Manifesto of the Volontary Self-Defense Legion of the Earth

brume et pollution hanoi,vietnam
A thick fog, smoke carcinogens and millions of people die from the consequences of our neglect to act in time! All this for capitalist profit!

The Earth is in danger, it is the first thing that once gave birth to the Defenders of the Earth!

Must admit that since  September 20, 2007, the situation became critical and far from learning from their mistakes, those who give the fancy title of « developers » and « entrepreneurs » have less and less respect for the environment and human life in general.

Recently, we learned that  February 1,2013 the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, gave the kickoff of the super  project of Belo Monte hydroelectric dam , which caused the crying Indian chief Raoni learning the Brazilian government’s decision.

Thousands of letters and more than 600,000 signatures were simply set aside.Many  hundreds of organizations interested in environmental protection were to be compacted by the will of a corrupt government, subservient to the Illuminati, der push forward rapid economic growth « American! »

Mrs. Dilma Rousseff signed the decree of death Xingu peoples, with a smile, as if it was normal to destroy the environment to advance the capitalist economy devoted to the interests of a small elite.

The Belo Monte dam will be bigger than the Panama Canal and inundate at least 400,000 hectares of forest. Thus 40,000 indigenous and other local people will be relocated and habitat for many plant and animal species will be destroyed.

All this to the energy used to accelerate the production of objects sometimes low quality and perfect uselessness?

This decision calls into question the ownership of the Earth itself and brings us back to mind a profound question: who owns the Earth?

The Amazon belongs to whom? In the current capitalist government and oligarchic Brazil led by Dilma Rousseff who inherited his power Lulla who was the best friend of George W. Bush or tribes who live on site for more than 28,000 years …?

By what right, capitalist enterprises in Brazil supported by many multinationals have they the power to condemn to death of entire human populations, if not begging, flooding a forest essential for the renewal of the air on the Earth?

No: we believe, that we become a member of the Volontary Self-Defense Legion of the  Earth it is an act of piracy, theft manifesto which threatens the physical safety of all the Human Earth and all Life Forms alongside us!

The construction of the Belo Monte dam in the Amazon marks the official start of the Sixth Extinction Massive Animal Species on Earth! The first created and caused by a species native to the Animal Planet and thinks intelligent: the Human Being!

By cons, other projects fools who threatens the ecological balance and vital of all inhabitants of our little blue planet is being undertaken in conjunction with Belo Monte, as if it was necessary to get rid of the environment as soon as possible, and we do not talk about that.

In Quebec, the « Plan Nord » project of  Jean Charest and the Liberal government, the most corrupt in the recent history of Quebec, however, had been rejected by thousands of Quebecers .

First Nations have criticized this evil plan that threatens not only the environment in Quebec, but which will have an impact on the planet also.Despite  the rejection of the Plan Nord by the people of Quebec who released Jean Charest and the Liberal Party Quebec government,the  minority government Pauline Marois and the PQ is determined to leave the Liberal Plan Nord project, ignoring the will of the people of Quebec, First Nations and the Métis Nation of Quebec.

The challenge is to restart economic growth at all costs to make a positive net present themselves before general election.

The goal of politicians and political parties present work is to stay in power and get re-elected, no matter the cost! This is why we find behind these governments …  unofficial governments who control the First Ones.So many researchers have given the name of « invisible government »!

In Brazil, as in Quebec, we kept people alive in the interest of bigger profits for a small corrupt elite, we see more and more obvious control of secret societies, including organized crime is the instrument apparent.A  great  U.S. President died after attempting to awaken the American people on their control of the White House, since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank: John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The combined power of organized crime secret societies and international finance ensures that our elected governments are less decisions based on the interests of the people, the environment or national security, but more in the interests of the small elite that remains hidden in the shadows of power for better handling.

Thus, it is not in the interest of the occult powers that be interested in the survival of many plant and animal species and many human groups, categorized ethnicities, that was condemned because « unprofitable financially! » That’s why Amazonian tribes are condemned to die and become dependent on the capitalist system and oligarchic Brazil.

