Manifesto of the Fraternity of Citizens of Quebec

Dear friends of the United States of America, Africa, Oceania and all Commonwealt Nations, let me here you translate the English version of the Manifesto of the Fraternity of Citizens of Quebec.
We believe that this text can be adapted to all cultures and languages ​​used on Earth.
We believe that allowing the philosophy of a global movement wanting to change the world, we increase the possibility of abolishing the New World Order, one day.
This awareness perrmettra reflection for developing the transition to the New Era, in which we are joined recently.
Thank you for reading and spread the vision for a better world.

Pouvoir au Peuple!
Power for People!


WE ARE FIGHTING … even if everything seems calm!

Since the 2008 economic crisis, the Occupy Movement in Europe, the Occupy Wall Street movement in the U.S. and Occupy Movement Montreal Quebec show that millions of people in the world have realized that capitalism is enough! « We are the 99% » * and we do not think that the only purpose of humanity is to produce, consume and spend his life to compare prices in a market economy mondialisée.Il there for weeks or only things we hear on our workplaces in Quebec, are observations of increases or decreases in the price of gasoline, bread, butter and clothing. We will have to choose between the survival of a stupid and violent absurd system that makes profit and its sole purpose the survival of our humanity, our environment, our planet. So is the survival of peoples (99%) or is the survival of a controlled 0.01% of the population for his own choice bénéfice.Notre real social project system, and it is nothing other!

Since the election of September 4, 2012, we were all surprised and amazed and shocked by the extent of the stranglehold of organized crime on the administration of the state. This control only affects not only the provision of contracts in the field of construction by corrupt administrators of our towns and cities, but also key to the administration of justice into our même.Nous are all able to see that many police officers have also been affected by this epidemic of corruption that shows us that this is a political system that is built on corruption and collusion.

This is not just changing the Prime Minister and political party that we will change this state of affairs, we can clearly see, even very well with the latest political appointments and making economic and social positions of the current minority government of Quebec.

We must look reality in the face of the problem in its full extent, if we define the remedy to administer.


We, the people of Quebec can not even speak of a constitution that protects our rights, establishes our duties as citizens and citizens and defines the powers of the state and our elected officials.

We do not even have a common paper speaks of « We the People » … or Equality, Fraternity or Equal legally, because this has been overlooked by our elected since the end of the mandate dernmier or the National Union for the first time, a serious political party had challenged and motto: Equality or Independence.

We just have that laws passed in parliament whose legitimacy is douteuse.Comment otherwise explain the reform of 1968, which means the government of Jean-Jacques Bertrand was change the Legislature Act. Thus, it abolished the Legislative Council at the same time establishing a unicameral parliament which elected Chamber was named National Assembly.

National Assembly … was named … without consulting the people itself! So we do not have democratically elected but firm direction from the British colonial institutions!

So since Jean-Jacques Bertrand, any of the governments of the Quebec Liberal Party and the Parti Québécois could decide to pass a law declaring formal independence of Quebec, but they would never have done, because the status quo suited them and perpetuated the « state of lawlessness » colonialist!

Wanting to liberate Quebec is to scrap first and foremost, the remains of the symbols of British imperialist monarchy.

Want to release Quebec is wanting to clean things in the organization of government « legitimately elected by the people » starting afresh on a new solid base, a call to the People!

Want to release Quebec is wanting to get rid of the dead wood that we administered under the false title fonctionnaire.Un top official in 2013 in Quebec, it’s a little Liberal or PQ friend who is lucky enough to be born at the right time and that is the right place when called to appoint its citizens poste.Les Quebec very familiar with the favorable pension of officials that they will continue to pay their taxes, even if they have not even right themselves and themselves to a pension fund that would tenth of these benefits généreux.La vast majority of Quebec and Quebec’s future generations will get by and survive in a world where descendants of the current senior officials will continue to waste public money.

We need to include the words Liberty, Equality and Fraternity over the doors of our future National Assembly, because it, soiled by corruption, collusion, organized crime and the influence of secret societies, makes us shame and dishonor do not even deserve.

I am ashamed of this impotent government since September 4, 2012, which was built on lies and continues to rely on political parties that we all know suspects.Le become the first gesture of Marois government would be ban and abolish the Liberal Party of Quebec when we all know his criminal links from years.The Charbonneau Commission has only put the facts to light.

Rather than do the work with a minimum of courage, our ears are folded with the sovereignist Parti Québécois credo that everyone is questioning its application given the corrupt environment in which it bathes.


