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Adolph Hitler: the Führer and the secret societies part 1

Une belle photo du Fûhrer Adolph Hitler* A nice picture of the Führer Adolph Hitler.

A nice picture of the Führer Adolph Hitler.




The purpose of this series of articles is to set the record straight on the person of Adolph Hitler, relationships, the development of his political thought, even after the Allied victory and the Bolshevik Zionists.

He will always be, the politician most notable of the twentieth century.

In this article series, you will learn that the political system of the New World Order, neoliberalism and its partners oppression, does not want you to know one day, as you may wake up and want your freedom! If you want to avoid becoming an enemy of the state, you go back to sleep as soon as you finish reading the last article!


On Saturday, June 24, 1922, about eleven o’clock a quarter to a small car convertible dark red, driven by a chauffeur in uniform came down to a moderate pace Königsallee in Berlin, in the residential area of Grünenwald. In the back seat sat a handsome man in the strict suit, whose dark eyes stood out, strangely alive and intelligent, a thin face and thin, but voluntary front. A second car, dark gray, but also greater discovery, joined the convertible. On board were two men in coats of black rubber head covered with a hood that left just glimpse the oval of their face completely shaved.

The little red car was traveling at this time in the middle of the street, almost on the tram, as if she was about to turn. The great gray convertible, having doubled on the right, made him a fish tail, shaking against the opposite pavement. One of the two black men then pulled out a gun, aimed the passenger sitting in the back of the red car and fired several times. Then his accomplice got up and, brandishing a lemon grenade, threw it in the car. But already the man in the end face had collapsed in his seat and remained lying on the side. While the car was starting assassins stormed and spun by Wallot Strasse, the driver of the red convertible jumped on the sidewalk and called for help. That’s when the grenade exploded. Man lying on the back seat was literally raised by the blast and the car itself was such a ridiculous high-body. After a few moments of stupor bystanders rushed, including a girl who got into the car and held the wounded, unconscious. The driver managed to put his engine running and turning around in a squeal of tires, returned at full speed Königsallee to the nearby police station.

First Jewish victim of Nazism, the German foreign minister. Walther Rathenau, was to die after a short agony, watched by his faithful companion and collaborator, Austrian Irma Staub, who could collect his last words: « The Sixty-Twelve leading the world … » He meant by that sponsors his assassins, two young Pangermanists named Kern and Fischer. The first had said a few minutes before companions in crime: « If Hitler understands that his time has come, he is the man I think. « 

Photo datant du 29 juin 1934,à Berlin...juste un peu avant la décision d'éliminer Ernst Rohm,le chef des SA. Dans ce que nous appellerons:la Nuit des Longs Couteaux!/ Photo dated 29 June 1934, in Berlin ... just a little before the decision to eliminate Ernst Röhm, the leader of the SA. In what we call: the Night of the Long Knives!/

Photo dated 29 June 1934, in Berlin … just a little before the decision to eliminate Ernst Röhm, the leader of the SA.
In what we call: the Night of the Long Knives!/


It was the crossing of the forces of history, « the catalyst for these forces have already raised against you; and, after that, you can remove it without destroying anything that mistletoe was made by him … Let there be in these times blind to any non-numerable reality the « fact » that we must appoint well « Adolf Hitler « is a frightening irony engineered by Providence …

« Ah! You no longer believe in mystery? Well ! I ask this in your story: Explain it, if you still think this is enough to protect you … « 

Thus spoke Denis de Rougemont. And there, all is said, almost. It remains to identify our purpose to complete this quote by the journalist Jacques Nobécourt who wrote in the Carrefour weekly dated January 6, 1960:

« The hypothesis of an initiatory community, underlying the national socialism, has emerged gradually. A truly demonic community governed by hidden dogmas, much more elaborate than the basic doctrines of Mein Kampf or the myth of the twentieth century, and served by rites whose isolated traces are not noticeable, but whose existence seems to doubt analysts (and reiterate that these are scientists and physicians) in the Nazi pathology. « 

The apparent intractability of Nazism criteria « official » has indeed led some historians – the most notable remains René Alleau – to search the imaginary structures to explain this dark emergence, in the twentieth century, forces once thought forever banished from the world of civilized man. The horror which bewitched Germany donned the mask exceeded by too much, in fact, the stifling limitations of the only economic, social and political analyzes that are generally held to account for the genesis of the Third Reich.


Adolph Hitler à une ouverture de session du Parti nazi.Il est ici entouré de hauts dignitaires du parti./ Adolph Hitler at a nazi party session.He is surrounded by high dignitaries of the party.

Adolph Hitler at a nazi party session.He is surrounded by high dignitaries of the party.



The most commonly accepted theory that Adolf Hitler would have been that the product and the instrument (uncontrolled finally …) the great German capital, ignores the fundamental aspects of Nazism. Hitler himself had warned in Mein Kampf (News Publishing Latina): « The state has absolutely nothing in common with a design or any economic development (…) The essential strength of a State coincides rarely with so-called economic prosperity, (…) Prussia demonstrates with admirable clarity that it is not material qualities but ideal virtues which alone make possible the formation of a State . « He was doing so in the footsteps of Schiller: » A nation is born with its mythology … The unity of thought, which is a collective philosophy [is] offered by its mythology; So what is this that contains the destiny of the nation. « It should be added without delay and that the tragic fakes the paltry ersatz mythology to which, we shall see. Hitler himself did not believe but he used, we are immediately in an inverted perspective, parody, like Guenon, and therefore diabolical strict sense (I love Latin!).

If economic conditions nevertheless played his part, it was not until junior title quota. Simple infectious fertile ground for the emergence of this disease of the German soul. And do not forget that, as written by William L. Shirer (the Third Reich, t I, ed Stock, 1959..) « … Without Hitler – gifted with a devilish personality, a supernatural intuition, intelligence offline, an unwavering and ruthless determination (…), an astonishing ability to influence people and situations – it is almost certain that there would have been no third Reich. « 

The path is narrow, certainly, between an official history deliberately deaf to the demands of a world-grinning back, and a pseudo-esoteric popular literature exploiting a seemingly successful market. If we are determined to defy both the wrath of the learned and anger swastikas traffickers is that we think well hold the « key » that opens the door of banned scenes of Nazism. And that key is Rathenau, and he alone, who has given us.

Since we repudiate the primacy of economics, is therefore in the « imaginary structures » mentioned earlier we begin our descent into hell? Not if we understand these structures under ‘nominalist’, that is to say as convenient abstractions. Which is little more satisfying than the political-economic explanation flat, it was she, with a hint of « Germanic irrationalism » tote where they throw the unclassifiable items folder. So that says René Alleau?

« The German anxiety about the lack of an international legal status, to misery, shame, inflation, unemployment, forced to fight against the real alienation between her concentration, and as it were, a recapitulation of the most distant mythical resources and most constant of his past. « (Hitler and the Secret Societies, ed. Grasset, 1969)

There is some ambiguity in the wording that can imply in fact the Germans defeat and humiliation would voluntarily refuge in an imaginary world to escape the harsh everyday reality. It is therefore necessary to clarify what is meant by « mythical resources » and measure their power to intervene in the so-called ordinary life.

A first approach to the subconscious highlights the potential power of instincts which, more or less clearly, aim to overthrow the obstacles to an instinctive return to the origin, this mythical time non-assimilated by the Hindu metaphysics to ‘eternal present. On the individual level, this process leads to childhood, and collectively, in the Golden Age. But for Hitler, the approach is well aware, if we judge from the statement to Rauschning (Hitler said, Aimery Somogy ed. 1979):

« Of course, I know as well that all your intellectual, your well of science, there is no race in the scientific sense of the word … Well, I am a politician, I also need a concept that allows me to dissolve the order established in the world and oppose the history of the destruction of history. Do you understand what I mean? I must free the world of its historical past. (…) To accomplish this, the notion of race is quite usable. It upsets the old ideas and opens up possibilities for new combinations. « 

These words strangely coincide with those of a contemporary Hindu master. Uppalari Gopala Krishnamurti – said « U.G. « – Who says about him: » The natural state [that is to say the original state] only occurs thanks to a biological mutation.  » What is contradictory in appearance because this mutation actually aim, not progress, but the « atomization » of mental superstructures deemed alienating. And « U.G. « Specify » It is necessary for man is to be free of the whole past of the human species, not just its individual past. In other words, you have to free yourself from what every man before you thought, felt and experienced: This is for you, the only way to be yourself. All my words have no other goal than to highlight the uniqueness of each individual. Culture, civilization (whatever name you give it) has always tried to lock us in a frame; the man is not a man at all: It is in my view a single animal and will remain a unique animal as long as they suffer the burden of culture. « (This is the first time it is not the last we see some Hinduism » subversive « join the pseudo-philosophical essence of National Socialism.)

The return to origins is therefore an aspect of what the Greeks called catharsis, that is to say a way of purging of the passions, the word being taken in the etymological sense of anguish and suffering. But it is necessary to broaden the scope of our investigations in the mythical sphere which feeds the Hitler phenomenon.

Myths and socio-historical archetypes are indeed the principle of civilization, as carriers of moral and philosophical values. Starting with the major and multifaceted Myth of the true destiny of man: the myth of the « good savage » kinsman of Paradise Lost; myth of change and unlimited progress – or its antithesis by catastrophic judgment of history; myth of aristocratic superiority due to race, the favor of God or fate; myth of « Civilization » opposed to the « prickly »; Etc.

The second category is mythical prototypes of conquerors, saints, knights, martyrs of all causes – and conversely by those traitors and cursed. But the primordial kind remains that of the « great kings » of « asleep emperors » and « imams hidden » parousiques, promised the restoration of empires and lost paradise, at the end of time …

Very often we have seen, every myth secretes its antithesis, its double reverse, its shadow – thus creating a clash of values as important as the myth itself, and which gives it powerful resonances. This is a particular aspect of the ambivalence symbols.

Do we want a first index of this « power of intervention » civilizing myths mentioned earlier? History itself provides us, which ferments in empires, alive or dead, as to consolidate the prospect archetype. In Europe, did he not the Roman Limes left an indelible mark? Is it a coincidence that the current route of the Iron Curtain corresponds roughly to the limits of Roman expansion in the West?

Psychoanalysis, in turn, converges only partially with history, with respect to this fundamental climate. Thus, to Jung, there are three layers psychic: awareness, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. This level of all the less rational, contain all past societies latent but acting, forming an inexhaustible reservoir of grievances and claims that feeds all forms of collective aggression, « The collective unconscious, Jung said, has a high precipitation of the whole human lived until his darkest debut. But this is not a dead precipitation; they are living reaction systems. « 

However, as seen by the late Eric Muraise, whom we like here to pay tribute, the inability of psychoanalysis to distinguish clearly lies between different categories of myths and archetypes – some « complex » No. having nothing universal – takes us back to the medieval problem of universals, which will be our unsurpassable criterion for assessing the objective quality of myths.

The problem of universals, as ancient inexhaustible, has three solutions, which have never varied:

– The idealists with Plato, for which individuals are only shadows of real archetypes, autonomous, which predate them. This is the position Universalia ante kidney.

– The realistic with Aristotle, for whom the only individuals have a full reality, archetypes finding in them the unique opportunity to achieve. This is the position in re Universalia.

