To abolish the New World Order

« If we do not wake up in time, we will succeed in not only mortgaging the future of our children, but also weaken all ecosystems of all forms of life on Earth. »
« At the time of writing, a form of life than ours begin to doubt our ability to do so and is ready to intervene! »


L'humain de la Terre face à l'Univers


« We are aware and we know it!

This text is my status this morning, Wednesday, June 5, 2013, on the social network Facebook.
This short text made us think about how to block the road to the New World Order … and suddenly the light broke and my guides gave me the solution.
The plan I’m proposing here is done in several steps at the end of their implemented should give us an impressive number of ready to resign governments, without regard to their positions (right-left-center-monarchy, etc.).

This will force us to keep an eye on the real perpetrators of war, murder, injustice and organized crime in the world … because once the New World Order reversed, we will try them for crimes against humanity and all forms of life on Earth.
I think we’ll make an exception and consider the death penalty as necessary to finally close the book on these crimes.Nous therefore have to define what kind of penalty will endeavor to finish.

From that day, my many relationships in the world, and our desire to present a viable alternative to the New World Order, the Global Civil Disobedience Movement will become my main political party to find the alternative to the present Earth humans!

I consider having enough resources around me to allow me to move forward in this direction in the long term, but I think if you help me a little to the wheel, we should pass fairly quickly make so that the corrupt capitalist system collapses on its base.

It is important that every man and woman who is considered « awake » face our desire to destroy capitalism gangstérisé legalized and profitable in that case what is natural and free from birth, and social systems cannibalize to further enrich themselves on the backs of working people of the world .. it is important that each of us is involved, either in politics (national, municipal, etc.), or by writing free for all or or educating in our immediate circles the many people as possible to keep awake « brothers and sisters » of all nations on the following fact: the New Era has arrived … and we already live in this time.

Learn – them that those who make us live in oppression, lies, slavery, tyranny and war, while keeping us in a stress increasingly high to keep us in the game of competition capitalist markets, and although these people are now living on borrowed time.

Betting that launches the Global Movement of Civil Disobedience, this morning, is to abolish the wild without destroying capitalism « conscientized entrepreneurs » that they will develop the new economy demain.Il we must abolish capitalism avoiding totalitarian communism which has already proved its cruelty and lack of humanity and logique.Ce remains of communism in the world, it will also eliminate.

It will try almost utopia, trying to change the heart of man to make them more open to sharing living space between all forms of life on our Terre.Il we must learn to look at other forms of life, as other beings with the same rights as Humains.Il we will define rules to go further than ever to protect and improve … forever, all the ecosystems of our planet, Earth.

We will eliminate all wars and armament industries to develop the expansion of exploration spatiale.Nous will train Ambassadors of the Earth rather than soldiers envahisseurs.Nous not develop one army to defend the safety of all Humans, with no intention of domination.

Here are the first goals we must give ourselves to réussir.Je give a special way, in restricted mode, the « strategic weapons » for our victory.


1-a) Eliminate the Belo Monte dam being built on the Xingu River in the Amazon River, Brésil.Il is the most serious threat to the planet.

To do this we will develop a self-defense militia of the territory of Amazonia. This will sabotage and destroy the plants already started, while preventing workers registrants to build this diabolical dam to continue their dirty besogne.Tout will be studied: including armed action against the tooling and the dam itself même.Nous have suggestions from some allies in South America, also suggesting using a bacteriological bomb site, which condemn installations.Cette the bomb would now complete .. a few kilometers from Belo Monte.Il is the weapon of mass destruction of the poor … what we are.

We study the potential benefits.

1-b) Prevent any maximum continuity of Liberal Capitalist Plan known as the Plan Nord, Quebec.

1-c) define the daily, serious capitalist projects implications for the future of ecosystems on Earth, condemn and « put to death » … without any considerations, or discuss the case with inutiles.Discuter capitalism is a waste of time … and time has become a luxury.

2-further weaken capitalist economies following the strategy that we will suggérer.Elle be infallible and will not cause any direct mortality, but several suicides banquiers.Pour do this, we will have staff ready to spring into action at the same time nous.Ce that we already … and we’ll start now.

3-Boycott oil companies subsequently defining other strategies to eliminate them one by one. Leaders must be arrested to be tried later on charges of crimes against humanity and against all forms of life on Earth.

4-Block the development of other companies developing production and marketing of other fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, shale, etc.).

5-Develop political movements (or support existing movements) that have in their stewardship programs of the state, organizational and physical elimination of organized crime.

That is to say: the arrest and conviction of any member or person connected (including family members) organized or secret societies or having conspired with projects in order to perpetuate the crime system current corrupt.