We believe that the only meaningful political method of compliance would lead the fight against the mafia power banksters, multinational owned by oligarchic families diverted to Desmarais and Rothschild and powerful occult powers of organized crime interests, the n ‘ is that the dressing and the politicians who do not fundamentally challenge these occult powers, are either purchased or threatened, or idiots.

We believe that the old system of making policies and the hiring of senior public service appointments are an affront; workers in Quebec and the need to reform the outdated system inherited from colonialism, dismissing the great most of the officials politiques.C is abolishing the privileges we will create equality so dear to the French Revolution of 1789.

– We believe that the abolition of the current National Assembly, in its operation is the only « space » we have left to fight against this transnational oligarchy that wants to impose a global financial dictatorship, perpetuating a political system inherited another siècle.Nous are some of the people we need to modernize democracy and not retain a parliamentary anachronism that perpetuates social inequality by birth, wealth and political ties.

We believe that non-violence and truth are the basis of our struggle for our « emancipation of the slaves by the masters of finance and corruption. »

We refuse to work as much as possible in all businesses adverse health and environmentally hazardous.

We refuse to buy a press orders of financial power and fuel consumerism, marketing and lies.

We refuse to submit to master sneaky but what the real « monetary system of Fractional Reserve » or, in other words, handling the money « debt » issued by banks.

We refuse to vote for candidates in Quebec elections that will not address the problem with free money and do not offer their program to nationalize the banks so that the money becomes the property of the people and not a tiny minority hidden (EDF * and * Bilderberg Group).

We propose to use less and buy healthy, local origins (Quebec buy first).

We propose to boycott the products of multinational corporations (Monsanto, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nestle, L’Oreal, etc.).

We propose to stop borrowing from banks and make the most of our money from our account to leave only the minimum.

We propose to inform us of the reality and truth of our society and make it known to our friends and our neighbors around the world.

We offer live differently and develop more links with our neighbors, our colleagues and fellow citizens in general, throughout Quebec, Canada, the United States and around the world.We encourage our friends from all over the world to support the citizens of Quebec in their struggle for Freedom, Justice and his homeland.

We caution the « corrupt political system in Quebec » that in the event too much tolerance towards corrupt politicos and corrupters of the Quebec Liberal Party, in the event that the gangsters are not sent to prison, and that even the Quebec Liberal Party wins the next general election in Quebec (Majority way), with 30% of votes for example, we would estimate that democracy will definitely dead in Quebec … and enterrée.Le use civil disobedience « muscular » is, at this time, became the last and only way to liberate « the Fatherland in Danger » and give him his only indépendance.Le way we will stop killing us and pick up our bodies, because you never have our respect and if you start do, we will be self-defense, we, your people of Slave Insoumis that puts you at the door of power and bin of history.

We Quebec Patriots challenge you openly and without a mask!

By their propaganda « The New Watchdogs » dictate « credible » speech and manipulate us to make us believe that there is no alternative to neo-liberalism and capitalism. Fortunately the internet is a good alternative to the boycott and ostracism practiced controlled by the oligarchy of the Desmarais family or the media to Peladeau. Wake up and do spread the word, we are millions! Send this text by e-mail, copy it on your blog, publish, print and distribute it everywhere and all the time!

In a global spirit of brotherhood, of Quebecers have adapted this written by French citizens, in June 2013 text.

We ask translators to Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom or elsewhere who would like to adapt the text to the cultural context of the country to keep the « spirit ».

Our work is global and our goal is to unite us to propose an alternative to the New World Order!

We live in a New Era; build the Future of Life and Hope for Generations to come!


Michel Duchaine

Senior Editor of the current text.

Quebec and the Vikings in Greenland: two similar people and threatening future

« The refusal to accept the inevitable changes, as unpleasant as they are, plays a big role in the misfortune of men, because it condemns them to suffer its worst forms a reality that they are depriving themselves of action because of accept the view: shall we like the Vikings in Greenland?  »

(Jared Diamond:. Collapse How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
(Gallimard, NRF Essays, 2006)

Since the election of 4 September 2012, the Parti Quebecois has tried everything to give political legitimacy, despite its state of « minority government » in the National Assembly of Quebec.

When I had finished reading the above statement, Jared Diamond, I immediately made the connection with Quebec society any entière.Il are many similarities between the Greenland Viking society and that of the French Quebec current.


Many archaeological remains exposed Vikings in Greenland.
Many archaeological remains exposed Vikings in Greenland.

First, the Vikings have always refused to share and adopt the lifestyle of the Inuit who lived on this vast territory for several millennia before the arrival of the French drakkars.Les who tried to settle in the territory Quebec, known as Kanada, at the time of Jacques Cartier, were saved in extremis by the diligence of the Indian to make a first winter and they were almost decimated by typhus.