– The nominalists William of Occam, who are real individuals only, archetypes are merely abstractions, a simple filing system. This is the position Universalia post rem.

The idealistic position will allow the assumption that there are myths and archetypes that have at least a semblance of independent living and able to seize the groups periodically. This, we repeat, has nothing to do with the Jungian collective unconscious, simple accumulation of « geological strata » devoid of any autonomy, and whose reactions are purely instinctive

and somehow « mechanical ». According to the adaptation of the idealist position that we are considering here, we would rather deal with contagious ideas and passions, independent broadcasting techniques means that do excite the phenomenon without being the first mover. These passions, endowed with a clean and assumed conscious life engender behavior « wild and unreasonable » whenever humanity is in crisis, and would generate skilled movements by H. Kahn, a « romantic, implicitly messianic and totalitarian » and this in a way the more effective they are to embody in glowing terms of the characters themselves romantic and passionate. Raymond Abellio, Happy in the Pacific, in the typology outlined by the mouth of one of his heroes: « … The truth is not embodied today in terms of policy, it does it well above. This is not a party that must be created, but an order. (…) « And again: » For such a society functions, just a man. The epicenter is not a place, it is a man that is in communication with the cosmic and divine forces and transmit them to others. (…) « 

As confess very significantly Ernst von Salomon in Forsaken (Christian Bourgois ed.): « We do not act, things we acted … When asked us: what do you want? we could not respond, (…) What we hoped spoke in a silent language … We looked around us man to pronounce the liberating word … « (So the myth of » destiny true, « he awaited his hero archetype.)

So there would « mental universals » might explain the « meteorology » politics and psychology of the people. The mechanism of the great historical fears, clean the emotional causes ins for which is slaughtered, according to Pascal’s formula, the explosion of revolutions and widespread violence (Europe 1848 or 1917) then would fall the power of some common, some psychic waves. Leon Daudet was described in a manner almost Platonic: « They are responsible for life, thought, emotions … They are latent, but we see their effects … They connect humans to each other and their incessant race of animated to the inanimate, allows us to understand each other with the language, understand the animals, plants, minerals themselves and hierarchies and laws that govern the universe. « 

These mental universals would try their breakthrough in our world in the manner of gases and liquids under pressure, seeking a way out. However, according to Rene Guenon, « (…) the mental currents are subject to laws, well defined, and the knowledge of these laws allows a much more effective action than the use of any empirical means. » This possibility of manipulation refers us – well beyond the laws meant to govern depth psychology – this satanic perspective in which is located the Nazi phenomenon.

Considered thus, mental universals may seem to some too magical; but it turns out that Professor A. Ratzler, the University Institute of European Studies in Geneva, referring to the crisis of European consciousness and myths of the Barbarian and the Noble Savage, adopts parent expressions from those of polemicist Leon Daudet . It indeed speaks of an « underground latent tradition … endowed with quasi autonomous expansion strength … [of] … and visceral bias that arises in crises from the late Renaissance « . It is good of our universals is about. If they occur in a particularly striking way since the end of the Renaissance, it is because medieval civilization as the Chinese, Egyptian or Roman, felt « arrival » and had decided, and the Toynbee wrote, « stop history. » We will say more precisely that the time dimension was still only balanced, predictable rhythm in a spatial infinity, and space – or simultaneous – predominated on the experience of time and change. While since the Renaissance, European civilization, while « shrinking » the planet is identified with progress, to become, in a sort of headlong rush that periodically raises serious concerns, themselves generating access fever.

The idealistic solution therefore has definitely some interest, explaining these cyclical crises directly inspired by the major myths of civilization: And first by one of the true destiny, which determines what the Ratzler teacher translates the hypostasis of the Barbarian, civilized opposed to, and whatever the cultural level of those who do not fit in the definition of true destiny. This division of humanity into two groups: Those who fall under this definition and others « who are excluded. These others are barbarians, whatever, to repeat, the sophistication of their civilization, which does not in any way compensate for their ontological alienation. By definition, these are perverse or poor, mentally ill or Machiavellian string pullers, pagans or sinners it will reduce or seduce for their good. Thus justified fierce profession of faith Schatov Dostoevsky:

« A people remain a people as long as he has his own god, and that condemns with wild energy all the other gods of the world; as long as he thinks his god, he will defeat and drive out other gods. Once a great people stop believing that it is the sole owner of the truth – his sole and exclusive holder – when he no longer believes he is the only known, the only one able to revive and save the world with his truth, he immediately ceases to be a great people, and is more than a geographical expression. « 

In this logic, any « totalitarian » civilization implies the presence of the barbarian at the gates, even within the city, in the state of « fifth column ».

For Hitler, the Barbarian was a Jew and Aryan Civilization was:

« It would be a vain enterprise to discuss the question what race or what races have originally been custodians of human civilization and, therefore, actually founded what we mean by humanity. It is easier to ask the question regarding the present and, on this point, the answer is easy and clear. All we have today before us of human civilization, products of art, science and technology is almost exclusively the result of the creative activity of Aryans. This fact leads to the conclusion by mutual, and not without reason, that they were only the founders of a higher humanity, and therefore, they represent the primitive type of what we mean by the name of « man « . The Aryan is the Prometheus of mankind (…) If we did it disappear deep darkness descended on earth; a few centuries of human civilization would vanish and the world would become a desert. « (Mein Kampf).

Hitler, moreover, was obsessed with the idea of a turning point in history, and it is not by chance that the supreme expression of the Opera was in his eyes the end of Götterdämmerung. « When on stage at Bayreuth, the castle of the gods collapsed amid the tumult of the music he always seized in the darkness of the lodge’s hand Winifred [Wagner] sitting next to him to deposit a kiss moved. « (Joachim Fest, the Führer, vol. II, ed. Gallimard, 1973.)

Indeed, according to Rauschning, he prophesied a revolution in the world « that we, the uninitiated could not understand in scope. Acquire the « magic vision » seemed to him the purpose of human evolution (…) A new species was announced, which would suppress the old humanity. Just as, according to the immortal wisdom of the old Nordic peoples, the world must continually rejuvenate by the collapse of obsolete ages and the twilight of the gods, as well as the solstices represented in the old mythologies, the symbol of the vital rhythm , not in a straight line and continuous spiral line but, as humanity progressed through a series of jumps and returns. (Hermann Rauschning, op. Cit.)

In direct opposition to the Judeo-Christian eschatology, which postulates an « assumption » of history, and he scored automatically in a antéchristique perspective. Now that if we preferred to give only Marxism that status infamous, the double title of his persistence hic et nunc and its militant atheism rétorquerions that Nazism also in its living and active action structures continues extend its shadow over the world – we will show against the skeptics – and that to be antéchristique a doctrine (or rather, in this case, a mental current) should precisely not to be materialistic, but nickname -spiritualist. What is not Marxism (at least officially …), but what Nazism.

Because in the words of Rene Guenon in the Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times (ed. Gallimard), representatives of the « Satellite dark, » or if you prefer the servants of the Antichrist, « can never be mechanistic or materialistic.  » Indeed, after the man locked in a kind of waterproof shell that gave him a relative sense of security, forbidding him any communication with the higher realms but protecting a way of dissolving the lower influences psyche and its currents mental, materialism passes the baton to the neo-spiritualism, whose role is to drill through the bottom shell, allowing the dissolution of powers symbolically assimilated to the hordes of Gog and Magog, to enter our world. This second phase is the more dangerous it gives some illusion to oppose the materialism (see the anti-Bolshevik crusade Hitler) and reintroducing spirituality, then it is a spirituality countdown that can only end in communication with the lower states of being.

Let us be clear: our intention is obviously not to equate Hitler simply to the Antichrist, but designate it as a precursor, summarizing it in some mythic themes that belong properly to demonic eschatology. We might say, using the Hindu terminology, he was a part of the avatar antéchristique archetype. Nevertheless, this book clearly show, at least we hope, that this was a direct foreshadowing.

If one likens the conduct of the History of the Great Work alchemical process, we can risk an analogy between Hitler tragedy and phase of the work to yellow – the xanthosis Greeks and citredo Westerners. As Jean Parvulesco in an interview with Arnold Waldstein, « his experience is that of a kind of long daydream, sleep a dizzyingly clear where what is to come is as already given, but given in a mirror (…). « However, it is too obvious that it is no dream but a nightmare that issue here, and the phrase » on the other side of the fatal line, « as foreshadowed, can not assimilate that ‘the ultimate leap into the void, following a satanic decay process.

And as it is well known that the devil invents nothing but imitating, this counterfeit spirituality that Nazism was used for purposes immense dark « mythical resources » conveyed by the Quest for the Grail. This does not she is the soil where the highest spirituality of the Christian West is enracina? It was logical, as the Latin adage corruptio pessima option, it should serve as support for the most absolute negation of spiritual values. This tragic collision between the sphere of Platonic archetypes – recovered for unmentionable – and the political reality of the twentieth century, was almost mathematically aroused, like the movement of celestial bodies whose meetings are scheduled, the dark heart space, by endless stringent and ellipses. If one remembers the manipulation possibilities mentioned above, are we entitled to speak of « diabolical plan »? Without ignoring the dangers of the « History conspiratorial », we are forced to say yes. The facts speak for themselves and, far from wanting to exploit abusively a priori, we felt obliged in this preamble to provide some reading grids, otherwise they contain the explosive charge may tend to confuse more a. And it is always dangerous to open a hatch on the infernal abyss, without some preliminary precautions …





Before Hitler was …

In undoubtedly the most valuable book ever written on the shadowy alliance developed between Adolf Hitler and the background world of esotericism (Hitler and the secret societies), Rene Alleau let himself inspire a prophecy which he was so far measuring the terrible scope. Its importance – as well as our book seeks to prove its incredible accuracy – requires that we quoted throughout

« In fact, Pangermanism has considerable superiority over his opponents when he knows they ignore because they are unable to imagine what it holds. It would indeed be a serious mistake to believe that a plan of this scale (which cost huge investments since the late nineteenth century) has not planned strategic changes, if new specific situations and studied in advance. The passage of a national war on a race war, for example, to move the theater without really losing the ground gained, which then becomes rather psychological than military. As long as we reflect on the prodigious expansion of the power of destruction of weapons since 1945, we come to think that the real winners of a new conflict would be those that would have won the war without having made – or, in other words, the survivors. We must therefore infer that a plan of survival, in all possible circumstances, a fundamental Germanic core, has logically imposed racist Nazis, both according to their doctrines and their permanent goals of hegemony World. We can name the 1945 plan.

very hard to understand us if we do see here that the premises of a pious caution against some « extreme right », which talks of complicity with Nazism in the imagination of some disturbed guards Democratic Temple. Nothing like. Concerned about the meaning of words and intellectual terrorism that distort any reflection, we attribute the « quality » of the Nazis and those who claim it highly – and which moreover can claim direct descent, without a transmission in continuity, short of a conscious and active participation in 1945. Who Plan itself is rooted deep into the mytho-political history of Germany. But these artisans then the « German Renaissance » are a little harder to find than usual scapegoats roughly handled by the East (Russia in particular) and delivered to a media condemnation that rarely feeds of justified fears.