Tribes who recognize the great leader Roani do not need to go to the supermarket to buy the food they need, naturally feeds the forest for millennia.

They do not need oil or cars, they have rivers and the great river highway as to  move and travel.They do not need to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, plants of the rainforest provide them ever since.

In addition, flooding and destroying thousands of medicinal plants, Monsanto will become overpowering and monopolize a large part of the market.

This will be a great political influence to the United States of America themselves: every year, new varieties of medicinal plants are found in this region of the world heal some diseases that are very expensive to cure, using drugs sold in pharmacies.Immaginate so suddenly, U.S. citizens were growing their own drugs in their gardens: the great American lobbyists pharmaceutical cartels would go bankrupt.

Hence the interest of the U.S. government to support corrupt regimes like Brazil, especially since he has passed the Food Security Act, under Obama.

We need some people can easily afford good drugs, so we must destroy what is natural and free to keep the lower classes in slavery and pharmaceutical prices, the highest possible.

And we will make tomorrow’s society: the rich richer and disconnected from the reality of the poor who will be subjected to purges, even a mass extermination when they lose political control.

Also, various governments other than Brazil and Quebec, such as Canada and India began in the school of hard capitalism of the United States, as if it was the Sacred Way of the Future.

To counteract this fact, we decided in February 5, 2013, after much consultation, found the Legion of Voluntary Self-Defense of the Earth, as we are now certain that it is too late and that inexorably, we entered spite of us, some under the responsibility of triumphant capitalism, in the Sixth Extinction Massive Plant and Animal Species.

We will do our best to save what  can be and that satanic secret societies that manipulate international finance and our governments, « said » elected!

We the People Without Borders Humans of Earth, are unfortunately placed in front of the following choices: let things go, continuing to consume anything, knowing that we run straight to disaster, or even the Apocalypse or react by fighting against those who come to condemn us to death, knowing that we must adopt a philosophy of increasingly strict discipline on our future societies will manage the controls and the demographics of economic downsizing monitored to ensure there is a future, a future for the human race and all life forms on Earth.

Is that it evaluates the right to exist based on the profit that will be generated in the pockets of a small elite at the top of the Master of the World? From the moment one asks this question, democracy is in serious danger, as much or more than nature itself!

Our battle will be on two fronts: the fight for the survival of species and the fight for the fundamental rights of all mankind!

All governments controlled by the alliance between the secret societies, high finance and organized crime are the basis of what we call the « New World Order » and we ,Truthseekers and Truthtellers, warn Humans Earth, on a plot they planned to eliminate at least 40% of the world population.

We believe that the construction of the Belo Monte dam is a great part of this project of genocide spread in time.

So for the entire planet again again become a Garden of Eden, we must find an alternative to the New Wortd Order  even back to allow nature to take a breath, slowing the speed of the current development!

To challenge the NWO to establish a kind of totalitarian dictatorship materialistic and inhuman contesting the right to life Beings Alive What we ,the Defenders of the Earth ,offer the perspective of a spiritual world and the values of Equality, Fraternity and Equality will be in front plan.We need to achieve, establish priority  in the Justice overwhelming injustice foot! Restoring Truth punishing what is false and falsified! prevail Make Light the Night! Resume Freedom Trail and True Happiness in leaving behind us, Slavery, Terrorism physical and psychological combined with the bitterness!

To change the world, we must return to the great spiritual values of the past, take the teachings of the ancients! We believe that our world that exposes children to ongoing violence, prepares to commit murder true.

Television and Hollywood cinema and a large percentage of video games, have trivialized the murder and violence in all its forms.

All of these factors is by the political establishment to create barriers between us, between generations, to better control us.

The mass media controlled by the government, we were instructed to keep us in the dark and we stultifying brainwashing by repetitive advertising.

Everything that was immoral yesterday, is now made trivialised.The morality and respect is taught once scorned and crushed to the ground.Many false values are conveyed to manufacture new needs and deceive our jeunesse.We  can not even rely priests and representatives of various religions, because they are dirtied by numerous sex scandals and their links with the arms manufacturers while we spoke of peace and love!