This stubbornness in wanting to protect their way of life must be genetic somewhere, because now in 2013, we still want to keep the artificial lung on the welfare state that has served so well neoliberalism in electoral periods previously.

While all that is left seems to monopolize the political vision of « fake change » continue to hammer the spirit of Quebec workers the necessity of the struggle for political sovereignty … while a large cleaning is required to the Assembly Nationale.Personne no longer believe anything that touches Quebec politics, except politicians themselves mêmes.Les MPs who managed to get elected or re-elected in the electoral system from another century, are increasingly disconnected from reality and more looking for ways to get re-elected and to maintain a system they know outdated, corrupt, illegitimate, infiltrated by capitalist influences crass and brutally tied to slavery and parasitic values . relive I think the words of Louis-Joseph Papineau, after more than seventy five years.

While the greatest economic crisis in history known great strides toward us, while we lose thousands of good jobs and the defense of « Quebec values » becomes more and more fundamental, the government of Pauline Marois just looking to stay place.On seeks to blind people on real issues, on real problems.

By blocking the creation of the Economic Development Bank of Canada, the opposition parties seemed to hear an alarm. This is a signal that tends to make it clear to the Parti Quebecois government to look to hang at least a scapegoat to protect the mountain stench rises nez.Combien of billions of dollars have been distributed to the winds during the Liberal government of Jean Charest? Does the PQ trying to forget that you need to punish those who looted the coffers of the state, threatened all the institutions of Quebec collaborating with organized crime and lose confidence in the future!

How, following the recent hearings of the Charbonneau Commission, can we tolerate the current mayor, Alexandre Duplessis Laval when we know that a system of collusion has been established and that he himself, the new mayor, participated ? Can you imagine that? because the « boss » is gone, corruption and crime are left with … and because it imposes a responsibility of the government of the city of Laval, there will be more brown envelopes in the sets?

How can we trust anyone sitting

In the National Assembly when it comes to finding out what does not work and threaten to try to make this system is supposed to work alone and called « JUSTICE »?

We all feel, in Quebec, as the politicos who managed to get elected, will continue to fill their pockets by promoting their boyfriends … so they will not take hold in the sack … themselves!

Liberals and caquistes play biceps and play the vulnerability of the minority government. Minority and unpopular.

Wait until the next election in Quebec, to the great household is a little believing in Santa Claus, … but also for sure and wait for the « much » worse replaces the worst!

Philippe Couillard elect to administer Quebec, under the mandate to the work that needs doing is asking Al Capone to administer the city of Chicago, in 1932 … rather than send him to prison.

Hear the Minister of Revenue about economic growth when Europe is on the brink of financial collapse, when the U.S. debt grows at an exponential rate and that all financial experts agree in predicting a Major Economic Crisis (Crisis Crises) is to believe that the minister comes from another planet.

Those who currently administer Quebec dangerously play the ostrich, imagining that the lion is blind, deaf and dumb!


This business visible from the road to the Epiphany is central to many operations related to corruption ... as you understand that I do not need to name it.
This business visible from the road to the Epiphany is central to many operations related to corruption … as you understand that I do not need to name it.

This business visible from the road to the Epiphany is central to many operations related to corruption … as you understand that I do not need to name it.

This business visible from the road to the Epiphany is central to many operations related to corruption … as you understand that I do not need to name it.

Worse by giving in this way, we show organized crime, how to get out.

The proof of our mismatch the great changes that are coming from around the Earth, we have only to listen to Ms. Marois talk about his willingness to support economic « sacred » growth capitaliste.Pire system, it seems endorse the draft Plan Nord, so dear to Jean Charest and maligned worldwide.

As we recently learned that the team of Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, while he was in office, was voted a budget of $ 500,000 to cope with the Charbonneau Commission as well as any pending lawsuits, me I received a lot of information on my extensive network, from the North Shore Montréal.Ainsi I can learn this morning that a company manufacturing prefabricated walls, roof trusses and beams, located at the edge of Assumption and Epiphany has contributed for years to the election fund of the Quebec Liberal Party (… and Canada too), has lost significant construction contracts following the appearance of mafiosi D’Accurso, to the fall of 2012, before the Commission Charbonneau.Juste before Christmas the company has laid off many workers, but kept at work, all part of the « family » and « friends » of propriétaire.De more in workshop prefabricated walls (which is located in another address that the company « family ») collectors are considered « unsafe. CSSQ by inspection, last spring … but I am aware that If they work, when you read this article.La health workers in this business is threatened in order to maintain « the precious and sacred capitalist profit » in the industrial park of the Assumption, part of the county administered by none other François Legault, himself head of the Coalition Avenir Québec.