This is André Chéradame former student of Albert Sorel in the School of Political Sciences, we first refer. By 1894, he launched headlong into an immense task to which he sacrificed 22 years of his life studying the political and military Pan-German plan internationally. Crossing the globe to gather evidence, began in January 1898 to publish the results of his research, in articles and in books. There defined in these terms the spirit of « universal Pangermanism »: « The Germans are methodical people. Their action plans in all areas, always based on a doctrine, true or false, they are made. Based on this design, then they walk with a stubborn resolution. « 

André Chéradame
André Chéradame


To those who believe the assertions of Chéradame too dependent anti-Prussian context of the time, we will post a book published in 1895 in Berlin by Thormann and Goetsch and under the auspices of the Pan-German League, announced simply the Nazi program . His title ? Grossdeutschland Mitteleuropa und um das Jahr 1950 ( « The Great Germany and Central Europe in 1950 »). There we read among others on page 48 these lines so opportunely exhumed again by René Alleau:

« No doubt, Germans they inhabit not only the new German Empire thus constituted; but alone they govern; alone they will exercise political rights, serve in the navy and the army; only they can acquire land. They will then, as in the Middle Ages, the feeling of being a nation of masters; however, they condescendront that less work is done by foreigners under their domination. « 

But honor where honor; see, now that we’re a little reassured (so to speak!) on « essential » news about how Chéradame himself described the plan he had so skillfully and persistently revealed:




« The Pan-German plan was established on its fundamentals since 1895. In 1898 Fashoda took place which seemed a gulf between France and England. In 1905, Russia had to make peace with Japan after a long war having drained all his military stores and consequently destroyed for a long time, in favor of Germany, the balance of forces in Europe. [Note anecdotally that during the Second World War, Japan, Germany’s ally, offered to host in Manchuria Jews of Central Europe, in memory grateful for the assistance that had brought him the Jewish bank Schiff- Kuhn-Loeb during his victorious war against Russia.] in 1909, the government of Vienna, thanks to the discreet but formal ultimatum that Berlin sent the Tsar, was able to realize the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , populated almost entirely by Serbs. This stranglehold on a huge Slavic territory constituted a considerable success for Germanism. November 3, 1910, during the interview in Potsdam, Kaiser persuaded the Government of Tsar Russia abandon all opposition to the completion of the Baghdad railway. England and France then took the same attitude about it. July 1, 1911, the Kaiser risk the « Agadir coup. » This leads to the Franco-German treaty of November 4, 1911, yielding to Germany 275 000 square kilometers of the French Congo, while nevertheless extremely heavy economic mortgages continue to weigh on Morocco for the German trade.



« These various events lésèrent deeply the interests of France, Britain and Russia; but these powers preferred to make the most painful sacrifices rather than take the terrible responsibility of unleashing an atrocious war on Europe. This attitude was interpreted wrongly by the Pan-Germans as proof of weakness in these three powers and their desire for peace at any price. The Pan-Germans concluded that in the hope of the enormous achievements in the near future they were allowed. Therefore, the fundamental Pan-German plan from 1895 substantially revised, became the 1911 plan.



« The 1911 plan called Europe and Western Asia:

« 1. The establishment led by Germany of a vast confederation of Central Europe including in the west, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the French departments located northeast a line drawn south from Belfort to the mouth of the Somme. To the east, the plan of domination of Russian Poland, provincial halts governments of Kovno. Vilna and Grovno, and southeast, Austria-Hungary.

« This confederation was thus grouped under the immediate hegemony of Germany 77 million Germans and 85 million non-Germans.

The absolute subordination to the Great Confederation of Central Europe, of all Balkan countries reduced to the status of satellites of Berlin, 22 million non-Germans.

The political and military domination of Germany in Turkey we would try then to increase Egypt and Iran. The independence of Turkey, also linked to Germany by a military alliance would have existed in appearance. She would have helped place many German officials at the head of all the Ottoman government under the guise of reform. And passed under the protectorate of Germany close Turkey with its 20 million non-German residents, not including outbuildings: Egypt and Iran.

« The German Confederation of Central Europe should form a vast Zollverein or Customs Union. Special trade treaties imposed the Balkan States and Turkey have enslaved resulted book these vast areas exclusively for Greater Germany as economic opportunities.

« In sum, the Pan-German plan from 1911 is summarized in the four formulas:




Hamburg-Persian Gulf.

« The meeting of the three groups: Central Europe. Balkans and Turkey, was finally placed under the predominant influence of Berlin · 204 million people of which 127 had been forced to endure the direct or indirect domination of 77 million Germans only.

This continental Pan-German plan from 1911 had to be completed by significant colonial acquisitions. « William II was well aware that such a program could become lasting reality that, following the disappearance of all the major powers. The Kaiser, establishing its Pan-German plan had therefore formally resolved the annihilation of the five great powers. The disappearance of Austria-Hungary was under absorption, disguised by its entry into the German Customs Union. The annihilation of France and Russia would result in the total destruction of their military forces by lightning preventive war. The exonerated of England were to occur as the result of a subsequent operation that had become very easy once France and Russia dismembered and reduced to complete impotence. As for Italy, destined to become a mere satellite state, it was not considered able to offer any resistance to the Pan-German ambitions.

« The Pan-German plan is based on very precise knowledge gained by the Germans at the cost of intense work, all the political, ethnographic, economic, social, military and naval, not only from Europe but from around the world . Now this great work · n has not been done by the official German diplomacy: it was carried out either by members of the Pan-German League or Pan-German Union, or by agents of the German secret service which has received an extraordinary development. It is these various agents, reduction gear between classic spy diplomats and officials – Baron Schenk who operated in Athens in 1915-1916 is the type of a class of agents – who studied methodically all the bases-problems the Pan-German plan, which prepared the means to distort the views of the neutral, to paralyze the revolt of the Slavs of Austria-Hungary, corrupt those neutral (people or newspapers) that could be, etc. The reports of these multiple agents, once controlled and summaries were sent to both the Wilhelmstrasse, the German General Staff – whose operations · whole are always combined to correspond both to political necessities that · military necessity. « 

The axes Hamburg-Thessaloniki (Turkey in 1911) and Hamburg to the Persian Gulf rather attest the close ties between Germany and the Islamic world, symbolized by the statement of William II in Damascus, November 8, 1898: « May His Majesty the Sultan and the three hundred million Mohammedans who revere him as their Caliph, rest assured that the German Emperor is their friend forever! « 

William II, dreaming together the empires of Charlemagne and Harun al-Rashid, could not ignore thereby the Mahdi myth – the « messiah subversive of Islam » – that began to inflame Muslim crowds and helps explain today, in depth, a Khomeini, a Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, an Osama bin Laden or Al Baghdaddy. Thus, the imperial design of the last Hohenzollern, using this messianic fever, has less to megalomania as a geopolitical maneuver Hitler will do his. John Buchan, Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield. Exempt Adept this powerful secret society that was the Hermetic Brotherhood of the Golden Dawn in the Outer, and incidentally director of strategic services and propaganda in the Lloyd George Cabinet and Governor General of Canada, knew him as the legend of ‘hidden Imam – the Mahdi – destined to reappear at the end of times for greater temporal and spiritual glory of a regenerated Islam in the blood … Jewish. Thus he wrote in 1916 in the Green Coat « The East awaits a revelation that was promised him an advent. He waits a star, a man, a new prophecy (…); And the West does not know. While the Germans themselves are not ignorant. « 


Représentation du Mahdi:plusieurs communautés musulmanes attendent que le Mahdi dévoile son visage.Selon la prophécie,le Mahdi apparaîtrait avant la venue du Djahal,le démon./ Representation of the Mahdi: several Muslim communities expect the Mahdi visage.Selon unveils the prophecy, the Mahdi would appear before the coming of Jahl, the demon.

Representation of the Mahdi: several Muslim communities expect the Mahdi visage.Selon unveils the prophecy, the Mahdi would appear before the coming of Jahl, the demon.

And again: « Islam is currently experiencing states of immense inner turmoil. Something upsets in the depths. It is in full cyclical crisis, you know, these attacks, these mounted mysticism who do periodically flare. Besides the common people do not hide anything from this project. They all agreed to announce the next appearance of a savior who will restore the caliphate in all its glory and Islam in all its original purity. This promise short word of mouth throughout the Muslim world and everyone cherishes in her heart as a new hope. « And finally: » Muslims of Iran fomenting unrest. A dry wind blowing through the East, and the grass withered waits more than a spark. « We will see later why belonging to John Buchan to the Golden Dawn was likely to inspire him such prophecies regarding Islam, and such knowledge of German plans.

Anyway. William II knew what he was taking the title of Hajj – granted to every pilgrim who went to Mecca – and even adding for good measure that the Hohenzollern descended from the Prophet. As for Nazism, far from this monstrosity irreducible to all civilized norms, and we wanted to « evacuate » on the grounds of its very irrationality, we see the register in a plane at very large scale – which had Chéradame perfectly discerned the early stages.

In the shadowy light of the above, it should already know that Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the founder of the Thule society in which found themselves the main dignitaries of Nazism, starting with Hitler. Hess and Rosenberg had been initiated in Turkey in the Muslim Bektashi brotherhood, and he wrote a booklet – Die Praxis der alten türkischen Freirnaurerei ( « The operative practice of ancient Turkish Freemasonry ») – putting quest for the philosopher’s stone in parallel with the esoteric exegesis of the 29 individual letters that are found in the Koran. We will return.

Instructive as this forced devolution of the Austro-Hungarian imperial destiny to Prussia and the Reich Hitler – shadow of a myth whose resonance in the German soul was not to do with the success of Nazism. The latter profited in some way, as we said above, the ambivalence of graalique symbol – Cup of the Last Supper but emerald fell from Lucifer’s forehead – to prepare a twilight of the gods to his measure. The Reich and Fascist Italy were they not, a thousand years later, fakes the Holy Roman Empire; and they do not advantage the secular longing for a temporal sacred? Do not forget that not only the papacy but the greatest minds at various times, ask the emperors to come restore order in Italy and will resume the work of Otto the Great. Such Dante addressing Henry VII of Luxembourg and Charles IV to Petrarch.

Représentation de l'empereur Napoléon I./ Reprentation of the emperor Napoleon I.

Reprentation of the emperor Napoleon I.

In 1806, Napoleon, forcing the Austrian Emperor Francis II to give the title of the Holy Empire, rendered an immense service to the Prussian Hohenzollern, while appropriating the great idea beautifully embodied by Otto … and asked only to « inform » new Europe into a unitary structure. But it was too late – or too early – to the clock of history; Time counterfeits had rung, up the resurrection of the European unit of the year one thousand, which, if it had continued, would have helped to annihilate since its beginnings the tragic adventure of nations, separated fragments, quickly and stupidly opposites of the same set.

