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Depuis le 11 mars 2011,plus de 300 tonnes métriques d'eau radioactive s'écoulent dans l'océan Pacifique.
Depuis le 11 mars 2011,plus de 300 tonnes métriques d’eau radioactive s’écoulent dans l’océan Pacifique.

The current quiet solar cycle raises questions about its impact on Earth

Photo du soleil ...5 novembre 2013
Picture of the sun  …november 5 , 2013

The surface of the sun was surprisingly quiet – with fewer spots than at any time in the last century – encouraging curious scientists to wonder exactly what this might mean here on Earth.

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Sunspots were observed for thousands of years – first by Chinese astronomers and then, for the first time with a telescope by Galileo in 1610.

Sunspots appear in cycles of about 11 years – more in a daily avalanche and then decreasing drastically, before amplification again .

But this cycle – nicknamed « the cycle of 24 – has surprised scientists with its slowness .

The number of points scored because it began in December 2008 is well below the average over the last 250 years . In fact , this is less than half .

« This is the weakest solar cycle that was all from the space age , 50 years , » said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association , the physicist Doug Biesecker .

Beau jeu

Young people play football at sunset on the artificial beach located in the Ponta Negra …
The intense electromagnetic energy sunspot has a significant impact on emissions of ultraviolet rays and X rays of the sun as well as solar storms .

Solar storms can disrupt telecommunications and electronic networks Terre.L Activity sunspots can also have an impact on the climate of the Earth.

 Cycle 23 peaked in April 2000 with an average of 120 solar day points. Then the cycle wound down, hit bottom around December 2008, the time for scientists, began the beginning of the current cycle.

The minimum solar activity at the end of cycle 23 has led astronomers to predict a slow 24 cycle. But the reality is even fell below expectations .

In the first year of the cycle, during which solar activity have increased , astronomers have 266 days without a single stain sun.

Dévots hindous de retour après avoir pris un bain sacré dans le ...

Hindu Devotees return after taking a holy dip at Sangam while the sun sets in Allahabad …
« The peak forecast was 90 sunspots, » said Biesecker, noting that even if the activity has increased over the last year, « it is very clear that he will not be close to 90. »

« The number of sunspots peaked last year to 67, almost half of a typical cycle, » he added.

The last time the sunspot cycle was this slow was in February 1906, the peak of cycle 14, with only 64 points per day.

The « long minimum: three years, three times more than the previous three rounds of the Space Age » was a surprise, said University of Montana physicist Andres Munoz-Jamillio.

A magnet switch

Une photo prise depuis un avion montre le soleil levant ...

A photo taken from an airplane shows the sun rising behind the clouds at dawn over the outskirts of Bankok
Cycle 24 also deviated from the standard of another surprising way.
In general, towards the end of each solar cycle of 11 years, the magnetic fields of the sun changes direction . The northern and southern hemispheres change their polarity , often simultaneously.

In exchange, the magnetic field strength drops to near zero and reappears when the polarity is reversed, the scientists explain .

But this time, something different seems to happen . The north pole already reversed polarity, several months ago – and now the same polarity as the south pole .

The most recent satellite measurements ,  » the southern hemisphere should return to the near future , » said Todd Hoeksema , Director of the Solar Observatory Wilcox at Stanford University .

It does not seem concerned about the phenomenon .

But scientists are watching closely to see the sun if the cycle 24 will be an aberration – or if it will calm the next solar cycle stretch through.

« We will not know for another good three or four years , » said Biesecker .

Some researchers believe this could be the beginning of a long period of low solar activity.

The last time it happened, during the so-called  » Maunder Minimum  » between 1650 and 1715 almost no sunspots were observed. During the same period , temperatures plummeted to Earth , causing the so-called  » Little Ice Age  » in Europe and North America.

As the number of sunspots continue to remain low , it is possible the Earth’s climate is affected again .

But thanks to global warming, we are unlikely to see another ice age. « Things did not start to cool , they just do not grow as quickly , » said Biesecker .

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The organization of the World Movement for Civil Disobedience

Motre étendard,notre logo!
Our flag,our logo!


Any organization with enormous ambition to become world must begin at the beginning: find loans to disseminate information of this idea idea.A people to live to be true, reflect a reality and carries a long-term project .

You can not find better idea than to develop this vast World Civil Disobedience Movement because it  reflects truth, reality and social project.

