To bring down the New World Order and prepare the New Era

“We are overwhelmed by the false values ​​and miles unnecessary items that distributes consumer economy to maintain and develop itself with the help of a few profiteers. But the true riches are not where you would have us believe. They are in nature and in ourselves; they are accessible to everyone; rediscover gives joy and peace. “

Jean Giono,1936)


Nouvel Ordre Mondial 001

Inswinging against avalanches bad news coming daily, it may be nice to look to the future with realistic and positive.

Much better than criticism, the proposal is placed above the sterile debate and helps us stay upbeat and always believe in victory.

Although exercise may seem trivial, it is more constructive to support real activists than spend time describing the horrific plans of our elites. Codex Alimentarius in the vaccination campaign through the carbon tax and chemtrails, subjects abound.

And now what do we do?” This recurring issue must be addressed and any proposal is welcome. I propose here a range of actions based

our commitments and skills.

Each of us can change the world in his own way, Internet still resistant to media control, it may allow us to

organize. The father with three children to join the two hawing course will not have the same availability as a young single thirsty for change and

financially alone. Here is a humorous illustrated however, a wide resistance versus tone:

* The supreme battle for all resistant New World Order is the écologie.Je return in another article on the fundamental importance of ecological struggle.

1) Information and personal culture, the first line of defense against lobotomization masses.

If you are happy to read my articles on this site, rather than reading store flyers,

Well done! the human mind that is left in you body and your sheep survival instinct

resurfaced. As 80% of people, you understand the inconsistencies of H1 N1 virus and vaccination suicidal. You rediscover the desire to educate you

correct way, to escape the propaganda and view documents that see

news from a different perspective.

Every day, you make a quick tour of the information, taking the trouble anyway

watch the press line, and then comparing it to the alternative information you

can find on the Internet or in some books.

You’re a consumer spectator of the world but you want to understand it,

to find faults and solutions, this is a very good starting point and you‘ve done the


As we have all experienced discovering videos of Jimmy Guieu, reading Erik von Daniken Guy  Tarade or  reflecting on the words written by Albert Jacquard or

falling on a revealing book by Jacques Bergier, the clock is more or less brutal but turning back seems impossible.

The next step is to take your relatives to this information so that the

lie no longer reigns supreme.

2) The transmission of information, an essential step to the opposition media propaganda

What is striking with Internet is that it is ironic facility

a video comment, participate in forums or join groups but the huge

difficulty to tickle the curiosity of his neighbor, his colleague, his wife or his


The distance that provides Internet avoids the errors discussed with the average zombie

that its panel of stock phrases to try to send a stroll “Should not

generalize, “” Internet, there is everything and anything, “” Yeah but that’s the theory

conspiracy. “And yet, there are those who are afraid of nothing and not lose courage

to go ask their banker, doctor, or accountant, who in turn will

confronted with issues they will floor.

Instead of going for a lit of conspiracy, you prefer to give good

references to books, videos, conferences and documents, it is in fact much more

effiface and less unpleasant. Those who act in their immediate environment deserve

the finest medals.

Many today have a webcam and a microphone,

a good video software, and you can improvise journalist, dethroning masterfully

Many journalists from traditional media, chained to their teleprompter.

But beware, it should set up your findings in your everyday life, such as avoiding aspartame, thinking reasonably about your problems

santé.et continue to help you.

Chine colère 017

3) From information to action, the step on which we must not stumble.

You do not fall into the trap of Do as I say but not what I do.” Because criticism is easy but art is difficult. It’s a big win, you are released!

Reflexes look at the labels of your food starts coming, you look after your health and want to expand your skills. A little cure

Vitamin C (pure, not simmered Acerola) and a healthy diet have given you plumb

you begin to see the benefits of your research and instead of spending your time debating, it’s smarter to take the lead. It’s beautiful you

‘ve got it, you will make your family because your moral rebounded jealous.

Understanding is one thing, action is another, I have a special thought for our

Montreal police officers who may have been encouraged or forced to hit students in 2012 under stress

dismissal. and were faced with the choice: “Living or Surviving?”.

4) The distribution all media, or the pleasure of taking market share from Radio Canada or TF1

That’s it you are determined, ignorance around you pushes you to the limit and you started to pull, to make videos, write articles, take pictures, shoot

events and you post burning CDs, DVDs … you seek to contact those who have learned the truth, congratulations! You had nothing to envy to pianoteur who wrote

this hidden behind the screen section and you take example on militants coming label Israeli goods in Carrefour, activists who WeAreChange

towing an implement on the Bilderberg group or the protesters before the vaccination centers. You are an engine of revolution and your motivation is palpable.

Then you just full of good ideas as to distribute videos or pamphlets

for a local event, without claiming the gold palm documentary.

We come halfway, and yet the information alone is both the first and

the last step, because we are all in search of truth. The next step you

commit probably take some risks very moderate, but if revealing.

5) Promote more to earn more.

Like our French colleagues from Continental, employees who have “

kidnapped their boss and activists that lead to justice Roselyne Bachelot, you

decided to hit them where it hurts. You’re master of your own, and you can be

proud of your pair of c *******.

The government makes you repeatedly demonstrated its injustice and you have

intend to know and not to let you down.

Even if some damage is regrettable as this mayor of Montreal a little shaken up by

firefighters and police officers, it is insignificant compared to the number of broken lives and

shameless promises that you made.