Napoleon, therefore, could only foreshadow the inverted messianism of Hitler, who actually knew how to recognize and honor its precursor. He wished even in 1945 that Berlin should hold long enough for him to die on May 5 as the Emperor …

A distinction is needed, however, is more than a nuance: Napoleon usurped a German imperial legacy Hitler embodied the dark side. Anyway, the « zeitgeist », after the Great War, is full of this mytho-political analogy which prophesy follicular and visionary transforms a young cadet. Ernst von Salomon, who reported the Forsaken in this singular premonition, in full revolution Spartacus:

« After the revolution comes the usurper, » he read in the Generalanzeiger, referring to Napoleon, « In a cabinet, I had a picture of Corsica I had won at the beginning of the war. I fetched the (…) This fiery look had he not seen any sinking around him, had he not stem the forces that would pass as a foam that the wind scatters; France and the world had they not been under direct threat of this look? If at that time something new was born, it was because behind this front in the vortex of supreme disdain of the mighty desires justice of men, the glory of desire and love were collected, concentrated, transformed into dazzling energy (…). We would take the weapons and we would carry with them the passion of victory that promised us more than the mere protection of the existing state, which would make us worthy of our mission, which would take away his gloomy sadness to despair, that would spring from each tuft of grass, every wall, every window, every door, our hatred and our faith. « 

La légende germanique de l'empereur endormi./ The germanic legend of the Sleeping Emperor.

The germanic legend of the Sleeping Emperor.

The man expected by von Salomon, and yet he would never recognize, had returned with the soldiers he had seen scroll, back from the front: « War kept them, the war dominated, war the let never escape (…) They will always have war in their blood, nearby death, horror, intoxication and iron. What was happening now, this return, this return in the world, peaceful, orderly, bourgeois, it was a transplant, a fraud who could not succeed. « They, too, were waiting for one that would make them the honor. And here we have said too much not to briefly illuminate the mythical character lurking in the shadows that haunted their dreams of revenge: the sleeping Emperor – Germanic equivalent of the Mahdi, the hidden Imam – that Frederick III in the identity which hid Hitler and explains that for the average German, in the twentieth century, the Führer was a superman, a being almost supernatural once thought invulnerable. At the point, as recalled by John Toland in his excellent Hitler (ed. Pygmalion, 1978), « that credulous had posted his picture on their walls to preserve the bombs. »

Massif de l'Unterberg...près de Bertersgaden./ The Unterberg near Bertersgaden.
Massif de l’Unterberg…près de Bertersgaden./
The Unterberg near Bertersgaden.

The Führer himself, at the Berghof, could contemplate the massive Unterberg where, « according to legend, the Emperor Frederick was sleeping that would one day come back scatter his enemies and find his oppressed people. Hitler saw with emotion a significant clue in the fact that his private residence faced this mountain, « This is no coincidence. I see a call.  » « (Joachim Fest, Hitler, Vol. I) On the other hand, in a speech he made in 1940 after the victory over France. Alfred Rosenberg expressly declared to the soldiers of the Wehrmacht Hitler was to be considered the Fredericus Rex waited for centuries.

Le Berghof,résidence du Führer./ The Berghof,house of the Führer.

The Berghof,house of the Führer.

It was inevitable that the idea of the Third Frederick, to play such a role, was anything but a pious legend that has value qu’emblématique or simply historic. In fact, it was not an illusion but rather a living dynamic representation of his own life. And who came from far away, much further than the Pan-even if she joined one … or even if he used it for their purposes.

In the traditions of all peoples, it is about a king or an emperor who « sleeps » today, hidden in a remote island or a deep cavern, but arise at the end of time for the triumph of justice and truth, restore order and prepare for the time frame of the final descent of the Divine, by annihilating the forces of matter and darkness. It may be assisted in his business by a fabulous treasure or a miraculous object.

But this sudden and providential event of a temporal leader has with the Grail legend, pivot this eschatology, links that, beyond historical contingencies, the myth, in his secret vitality, strives to strengthen. From time to time, events are affirmed decidedly rebels conventional interpretive grids, and seem predetermined by forces seemingly irrational In fact, we already know that they meet a mysterious and millennial need directly induced by the world of archetypes . As written rightly René Alleau (op cit.). « The mythical time runs parallel to the historical time but at a different pace. What we call « events » are perhaps not as many advents, indoor and dark, that spill, suddenly crystallized and caked in broad daylight. « 

Only thus can explain the abrupt resurgence, in the twentieth century, Messianic themes inherited straight from medieval speculations or even pre-Christian. One of the « cyclical » aspects of the legend of the sleeping Emperor – his beard continues to grow and went around the table – is it not foreshadowed from the third century BC to Pessinus where they showed the tomb of the god Attis whose hair still growing, symbol of the vegetation that is reborn each spring.

Imperial eschatology, in fact, includes many pagan elements, starting, one would have suspected, by one of … universal Imperium. The pagan Roman world, already was identified with a return of the Golden Age and – significant fact – Saturn was asleep in the Arctic regions. Under Augustus, the cryptic prophecies announced a king came from heaven, or of the sun, and Horace (Carm, I, II, 30 ff.), As Virgil (Eclogues, IV, 5-10, 15 sq.), Hoped the soon coming of the hyperborean Apollo.

The Byzantine period sees Method resume some of these themes: Again, a king was believed dead wakes up and restores Rome to its first power but for a short period (this is a constant since the reign of Mahdi lasts only seven years). Is that merely foreshadows the Millenium … A Christian apocryphal, the Apocalypse of Peter, recalls his side a formidable « Son of Lion, » which also awakens from a long sleep to defeat all the Kings. Theme taken up in a prophecy of the sixteenth century attributed to Paracelsus (we meet again) and announcing the « Lion of the North » the victorious « cléricaille ».

It is very disturbing, conversely, that all the prophets of the Old Testament have announced for the last time of terrible threats coming from the North:

« I take the North a great calamity and great devastation.

The destroyer of nations has started. « (Jeremiah 4: 6-7.)

« I’ll put in motion from the far north and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel. « (Ezekiel, 39, 2.)

Thus do we assist the smooth pagan and Judeo-Christian themes, symbolized by the final battle against the « Oriental » armies of Gog and Magog commissioned by a king from the North, (It is interesting to note that About, the present King of Shambhala, the secret kingdom of Tibetan mythology, a name Magag. pa. Aniruddha [Cf. Jean Marquès-Rivière. Kalachakra. tantric Initiation of the Dalai Lama, ed. Robert Laffont, 1985] .)

The « Third Frederick » awaited by the Germanic tradition was indeed, meanwhile, precursors whose ties were historically attested with the East – thus reinforcing the eschatological theme of the alliance of North and East against the ‘West. An old Italian tale quoted by Julius Evola in the Mystery of the Grail and the Imperial Idea gibeline (ed. Traditional, 1967), said that the « priest John, Indian noble lord, » deputed an embassy to the Emperor Frederick ( in all likelihood Frederick II) « which was really the mirror of the world, to realize if it was a wise word and deed. » To judge, the mysterious emissaries entrusted by the three stones Prester John Frederick, without the latter inquired about their virtues. At the same time, he was asked what he said was the best thing in the world. He replied that it was « far », the Jean Priest concludes that « the emperor was wise in words but not in practice, because he had not asked about the virtues of these stones that were of such great nobility « He estimated that, over time, they » lose their virtues, since the Emperor did not know, « and decided to take them back to him. Here we find, together, the theme of the knight in the castle of the Grail, fails to ask the saving issue, and that of the King Méhaigne who is more worthy of the power it represents. Another legend, reported by Oswald der Schreiber says that Jean Priest gave Frederick II combustible garment Salamander skin, the water of eternal youth and a ring adorned with three stones through which one could live under the water, become invulnerable and become invisible at will. We know that according to Guenon, Prester John, embodying both the essence of the priesthood and royalty, spiritual authority and temporal power, assimilated the eyes of medieval clerics, the perennial myth of the « King of world « sitting in the Agarttha (another name for Shambhala), and some Catholics identified him as the » prince of this world « referred to in the Gospel. His kingdom, in the imagination of the time, was located sometimes in India, sometimes in Central Asia, now in Mongolia, when it was not in Ethiopia (Whatever it was the rather fluctuating location of the latter country , which was mostly agree symbolically.)

Représentation du prêtre Jean et de son royaume./ Representation of Prester John and his Kingdom./

Representation of Prester John and his Kingdom./


Wonderful gifts of Prester John to the representative of the Holy Empire (more Germanic than Roman …) constituted a kind of « mandate » legitimizing and authenticating function. But we have just seen, the historical incarnations of the universal emperor proved disappointing. The time was not ripe. The true representative of the pagan Imperium hypostasized by « Fredericus Rex » or the Third Frederick, was yet to come, as it must identify the Grail King who will rule before the final dissolution … No one knows the day and time, but it is only after the Great War, throughout Germany expects « something ».

Germany as elusive as his dream: Where was she? « A Weimar? In Berlin ? Previously it had been at the front, but the front had disintegrated. Then we thought we find inside the country, but the country was deceiving us. – He was full of songs and words, but it sounded false. Where was Germany? Was among the people? But the people demanded bread and it did not matter to him that having filled the belly. Was it the state? But the talkative state sought its way through the words and was in resignation. « (The Forsaken.) So we embarked on with impossible quests

« At that time the patriotic associations came out of the ground like mushrooms. The faithful belonging to all classes of society upset met there. Everywhere it was the same hustle and bustle of opinions and people. All scraps and debris from the old values, ideologies, religions and sentiments that had been saved from the wreck, mingled with attractive slogans, the half-truths of the day, the vague glimpses, and the exact divinations all this formed a ball, constantly rotated and from which escaped a wire whose thousand hands seized eager to weave a tapestry of a bewildering variety of colors. On a gray background theories flourished floral old bluestem loquacious speech, and a disappointed and eager youth threw in light glowing streak among the intertwining of German feminine virtues. In the world of each bosses and workers believed to possess the solution of current social problems and all these theories outlined noisily did nothing more to confuse the true situation. Party leaders were bald head accents as melodious as the siren call to attract younger generations and the interests of the most diverse professions knew skillfully blend their voices in concert. Everywhere we saw a plaster Bismarck, amid laurels and decorated generals, who stood and raised threatening enthusiasm. Under a curious mixture of smell of beer, solar myth, military music is trying to stifle the fear of life that gripped your throat. This multicolored tapestry was lined with a burlesque fringe sects and communities of prophets and apostles. The most romantic choppy signed pacts with the most complete Americanism. And everywhere dreams were moving, whirled in the brains and hearts. « (Ibid.)


Yes, definitely, this chaos that the waiting would organize this pseudo-religious soil aspired to receive the prophetic Word that the ensemencerait. The myth of the true fate would arouse the heroic prototype supposed to lead Germany to the Castle of the Grail, but the actually lead deep into the infernal abyss. Ernst Jünger, seeing scroll the idealistic youth of Wandervögel, the « Migratory birds » proclaims: « This is the new Man, the clash of soldiers, the elite of Mitteleuropa. An entirely new race, clever, strong and resolute. « (Der Kampf als Erlebnis inneres Berlin, 1933). And again: » The new forms are shaped in the blood, and power seized a hard fist. « As for Spengler, citing him as the Napoleon of the spirits, he wrote to a friend: » Like the French in 1793, we must drink the cup to the dregs, we need a comparison of what punishment the four years war are nothing, until finally Terror is reached such a degree of excitement and despair that a dictatorship like that of Napoleon, is universally regarded as the salvation. « Drexler also – the founder of D.A.P. – Waiting, dreaming of a leader capable of giving life to lean ideas he had published in my political awakening. Excerpts from a newspaper worker. « In any case, if only to take a chance, it was that it was an exceptional personality, a man of intense convictions, all of a piece, and without fear. « But the most » prophetic « , coincidentally, was Heinrich Class, President of the Pan-German League, which declared in 1913 that a man would head the crusade against Jewry: » We expect the Führer! Patience, patience, it will come. Persevere, work and unite! « 

Walter Rathenau en 1922,peu avant son assassinat./ Walter Rathenau in 1922,just before his assassination.

