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‘Imagine’ – JL died. Popularity passes The world’s lyrics fizzes night into day The Word reside in His sincerity masses JC: — « My words will never pass away » So, under any circumstance or expense Trade your « sight » and do not confuse: – Having the right with being right ‘or’ Being educated with having intelligence Lobbyist […]

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Videos on a professional guitar lesson

Ru Tube 001


Welcome on our  new  sharing around the world.

The knowledge,the science and the development of our capacities must be free.

I am proud to  give you today a nice professional guitar lesson  on video.

Have fun my friends.

Part 1: Guitar lessons with Jimmy Brown …about Rock’n Roll

Part 2::Guitar lessons with Jimmy Brown..The song remain the same

Part 3: Guitar lessons with Jimmy Brown …Since I’ve been loving you

Part 4:Guitar lessons with Jimmy Brown …Stairway to heaven 

Part 5: Conclusion of this guitar lessons by Jimmy Brown