The paper and informative approach is essential, but it is still possible to climb and

to make its voice heard, without unnecessary violence. Genes blood Quebec strain of French and First Nations regain their strength and you‘re not afraid to provoke and stand up against injustice, even to take a few hits and administrative pressures to be settled as all other woes you could cross.

6) The citizen lobbying, the return of the boomerang pressures and threats institutions.

While remaining polite but firm, it is possible to put pressure on institutions

that drive us, by making them realize that behind their customer number hides a

voice, group, ideas that are far more powerful than letters or strokes



Take the example of the residents of a neighborhood in Toulouse, France, who defended their neighbor

against exclusion, they simply informed the company of EDF and water if they were

cut the energy of their neighbor, it would be twenty to come and restore because it is forbidden to

coming off the water for a family of three children. There’s water for everyone here or not?

Desert the question is not the same, but in France there is water and cut

Food for a payment problem is unfair.

So you really have confidence in yourself, while remaining quiet but making

understand that you are not just anyone. There is nothing illegal or offensive to cause

just his banker saying,

Attention is my money at home, if it disappears I come see you, I do not care whether

Rockefeller or Greenspan, if one day my 10,000 euros I can take them off, it’s you

I come to see.

You are strong at heart and continue the struggle against the Zionist invasion as did

our ancestors against the Nazi invasion.

7) Hart

Here we are, the real fun is attacked.

You are driving without a license and you work in black, you withdrew your money from

bank, you set your TV and find a life in all its glory. you have

finally tasted freedom after 12 years of study and 25 years of work, and never someone

will not control your life, you are a true revolutionary.

After all, we are all proud of the American Revolution of 1776, the Patriotes Rebellion, Quebec, from 1836 to 1837 and especially the French Revolution of 1789, right?, It is taught in History, and is also truncated -there, this event marks the strong history of the world.

So why not a second revolution (or rather first) the United States of America, in Quebec and France ..

There is no shame in refusing to pay taxes that go directly into the pockets of

Rockefeller to pay an infinite debt that will never be paid.

The New World Order is your enemy, you focused and you realized that

behind these few thousand conspirators, there are six billion revolutionaries who

waiting to break their chains, and you look for flaws and solutions, it is very

Well, do not panic and keep your energy, in due course you will get great


8) Altruism and Utilities 2.0

That’s it, you put your skills to the service of humanity, you organize debates

conferences, you tinker with yourself and innovate constantly.

Creativity resurfaces, you become artist of the revolution, a future icon will

devoted his life to building a better world, while minimizing risks

to continue working and to share with your concrete research.

Your goal is to improve the lives of your loved ones and the entire planet, you are a

benefactor of mankind and heaven will welcome you with open arms, your soul is saved.

No way to corrupt you, no one will make you shut up!

How far will you take risks?

9) The world of the oppressed needs its heroes

They are so little but so brave. What about the heroic action of the great Vincent

Journal Canal +, interrupting the course of the live broadcast to announce before a

million people, “the financial crisis was intended to impose a world government

. “Followed closely by the young students in the same issue that came to dock

Valérie Pécresse live or Damien Saez who loose on the banksters on a platter

France Television.

What about even a Jean-Marie Bigard which was the value of the French nation

Articulate On September 11, setting in motion his career and

assuming all the risks that follow.

How to forget as Alex Jones, The American alternative information par excellence, with

very good guests, exciting exchanges and recently the involvement of Jesse Ventura.

A big thank you and hello also to hackers who attacked the IPCC to

Britons who flew vaccines there a while, and activists as reckless

Cotten and Marcel Vervloesem, who are not afraid of anything and will return perhaps in

history, if we come out winners for the rewrite.

10) tarred and feathered.

Nothing scares you, nothing holds you back, and you’ve decided to take the law

yourself, because nobody wants to do, and that Freemasonry has infiltrated all


Most of the actors operating in the shadows and work for justice rather than


Feel free to imagine how it will be possible one day to condemn the pognée

criminals who believe themselves authorized to do all in the name of money and research

absolute power.

Risk losing everything is not necessarily the right solution, survive the night is the first act of a conscientious good revolutionary Learn all survive the New World Order if you want to cut down and replace it with the…New  Era !

Le 22 juillet 2012,une foule gigantesque envahit les rues de Montréal,manifestant son vœu profond de vastes changements politiques et sociaux.Il est impensable que toutes ces personnes bien informées décident  le 7 avril 2014 de réélire Philippe Couillard et la mafia  du Parti libéral du Québec comme si on venait de renoncer à tous nos idéaux.
July 22, 2012, a huge crowd swarmed the streets of Montreal,Quebec, expressing his deep desire sweeping political changes and sociaux.It is unthinkable that all these knowledgeable people decide April 7, 2014 to re-elect Philippe Couillard and the Mafia of  Liberal Party Quebec as if we had to abandon our ideals in Quebec.




Whether you are intimidated or reckless, it all something you can do,

the purpose of this article is not to recruit or to push them to revolt, only a few

additional lines that will encourage a few more activists, and will

one day straw.

Whether we are awake or‘re warriors first united the capabilities of each

will save this country become, Quebec, the main target of the New World Order to destroy her

desire for freedom. In France, the People understood that this is not a battle between left and right as in the United States between Republicans and incompetent Démocrates.Les globalists have lost much of their margin of error, a window offered us to turn things around.

To one and all, good fight, good luck, never lose hope, every win will give us a little more strength and one day or the other, the system will collapse.

Only a  World  Movement of Civil Disobedience can unite all individual actions in a common front!

Michel Duchaine