All this, all this New World Order is part of the old order, and he is dying The New Era in which we have just begun to live, keep only the True Human Values, Values of Life!

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ did not found a religion, but rather it is a religion that rebelled against the AbsoluteTruth .Rather than strict rules, he opened the Vision of Human Thoughts towards higher than the possession of the equipment.

Take the example of St Francis of Assisi by placing self-control and abstinence over the outrageous satisfaction of goods and excessive pleasures, because all it leads to waste and the production of useless things in the to create false needs that will harm our environment.

Nature we will by linking us.Remember  love with you all that St. Francis birds attracted to him because his energy was positive!

Think we share an environment and that we do not take control, we do not have! We belong to the Earth and we live with it!

To defeat the New World Order, we must begin by ourselves fighting the negative, immoral and materialistic imprison us and force us to maintain social standing bathed in hypocrisy.’s Learn a wetland or the caw frogs and birds and foxes drink is a million times more beautiful and healthy than to see a car dealership that has transformed this wetland in  desert.We will re-evaluate our sense of values, based on the production and consumption of fossil fuels.

Abandon this dead energy that makes our environment more hostile.The  humanity is left to falsely cause the death row in the first operators of wells pétrole.Rockefeller became a billionaire by finding ways to make people addicted to this energy.Wecould have chosen from more than 150 years, other forms of energy softer.

By controlling our energy needs and learn to be satisfied with what we have naturally, we easily overcome the New Wordl Order, because we will cut them  « the food ».

Love our children and give them a good education! Teach them the truth that we teach, so they easily avoid the traps set by bankers, corrupt politicians, corrupt trade unionists, representatives of organized crime and liars associated with religions decline.

Abolish the power of money!

Politically to overcome the New World Order, we gather in each nation.We must create  movements or parties who will be the first virtue: incorruptibility! Commit us to overthrow the established order to change the rules so that jeu.Do the  ecology replaces the oil and chemical industry in our projects related to the nature croissance.Restore  his rights for the next century must be part of our agendas.

Values of profits and economic growth oppose the values of caring, dedication, compassion and commit ourselves resolutely to the economic downturn.

We do all this while trying to remove weapons and military paraphernalia of our resources to achieve this, but using what seems to have become the only viable and valid, incorruptible and flexible: civil disobedience, but on a worldwide action.

We must begin building a global movement of civil disobedience, to abolish the New World Order! Also basing the Volontary Self-Defense Legion of the  Earth, we make the first part of this great project.

The Volontary Self-Defense Legion of the  Earth does not use any lethal weapon except in self défense.The Legion has the ultimate goal of overthrowing every government dominated by organized crime and  secret societies.Each people should be released one after the other. corrupt politicians will be judged and condemned by the people without appeal.

Our reward will be to re-write history but keeping openness and truth as a guide.

Each liberating people will be honored and each nation liberated us closer to the final goal: to restore the natural order, complete the drawing of God and protect the sacred heritage of New Eden that we leave a legacy for generations to come!

Freedom implies the truth.

Truth will restore liberty all over the Earth!

The New Era can not flourish in the Light of Life! Beings of Light will be our guides Flamboyants Truth! The New World Order will abolish himself in the quagmire of death he has sown! The demons of hell will be destroyed and will return to the Night! A new Tree of Life extend its branches to the Infinite!The Divine  Adventure  of the People of Earth Humans follow this path … to Infinite Space…the Infinity !

Purity is the culmination of the Truth!

Long live the Legion of Voluntary Self-Defense of the Earth!

Long live the World Movement for Civil Disobedience!

Long live the True People’s Democracy!

Cut down the Belo Monte dam until all life on Earth is threatened!

Close all roads to all Plan Nord  (North Plan) around the Earth  that will make humans more dependent on their servitude!

We are One!

Michel Duchaine

A Truthseeker and a Truthteller!