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Past,present and future of the « society of humans »


It is modeled on the past, we can build the future …

The Neolithic hunters, gatherers and nomads have become pastors, they built villages and acquired the concept of ownership. With the notion of ownership, was born the concept of force: « homeland defense ». Conquer, catch and keep …

At the time Taurus, people became homeowners and warriors. As they spent their time fighting, they were no longer working. So they took the slaves who did the work. It should be remembered that the American Indians had no sense of ownership. They said: « The Earth is our mother, she feeds us, and we do not cut his mother to pieces. » At that time, everything belonged to everyone … When the whites went there, with their mentality, they asked: « Whose is this land? » The native replied: « A person ». The whites said « Oh!?, Then it is our …!». And you know the rest … It brought home the misery, they did not know.

In the subsequent evolution, we brought the horse, beef, and about 1875, the steam engine, telegraph etc.. Since then, growth is such that one becomes more and more powerful. But what about this constructive power in the human, social, ecological, global? We do not yet understand much about the art of controlling our powers …

In cultural terms:

People left the countryside to move to the cities. The peasants worked in factories. They had the right to education, to learn to read and write. Just middle school. Soon there were too many workers and too many students. So we increased the tuition because it is better for young people in school, rather than the street. Soon there were too many students. In universities, it makes the selection much more severe. They increased the amount of material to study (not to give better training, but to regulate the selection). Farming has declined sharply, stocks are destroyed to keep prices and give a subsidy to farmers to live decently.

The organization of working time:

In the last century, a work day lasted 12 or 13 hours a week for eight days were 85 to 90 hours .. Now the day is eight hours and the 40 hour week. Some companies give 6 hours days. Then we proposed the ¼ time, part-time … The evolution of our time offers no other alternative than having to reduce working time. This situation causes panic. For centuries, the work was the reason for being. They equated their personality to their activities and pay month-end was a source of pride and security.

Work = exist, seem, can compare themselves to others and be in permanent competition with its environment in a horrible feeling « of the fittest » which means « well-enforced cannibalism » The stronger eat the weaker and so on until only one remains … As said the famous sentence: « … And if there’s only one left, I’d be one!  »

We’re so focused on « work » as an essential of life, in our mind, any man who does not work is considered a slacker, a profiteer, a useless parasite of society, or a bad citizen as someone with psychological disorders … Work has become essential to the individual in social terms, mental and physical.

Man is the only animal that can not find everything he needs in his natural environment. The man lies on his natural rights: « The survival of the fittest, » « defeat to live etc. … « With this rule we get nowhere. The men eat them, not wolves! When one wants to demolish another man, not a bad conscience, one is convinced at first that it is not worth living, and it creates a sub-human, ie that this man has the right to be destroyed because it is not really a man. Racism, Nazism is here! except that the Nazis were racist even in the same skin color. For many years it has caused the enslavement of more freedom for the privileged few.

There is a serious mistake in the idea of productivity:

It said: « The more we produce, the more there is work … « Not true! The opposite happens … Modern technology, robotics and computer produce a lot while reporting much more. This should allow men to have more free time and even get paid to do nothing (unemployment benefits, etc.). Some companies retain workers paid to do nothing … to maintain the illusion! In fact, the company has less need of human labor to fill its needs. This means positively, that we are liberating themselves from the bondage of work, as at the time of Eden, before the punishment of God « You shall work by the sweat of your brow … « This punishment is about to be lifted … Alas, men appear in the streets to maintain … It is from the golden age, but obviously there are still many problems to solve in our society.

Today, we come to absurd conclusions like this:

– Since we have fewer and fewer workers – there are too many unemployed!

– Since the purchasing power decreases! – Too minimex

– That the state has less money! – Whether the economy slows down!

– What businesses go wrong! – That there is overcrowding!

– That there are too many foreigners …

– That there are too many pensioners (pension reduction = less consumer …)

– We will no longer be able to feed everyone! So foreigners at the door …!

It’s a joke! It happens so that each year we must destroy the surplus to maintain prices. Supermarkets are destroying, day after day of huge amounts of food still good for consumption … There is a monumental waste to keep prices! There was plenty of food for everyone!

Capitalism = produce more than you invested.

This idea is wrong. It goes against the principle of conservation. To do so, we must cheat. Or you do not pay someone, or we sell the wind. We will sell anything more expensive than its actual value = profit, so a continuing obligation to cheat. We will make objects of lesser quality, to speed performance. Therefore produce more and break more to produce more …

We must find the slaves who work very cheap. So we take the foreign labor and we’ll do more work … Now, we are trapped because the industries produce in quantity of products that nobody can buy because: less work = less money = less shopping. As this situation occurs at almost all countries, exporting is not profitable. We turn in circles …

Example of speculative system:

We will buy roasted coffee or not, at very low prices in Colombia. This cafe is on site, but speculators are in London. They sell the coffee, for that they will be spread rumors, like: « The harvest was bad, too much rain, could be a shortage of coffee etc … » to make prices rocket. This same coffee will be repurchased and resold several times, each time with a profit. In Colombia, people are suffering … This technique, stock market, is practiced with everything the same way!