Walter Rathenau in 1922,just before his assassination.

In 1922, finally, the year of the assassination of Rathenau seemed a novel titled K. Hesse Feldherr Psychologos, and prophesying the coming of a Messiah German: « So, a day will come when it will announce. Him, we all look hopeful: the millions of voices incessantly invoke the German soul seeks the whole … Everyone will praise everyone obey him. And why ? Because an extraordinary power emanates from his person: he is the director of souls. That is why his name will be: the Psychologos marshal. « 

Représentation de l'attentat contre Walter Rathenau./ Representation of the attack against Walter Rathenau.

Representation of the attack against Walter Rathenau.

At least two major characters of Nazism had, before their meeting with Hitler, an astonishing premonition of « One » they expected. We refer to Hess and Goebbels. The future Minister of Propaganda of the Reich, who could hear Hitler give a speech in 1922 in Munich, wrote in 1920 while studying philosophy at the University of Heidelberg, a novel called Michael in which that read this passage:

« I sit in a room where I’ve never been before. In the midst of people who are totally foreign to me. Poor and badly dressed mostly. Workers, soldiers, civil servants, students. I barely noticed a man there who begins to speak, slowly, hesitantly.

« And then, suddenly, it’s a flood of words. A light shines above him. I listen. I am captivated. The honor! work ! The flag ! These words still they have meaning to a people whose God seems completely disinterested shot?

« The audience ignited. Hope brightens gray faces. Someone clenches his fist. Another wipes the sweat from his forehead. An old officer weeps like a child.

« I’m hot, and then I’m cold. I do not know what happens to me. I seem to hear thundering cannons. Some military rise shouting « Hurrah! « And nobody seems to notice.

« The man continues to speak, and everything in me was an embryo takes shape. A miracle !

« Amid the ruins, someone shows us the flag.

« Those around me are no longer strangers. These are my brothers. I head to the gallery to see the man more closely.

« More than a speaker, a prophet!

« Sweat flooded his face. A pale face which two feverish eyes shine. And as the time of the last judgment, the words thunder, sentence by sentence.

 » I do not know what to do. I feel crazy, « I begin to applaud. And no one seems surprised, « He, the top of its platform, gives me a look. His blue eyes pierce me like a flame, and it’s an order.

« I feel born again. I now know where my path leads. The road to maturity. Looks like I’m drunk. All I remember is the human hand clasping mine. A lifetime oath. And my eyes met two large blue stars. « 

Rudolph Hess en compagnie du Führer./ Rudolph Hess with the Führer.

Rudolph Hess with the Führer.



As for Rudolf Hess, he had written while he was also a student, an essay on the topic: « How shall consist the man who will travel to Germany its former greatness. » (Cf. Konrad Heiden. Der Führer. Boston. Houghton Mifflin, 1944.) This was to be, he wrote, a dictator who does not disdain the use of street parades, slogans and demagoguery. Man of the people, however, have nothing in common with the mass, it would be « a huge personality » and does not fear the bloodshed. To achieve its purpose, it should be ready to « trample his closest friends, » to legislate « with tremendous rigor » to handle individuals and nations « with careful and sensitive fingers » or, if necessary, « to trample them with pomegranate boots. « 

In this context « prescient » and which would be sufficient to accredit the most fantastic assumptions on handling « mental currents, » the Führer had expected to receive its mission in ways … and in this case the vote, worthy of the epic of Joan of Arc.

Plunged again into darkness at the announcement of the Armistice of November 11, 1918, after he had already lost his sight in an English bombing with mustard gas. Hitler, in his hospital room in Pasewalk in Pomerania, is the subject of a « miracle » on the night of November 11 to 12. Voices urge him to save Germany, and the view is restored. He solemnly promises « to become a politician, and devote all his energies to execute the orders he had received » (see John Toland, op. Cit.)

But even before this « night of the miracle, » the terrible fate of Fredericeas Rex seems to have shown to Hitler, attentive to the inner voice which allowed him, during the war, to escape death many times. So this episode (cf. G. Ward Price thesis I know dictators London Harrap, 1937…) « I was having dinner in the trench with several comrades. Suddenly I felt a voice said to me: « Arise, and go there. » The voice was so clear, so insistent that I obeyed mechanically as if he had acted a military order. I got up immediately, carrying my dinner in the bowl. Then I sat down to continue my meal; my mind had calmed down. No sooner had I done this a flash and a deafening detonation reached me from the place of the trench that I had just left. A stray shell had exploded above the group, killing everyone. « 

Some time later, he would declare to his companions: « You hear a lot about me. Just wait my hour has come. « 

Repeat, this « voice » he had long been familiar. His friend Kubizek relates indeed metamorphosis Adolf, aged seventeen, at the end of a representation of Rienzi Wagner in Linz elated by the gesture of the Roman tribune, his ecstatic state led him to prophesy, possessed « a special mission which would one day be entrusted to him. »

This was apparently the first manifestation of this conscious influence of Fate that would lead him in the presence of witnesses aback, to reiterate periodically, and invulnerability, and the inner call that dictated his way. Thus, before the failed putsch of 1923, one witness reported that « Hitler was then the Napoleonic and messianic ideas very clear. He said he felt inwardly called to save Germany, and that this role would fall to him sooner or later. He then made a number of parallels with Napoleon, especially with the return of the island of Elba. « 

Beyond the mentioned controls. G.C. Jung – with which we agree here – this book penetrating diagnosis « Hitler belongs to the category of truly mystical witch doctors. His body does not mention the force. The most remarkable feature of his physiognomy is its dreamy look, (…) There was a prophet in the eyes of expression. « Therefore, » … Hitler’s power is not political; it’s magic. « Certainly, we will prove. And Jung also includes Hitler lets run by mysterious forces: « Hitler, he listens and obeys. The true leader is always led. « This is especially true as the Messiah of Islam, the Mahdi, is literally » Well Run « …

This strange man Hitler adequacy of a mythical destiny definitely enjoins us to approach this destiny « idealistic » and not « nominalist » Again, this would be a serious mistake to consider the legend of Frederick III, the Grail king, as a mere literary monument, venerable certainly, poetic oh, but depends mainly on fantasies of his time, and he would be illusory to expect anything other than aesthetic emotions. In medieval intellectuality, legends, far from assimilating to free fictions born of the imagination alone, were on the contrary, according to the mime etymology of the word, what was read. Incentive, in short, to explore the realm of Platonic archetypes.

We have seen: In the immediate post-war Germany, the myth that « informs » the collective psyche and unifies disparate legends, is almost autonomously and prints his seal to events outside the control conscious actors « possessed » by the gods – or if you prefer the mental currents – emerged from a world-rear too long ignored by scientism and rationalism triumphant. Fascinating show – and how terrible – than those totally ignorant characters sometimes mythical themes they put into action, and which do not reproduce less, even in the most unexpected details, the archetype model formulated in Mo tempore.

There has been, especially in recent years, interesting « readings » of the Grail cycle – in connection with the initiation queste, alchemy, etc. – But to our knowledge, the prophetic aspect and political mystique that it contains has been neglected. However, archaeologist Louis CharbonneauLassay – which belonged to the « Brotherhood of the Knights of the Divine Paraclete, » a Christian initiatory organization whose foundation went back to the fifteenth century – concluded by saying an article on the « Holy Grail » appeared in a Catholic magazine thirties, intellectual radiation: « the legend of the Holy Grail was so close to our fathers an effective inspiration. Seems it remains after the Imitation of Christ, the literary masterpiece the most prestigious, the most prolific medieval society that has left us. Whether we are well insured, its glory and its active role are not dead. « This is indeed a perennial theme that underlies the religious structure of the West, gives birth to an entire political-mystical current in whose shadow the Hitler phenomenon arise, like a parasitic plant. Is it a coincidence that the Goncourt Prize Alphonse de Chateaubriant, initiated the « Estoile internelle » the inner circle of the « Paraclete, » wrote Hitler in 1937 in the Wave forces: « His eyes are blue deep waters of the lake Koenigssee … his body vibrates, his head movement is young, her neck is hot. This back-there has not been dented by the dirty passions of politics: it is full and pure like an organ pipe. One of its features is an immense kindness. Yes. Hitler is good. It is immensely good. « 

La vision du Saint-Graal retrouvé au Moyen Âge./ The Holy Graal in the Middle Age.

The Holy Graal in the Middle Age.

The image of the knight of the Grail was pregnant at that point the German satirical weekly Simplicissimus published in 1924, the front page, a caricature of Hitler in armor, « making his entry into Berlin on a white horse as if he Sir Galahad was in person « (cf. John Toland, op. cit.) in fact, it was not of Gilead it was, or even Parsifal, but Klingsor, the black mage. Yet the hero, he had the specious appearances, to the point that a group of extremist Jews of Palestine declared in 1932 that, apart from his antisemitism (!), The movement N.S.D.A.P. was acceptable and would save Germany. In addition, the Association of Jews from the German Nation in 1933 launched an appeal on his behalf. Its members belonged to 90% of Germans who 19 August 1933 voted freely for Adolf Hitler, successor of Hindenburg … Such a plebiscite was reserved only designated hero by Destiny.




In 1933, a German writer and archaeologist receives strange anonymous telegram. The letter promised a large sum of money if he continues his quest. The writer is called Otto Rahn. Passionate esotericism, it searches for years the Holy Grail. The sender is none other than Heinrich Himmler. The head of the SS is obsessed with mysticism and persuades reading a book Rahn as the chalice of Christ is within reach! Himmler wanted to create a new pagan religion. He financed several expeditions of Otto Rahn at Montsegur Castle, France, supposed place of the Cathar treasure. Back empty-handed, Rahn was posted to guard camps of Dachau and Buchenwald. He ends up committing suicide in the Austrian Alps. He was Jewish and homosexual … Himmler was homophobic!



Had he not shown during the Great War exceptional courage? He, the « intellectual » who always carried books, including a Schopenhauer, in his pack, had become by the end of 1915 essential for the staff of the regiment because the shelling frequently cut the telephone lines between command posts of the battalions and companies, and only the liaison officers could carry messages, « We were not long to know which messengers we could rely on the most, » was to write Fritz Wiedemann in der Mann, der Feldherr wollte werden. Constantly on the go, admired by the soldiers for his fearlessness, « Adi, » says John Toland, « was generally liked because we could trust him in times of hardship. He never abandoned a wounded comrade Damais he claimed did ill in dangerous missions. Furthermore, it was a good companion during the long and tedious periods was expected the fight. His quality of the painter approached his comrades: It was cartoons depicting comic moments of their existence. « 

His colonel was to declare: « No circumstance, no situation would have prevented him from volunteering for the most delicate tasks, the most difficult and dangerous, and he was always ready to sacrifice his life and peace to his country and his comrades. « Hugo Gutmann, a Jew, deputy captain of the battalion of Hitler asked for it first class iron cross, he gave her August 4, 1918.