Mayor Epiphany, M.Verstraete, former Liberal candidate against Scott McKay in 2008, knows something, who faces a serious embezzlement scandal, because I am informed that he has done business with this company L’Assomption.

Everything seems to be inter-connected between the current elected municipal councils, those of the National Assembly of Quebec, the Desmarais family Sagard, big unions corrupted by money from the Solidarity Fund and organized crime … . Citizens in all of this are left on their hunger and their representatives look tragically forget their « rights to a fair and honest administration policy. »

It is therefore not by changing the ruling political party in the National Assembly that we will resolve the problem, but changing an entire corrupt SYSTEM that permeates everything that gives capitalist profits in our society.

To achieve a true revolution generate policy that Quebec will follow suit in a Second American Revolution … and through consequences: World Revolution, we must first change the « Human Heart of the Earth. »

Quebec is not isolated from the global mainstream of political, social, economic, ecological and philosophical which started recently and that I call « The NEW ERA », but if you make the mistake to ensure that this happens elsewhere, do not touch us, if we try to isolate and play the ostrich, we quickly become a company behind the other, a completely overtaken by the World Revolution society that looks … and we will be overwhelmed by this wave.

Quebec and the vikings become the twenty-first century, and one day, tourists can photograph a tombstone on which is written:

« Here git a people, the people of Quebec, who died trying to escape his fate and adapt to change. »

The more we hesitate to move to clean the corrupt politicians who sit in the National Assembly of Quebec, or where they should be (in prison) and our fate will become inevitable, because no nation, no country has built around ! ‘lax justice tolerated and protected his criminal’s first act of Pauline Marois would be to introduce legislation to dissolve the Quebec Liberal Party for the following reason: conspiracy (offense) put in prison by all the Liberal caucus and making everyone go under investigation, to comb.

Having no law enacted to protect the people of Quebec against tyranny and plunder of state assets by poor administration, leaving Jean Charest and the Liberal mafia orchestrate their « system », we inherit a Quebec National Assembly or appointed officials from the « boyfriends » are figure « Fifth Column » in the back of a government more or less legitimate, but absolutely no democratic and respectful of the financial resources of Quebec.

The former mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillancourt with Jean Charest (center) and former Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay: a bunch of politicos linked to organized crime, a system that remains.
The former mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillancourt with Jean Charest (center) and former Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay: a bunch of politicos linked to organized crime, a system that remains.

This is probably not keeping alive artificially structure « colonialists » inherited from the British Empire that we will brag and say that we are better than elsewhere. Should not forget that the best slave is one who ignores his condition and that the most masochistic slave and the slave is more than knowing that his condition, to ignore it by teaching their children to better serve as himself (to say the words that scare).

That’s why I’m interested in politics, because I have compassion for everyone who is still on top when it is hit the ground and sought to remove all espoir.Je it seeks to establish a political party to which we will not have to get a nose clip in order to vote for him, but with the confidence that it will be for the people and future generations.

I need a political party that will bring together rather than divide or leave people in doubt.

If elected I would one day, I promise to bring down the system of corruption starting with abolishing the privileges of senior officials hidden in their bunkers in Quebec, initiating all by their job security in stone and funds pensions indexed to the cost of living … that most Quebec will continue to pay, without ever having the right to have any security for their own retirement themselves.

We have to choose between two models of society:

a) a delayed society facing the protection of the privileges hijacked by the 1% that are part all party leaders currently represented in the National Assembly of Quebec.

b) a renewed society that has not been afraid to adapt to new realities and a guide which will put his foot down and say: Enough is enough «  » This is how we will change the future!  »

Believe it or not, but this is how we abolished the so-called « democracy », in Greece at the time of Pericles, because Greek society was highly threatened with death because of its « Shooting in Round  »

Well, well! Turning round, we know well that in Quebec, it’s been fifty years since it does!

So if you’re tired of going in circles, come join the ranks of my new political party, we understand why people are sick and tired of politicos, so we remove the current politicos and their privileges while by asking people their opinion on a Constitution of the State of Quebec!

We refuse to let us down, so we want a National Front of Quebec!

We invite all those who meet to consider the prospect of taking a Great Walk around the National Assembly in Quebec City, to ask the government to act for the people!


In his book « Collapse », dedicated to long prosperous civilizations experienced a sudden collapse, the American historian Jared Diamond focuses, among others, the Vikings in Greenland
The main factors of this collapse (rapid erosion by clearing for pasture, refusal to emulate the techniques of hunting, fishing and heating animal fat Inuit) all fall, in fact, a mental block: Vikings have always continued to regard themselves as « European ».