« Being forced to fight against his instincts – that although the formula of decadence. « 

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

In the famous words of Nietzsche, I would add: Building society Human Earth by killing the Natural Order is the worst case of mass suicide known in the history of Earth.This  judgment seems harsh, but it reflects the reality that humanity is currently facing.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, humans on Earth have seen their numbers grow to one billion people in more than seven billion actuellement.More than 50% of the food produced is wasted and lost, which means that the Earth could feed more than ten billion people now, but could not withstand a 50% increase in the current fleet.

This is the wrong demographic and economic management of the current masters of the world, those who are at the top of the New World Order.

As these satanic beings they planned the extermination of more than forty percent of the world’s population, as they felt that over time they would lose control over too many people and that one day showcase their power and their wealth would cause a major global civil war, country by country, but with certainty.

This is from the control of food, energy and money that the Masters of the World seek to maintain our enslavement and extermination and our pure simple.Le programmed trigger a Third World War will surely improve their prospects shaving part of the Peoples of the scheduled end Terre.The scheduled end of humanity was halted by the discovery of their plot would have used vaccines derived from a biological weapon to sow in our bodies a viral bomb retardement.Je then speak dfe several people I’ve known who are now dead, following a vaccination.In  Quebec, simply replacing the Liberal government of Jean Charest, many obsolete for vaccines or saying, fight against H1N1 allowed to defraud more than $ 3.5 billion.

All current government and our politicians in the pay of neoliberalism are corrupt and controlled from within. Neither of them are the exception to the rule and they directly threaten the lives of all the peoples of the Earth.

This is just one small example among millions of others and I run out of time in my life, wanting to describe them all, but we will act immediately rather than continue to find and only react however parole.Je allow myself, to display a brief summary of many major crimes committed by defenders of neoliberal capitalism to support what they see as « their sacred right to make a profit. » It is yet to a privilege that they can take on the expense of the people.

Since it is clear that the whole of humanity and all life forms on Earth are threatened by a small elite from various unscrupulous criminal gangs linked to the Mafias in the world, we will unite citizens and citizens of all countries on all continents to stop the oppressors, put in prison and penalized.

We will proceed from this day, starting officially founded the Global Civil Disobedience Movement and creating National Movements to support a concerted global action.

Our actions will be peaceful, non-profit and lacks vision totalitaire.Nous just want to get rid of a dictatorship and not replace it with another.

The ultimate goal: the result

At the end, defeat the New World Order management should give us a decentralized world government with a mandate of all free and independent nations of the world to guide the People of Earth Humans in reasonable continuity the human adventure.

The abolition of the power of money should allow a new vision in the relations between humans and their relationship to their common environment.

We fundamentally believe that the restoration of the natural rights of all life forms, should provide a sustainable balance between population growth and respect for human life havens to help protect the diversity of animal species.

We believe that the United Nations is only exposure chamber for manufacturers of weapons and chemicals and pharmaceutiques.Nous believe that a large portion of the decisions of the New World Order are primarily from the oil industry, which then dictates laws to the UN. the UN has never fulfilled its primary mandate to maintain peace, but rather kept alive the murderous spirit of the Second World War, from which it originated . There has never been much of armed conflict on land that since the establishment of the UN itself!

We believe that abolishing wars between nations, we could focus our attention to the development of space exploration and the establishment of military bases and powerful settlements development in the solar system that is in place nôtre.We will put in place SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) program to come into direct contact with other civilisations.Nous believe a program for the establishment of settlements in all possible planets and moons in our solar system would perpetuate the human adventure for over a million years and that contact with an advanced civilization we open the doors of all Galaxie.Nous believe that if we leave to the New World Order, the human adventure will last longer than 100 or 200 years at the most, because we burn the candle at both ends.

We believe and are sure to be seen and our murderous habits, our lack of compassion for the poorest children in the world, our lack of love for the animal species diversity decreases and dangerously poor judgment of those who only see profits in all that is natural and free by birth, help us away from our Space Brothers who dare to officially our rencontre.Nous believe and are sure that the current World Masters have preferred to keep their secret alliances with demonic forces in order to maintain their power over human slavery Earth.

It is easier to deny truths and promote lies to keep control as it is known that threatened to tell the truth and risk losing that control the world.