Another example:

A plant with a production value of six million, is interesting for its products. Some manipulators are « a rumor overrated » about this plant. The shares become more valuable. In exchange, there buy / sell, still buy / sell always at a profit … The plant has not grown an inch, it has not changed, it remained the same … The ultimate purchaser « pigeon » comes to account, it creates a crash and some have lost everything … They are ruined and some fail at suicide! And we continue this system cannibal … One loses his life trying to win it!

What then of our overproduction?

We create advertising that will create the need … So instead of building things that serve human needs, we will manipulate humans for their needs correspond to things built! In short: the trick is to buy unnecessary things while pretending that it is essential to our needs!

In fact what the money:

Money is nothing more than fuel. It errs on the concept of money. Money should be a genuine exchange value! Gold instead of a concrete value, it is speculative! We must demystify money: you can not link money to work.

Initially the money was a means of barter and currency market, and blocks of gold traded … Then, pieces were struck with a figure. Rulers struck their currencies to their effigies or their weapons (blasons.) Then came the confusion between power and money and we’re left more …

At the French Revolution, began to run out of gold. The Lombards, the Templars and the Jews, created the promissory note.

For security reasons, people left their gold to guard the banks and bankers soon realized that the height of these stocks will never diminish. So they had the idea of vicious people start paying … They created a fictitious promissory note is a good match to claim the gold stored. Soon, it was created more than promissory notes that there was gold stored …

Example: A bar of gold bullion for the photo = = move to the photo of the ingot to retrieve the ingot. One day a wise guy said, « because I have a picture, I make photocopies …

The phenomenon of unemployment:

So the full-time work is not really possible. The part-time work, does not really the same benefits. If we reduce working hours by reducing the salary, we can use our free time to do something else …

Purchasing power and sense of security decreases. We can not count the number of bankruptcies … and in case of bankruptcy, the taxes are not paid, social security is not paid, so that will have to repay, Everybody …

So to summarize: fewer and fewer people work and the few people who still work have to pay more tax …

Throughout history, there have been long periods of unemployment. In general, the problem was solved by war. It destroyed everything, rebuilt and there is work for the survivors. We know the definition of war: « War is made by those who do not know why they had made, organized by those who did not do it, but know very well why …  »

40/45 War has removed the equivalent number of the unemployed before the war. What are the major economic powers at the moment: the losers of the last war: Germany and Japan!

History has proved that it was not really a solution. We must find something else. It’s stupid to tear down what has always taken time and energy to build. We are busy making the same mistakes, and we prepare the Third World War …

The Gulf: Too much oil we consume too little, where falling prices …

As the Iraqis and Iranians beat their top, it suits well the global economy, because thanks to this, oil production is not excessive. In addition, because there is too much oil is flowing in a few. As is reimbursed by insurance (ie us) This suits many people.

The major powers provided arms and we also … Israel and also supplies weapons to both sides …

Now, what are the wages of workers? :

Is removed from the gross salary, 50% of charges and taxes that pay for the unemployed, politicians, pensions, jobs « created. »

The robot is cool, but they do not pay taxes. The boss found there, but there is no redistribution of taxes … Therefore, the state must compensate by drawing all kinds compensatory allowances …

This system is not sustainable because there will not be enough workers to pay for it. Thus, public debt increases.

At what point did we lose our freedom?

From the introduction of the current banking system. Very practical, very clever … for whom? Banks have each of us.

Banks finance wars: How the heads of state could they provide if not in arms? Every major war, men were killed by weapons financed by their own country sometimes … Who benefits from wars?

Banks lend: For countries with difficulties. These indebted countries do what they want. They must give cons in part, a mining right on their products, their agricultural resources and so on.

Credits: Credit cards: The permanent temptation! The headlong rush into the fog! They are made to prolong the illusion … While holding people in prison mental, moral … It’s a vicious circle!

We are all indebted and live in anguish of not knowing repay and losing what little they had acquired on credit. Banks lend at usurious rates and spend his life to pay. The higher interest costs of all kinds are being added each month to repay more happens. After years, it has already returned three or four times the amount borrowed …

All this power struggle to fund our ambitions, we are so concerned that no longer reflects … We no longer know how to break a cycle. Our external signs of wealth, our desires seem to have the same thing the neighbor, we pay dearly!

     We are prisoners of the system and are weighed down under its weight.

Those who do not adhere to the system are rapidly eliminated in one way as another. In America, some great presidents have wanted to change things … They were all murdered. Whenever a « president », where a « leader » does not adhere to any requirements made of occult powers, it is « broken » by scandals or murders. (Lincoln, Kennedie etc..) Same here, if a minister wanted to stop the system « usury rates » and other banking practices, it could certainly be major problems. It is not surprising that the meddle of a scandal can to neutralize it.

