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The United States and four of their allies have made a gigantic network wiretap capable of intercepting telecommunications carriers worldwide. Since the end of the Cold War a top secret device known as Echelon does name is increasingly being used for espionage operations and … economic security.
Everyone knows the C.I.A.. Even citizens of the United States of America ignores the existence of the NSA
The NSA is a formidable machine to spy on and listen without any limit. It works without any democratic control.
All telephone conversations are captured by intrusive and automatically sorted by ultra-powerful computers ears. The fiction of George Orwell and his Big Brother omnipresent, is far exceeded by reality. U.S. agencies and their British partners, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand are part of the Echelon network.
A study of the European Parliament confirms all electronic communications, telephone and fax in Europe (and elsewhere) are routinely intercepted by the NSA.
The most secret branch of the NSA has spy satellites in relation to terrestrial stations that allow him to listen to all telecommunications in Europe, but also the entire planet. This “soft known as Echelon name, even if network” probably been renamed since the first revelations about her existence.

The Echelon network remains one of the best protected by U.S. spy secrets. One thing is certain though: the global espionage organization today is primarily non-military targets: governments, organizations, businesses, associations and individuals.

The newsworthy topics for this spy network are defined by the five countries involved in the operation on the basis of the pact UKUSA.This agreement organizes the distribution of tasks between the signatory countries: United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Each user can discover some secrets of NSA hitting on his computer two addresses: Kiosk / Mfi / War / index.html
This second site deserves special attention because it provides the information comes directly from the European Parliament. It is identified as the only PE 166.499/Int.St.exc.Sum./fr.
We learn that monitoring techniques can be defined as devices or systems to monitor, track and evaluate the movement of persons, property or other have. These techniques are primarily used to monitor the activities of dissident activists of human rights, journalists, student leaders, minorities, trade union leaders and political opponents. It has developed a very wide range of surveillance technology, through night vision goggles, parabolic microphones to detect conversations enjoyed a kilometer away, the, laser versions can surprise anyone any conversation behind a closed line of sight window, the camera strobe Danish JHA likely to take hundreds of pictures in a few seconds and individually photograph all the participants of an event or a parade and recognition system vehicle capable of following driver through the streets of a city through a geographic information system operating based cards.

Until the sixties, monitoring, essentially, was somewhat technical and expensive as it was to follow from place to place suspects, requiring up to six people working in teams of two and by three eight. All information collected and contacts should be typed and classified with little hope of rapid residual checks. Even electronic surveillance employed a large number of people. East German police, for example, resorted to service 500,000 secret informers, 10,000 of which were used only to listen and transcribe phone calls of citizens.

In the eighties, new forms of electronic monitoring have emerged and many of them have been to automate the interception of communications.
In 1993, the U.S. Departments of Defense and Justice have signed memoranda of understanding for “operations other than war and the rule of law” in order to facilitate the joint development of technologies and sharing. According to David Banistar of Privacy International, “to offset the cuts in defense contracts, which started in the eighties, the business computer hardware and electronics have developed new markets in the U.S. and abroad, with equipment originally designed for the military. Companies such as E.Systems, Electronic Data Systems and Texas Instruments selling advanced computer system and monitoring equipment to national governments who use them to maintain order, to control borders and social administration. The wildest of the East German secret police dreams are quickly becoming a reality in the free world “.


The mode of visual surveillance has dramatically changed over the last years. While the police and intelligence continue to shoot protesters and people who are interested but these images can increasingly be stored and used. The ultra miniaturization continues to make progress means that these devices can be made virtually undetectable and can be misused by individuals, businesses and public agencies.
The attitude to CCTV camera networks varies greatly in the European Union, the position of Denmark, which prohibits by law the use of this type of camera, the position of the United Kingdom, where there are hundreds of networks CCTV. A specific aspect is the legal admissibility of evidence provided by the digital information collected by the most advanced CCTV systems. This information shall be subject to most of the legislation on data protection if the information collected can be used by number plate or a function of time, for example.
Articles 3 and 13 of the Directive should not be a cover for the use of CCTV in all circumstances in a national context.
The Principality of Monaco who uses the system, which covers all the princely territory, has almost completely done away with the petty crime of Monte Carlo and Monaco.