This includes any known terrorist group and their allies … with agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA) … etc.

6-Bringing the fight in your everyday life:

6-a) Recycle up by not buying unnecessary items.

6-b) advertising boycott and violence, Télévision.Mieux develop your talents and those of your television enfants.Éliminez your life to the fullest.

6-c) Discuss the Era Nouvelle.Dénoncez the New World Order and the political, social and economical capitalisme.Soyez.

6-d) Make the covoiturage.Essayez to oil the economy out of the car and fuel your life.

6-e) Eliminate your credit card and try to limit your transactions with a bank.

6-f) Do you have a garden and look at the composition of your food before you buy.

6-g) Try lowering your medication needs through the use of alternative medicine, natural medicine or those First Nations.


It is only the first war report to establish the New Era on a human, spiritual and political.

We have not finished and every day we will have more.

Follow us Join our ranks who will one day win the Victory of Victories!

So we declare total war in order établi.Il is a war « to death! » We do not wait for them to strike, we strike first, make sure … and we hit the heart!





WikiLeaks cable reveals how a Brazilian ‘terrorist’ got a US visa last year

WikiLeaks on Tuesday released a secret cable that reveals how a Brazilian ‘terrorist’ got a US visa last year. But the question remains: Did the move amount to a policy change by the Obama administration?

US President Barack Obama seen after accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo City Hall Dec. 10, 2009. Some speculated that the Obama administration had relaxed US policy by issuing a visa to a Brazilian who, while a member of a student radical group, had held former US Ambassador Charles Burke Elbrick hostage for four days in 1969. The visa issuing occurred at the same time the media was talking about the Nobel Prize awarded to President Obama.

Santiago, ChileA Brazilian who helped kidnap the US ambassador to his country in 1969 should never have receive a tourist visa from the State Department last year, according to a US diplomatic cable posted yesterday by Wikileaks.

After the US consulate pasted the precious visa into former student radical Paulo de Tarso Venceslau’s passport, but before it returned the passport to him, officials realized what had happened. A top diplomat wrote to Washington asking whether it would be best to let him slide « in light of the distance from the crime, the circumstances under which it took place, and our desire for a forward-looking relationship. »

The US had long considered Mr. Venceslau a terrorist for holding former US Ambassador Charles Burke Elbrick hostage for four days in 1969 along with a group of radical students that included current Brazilian congressman Fernando Gabeira and Franklin Martins (a minister for President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva). The group, known as Revolutionary Movement 8th October (MR-8), demanded the release of 15 political prisoners held by the Brazilian military dictatorship. It worked.

The newly released WikiLeaks cable is the first indication of why Venceslau was approved for a visa last year after having been turned down three times previously for having terrorist affiliations.

Did Obama really change policy?

Once approved, Venceslau went to the press and suggested that President Obama – who had recently won the Nobel Peace Prize – had made a policy change.

« Will these be new times? Did Obama really change things? » he said to newspaper O Globo.

Venceslau wasn’t the only one to speculate that Obama’s administration had relaxed US policy by issuing the visa. Opponents of the US leader took to the Internet to denounce the administration for being soft on terror.

On the website, some readers called the move « revolting, » the result of dependence on Brazilian oil exports, and an example of Obama’s communism.

Initial visa approval not a policy change

If the WikiLeaks cable is both genuine and complete, the initial visa approval wasn’t a policy change at all.

According to the cable, Venceslau didn’t mention any past arrests or convictions on his visa application, and he told the consul general in São Paulo that Brazilian law doesn’t require people to include political crimes when declaring their criminal record. The consulate checked his name and it came up clean, according to the cable.

Once Venceslau went to the press after he got the visa, Charge d’ Affaires Lisa Kubiske wrote: « Cancellation of the visa, which would be the standard course of action, will likely lead to significant and negative reaction in the Brazilian media at a time when both official Brazilians and the public are considering new possibilities for US-Brazil relations. »

But Ms. Kubiske didn’t blithely advocate for Venceslau, either.

« Issuance of a visa … might have implications for broader US policy and messaging on terrorism. »

She said the minimum the US would accept in return for the visa would be « a public repudiation of the crime and of kidnapping as a tactic. »

A spokeswoman at the US consulate in São Paulo wasn’t immediately available to comment.

While the initial visa acceptance may have been an error, the follow-up shows that diplomats wanted to take advantage of Obama’s popularity after he won the Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, the effort to foment good will may have been for naught.

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who leaves office this weekend, said this week he has been disappointed by how much Obama’s policies in Latin America resemble those of earlier US presidents.

« Relations have changed little » between the US and Latin America, Lula said this week. « The reality is they didn’t change at all. That makes me sad. »