A friend told me 15 years ago, « you’ll see, we will be so scared to have cash because of insecurity, we will all magnetic cards for payments. (It is) « Then we will be so embarrassed by all the cards, they will ultimately have an implant with a barcode on the forearm. It will just have to pass a scanner and we know all of us … All these codes will be included in the mainframe called « THE BEAST » in the Bible. « (We do not have barcode implant, but we are already number in the beast …)

To join the society you must be registered. He who will not be, where that form of punishment would be banned, no longer ID, can no longer do business in short, no longer exist …


Only our most valuable assets are our lives and our free will. c.à.d.vivre free to choose what we want and not what we want!

The financial operation:

Currency Banking:

Ex: A merchant submits its recipe of the day at the bank. In exchange, he receives a receipt. The banker said: « Since you have an account with us, instead of taking money, taking checks »

Checks = promise to pay. Very quickly appeared the NSF and checks stolen. Some have claimed that money did not exist. Checks rested a lot of problems … Attempts to remove them.

Since people do walk around with more money in his pocket but with promises to pay, banks therefore propose to continue to lend, and they extend their credits. We are ready for fabulous sums on values that are virtually stored. If tomorrow everyone would find his money in the bank, it would panic, because long ago that the money is gone.

This system continues to operate against all logic. If the system works with huge debts and play money is that money does not at all the magical value attributed to it. He also lends a moral value

We must demystify the money, absolutely … To avoid a new society of rich and poor.

The biggest karmic burden of the West, is to have preached charity and never having practiced.


Sources: leisure activities, what for? J. Harrington

Conf. L.D Alès and E. DORION

And if there came a time when it will delay retirement to enjoy his time off for a few years?

Many pessimistic, traditionalist, saying: « It is not possible … People will do anything good in their free time … The young people will linger or even worse …  »

Try to be optimistic and look at the program:

• The work was considered a disposition and recreation as a liberation. We become free …

If you looked in the Larousse dictionary definition of the words:

WORK: the Latin Trepalium = instrument of torture!

UNEMPLOYMENT: the Latin Caumare = rest during the heat … We’ll work less: the better we’ll be able to look after us and others. Give more value to the individual « is sold, you sell your knowledge.

· There will be a swinger community structure, a global society that values individual.

Aquarius new ideas:

We’ll demystify money by replacing it with a currency distributive:

A non-currency thésorisable:

– Everyone is entitled to a personal account maintained for life. All will benefit from social production in solidarity. At each bring in more trash, than everyone will be prosperous. The work will no longer be bound to pay but the services rendered. This will be a relationship between parents and children, free exchanges. In this system, income would be a legacy of the usufruct for life.

The machines will manufacture for there to be enough for everybody. If a manufactured product is not purchased, we will stop making it, because it is useless.

We have no further interest in the war, because everyone will be happy.

Robots and machines produce what we need, the computer can handle everything.

We will create an interdependence, first version of love because the word « I love you » means « you cover my needs. »

– You will not know to buy more goods than there is available and you will have no incentive to buy more goods that you will consume.

– You will not know eating more than the volume of your stomach. This will not help to have 3 or 4 houses, because you will not know resale. Why would people buy a house because they would be entitled by birth.

– We will not fly over: because by birth, we will all be over and that since we can not resell it. This currency will no longer be supplied by a bank, so we will not take more interest on it. this investment will be provided by any society.

The right to life for all men.

We’ll get bored do you think? Imagine your days:

How to upgrade to a sedentary society? :

The existence of leisure will play a fundamental role in our daily lives and our future.

What all this time of freedom:

Those inhabited by certain passions, will quickly how to use their days. The others will find a number of possibilities:

– Travelling, excluding neither the time nor the money …

– Soon intergalactic mini trips. (Fiction becomes reality)

– Thanks to the systems movement growing fast, it will be in Nice on the beach in the morning and evening with us …

– Take courses in music, singing, painting, theater,

– All learning in all areas to make us useful in all sectors.

– Exchanging his car against another …

– Exchanging his home city against a campaign to wherever we want to change …

– Helping each other …

– Making the desert green and productive in the world, so there will be room and food enough for everyone …

– Circle the children of love and attention …

– Circle the elderly who are no longer confined to old people’s homes …

– Everyone will bring his qualities, his personality, his knowledge of the profits of others.

– Go listen and see what others are doing: Concerts, etc..

– Read, write, photograph …

– Perform a variety of sports for fun and for windfall gains …

With mountains to climb, oceans to explore, caves to explore, museums to visit, to observe the heavens, do you really think it is nothing to do with our time …?

Completed stress, nervous disorders, jealousy …

It is not unrealistic!

If we go back in history, said some « primitive » has lived almost exactly like that, (but without our fabulous technology to serve), and yet they were happy …