The revolution in urban surveillance currently gives birth to a new generation of control when reliable face recognition systems are emerging. They settled initially in fixed locations, like turnstiles, customs, security gates, etc., to enable a standard full face recognition. The interim study estimated that in the early 21 th century, ie tomorrow, facial recognition on CCTV will be effective and that countries with infrastructure CCTV consider this technique as an operation for granted.
At the World Championship of Football, which was held in Paris in 1998, such systems have been successfully used by the French police.
In London, the American company Software and Systems has tested a medium able to scan crowds and compare the faces stored in a database contained in a computer relocated images. It has been proven in two attacks on gay clubs. The culprits were identified in less than forty eight hours.
We are on the cusp of a revolution in “algorithmic surveillance,” real data analysis through “complex algorithms for the automatic recognition and pursuit. This automation not only extends the thread that is monitoring, it also reduces the size of the mesh.
Similarly, vehicle recognition systems have been developed that are able to identify a license plate and follow the vehicle through a city using a computerized geographic information system. Principles of this type are now being marketed as the Talon system placed on the market in 1994 by the British company Racal at a price of 2000 pounds each. This scheme is capable of recognizing license plates from a neural network technology developed by Cambridge Neurodynamics, and can function plays at night. Originally, it was used to monitor traffic but its functions have recently been adapted for use in security surveillance and has been incorporated into the “security belt” around Londres.Ce device can record all vehicles entering or leaving the device on a given day.
Already multifunction systems, traffic management, such as “Traffic Master” (which uses recognition software to locate vehicles and quantify caps), allow the establishment of a monitoring architecture.
These monitoring devices raise important questions of responsibility, especially when they are issued to authoritarian regimes. The cameras used in Tiananmen Square were sold by Siemens Plessey as advanced traffic control systems.
However, after the massacre of students in 1989, a witch hunt was organized by the authorities tortured and interrogated thousands of people to identify subversive elements. Scoot surveillance system with U.S. Pelco cameras was used to record the events very closely. The images were broadcast repeatedly on Chinese television, accompanied by a reward for information that led to the identification of almost all opponents. once again, the democratic control is the only criterion that distinguishes a modern traffic control system of advanced technology to arrest dissidents. Foreign companies export control systems traffic in Lhasa, Tibet, Lhasa, while no known problem of traffic control!
An arsenal of listening and interception devices has been developed to record conversations and intercept telecommunications. In recent years, there has been beucoup issue in many European countries, the widespread practice of legal and illegal wiretapping and installation of miniature microphones. However, the installation of these is outdated technology. Modern spies can buy laptops suitable for this purpose and simply set it to all mobile phones plugged into the sector by moving the cursor to the number of these devices. The machine can even search for “interesting” numbers to see if they are connected. These kinds of listening but are poor in comparison to the interception of government operating at the national and international networks.


Internet, satellite, telephone, finance, business and science: nothing escapes the attention of the National Security Agency. Should it be considered an enemy state or as a global conservation organization of nations and citizens? As the languages ​​of good Aesop, it can be the worst and the best of things. For many it proves negative! “ENEMY OF STATE” the first film about the American Secret Service was portrayed as a rather dull day!

Narcotics gadgets mounting breathtaking, impeccable documentation: Enemy of the State is more than a banal thriller. It reveals that the NSA once concentrated towards the Soviet Union and all its allies, now greatly expanded its scope on the order of successive U.S. governments
The STOA interim study, published in the executive summary in September 1998 shows that the scenario, it is a bit stained paranoia, is still well below the truth! This analysis provides a detailed global surveillance systems that facilitate monitoring of masses of all telecommunications, including telephone, fax transmissions and e-mail, whether those of private citizens, political rights, trade union or business. Recently there has been, on wiretapping, a policy shift. Instead of investigating the crime (a reactive approach), the law enforcement agencies are pleased to bring more work on the monitoring of certain social classes and races living in certain sensitive areas. It is a kind e computer ensures preventive nature, based on the military model to collect huge amounts of information unimportant.
All communications in the European Union are intercepted by the NSA.
It seems necessary today to open their eyes to this subtle form of espionage, which it seems difficult to escape.

(Sources: Guy Tarade)