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The following is a guest post by Fiona Greenland. Last week’s news that Oklahoma-based Hobby Lobby faced civil forfeiture for illegally importing Iraqi antiquities came as no surprise to cultural property experts. The company had been under scrutiny since 2015, when news of the investigation broke. And even before the investigation, scholars, including Roberta Mazza, […]

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the scariest place in Russia: Miasnoï Bor

La sombre et sinistre forêt de Miasnoï Bor ,en Russie.
The dark and sinister forest of  Miasnoï Bor ,in Russia.


The inhabitants of the villages around Bor Miasnoï in the Novgorod region , reported appalling stories about paranormal phenomena occurring there . This anomalous area is also the area of ​​highest concentration of chronomirages Russia.

Miasnoï Bor or  » forest of meat » , located in the Novgorod region , is part of the famous Death Valley . It is a marshy area where hundreds of thousands of soldiers – belonging to the Second Army Soviet shock, the German Wehrmacht and the Spanish Blue Division – were killed during the Second World War.

Nowadays some bodies are still scattered on the floor of the forest. Several research teams continue to search the body for burial . Marina Vasilyeva , a member of one of the teams shared his thoughts with The Voice of Russia.

« What stands out immediately in this area , the oppressive silence. The birds do not sing in the forest. There is none. It is a macabre place . Sometimes you can see the bones of soldiers in the ravines. One day after returning from excavations , we heard a noise like gunfire and screaming and shooting. But it did not surprise us: the teams are morally ready. These phenomena are common in the « forest of meat.  »

Some researchers have visions . No wonder that many witnesses have seen chornomirages to Miasnoï Bor.

It tells a lot of history on this place. The locals are convinced that two parallel worlds coexist in the forest , there kill the ghosts of dead soldiers and one can walk through the forest in the light of the day in the company of several people. After sunset the forest becomes frightening.

The locals are convinced that the name of the village and the forest were evil from the beginning, and it is no coincidence that bloody fighting took place there in 1941-1942 .


Plus de 70 ans après la bataille,on ramasse les os à la pelle.
More than 70 years after the battle, the bones are picked up with a shovel.


Miasnoï terminals is clearly a paranormal area. There is evidence of unexplained phenomena are produced and held today. Sometimes we hear cries of « hurray! « And separate sentences in German and Spanish. The ghosts of soldiers give indicate where sometimes you have to dig to find their remains. People disappear in hearing these voices from the other world, then, taking knowledge, they begin to dig at the specified location and find what they are looking for.

According to a belief, it is only after the last soldier buried according to religious rites Miasnoï Bor can return to a normal forest. But for now, it remains one of the most mystical and most frightening Russia.


Des combattants laissés à eux-mêmes ,tentant de survivre ...fin 1942 ,après la bataille. La faim fera plus de victimes que les combats.
Fighters left to themselves, trying to survive the end of 1942, after the battle.
Hunger will kill more people than the fighting.


English version of the petition for … January 2 becomes « The Jimmy Guieu Day  » in hommage of the Truthseekers and Truthtellers!

WHEREAS many researchers around the world spend enormous efforts to diffuse light on a number of unexplained phenomena,

WHEREAS made ​​to honor these men and women will have a positive impact on the diffusion of science, literature and the rapprochement of cultures in the world,

WHEREAS precursors such as Jimmy quieu, Aimee Michel, Guy Tarade, Frank Edwards, Erik von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin recently (who died in 2010) marked the interest of all humanity for all that is unexplained, the paranormal, futurology, new science which exopolitics and exobiology … not to mention nanotechnology and research on extrasolar planets

WHEREAS many things that were once considered part of science fiction have become reality, proving the link between thought and creation,

WHEREAS January 2 marks the anniversary of the death of Jimmy Guieu and it makes sense to remind the world that it was:

One of the masters of European science fiction, one of the « Pioneers » of ufology (the discipline that studies the UFO (unidentified flying objects)), parapsychologist, specializing in esoteric and secret societies, it was lecturer and radio personality, author of numerous videos, making him a diffuser global influence many generations of thinkers, researchers and writers in many cultures on Earth

We, the signatories of this petition, ask that on January 2 of each year is now considered:






Jimmy Guieu,the initiator of the french ufology!