Manifesto of the People’s Power for Quebec Constitution of the State of Quebec

January 9, 2013

drapeau patriotes lys 03_we the peopleI have given my consent to the use of certain information that I have to disclose to foreign allies, so that they can develop an international action to support people in Quebec’s National Patriotic March for Freedom and Justice .

On this National Patriotic Quebec aims to reclaim … standing and not kneeling … a simple Constitution of the State of Quebec to write who we are, where we live, with whom and what ” values ​​that we share! “

Numerous consultations currently underway on social networks to spread publicly the future of the ripple effect that might have, our cohesion solidarity with many liberation struggles around the world.

The avowed aim: a great challenge!

The avowed aim of the liberation of the people of Quebec is to the First Barrier NWO creating a first liberated people in North America.

Freeing the people of Quebec financial shameful slavery which it is submitted, we will have a free hand to support a Second American Revolution necessitated by the height of the debt, higher than the Himalayas and the loss of control, by the American people, its government and its justice.

We consider time that “Enlightened Human”, there are no boundaries to organized crime, totalitarianism, slavery and the physical security of all forms of life on Earth, even those we do not see.

Accordingly, we believe in “Self Defense State” on all levels: social, economic and political.

By cons, we will not run any drop of your precious blood, even if everyone knows or learns us how you, the political leaders of North America,’re dangerous criminals, murderers sitting on their thrones walleye, poisoners consciences, embezzlers of public funds, Crusher of independent peoples and immoral no spiritual consciousness.

You are worthy heirs of the “Manufacturers two world wars of the twentieth century!”

Justice will be done … but!

The Revolution begins, will eventually send you all to jail, you corrupt politicians in Quebec and throughout North America, in order to serve the Judgment of Peuple.Bien course, you will abide in the expectation that we change the lax laws and protective for you and your little friends.

We hope and wish that you are judged by a New Law Code established by the Sovereign Peoples of North America, which is part of Quebec … himself hoping at least one constitution to allow him to define and breathe a little of Liberty which was right, other sovereign nations of the world.

The time now is against you, but for the Freedom of the People!

Because … it is the nature of prisoners  to dream about Freedom!

French people of America who dares to even survive on the land we call Quebec, came after more than two hundred and fifty years of colonialism in arrears for more than fifty years of African decolonization and over forty years of political misrepresentation our National Assembly of Quebec.

We can say that we have a hard life, but I do not know if you can imagine, you are the “phonies” that you look in the mirror in the morning, thinking that we, the citizens of Quebec, are poor idiots with no future, but your time is up.

Earlier, the bell will ring and recreation will end for you!

When the people will wake up for good, deciduous Laws that govern us, will change …. and your fate, too!

Ended pension funds indexed to the cost of living tax-supported small workers whose wages will fall, but pension fund themselves!

No more boyfriends corrupt politicians who are given positions and positions additional reward for their silence and their dark night activities.

No more “Beautiful Cabins” $ 2 million and a half paid out of the misappropriated funds “False Public Contracts road!”

Finished your coexistence with organized crime … because we understand that you’re part of! … Our weariness list is too long to list here!

So we, the people will dismiss you as the most radical and the most respectable of all:


The last thing we need from you, the current elected politicians to “pseudo” National Assembly of Quebec is to allow us to change the rules of the game that you fake (called democracy) before ” go you see elsewhere, “it should not take too long!

Incidentally, our National Assembly became increasingly since the election of Jean Lesage, in 1960, a dark theater or extras know who pulls the strings of the viewers perceive better, because too large .

So you have aged badly wrong and nobody, except you yourself, in your circus in bankrupt.

The time has now come from … and in silence, because we are tired of hearing you lie!

We the people of the last survivor colony of the British Empire!

We, the slaves kept alive this colony, are composed of nations coexisting with French Quebec First Nations, Métis Nation of Quebec and a certain percentage of English-speaking citizens … who have to get up every morning to go to work . We are the 99% of people upon whom the capitalist economy!

We fatten our masters and exploiters we live out of the system!

We are tired of suffering social injustice organized by the alliance of organized crime and political power, under the supervision of a Lord worthy of Versaille! The 1% in Quebec!

Our condition is like that of Hebrew slaves who were making bricks for Pharaoh, so as not to die!

We are still at the moment, the most taxed people in North America, while slum confused!

We the People Quebec demand the right to have our minimum Constitution of the State of Quebec!


Michel Duchaine,

Writer,Truthseeker and Truthteller!