An Iota — Ricardo Sexton

‘Imagine’ – JL died. Popularity passes The world’s lyrics fizzes night into day The Word reside in His sincerity masses JC: — « My words will never pass away » So, under any circumstance or expense Trade your « sight » and do not confuse: – Having the right with being right ‘or’ Being educated with having intelligence Lobbyist […]

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I’m Being Asked — Ricardo Sexton

What can change in a year? To life, at the edge of a pier In it but not knowing a thing Coming to knock everything Our experiences amuse us Differences ignores choice Potentials can’t doubt a be – Principals taunts the free Happenings, that I never, Heard. Thought (or) Said: Have turned into my lever […]

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• Beyond The Horizon — Ricardo Sexton

The tide is cheerful The view is beautiful The time is priceless The life is sleeveless We’re family. ‘Friend to the end’ (No pretend) sometimes the day …is painted with seconds of grey So, the time tics in a gradual way Often, only the drizzle to smear …nothing goes as we’ve planned From, ‘no’ more […]

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EFFERVESCENCE — Ricardo Sexton

The horizon ahead extends the ‘float of mind’ At dusk, an off colour growth, a pleasure find Ties are lost, farfetched to (craving & breath) Much fragrance, such regrets, but no regress The thought is alternative to ‘vital & absence’ Solitude forces, strengths the temp essence Words are poured into ‘immensity of the sea’ Powerful […]

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Change Is A Must To Remain The Same. — Ricardo Sexton

The temple is a four-wall. No getaway! The sample, an ordinary day of Sunday The night is an example of ‘here awhile’ The break makes and smears the smile This commotion by washing is a given To finally stop existing and begin living A change is a must to remain the same A game, a […]

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