Jimmy Guieu, the “Master” and his time

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“The time is not trying to convince but to seek to collect. Those who still have not understood today, remain our fiercest opponents, do not include benefit tomorrow. Let them get bogged down in their sterile polemics and attacks – well worthy of their mediocrity – and fraternally work!

(Jimmy Guieu)

This word is a harbinger of actuels.Elle time invites us to come together because it is already too late … for convaincre.Jimmy was ahead of his time.

Jimmy Guieu is the literary pseudonym of Henri-René Guieu (19 March 1926-2 January 2000), French writer of science fiction publishing including Black River. Guieu also wrote in other lesser known pseudonyms: Jimmy G. Quint, Claude Dominique Rostaing or Aquarius.

Jimmy Guieu wrote his first novel at the age of 25 years for editions of Black River. The pioneer of the atom was number 5 of the famous collection “Anticipation” collection has more than 2000 titles, all authors together.

During the occupation Jimmy Guieu himself by acts of resistance in the maquis of Dompierre-sur-Yon (Vendée, scrub SR-1). This notion of resistance, it is against totalitarianism, mafias or bad aliens, remain omnipresent in his work.

In the 1950s, he became one of the pioneers of French ufology, with Aimé Michel.

Defeated by the disease, it leaves a final manuscript: “Earth, your civilization on the lam”.

The “SF Jimmy Guieu” collection stops at the end of 2003. The latest numbers are written by Richard Wolfram (pseudonym Roland C. Wagner), also author of the lyrics of a tribute song by the group Brain Damage: The Song of Jimmy

Productions Jimmy Guieu are not limited to writing. Between 1991 and 1994, in “The doors of the future” which he presents himself as the creator and director collection, he published a series of 14 documentaries. Although most of the topics covered include aliens, some mysterious topics as Rennes-le-Château or Vortex are also addressed with the support of relatives as Guy Tarade. These documentaries are for Jimmy Guieu a platform from which he strongly criticizes GEPAN, SEPRA, and warns viewers against maneuvers orchestrated disinformation globally by occult powers.

The Illuminati …

Jimmy Guieu that blends UFO and Illuminati .. But there is a reason. You can also learn about the Majestic 12 is an organization that research on the development and technology borrowed on UFOs.

He must know a little Jimmy Guieu, he was passionate about the paranormal, time travel, UFOs and other amazing things … But he has never been in the secret societies in depth …

If you are interested in looking after this episode, do a search on Youtube, this is not the new world order is on ufology and a little on the secret societies.

Jimmy’s death Guieu murder …
Jimmy Guieu is a man who has my repect, inhabited by an insatiable desire to discover and to seek, passionate to the extreme, perfectly methodical and rigorous self scholar and always any product alone and continued to work as a acharché even his deathbed until the cancer wins, cancer caused because he was murdered, he had to work to cover the costs of his medical care.

Indeed, shortly after his burial, they discovered two radioactive uranium rods in his chair …. which would cause cancer.

The legacy of Jimmy Guieu

We Defenders of the Earth, consider to be his heirs. His message that we perpetuate can be summarized as, but it is only a small part of his vision.Actuellement, continues his fight openly.

One might even say it has improved:

Nearly 70 years after Roswell, the riddle of the UFO crash in New Mexico, still resonates with the public.

Despite denials and disinformation U.S. Secret Service, the evidence is mounting The letter will of Walter UP is an essential document.

The conclusion is striking: “We are not alone on Earth.”

All the modern technology, smart cards, stealth aircraft, implants, laser beams, would come from the U.S. recovery of a UFO and its occupants in 1947.

They are vectors of time, holograms, multi-dimensional beings, invading our imagination and modeling material and the world at will, soon quantum physics provide a definitive answer to our questions.

Finally, more recently, sensational statements from the Japanese government, implicitly acknowledging their existence, the Washington conference, where scientists, pilots, sociologists, solemnly asked the lifting of secrecy, suggesting the end of the blackout …

The UN is preparing already seems a long time …

A vast conspiracy on several round covers the truth … the truth on the UFO phenomenon, as explored by Jimmy Guieu …

Me, Michel Duchaine, I decided that a man like him deserves to be honored by dedicating a day, or of his death to honor and Fortune-Truth Researchers sometimes give their lives, as him, so that the light burst forth on the Night.