Therefore, We the People of Earth Humans demand that justice be done about the millions of unnecessary deaths perpetrated in the name of capitalism and privilege to make a profit on the misfortune of 99% of the inhabitants of this planet.

We condemn the current leaders of the world, those who claim to be « real » Masters of the World, to undergo Justice of the People, once you are identified and placed under arrest.

We acknowledge the guilty ones of heinous crimes against all of humanity that is placed in self-defense against you.We consider getting rid of your despicable people, become one of the most important moments in Recent History of Liberation « Real » Peoples and Empowerment of Humanity as a whole!

You, the parasites on Earth, members of many secret societies, bound together and organized crime wars manufacturers, we condemn, on behalf of all peoples, and all forms of life on Earth, the death penalty .

The World of Civil Disobedience Movement therefore gives the mandate to disobey you, you stop, you judge and condemn you to the most radical sentence exists.

We Power Amount of Justice of the People and you are what this planet has produced more contemptuous of most criminal and most dangerous in his existence.You  are raptors that feed on the blood of life in you capturing the natural right to make a profit financier.You  do not even deserve to be considered part of this planet « called Intelligent Species » one more minute!

All of you who are part of the cult of the Illuminati and have greater control over international high finance, arms factories, oil and pharmaceutical industries, corrupt bankers of the West, and you, the members of the Triads Chinese, associated for generations to Asian organized crime, as well as all other criminally responsible for millions of deaths and misery of the 99% of the inhabitants of this planet companies, we will banish from the human race! Animals have a thousand times more respect to me that your life dedicated to the accumulation of wealth stolen.

The New Era in which all of us live recently announced not only a great cleaning in the political sense, but also a major spiritual renewal, as humans of Earth will increasingly feel connected to the Earth Mère.Nous will learn to love being part of the Earth, without wanting to appropriate it.

Earth, Gaia, is free, and they prefer to remain rather than become the prison of a small elite of unscrupulous profiteers.

We sing now and forever, First Notes Song of Liberation of Human Nature and their love for the Earth, our great Motherland, our only island in the ocean of space now.

Let us unite in our beautiful diversity

I invite all those who feel called to make history and make a better world!

I invite you to take center stage and create National Movements Disobedience Civile.Je introduce you to each other in each of your pays.C is nationalism that will save the planet and not globalism.

You choose a guide, a spokesperson, a leader among you and together we will be part of a global movement of civil disobedience that one day will make the biggest revolution in human history, changing individualism, the spirit of domination and the need to kill humans on Earth into a collective need to work together for everyone’s well-being and development of generations venir.Nous will do because it will take collective means to survive against the poisoning of the atmosphere, facing desertification land, facing the energy crisis facing the food crisis and the major problem that will eventually kill more and more humans, the lack of drinking water.

By dint send every day, a small brick in the wall of the corrupt and false system, one day the wall will fall with all his weight.At this moment, I’ll probably be long dead, but I think we all as the heirs of the New Era and among us and our descendants will one day a Great legislator that will change the face of the earth, because we are born to change the world and preserve life.

In the name of life of our children and generations to come that I present this great project.

Long live the world revolution!

Long live the Global Civil Disobedience Movement!

Enter the New Era!

Michel Duchaine

Citizen of the World

Truthseeker and Truthteller!





























Catfish tropical species to save more than forecast

Published in the journal Nature, a British study shows that in communities catfish apparently identical rivers of tropical America, is hiding in various species. It highlights the mimicry, but also the fragile biodiversity in these species face the pressures of human activities in the region. In each river in South America where it was thought out a certain species of catfish of the genus Corydoras, in fact hides a large number of different species of this group have adopted during evolution , shapes and colors the same, finding there may be a mutual benefit. This was discovered by researchers at the University of Bangor (Wales). Biodiversity unexpected challenge that needs preservation measures, these fish have different needs, despite their striking resemblance. « Although these fish are apparently identical, our in-depth assessments of their genetic relationships, their diet, their morphology and colors, revealed that 92% of the communities we sampled include species that do not compete for resources, « said Markos Alexandrou, PhD student at the university. « In addition to biodiversity and little known interesting evolutionary system revealed by this study, this reinforces the urgent need to conserve and manage ecosystems in South America to avoid the loss of several species on the verge of being discovered and described « Complete Claudio Oliveira, the Brazilian agency .