Alphonse de Chateaubriant, meanwhile, that should however know that there would come a time « when the very elect would be deceived, » thought probably already Hitler commenting in 1933 in the Response of the Lord, the famous engraving of Dürer, Knight and Death:

« …. The knight appears, helmeted, laced in his armor, lance on shoulder, on horseback.

« It’s not a youngster, is a mature man, covering his bones hardened track of his fights, (…)

« It goes back shallows of his life, his soul meditates. It passes right his way. (…)

« Formidable road, deep in the lower clouds darkness, bristling stones terrible anguish and doubt, haunted by the most unclean beasts, abominations, terrors, betrayals, hatred. Frightful rocks trying to crush the man and the horse; ash bottomlands, pestilential swamp open under their feet and swallow them. Trophonius true path, where those who entered only laughed at all their life! (…)

« And here now that spawned the work of its issue, and that passes farm as one who has seen the Invisible. A huge oversight as a tomb covers everything did suffer; he went to the confluence of that time, when the man in the balance of the LORD may be said, a day that advances and overnight withdrawing. « 

And the two bullies apocalyptic, the old man in the water clock and threatening beast male with long ears of porcien ass, Death and Beelzebub, he can not see them – these obsolete forms of the old world.

But what does he see then, that piercing gaze and he runs straight ahead?

– What he saw, replied that old son of the Templars, he sees, is the fulfillment of the vision that was not initially a trembling draft, and which, through being contemplated, became the glorious city of marble where he will soon dismounted, removing his helmet! « This was the Grail castle and described as Chateaubriant. Hitler and made him eerily echo: « The work that Christ business but could not finish, I – Adolf Hitler – I eventually will lead. « 


Adolph Hitler,le guide du Peuple allemand./ Adolph Hitler,the german people guide.

Adolph Hitler,the german people guide.




Manifesto for a Quebec National Front (Front national du Québec)

Fn logo

                             MANIFESTO FOR A NATIONAL FRONT OF QUEBEC

« The number one enemy of any government is the man who is able to think for himself without regard to the single thought. Almost inevitably then it will come to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and unbearable, so if this man is idealistic he wants change. If it is not, he will testify about his discovery enough to generate the idealistic revolt against the state.  »

(Henry Louis Mencken, journalist, writer and free thinker, one of the most influential American writers of the 20th century (1880-1956))

« The union of the action of free-thinkers will one day name of world revolution! »
(Michel Duchaine, researcher and Palm Reader Truths)

It is obvious that we begin to encounter the ecological limits of economic activity: all those who listen to the new international météologiques know.

A liberal economic system, whose goal is the pursuit of profit in the short-term vested interests, can not take into account the long-term costs such as environmental degradation.

The current economic models are unable to estimate the true value of the « production » of nature, essential to our survival: oxygen production, carbon sequestration by forests and oceans, temperature regulation, protection against solar radiation, chemical recycling, rainfall distribution, water production, food production, etc..

If our economic models incorporated the actual cost of the destruction of nature, pollution, climate change, it would radically change our estimate of what is « profitable » and what is not.

The production of nature was assessed 55.000 billion a year by a group of scientists from the « Institute for Ecological Economics » from the University of Maryland in 1997.Nous are now in 2013, and it is certain the costs (and the value of the assessment of the nature) have significantly increased since some time, given the number of extreme weather events, increasing exponentially.

If we continue this logic, following the recent disaster of Lac-Megantic, we can be certain that the company (MMA Montreal Maine and Atlantic), responsible for its negligence and broken not maintain its tracks and trains, will prefer to the key in the door and close the books rather than paying for the damage to the environment and those due to human population (deaths, physical and psychological injury, economic loss of business, etc.). This company will organize Like many others before her, to make a « profitable bankruptcy, » leaving the people of Quebec with bills to pay, to bury the dead, to remove illusions and moral wounds to heal.

Recent flooding recently experienced worldwide, including particularly in North America and Europe, multiple earthquakes recorded everywhere on Earth, moving faster the magnetic North Pole more than 130 kilometers in a few years, suggest we are only at the beginning, « the end of humanity » if we are not careful we will send warnings of Nature.

The huge forest fires that devastated northern Quebec are also linked to the degradation of life on Earth, which is proof of the responsibility of the demographic and economic « capitalist » growth imposed on the Human Terre.Il is now too late to turn back quickly and effectively control global warming because it will most likely several centuries of constant effort and discipline in order to theoretically difficult to take control of our global climate.

People who currently have no interest in the new world, can not make links between extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, with economic activity actuelle.Les workers Quebec overtaxed by hours of mind-numbing work and stressful pace of life, can not always take the time to reflect on the condition of slaves and victims in which they and they live.

The world of work is unique: it isolates people in a bubble in order to extract any profit until the last drop of your sweat last vie.Par later when you retire, the « system « is organized for you recycle you penning somewhere to siphon your savings if you reste.Les » pseudo developers neoliberal « attached to the credo of unlimited economic growth until the end of time, have nothing to do with workers, students, unemployed and pensioners who think, wake up and finally rebel against the Divine Capitalist System.

This system has everything planned so far in every détails.Je say that even the disaster of Lac-Mégantic was intended to make us swallow the idea of ​​a pipeline to transport « safely » oil which our Blessed company was dutifully bathed in dépendance.Depuis a century, towns, villages and all the economic development has been built around the car driven to fossil fuels (that is to say, oil).

Why the capitalist system would deliberately produced such a disaster … you ask me the answer is simple! Maintains and neglecting the security to get a fast maximum profits, the preconditions are created predictable major accident will be close this railway and promote a « magnificent pipeline » pay your taxes.

At the same time, it suits everyone, especially the Desmarais family (Total, the oil sands, Power Corporation) Sagard, Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec ($ 7.7 million shares in MMA, development pipeline) and construction companies in Quebec, union solidarity funds … and so on. Never forget that when a city is destroyed, it is often necessary to rebuild … profits.Souvenons with us from Germany and Japan after the war and especially New York was bankrupt at the beginning- the seventies.

All players in the « crime scene » of Lac-Megantic play their roles very well in speaking to the media sold the system to leave the economy of the city … more soon! The state capitalism n ‘ not like downtime, so you have to forget as soon as the misery of many victims survivantes.Tout as September 11, 2001, firefighters, police and political authorities will be put to the foreground to create new hero in order to extend the vision of the social life of the system, but especially business.

The dead can live with them, but not the death business! The New World Order needs to feel that neoliberalism will perpetuate and extend over time.

Have you noticed a new train derailment occurred yesterday, July 24, 2013, in France? Have you noticed that whenever there is a killer in the United States, there is always a ripple effect elsewhere, as if a « fashion » was born!

Truth may eventually see the light, but it is not the current politicians who sit in the National Assembly of Quebec that will benefit us dire.Ils and live the corrupt and decaying political system that will provide them retirement … then why try to change a system that promotes all? In the next election, they all lie to us and shouted that they can extend the life of the welfare state in guaranteeing the Holy Economic Growth with safety in transport of hazardous materials … such as oil, for example!

Truth, I’ll tell you in two words: the world is changing faster and faster and the real « Masters of the World » have already made decisions on the fate of half of humanity They control the National Assembly. Quebec, using organized crime as an intermediary.

So no matter which political party you vote in the next election, you will not change anything, but the colonial system, still in force in Quebec does not want you sachiez.Vous may have the right thinking about it a little, but not to say that we must walk on the Quebec National Assembly to dismiss the race officials appointed for life, to ensure continuity of corruption as a system under the auspices of mafia, secret societies and human multinational « Chinese Communist » on our soil.

In fact, looking at our current National Assembly, I have the impression to see sit in « black kings », but not free people’s representatives. I see a system in place to make us go round, like chickens without tête.L importance is to extract the natural resources of the territory to meet the growing needs of the colonizers, without regard to the type of government, political party or social project exists or not Québec.On might well, moreover, get rid of French and Native American peoples of Quebec by emigrating in part to Western Canada or Nunavut to exercise free jobs before importing anglophone or allophone immigrants to maintain the holy growth that would benefit the economic change.C is probably it, the illuminati plan for Quebec, the plan will allow Desmarais to grow exponentially, their investments.

Thereafter, Ms. Marois will be able to buy a patterned after a castle in the house. Charest will return to an institution such as the Caisse de Depot et Placement, a solidarity fund or an association of law firms véreux.François Legault will make many friends in large corporations.Amir Khadir will become a great hospital administrator or carritative association.

What we see before our eyes is the murder planned and programmed our démocratie.L idea is you ignore the political and social demands exposing all its stench in the open, to let the elbow qu’aura the choice made the Great Lord Illuminati Sagard, he chooses for you which will make you happy or future misfortune.

The table is set to Québec.pour installing a slave dictatorship manipulated by high finance and Crime organisé.Cette dictatorship has the appearance of a democracy, but an executioner will be worse because of the agenda will be more criminals.

The Plan Nord and the programmed destruction of nature

The plan of destruction of nature and wildlife (or North Plan) is inevitable in Quebec, because this is wanted and prepared by the allies and supporters of neoliberalism, Quebec.


For these four reasons:

1 – The death of nature and the increasing pollution will make people even more dependent on the economic system to survive, and will help to generate new profits (including increased consumption of drugs and medical services …) .

2 – In addition, the nature is a reference to another level, that of the universe. The contemplation of the beauty and perfection of this order is subversive: it leads the individual to reject the ugly urbanized environments, and to question the social order must remain the only reference.
The urbanization of the environment helps put people in a totally controlled airspace, monitored, and where the person is fully immersed in a projection of the order Company ‘s invention of the cities, many millennia ago, is historically the birth of the first dictatorships and tyrannies first.

3 – Finally, the contemplation of nature makes the dream and intensify the inner life of individuals, developing their own sensitivity and thus their free will.
They therefore continue to be fascinated by the goods, they are turning away from television programs to stupefy them and control their minds. Freed from their chains, they begin to imagine an alternative society based on values ​​other than profit and money.

Anything that can get people to think and live by themselves is potentially subversive. The greatest danger to the social order is spirituality because it leads the individual to change his value system and therefore its behavior at the expense of values ​​and behaviors previously established by social conditioning.

The stability of the « New World Order » (who is also a New Social Order Totalitarian), anything that can stimulate spiritual awakening must be eliminated.

4 – Finally, everything is free by birth and natural law must monetize and profitable to avoid the humans of Earth might believe that there are other values ​​in life than that one can and must payer.Ainsi recently, there has been a U.S. state legislation on the establishment of « his property » water pluie.Des fines were awarded to citizens who collected water rain on their properties! Increasingly, we see that under Barack Hussein Obama, the United States of America are moving quickly to establish a socialist dictatorship close stalinisme.N ‘Has it not sought to privatize water distribution network in Montreal?

All this will lead to the creation of two classes of people: those who are able to afford everything they want and need in life and those who can not for lack of money at birth and be sentenced to death.

In this kind of neo-liberal democracy of the future, there will be plenty of male and female citizens who no longer have the physical and mental strength to vote, so we will eventually abolish the law, people will vote sitting in front of their computers and find that too many people have a useless existence, so « we » exterminate part of mankind to improve the lives of a small elite assassins … the top of the pyramid.

