I do not think you would , you, the people of Morocco , Algeria , Tunisia and Syria, become colonies or countries under French mandate , English or autres.Je think as Quebec and man of the world that you are proud of you.

If you want to live with us and share our future, why not share our liberation rather than collaborate with our financial slavery under the current colony administered by the centralizing federalism and criminal Canada.


Long live the World Civil Disobedience Movement !

Vive le Mouvement Quebec Civil Disobedience !

 Thank God , our homelands , our Justice, our family and our rights !

Vive Life, Animals of our Planet , our forests and our beautiful starry sky, Night and Blue Day !

Long live our democratic and human right to waive any harmful science for the good life !

Long live our Democratic and Human Right to waive any air pollution , oil, coal and greenhouse gas emissions for the sole use to walk or drive to make unnecessary items !

Today we announce to the world, our Legitimate Right to live in the truth and Liberté.Individuellement , each of us can make personal choices , but collectively we have the Fundamental Right to unite our human will collective Peoples

                                                                   Ensemble People Human Earth


under the World Social Project replace the oppression of the New World Order is left open war, with genocide project in mind , the better to maintain , despite the great economic and social crisis that has begun,


                                                              a New Era of Brotherhood and Cooperation Volunteer


to help each other together so that everyone can have a minimum chance to live without the deadly threat of a Third World War and many plagues manufactured and put forward by many deceitful politicians , corrupt , immoral and bloodthirsty lead us to the slaughterhouse.


We invite all political leaders who feel affected by this manifesto , to resign after writing a letter of apology to their people … this before sooner or later you end up suffering the Judgment and Sentence of the People,


                                                otherwise the Grand Lecturer many call God , Allah, Yavew , Boudah or one of its many names that define all !


                                          More than seven hundred years later, we take in our inspiring and projecting it towards you , The Curse of the Great Master of the Knights Templar , Jacques de Molay, unjustly sacrificed by fire to better plunder the property of the Holy Order to appease the bad management of a kingdom :

                                                            ” … We invite you to experience the Tribunal of God before the End of the Year ! “

                                                              ” Cursed , cursed be you until the Thirteenth generation of your races ! “


Long live the world revolution !

Down with the New World and Death of Nations Order!


Michel Duchaine

Researcher and Sayer of Truth

Citizen of Quebec and World

Friend of True Christians, Real Jews, True Muslims , Buddhists True

and all the Real Men and Real Women of Goodwill on our Planet!

I appeal to all of you, each of you , to make even a small step each day to denounce all this corruption

and reverse these bad governments , dangerous for all forms of life on earth !

I pray for all of you , and ask you to join my prayer is the birth of

 our political and spiritual will .

I expect , believe a Great King who will establish a kingdom that was once a Garden !

He will visit us soon and seeing the state of this kingdom , expand its Justice over the entire surface of the Earth!

… Because we know now that our actual sin is our tolerance for this dangerous system of Life and our complacency to believe that nothing will change , because we are carrying Death knowing that everything changes and that all will change … one day close!

By my mouth, my mind and my writings conveyed through this medium , we have all been warned!

I am not an agent !

I leave you with your conscience and in the hands of the One who comes to us … !