The release of Quebec and the nations of the Earth

Not to be permanently removed from the game against the powers-economic power (trade unions, consumer organizations, environmental movements) must respond by placing them on the same level of organization, global and not just national, unifying and synchronizing their actions across groups of states weighing sufficient weight in the global economic flows.

We are left with little time to react, because all the necessary controls in a future world dictatorship are now in place.

In Quebec, we must fight fiercely to ensure our national rights, while Canada Harper, the ultra-conservative monarchists and polluters of the West, will try for the last time at least, to make us swallow their totalitarian vision , their only thought of Canada « Coast to Coast » to throw in!

We Quebec Patriots have a huge and almost superhuman work release Quebec before mourir.Nous have a sacred duty to protect our remaining nature, attempting to clean what can be and improve the environment our beloved country, Quebec.

We have the huge challenge to bring down the current building or place the power of political corruption: our National Assembly of Quebec, and then carry out, in the beginning of the Third Millennium, the total independence of Quebec.

We have first to reign Justice and Truth if we want to live free and proud men and women to be. It would do us any good to fight, whether it would emerge a tyranny or the people continue to survive in oppression and falsehood.
The first thing a true patriot should do would be to ask people their opinions on the words inscribed on the text of a Constitution for the State of Quebec, a cleared state of parasitism Orange Canadian monarchy, serving of a foreign power.

In 1837, there were more English and Irish patriots as French patriots to fight side côte.Il there was not this racist contempt for the language of one or the other, because everyone understood they were fighting against an enemy commun.Ensemble, Francophone and Anglophone patriots had a common social project: the creation of a free and independent republic, freed from British colonialism.

In 1950, at the time of Maurice Richard, there was nobody who said nationalist, Canada, except Maurice Duplessis and his supporters of the National Union, Québec.Nous owe him our beautiful fleur de lis flag.

In 2013, many English Canadians understand the meaning of this struggle because they live this state of slavery in a polluted environment or they are delivered to themselves under the authority of governments increasingly corrupt and centralisateurs.Plusieurs citizens and citizens of English Canada include them as they are-in a political stalemate, social and économique.Le jamb Canadian capitalist system from all sides and we can guess that it is only a matter of time before he s ‘collapses as a unit.

A period of anarchy and popular revolt therefore may start at any time here, near our neighborhood, in our city and « our country », no matter what it’s called or calling.
We will, we the peoples and nations of the Great Canada to resume the struggle of Louis-Joseph Papineau and his revolt as it is and will remain an expression of our rebellion to one and all, even if we do not move in front of our television screens or computer. These are our grandchildren will a final judgment on our actions or our inertia.

In conclusion

It is a question of will and decision and it starts in our hearts, our love and sense of sharing as beings humains.La certainty that I have in my heart and soul is only a short time, we live in a New Era and we have a duty to adapt and live in our époque.L experience the history of humans on Earth shows us that everything becomes unsuitable among living beings, eventually disappear.
I express sincere wishes that Quebec is released from this terrible burden on his shoulders, which is called the false as Canadian Confederation.

I hope never to come back in another life to see a headstone or is writing these traitors words:

« Here git, the people of Quebec, who died for choosing the status quo changement.Choisir die is to build a wall in front of the future. »

Michel Duchaine

Truthseeker and Truthteller

Founder of the National Front of Quebec

* Our manifesto and our website  in french:

Quebec and the Vikings in Greenland: two similar people and threatening future

« The refusal to accept the inevitable changes, as unpleasant as they are, plays a big role in the misfortune of men, because it condemns them to suffer its worst forms a reality that they are depriving themselves of action because of accept the view: shall we like the Vikings in Greenland?  »

(Jared Diamond:. Collapse How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
(Gallimard, NRF Essays, 2006)

Since the election of 4 September 2012, the Parti Quebecois has tried everything to give political legitimacy, despite its state of « minority government » in the National Assembly of Quebec.

When I had finished reading the above statement, Jared Diamond, I immediately made the connection with Quebec society any entière.Il are many similarities between the Greenland Viking society and that of the French Quebec current.


Many archaeological remains exposed Vikings in Greenland.
Many archaeological remains exposed Vikings in Greenland.

First, the Vikings have always refused to share and adopt the lifestyle of the Inuit who lived on this vast territory for several millennia before the arrival of the French drakkars.Les who tried to settle in the territory Quebec, known as Kanada, at the time of Jacques Cartier, were saved in extremis by the diligence of the Indian to make a first winter and they were almost decimated by typhus.

This stubbornness in wanting to protect their way of life must be genetic somewhere, because now in 2013, we still want to keep the artificial lung on the welfare state that has served so well neoliberalism in electoral periods previously.

While all that is left seems to monopolize the political vision of « fake change » continue to hammer the spirit of Quebec workers the necessity of the struggle for political sovereignty … while a large cleaning is required to the Assembly Nationale.Personne no longer believe anything that touches Quebec politics, except politicians themselves mêmes.Les MPs who managed to get elected or re-elected in the electoral system from another century, are increasingly disconnected from reality and more looking for ways to get re-elected and to maintain a system they know outdated, corrupt, illegitimate, infiltrated by capitalist influences crass and brutally tied to slavery and parasitic values . relive I think the words of Louis-Joseph Papineau, after more than seventy five years.

While the greatest economic crisis in history known great strides toward us, while we lose thousands of good jobs and the defense of « Quebec values » becomes more and more fundamental, the government of Pauline Marois just looking to stay place.On seeks to blind people on real issues, on real problems.

By blocking the creation of the Economic Development Bank of Canada, the opposition parties seemed to hear an alarm. This is a signal that tends to make it clear to the Parti Quebecois government to look to hang at least a scapegoat to protect the mountain stench rises nez.Combien of billions of dollars have been distributed to the winds during the Liberal government of Jean Charest? Does the PQ trying to forget that you need to punish those who looted the coffers of the state, threatened all the institutions of Quebec collaborating with organized crime and lose confidence in the future!

How, following the recent hearings of the Charbonneau Commission, can we tolerate the current mayor, Alexandre Duplessis Laval when we know that a system of collusion has been established and that he himself, the new mayor, participated ? Can you imagine that? because the « boss » is gone, corruption and crime are left with … and because it imposes a responsibility of the government of the city of Laval, there will be more brown envelopes in the sets?

How can we trust anyone sitting

In the National Assembly when it comes to finding out what does not work and threaten to try to make this system is supposed to work alone and called « JUSTICE »?

We all feel, in Quebec, as the politicos who managed to get elected, will continue to fill their pockets by promoting their boyfriends … so they will not take hold in the sack … themselves!

Liberals and caquistes play biceps and play the vulnerability of the minority government. Minority and unpopular.

Wait until the next election in Quebec, to the great household is a little believing in Santa Claus, … but also for sure and wait for the « much » worse replaces the worst!

Philippe Couillard elect to administer Quebec, under the mandate to the work that needs doing is asking Al Capone to administer the city of Chicago, in 1932 … rather than send him to prison.

Hear the Minister of Revenue about economic growth when Europe is on the brink of financial collapse, when the U.S. debt grows at an exponential rate and that all financial experts agree in predicting a Major Economic Crisis (Crisis Crises) is to believe that the minister comes from another planet.

Those who currently administer Quebec dangerously play the ostrich, imagining that the lion is blind, deaf and dumb!


This business visible from the road to the Epiphany is central to many operations related to corruption ... as you understand that I do not need to name it.
This business visible from the road to the Epiphany is central to many operations related to corruption … as you understand that I do not need to name it.

This business visible from the road to the Epiphany is central to many operations related to corruption … as you understand that I do not need to name it.

This business visible from the road to the Epiphany is central to many operations related to corruption … as you understand that I do not need to name it.

Worse by giving in this way, we show organized crime, how to get out.

The proof of our mismatch the great changes that are coming from around the Earth, we have only to listen to Ms. Marois talk about his willingness to support economic « sacred » growth capitaliste.Pire system, it seems endorse the draft Plan Nord, so dear to Jean Charest and maligned worldwide.

As we recently learned that the team of Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, while he was in office, was voted a budget of $ 500,000 to cope with the Charbonneau Commission as well as any pending lawsuits, me I received a lot of information on my extensive network, from the North Shore Montréal.Ainsi I can learn this morning that a company manufacturing prefabricated walls, roof trusses and beams, located at the edge of Assumption and Epiphany has contributed for years to the election fund of the Quebec Liberal Party (… and Canada too), has lost significant construction contracts following the appearance of mafiosi D’Accurso, to the fall of 2012, before the Commission Charbonneau.Juste before Christmas the company has laid off many workers, but kept at work, all part of the « family » and « friends » of propriétaire.De more in workshop prefabricated walls (which is located in another address that the company « family ») collectors are considered « unsafe. CSSQ by inspection, last spring … but I am aware that If they work, when you read this article.La health workers in this business is threatened in order to maintain « the precious and sacred capitalist profit » in the industrial park of the Assumption, part of the county administered by none other François Legault, himself head of the Coalition Avenir Québec.

Mayor Epiphany, M.Verstraete, former Liberal candidate against Scott McKay in 2008, knows something, who faces a serious embezzlement scandal, because I am informed that he has done business with this company L’Assomption.

Everything seems to be inter-connected between the current elected municipal councils, those of the National Assembly of Quebec, the Desmarais family Sagard, big unions corrupted by money from the Solidarity Fund and organized crime … . Citizens in all of this are left on their hunger and their representatives look tragically forget their « rights to a fair and honest administration policy. »

It is therefore not by changing the ruling political party in the National Assembly that we will resolve the problem, but changing an entire corrupt SYSTEM that permeates everything that gives capitalist profits in our society.

To achieve a true revolution generate policy that Quebec will follow suit in a Second American Revolution … and through consequences: World Revolution, we must first change the « Human Heart of the Earth. »

Quebec is not isolated from the global mainstream of political, social, economic, ecological and philosophical which started recently and that I call « The NEW ERA », but if you make the mistake to ensure that this happens elsewhere, do not touch us, if we try to isolate and play the ostrich, we quickly become a company behind the other, a completely overtaken by the World Revolution society that looks … and we will be overwhelmed by this wave.

Quebec and the vikings become the twenty-first century, and one day, tourists can photograph a tombstone on which is written:

« Here git a people, the people of Quebec, who died trying to escape his fate and adapt to change. »

The more we hesitate to move to clean the corrupt politicians who sit in the National Assembly of Quebec, or where they should be (in prison) and our fate will become inevitable, because no nation, no country has built around ! ‘lax justice tolerated and protected his criminal’s first act of Pauline Marois would be to introduce legislation to dissolve the Quebec Liberal Party for the following reason: conspiracy (offense) put in prison by all the Liberal caucus and making everyone go under investigation, to comb.

Having no law enacted to protect the people of Quebec against tyranny and plunder of state assets by poor administration, leaving Jean Charest and the Liberal mafia orchestrate their « system », we inherit a Quebec National Assembly or appointed officials from the « boyfriends » are figure « Fifth Column » in the back of a government more or less legitimate, but absolutely no democratic and respectful of the financial resources of Quebec.

The former mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillancourt with Jean Charest (center) and former Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay: a bunch of politicos linked to organized crime, a system that remains.
The former mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillancourt with Jean Charest (center) and former Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay: a bunch of politicos linked to organized crime, a system that remains.

This is probably not keeping alive artificially structure « colonialists » inherited from the British Empire that we will brag and say that we are better than elsewhere. Should not forget that the best slave is one who ignores his condition and that the most masochistic slave and the slave is more than knowing that his condition, to ignore it by teaching their children to better serve as himself (to say the words that scare).

That’s why I’m interested in politics, because I have compassion for everyone who is still on top when it is hit the ground and sought to remove all espoir.Je it seeks to establish a political party to which we will not have to get a nose clip in order to vote for him, but with the confidence that it will be for the people and future generations.

I need a political party that will bring together rather than divide or leave people in doubt.

If elected I would one day, I promise to bring down the system of corruption starting with abolishing the privileges of senior officials hidden in their bunkers in Quebec, initiating all by their job security in stone and funds pensions indexed to the cost of living … that most Quebec will continue to pay, without ever having the right to have any security for their own retirement themselves.

We have to choose between two models of society:

a) a delayed society facing the protection of the privileges hijacked by the 1% that are part all party leaders currently represented in the National Assembly of Quebec.

b) a renewed society that has not been afraid to adapt to new realities and a guide which will put his foot down and say: Enough is enough «  » This is how we will change the future!  »

Believe it or not, but this is how we abolished the so-called « democracy », in Greece at the time of Pericles, because Greek society was highly threatened with death because of its « Shooting in Round  »

Well, well! Turning round, we know well that in Quebec, it’s been fifty years since it does!

So if you’re tired of going in circles, come join the ranks of my new political party, we understand why people are sick and tired of politicos, so we remove the current politicos and their privileges while by asking people their opinion on a Constitution of the State of Quebec!

We refuse to let us down, so we want a National Front of Quebec!

We invite all those who meet to consider the prospect of taking a Great Walk around the National Assembly in Quebec City, to ask the government to act for the people!


In his book « Collapse », dedicated to long prosperous civilizations experienced a sudden collapse, the American historian Jared Diamond focuses, among others, the Vikings in Greenland
The main factors of this collapse (rapid erosion by clearing for pasture, refusal to emulate the techniques of hunting, fishing and heating animal fat Inuit) all fall, in fact, a mental block: Vikings have always continued to regard themselves as « European ».

Hugo Chavez :The patriot of Venezuela and the Man of the World

Hugo Chavez 01

A handshake, two minutes of conversation enough to realize that dream when he claimed a pension lying in a hammock, watch a small herd of cows in the river Arauca, Hugo Chavez lying.

Venezuela’s President was a politician active 24 hours on 24. He had the « Bolivarian revolution » for the sole purpose of his life, with all that implies: idealism full of contradictions, an absolute radicalism against his opponents, a dangerous certainty to be indispensable and solitary exercise power.

« Chavez is a politician to 150%. Nobody can blame him for not having given body and soul to country. Even those who hate acknowledge, and that is also why they hate him so much « explained a close associate of the deceased president.

In fourteen years in power, Chavez has always been omnipresent. He slept little. He did not leave on vacation. He made few visits abroad.

« Today, I will talk about shortly. Only four hours, » he joked on television in 2009, while he was at the height of his exuberant presidency.

Four hours were transformed easily into seven or eight. Without teleprompter, without commercial break.

His voice became a little background music of Venezuela. His face adorned the walls of the most remote villages. His image was embedded almost tattooed in the daily life of Venezuela. His name was constantly mentioned either in the bakery, in the subway or in the elevator.

The president was the main character and the actor almost unique political life. Chavismo, it was him. Life in Venezuela could quickly turn to the overdose of Chavez.

Chavez, who was not punctual nature, broke into the room of press conferences, with the aplomb of those who know they are expected by the door to the right of the portrait of his master, the liberator Simon Bolivar. A shiver of fear and reverence traveled while government members present.

Even his harshest critics and most critical journalists admit it: when was facing him, his charisma was unmatched. It was impressive. He could even look nice.

« Hey, guys, you have to eat? » joked the president as an introduction with a broad smile. Then the sigh of relief was almost audible side of Ministers: the « head », as many called it, seemed in a good mood that day.

He would often wake his ministers in the middle of the night because he had an idea. He publicly humiliated when they did not provide an answer to a problem. He gave them the feeling of being part of a big project, but he did not fail to remind them of the occasion, they were nothing. Loves and misfortunes of the president were capricious and difficult to collect.

« When you work with a leader as exceptional as Chavez, you know that your project is a project. Endpoint. Individual plans have no place here, » summarized a government.

Front of the cameras, live, Chavez surprised, disconcerted. He was able to nationalize a bank when he visited a convent of nuns, announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Colombia with footballer Diego Maradona at his side, to expropriate several houses by simply showing the finger during a walk in Caracas, or tell his wife of the time to be ready for the day of Valentine’s Day, he would « take care of it as it should be. »

Entangled in its profound contradictions until the end of his life, Chavez could perfectly handle his political opponent of « pig » before calling for national reconciliation in hell before Obama send to him: « I want to be your friend « denounce the terrible plots against his person and chain singing a joyful song peasant. After that, everything went on as before.

Beyond the tropical truculent leader that many wanted to see him, Chavez hiding a remarkable computing power, coupled with an almost animal instinct to detect opportunities and survive failures.

Its fuel, it was almost mystical communion with the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who asked him to never leave. The adoration he aroused in half the country was proportional to the hatred and anxiety it generated in the other half. The latter, Chavez despised and treated mercilessly « anti-revolutionary ».

« My life is yours! » proclaimed president during these meetings massive, wacky, which exceeded the understanding for the newcomer to Venezuela.

Transported by the project, hypnotized by socialism learned from books, Chavez seemed to live alone in a parallel world. He realized, sometimes.

The former Minister Carlos Genatios, passed since the opposition, and remembers one day have found mine dark Chavez in the presidential palace and asking him what was wrong. « Here, people do not talk to me, they do not dare, they tell me nothing, » he replied.

Know who is hiding behind the « commander » was a challenge. Democrat or tyrant? XXI century socialist or opportunist? Obsessed with power or idealistic convinced of his mission? Or was it all at once?

« They make one that Chavez has nothing to do with me, » warned the president one day.

On rare occasions, his inner self seemed to surface so fleeting. When he learned that a young woman had given birth in the street because no hospital wanted her, or that supermarkets lacked victuals, or when daggers look a journalist who had ventured to ask an embarrassing question.

Even in death, Chavez surprised. Although expected, his death still seems unreal to 29 million Venezuelans. Perhaps death she footed the president himself, unable to resign down the difficult path between the apotheosis of deathbed.

« The worst case scenario is that Chavez dies, because we want to win », said Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, coordinator of the MUD, the opposition bloc. Long, opponents have not been able to find a way to exist against Chavez. It is as if, by dying, Chavez exauçait intimate his wish to perpetuate in power and history.

Manifesto of the People’s Power for Quebec Constitution of the State of Quebec

January 9, 2013

drapeau patriotes lys 03_we the peopleI have given my consent to the use of certain information that I have to disclose to foreign allies, so that they can develop an international action to support people in Quebec’s National Patriotic March for Freedom and Justice .

On this National Patriotic Quebec aims to reclaim … standing and not kneeling … a simple Constitution of the State of Quebec to write who we are, where we live, with whom and what  » values ​​that we share! « 

Numerous consultations currently underway on social networks to spread publicly the future of the ripple effect that might have, our cohesion solidarity with many liberation struggles around the world.

The avowed aim: a great challenge!

The avowed aim of the liberation of the people of Quebec is to the First Barrier NWO creating a first liberated people in North America.

Freeing the people of Quebec financial shameful slavery which it is submitted, we will have a free hand to support a Second American Revolution necessitated by the height of the debt, higher than the Himalayas and the loss of control, by the American people, its government and its justice.

We consider time that « Enlightened Human », there are no boundaries to organized crime, totalitarianism, slavery and the physical security of all forms of life on Earth, even those we do not see.

Accordingly, we believe in « Self Defense State » on all levels: social, economic and political.

By cons, we will not run any drop of your precious blood, even if everyone knows or learns us how you, the political leaders of North America,’re dangerous criminals, murderers sitting on their thrones walleye, poisoners consciences, embezzlers of public funds, Crusher of independent peoples and immoral no spiritual consciousness.

You are worthy heirs of the « Manufacturers two world wars of the twentieth century! »

Justice will be done … but!

The Revolution begins, will eventually send you all to jail, you corrupt politicians in Quebec and throughout North America, in order to serve the Judgment of Peuple.Bien course, you will abide in the expectation that we change the lax laws and protective for you and your little friends.

We hope and wish that you are judged by a New Law Code established by the Sovereign Peoples of North America, which is part of Quebec … himself hoping at least one constitution to allow him to define and breathe a little of Liberty which was right, other sovereign nations of the world.

The time now is against you, but for the Freedom of the People!

Because … it is the nature of prisoners  to dream about Freedom!

French people of America who dares to even survive on the land we call Quebec, came after more than two hundred and fifty years of colonialism in arrears for more than fifty years of African decolonization and over forty years of political misrepresentation our National Assembly of Quebec.

We can say that we have a hard life, but I do not know if you can imagine, you are the « phonies » that you look in the mirror in the morning, thinking that we, the citizens of Quebec, are poor idiots with no future, but your time is up.

Earlier, the bell will ring and recreation will end for you!

When the people will wake up for good, deciduous Laws that govern us, will change …. and your fate, too!

Ended pension funds indexed to the cost of living tax-supported small workers whose wages will fall, but pension fund themselves!

No more boyfriends corrupt politicians who are given positions and positions additional reward for their silence and their dark night activities.

No more « Beautiful Cabins » $ 2 million and a half paid out of the misappropriated funds « False Public Contracts road! »

Finished your coexistence with organized crime … because we understand that you’re part of! … Our weariness list is too long to list here!

So we, the people will dismiss you as the most radical and the most respectable of all:


The last thing we need from you, the current elected politicians to « pseudo » National Assembly of Quebec is to allow us to change the rules of the game that you fake (called democracy) before  » go you see elsewhere, « it should not take too long!

Incidentally, our National Assembly became increasingly since the election of Jean Lesage, in 1960, a dark theater or extras know who pulls the strings of the viewers perceive better, because too large .

So you have aged badly wrong and nobody, except you yourself, in your circus in bankrupt.

The time has now come from … and in silence, because we are tired of hearing you lie!

We the people of the last survivor colony of the British Empire!

We, the slaves kept alive this colony, are composed of nations coexisting with French Quebec First Nations, Métis Nation of Quebec and a certain percentage of English-speaking citizens … who have to get up every morning to go to work . We are the 99% of people upon whom the capitalist economy!

We fatten our masters and exploiters we live out of the system!

We are tired of suffering social injustice organized by the alliance of organized crime and political power, under the supervision of a Lord worthy of Versaille! The 1% in Quebec!

Our condition is like that of Hebrew slaves who were making bricks for Pharaoh, so as not to die!

We are still at the moment, the most taxed people in North America, while slum confused!

We the People Quebec demand the right to have our minimum Constitution of the State of Quebec!


Michel Duchaine,

Writer,Truthseeker and Truthteller!